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  1. Now wouldn't that just make too much sense...
  2. This does help, thank you!
  3. Could someone lay out the anchors for each show? I'm still confused about who's paired with whom. And is Cheryl Preheim still there?
  4. Yeah, KMGH has prime real estate, and they are within blocks of all the other stations downtown. Maybe they could construct a new building in the parking lot of the current one and then gradually move over. I drive past their station frequently, and I just don't see what makes it worthy of landmark status. The most distinctive thing about it to me is the electronic billboard on top. ...and I miss Racine's
  5. Small, but important point of clarification: she has not been diagnosed with cancer. Her surgery was to remove 2 tumors. They have not determined if it's cancer.
  6. The Breaking News banner is just so unnecessary and clutters an otherwise decent L3. Breaking News - LIVE - SPECIAL REPORT - NEWS. Choose 1 or 2.
  7. Cool! Now they need to fix the rest of the set...
  8. They sure are standing close to each other... EDIT: I’m not sure why my comment is getting confused reactions. So to clarify: I haven’t seen many local news anchors be so close to one another during COVID. Most of the ones I’ve seen have continued to be physically distanced. These 2 are standing directly next to each other.
  9. We can only hope, right? Then again, even Trump refers to himself as “the golden goose” for these cable news networks. It’s hard to leave the one that brung ya...
  10. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that this space used to contain a sprawling (working) newsroom. And now it’s just mostly screens and desks. I miss the good ole days of TV3!
  11. Shannon Ogden (Denver 7) said on the 6pm newscast yesterday that KMGH also hired Pinkerton security for the recent Senate Debate, and that Dolloff was present. He went on to say that they asked him to be unarmed and that no weapon was visible during his time working the debate.
  12. Yeah, it’s fun to speculate about such things. But Norah is not going anywhere. I haven’t watched the CBS Evening News with any regularity since Bob Schieffer retired.
  13. There is something really flat about the look. Nice ideas, just not crazy about the execution...

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