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  1. Well, that's kind of surprising...
  2. Thomas Roberts has left WGCL CBS 46 in Atlanta after less than 14 months. https://www.ajc.com/blog/radiotvtalk/exclusive-thomas-roberts-leaving-cbs46-after-less-than-months/oK6cDcBWs9ktyMuIEQiJjM/ Pardon my french, but CBS 46 will never get their shit together.
  3. They could call it "The Crew" (seeing as how it replaced "The Chew").
  4. Not trying to take anything away from these sets (they are quite nice). I'm just a little surprised they went for an evolutionary look as opposed to going with a clean sheet redesign.
  5. Thanks for trying. But this really doesn't address my question about recent additions to the set that Cheryl posted about this week. This video is from January...
  6. I am slowly getting used to it. Mornings won't be the same without the old theme. *shakes fist at cloud*
  7. I am a little confused. I read Cheryl's response to an instagram post saying that some great new additions were coming to the set. Has this debuted yet? I keep looking for video evidence and can't find any...
  8. They are trying really hard to salvage this thing. Good luck with that...
  9. I really like both Anthony Mason and Tony Dokoupil - individually. I have high hopes for the new team, if the rumors are true.
  10. A rare swing-and-a-miss from Seth Easter and his design team...
  11. This new set is so over-the-top. It literally hurts my eyes to see it. I'm not sure this is something I can get used to. Just way too much going on...
  12. The logo just got exponentially worse: This logo is live on their website. I'm not sure if it's on TV. https://www.11alive.com/
  13. The new logo is live on the website, and it looks quite (how shall I put this) low-res. And shitty. I saw part of the set on youtube. And once again, it looks like a half hearted rush job. Particularly the newsroom view. Color me disappointed.
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