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  1. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2021/9/28/breaking-news-john-is-flushed-in-milwaukee Assistant ND John LaPorte (WITI, WTMJ, WEAU, KIRO) is out at WDJT
  2. https://www.allaccess.com/net-news/archive/story/208400/iconic-radio-tv-movie-vo-artist-dick-ervasti-is-de
  3. I am actually predicting that Golf Channel will go off first (and golf coverage be merged into NBCSN) before NBCSN goes off completely due to GC closing their Florida studios (relocating to their CT homebase) and cancelled all of the programming (most notably Morning Drive) and staff with it
  4. Did a Google search after you mentioned it and this article popped up.. Geez.... https://www.citizen-times.com/story/news/local/2020/07/10/biltmore-park-ponzi-schemer-hal-brown-sentenced-federal-prison/5412474002/
  5. When you think things couldn't get worse for Ted, well.. (from WISN radio host Dan O'Donnell)
  6. Either way this will go, I bet the Tegna stockholders (especially Soo Kim) must be beyond pissed.
  7. Lyle is an one-hit wonder (WAVY)
  8. Apparently Alicia Roberts is gone too...I noticed she changed her twitter handle/facebook link to remove the 46, and ig is "on tv" https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/9/22/does-meredith-hate-women
  9. Jessob Reisbeck to WDJT as new evening anchor.. https://amp.jsonline.com/amp/5857951002
  10. Correction: at least since the late 80's...KIMO was at the top before that
  11. John LaPorte is quitting from his post as KIRO ND after a year to head back to Milwaukee to be WDJT's Assistant ND. LaPorte was the architect of WITI's quiet rise to market leader over the past decade, so this is a huge (much needed) boost. He will new GM join Anne Brown, another ex WITI-er https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2020/8/11/breaking-seattle-news-director-up-and-quits-after-barely-a-year-on-the-job
  12. They have changed their Facebook logo to the current FTS format and updated their weather app. The Watch Live stand by has also changed, a sign of things to come?
  13. The good thing is at least they have still have people, like Susan Roesgen, Curt Sprang, and Ed Daniels (latter two both day 1 ers), so that's a good foundation to build on.
  14. Myrka has resigned in protest. Maria is lucky to have her on her side...she's truly a ride or die friend https://www.explica.co/did-he-quit-myrka-dellanos-is-also-leaving-al-rojo-vivo/
  15. First Sven Sundgaard from their sister station KARE got the boot for similar comments, now Marty. Well at least Tegna is consistent.
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