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  1. Anyone know why Jessica is out? She was pretty rough in the beginning, but got pretty good over time, and she added a dash of personality.
  2. I don't get all the KYW hate either. Ukee and new-Jessica are fine. Kate Bilo is very good, as is Don Bell. I'll admit the field reporters vary wildly in quality, but they're just reporting the facts on the ground, not doing in-depth analysis. I prefer the more upbeat coverage. I don't need if-it-bleeds-it-leads and over-dramatizing everything. I think what's killing them is that familiarity is what drives local ratings and high turnover is killing them there. Especially in the mornings, although I was thrilled when Meisha Johnson moved on. I know guys loved her because she was supposed to be a "bombshell" but I found her cloying, annoying and fake. Rahel Solomon was a huge upgrade over her predecessor, but now she's gone. I don't get why everyone here seems to hate Jim Donovan so much. Just because he's not in the traditional anchor mode? I like that's off-beat and has a personality. Too many stiffs behind the anchor desk. I switch between Ch. 3 and Ch. 10 in the morning, and honestly, except for money spent on production, I don't see a huge difference in their quality. Vai is a better newsman than Jim Donovan? How so? Bill Henly is likable, but so is Katie Fehlinger. I don't get the purpose 2 weather people at the same time serves. NBC10 news is prettier, but I don't see why that makes it better.
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