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  1. I just checked the news ...neither KFOR or KOCO sent anyone to the NCAA Tourney although KWTV sent two (although one is from sister station KOTV in Tulsa). Heck, 9 even has a reporter that goes to every Thunder game...home and AWAY.
  2. KFOR is unfortunately past its glory days. They and KOCO both are plagued by KWTV's seemingly unlimited resources.
  3. While browsing the Hearst website I saw a variation on the diagrid I had not seen before. Wondering if this might be the future look for Hearst Television...
  4. So funny...the Number One tv program according the Nielsen ratings, comes from that one tiny spot
  5. Where is that in relation to the rest of the cavernous TV3?
  6. I'm confused. Are we still waiting for a new WNT set or is what we see now going to be it?
  7. Only Weekend GMA will use it...
  8. Is there enough space for nose camera and equipment to send an HD signal back to the station?
  9. KOCO has an opening for a meteorologist...but since it was a female that left they may hire another lady.
  10. I don't think Sinclair has anything to do with this.
  11. From FTVLive: Now, sources tell FTVLive that Sinclair backed the Pink Slip Express into former Tribune station KFOR and ran over about a dozen people. Just two weeks before Christmas and your gift from Uncle Perry is a pink slip. He wrote "Sinclair" in the story. I'm sure he meant Nextstar
  12. I think Kevin Ogle, being close to retirement age plus his expensive salary, could be given a chance to "retire". Probably Galen Culver, because of his popular feature "Is this a great state or what" will be retained but his wife, Tara Blume, may be on the bubble. In this highly competitive weather market I can not imagine Mike Morgan being let go.
  13. I noticed Abby Broyles was not listed on the KFOR site. Has she been gone a while or is this new?
  14. OMG Diane Sawyer is so good!
  15. I really wish Hearst would buy KOCB in OKC. It's the Sinclair owned CW affiliate. What a cool duopoly it would be...KOCO/KOCB

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