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  1. Indy is not the most stable of places these days either. With the WTHR sale, WRTV becomes the only station not seeing a owner change in the near future.
  2. Typically no. However, some contracts say you can't work 75 miles (example number) from the station's transmitter or studio.
  3. CTM doesn’t roll off the tongue like GMA.
  4. The open most likely is ran out of the Chryon / VizRT / Ross XPression, whichever they use. It would allow the date to be changed without having to pre-render the open everyday (which would get annoying super fast).
  5. It doesn’t matter if the newscast is number 1. It is still adding dollars to the pocketbook.
  6. The Limerick package is becoming dated. So many stations have mutilated it, it’s not funny. I just hope some of the in house station artists don’t design packages. Some of their work is BAD.
  7. The more I see the TEGNA graphics the more I like them. Their old logo looks great with the graphics.
  8. I wonder if they’ll keep TITP or go back to Enforcer. From what I can tell Gray doesn’t have a music company preference.
  9. It isolates the viewers who don't live in that city.
  10. It appears WATE has debuted it’s new look.
  11. This seems to be flattest thing I've found that RenderON has done. Which I wouldn't not oppose as a full on news look. I've heard they are coming in the fourth quarter.
  12. Not well especially in the morning. FOX has beat them and RTV is gaining ground.
  13. WAVE in Louisville launched a 3:00pm newscast this week.
  14. The Scripps Graphics hub places certain franchises and big breaking stories in for the producers to use, it’s just remembering to see if you have a brand box available.
  15. Scripps really likes using Renderon (do they still exist?) I’m interested in seeing what they would look like.
  16. No, but they know what they want their market to sound like and they know what their competitors sound like.
  17. I recently moved stations and my ep said last year news managers at stations were asked to listen to music samples. So if or when new graphics come I almost guarantee new music will come. Also, interesting to note, my station doesn’t have have VizRT. We are still running with Chryon
  18. The next batch will launch on Thursday.
  19. Four WTHR photographers retired on Friday. It could be coincidence, but it seems fishy.
  20. It appears KARK has new graphics. L3 look okay but the rest of the package looks undone.
  21. I watched it using Volicon. It looks to similar KFXK. KETK is using Inergy for its opens.
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