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  1. WKBW is supposedly debuting a new set on Monday.
  2. The changes are supposed to "launch" this week at WTXL, according to an email sent by Adam Symson's to the company.
  3. I think this is a case of “that’s what DeJuan wants”. There’s a lot of that going on at 1950 N. Meridian.
  4. I like the accent lighting behind the monitors. It's a small, but appreciated feature.
  5. I clicked on the link. It says: KNXV is picking it up. WCPO isn’t. While CPO is the Flagship, Cincy isn’t a large market. Mid 30s.
  6. WISH in Indianapolis broacasting in their newsroom. I’m told they’re getting a new set. No debut date was given. But, their outgoing set is only four years old.
  7. I really like set graphics. The wood look elements add a timeless feeling.
  8. Stream doesn’t mesh with those graphics at all.
  9. I don't mind any of the three above. For smaller markets they're actually good, and look far better than the WWSB / WAFF package. For the sake of show pacing, I appreciate the updated honeycomb open.
  10. It also allows for meteorologist “teams” during hours upon hours of severe weather coverage.
  11. He’s a great guy, and a great hire for them.
  12. The graphics package reminds me of the one used by WISH for Sports Locker
  13. I like the old one better.
  14. The weather duras look like the ones WAFF previously had.
  15. It's supposed to be a timing pylon similar to the one at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It looked cool when they had fake results on it. But, it just looks weird most of the time.
  16. The new set debuted at Noon on Wednesday. I'm told it's designed by BDI. https://cbs4indy.com/video/behind-the-scenes-tour-the-new-cbs4-studio/7674679/
  17. The old set was rough... it gave off a bomb shelter feeling. TOO MUCH BRICK!
  18. Ive been told they did a 12 foot addition to the back of the studio. The set is being designed by BDI. CBS4 Traffic Anchor Justin Kollar may have just given us our first preview.
  19. WTTV is on a temporary set. It’s more like random walls decorated with stone, and a couple of newsroom shots. It’ll be interesting to see what Nexstar comes up with. The WTTV studio is SMALL. Prior to becoming CBS4, Studio B was home to Hoosier Lottery , which was shoved into a conference room.
  20. I’m not sure if they rent or not. But, it’s location makes a prime spot for a hotel. If they do own the building, I’m sure a developer is offering up some big money for it.
  21. Glad to see the kept the fish tank tradition.
  22. The main Huntsville transmitters are on Monte Sano... located on the east side of Huntsville. Hytop is where the National Weather Service Radar is located. It's in a region called Sand Mountain. WAFF struggles in Sand Mountain, despite having a dedicated bureau to the area. But, people living in northeast Alabama have trouble picking up 48. They've worked in the past to boost their signal over there, but nothing seemed to help. WAFF's main transmitter sits the lowest on Monte Santo, which doesn't help with the signal issue in the mountainous areas east of Huntsville. I almost guarantee you this is another attempt to fix the problem.
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