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  1. There’s also plenty of behind the scenes layoffs going on as well.
  2. Some stations are having software problems with the station. That’s what took WRTV so long to launch.
  3. Nexstar has been pretty quick about changing things over lately. They’ll want that station to shed any Sinclair-isms stat.
  4. Cashin' in on that political ad money.
  5. Everything will launch on "The Four"
  6. There's an entire thread about this.
  7. WCPO is temporarily expanding it's 7pm newscast.
  8. Looks pretty good for the market.
  9. Well, WBRC is currently being upgraded to automation. Their old equipment could work.
  10. WHNT is getting a new set. They already had the best set in Huntsville.
  11. WTHR is getting more TEGNA-y
  12. Seems like Gray is branching away from FX Group.
  13. A circular desk similar to WLEX’s or WSMV’s would look good.
  14. The person couldn’t tell me. ”There’s a lot going on around here”
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