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  1. who?cares

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    So with these announcements, which stations are left to divest? Clearly WISH/WNDY
  2. who?cares

    Mac VS PC in newsrooms?

    iNEWS isn't made by AVID anymore and will be unsupported before too long. The latest version of ENPS is actually really nice. I prefer it over iNews.
  3. who?cares

    Scripps - General Discussion

    This seems to be flattest thing I've found that RenderON has done. Which I wouldn't not oppose as a full on news look. I've heard they are coming in the fourth quarter.
  4. who?cares

    Sponsorships Gone Too Far

    Yes, all three former Raycom Stations in Alabama do. They use WSI's MAX for normal graphic presentations, then use a Baron product for severe weather. WAFF / WSFA use Fastrac, WBRC uses Lynx. Baron is located in Huntsville. At one point they were all going to switch full time to Lynx. Not sure if that's still the case.
  5. who?cares

    Australian TV News

    I like that -- a lot. I like how the graphics are mostly flat (TEGNA-ish) but give a little bit of depth (much like KMOV). The desk does the same thing. It pulls you in one direction, but says "hey, hold up a sec, I got more to me than what you think."
  6. who?cares

    Sponsorships Gone Too Far

    In the midst of the Alabama tornado outbreak I turned to my trusted South Alabama news source - WSFA. I noticed the attached picture. Which leads to my question when has a sponsorship gone too far?
  7. who?cares

    Out & About

    Not well especially in the morning. FOX has beat them and RTV is gaining ground.
  8. who?cares

    Good Morning America

  9. who?cares

    WEVV New Graphics

    The Scripps station I work at inserts it in Production. So did the Raycom Station I worked at.
  10. who?cares

    WEVV New Graphics

    I thought I read it was Hothaus.
  11. who?cares

    WEVV New Graphics

    It appears WEVV’s 44News in Evansville has picked up the graphics originally commissioned by KPTV. They also picked up Guardian. They previously had Indie-Band. I briefly watched their noon. My only complaint is it appears the OTS covers the bug.
  12. who?cares

    Cox sells majority TV interest to Apollo

    Yes. TONS is the video server. BRUTUS is the Master Control. Don’t forget about OPUS, the newsroom system.
  13. who?cares

    WIVB New Set, Graphics and Music.

    I like the blue graphics. It looks much better than the WTNH version. It appears they are running the open out of a video channel instead of a graphic machine.
  14. who?cares

    KOTV/KWTV updates graphics package

    WISH realized this was a terrible idea, and dropped it. 6 and 9 should do the same.
  15. who?cares

    Out & About

    WAVE in Louisville launched a 3:00pm newscast this week.

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