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  1. There is plenty of space at 1950 North Meridian since the Nexstar hub is now at WXIN/WTTV on Indy's northwest side.
  2. I saw where Gray is upgrading the Raycom stations to VIZrt. That could be the reason behind the change.
  3. I actually don’t mind this one.
  4. It also happened in Indy. It's as easy as not making sure all of your boxes are checked or unchecked.
  5. They've always had robotic cameras.
  6. It appears WWSB is getting a new set /update.
  7. I clicked play on the second one and it worked for me. Very cool
  8. I would be extremely shocked if they do. Making election graphics is extremely time consuming.
  9. WAFF will soon launch the WWSB package.
  10. The bug on the seven day forecast says "7 Tonight"
  11. I'm know WZDX has Ross Xpression. I'm not sure what the TEGNA graphics is built on, but that could be part of their hold up.
  12. It appears WZDX will launch soon. They’re now using the weather graphics on their website.
  13. It appears the new set will launch on Monday.

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