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  1. I think this is a case of “that’s what DeJuan wants”. There’s a lot of that going on at 1950 N. Meridian.
  2. I like the accent lighting behind the monitors. It's a small, but appreciated feature.
  3. I clicked on the link. It says: KNXV is picking it up. WCPO isn’t. While CPO is the Flagship, Cincy isn’t a large market. Mid 30s.
  4. WISH in Indianapolis broacasting in their newsroom. I’m told they’re getting a new set. No debut date was given. But, their outgoing set is only four years old.
  5. I really like set graphics. The wood look elements add a timeless feeling.
  6. Stream doesn’t mesh with those graphics at all.
  7. I don't mind any of the three above. For smaller markets they're actually good, and look far better than the WWSB / WAFF package. For the sake of show pacing, I appreciate the updated honeycomb open.
  8. It also allows for meteorologist “teams” during hours upon hours of severe weather coverage.
  9. He’s a great guy, and a great hire for them.
  10. The graphics package reminds me of the one used by WISH for Sports Locker
  11. I like the old one better.
  12. The weather duras look like the ones WAFF previously had.
  13. It's supposed to be a timing pylon similar to the one at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It looked cool when they had fake results on it. But, it just looks weird most of the time.
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