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  1. CTM doesn’t roll off the tongue like GMA.
  2. It appears there is a sofa behind the desk.
  3. He also did WTWO's set. He's worked with Nexstar for a while.
  4. This is *the* nicest set in Birmingham.
  5. The open most likely is ran out of the Chryon / VizRT / Ross XPression, whichever they use. It would allow the date to be changed without having to pre-render the open everyday (which would get annoying super fast).
  6. It doesn’t matter if the newscast is number 1. It is still adding dollars to the pocketbook.
  7. My sources inside the WISH complex tell me the Nexstar hub (as of now) will be moved to the WXIN facility. But, if the WTTV duo has to be split up than it could change the entire landscape of this sale.
  8. Indiana’s Very Own was WISH’s slogan in the late 80s.
  9. who?cares

    WTTV New Look

    It appears WTTV has dropped most of the elements for an in house look. They've also dropped "Indiana's Very Own" as the slogan, and picked up "Your News Now" wttv_2019_04_23_05_00_04_track1.mp4
  10. That set has aged relatively well. I hope they don’t get the NBC Graphics. I could see them getting the WISH graphics, though I would be more than happy if they got a unique package.
  11. It’s been News 4 for about a year or so.
  12. The Limerick package is becoming dated. So many stations have mutilated it, it’s not funny. I just hope some of the in house station artists don’t design packages. Some of their work is BAD.
  13. I’m assuming the ranking in Indy are: Monetary: WXIN WTHR WRTV WISH WTTV WNDY WIPX Ratings WTHR WXIN WISH WRTV WTTV
  14. The more I see the TEGNA graphics the more I like them. Their old logo looks great with the graphics.
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