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  1. Oof. It's not that hard to build a FOX Show and a NBC Show.
  2. I agree. The previous Frankly sites (gasp) were much better than what they're leaving.
  3. Chances are they threw the old graphics in the monitors for rehearsal -- I noticed a lot of the old weather graphics. But, those are relatively easy to switch out. Gray is switching all of the old Raycom stations to Overdrive, and VizRT. The LIM 4.1 graphics are not designed to run on Viz. That's exact reason WAVE in Louisville dumped their in-house look for a Gray package. As for automation, I'm sure you noticed the robotic cameras in the video.
  4. They've been wanting to get off the mountain for quite sometime. So it would not surprise me if they moved in-town, and in some aspect it would be cheaper than building on the mountain. It just all depends on how much they want to shell out for property, versus cost of blasting, drilling, and construction on the mountain. Both WAFF, and WHNT's transmitters are at their former locations on Monte Sano. WAFF's Tower is on Governors Drive/U.S. 431, while WHNT's tower is near WAAY on Monte Sano Boulevard. Ironically, after the fire at 48, a fire station was built a
  5. KVOA has launched a new set, and the Quincy graphics. They've also dropped NBC Collection for 360.
  6. I wonder who will end up with the 9 spin offs.
  7. I really wished it wouldn't swing around with the video bar in it. I'm not sure why, but it makes me sea-sick.
  8. It appears KSEE in Fresno is getting a new set. Sister station KGPE got a new set last year (I think, it was a long year).
  9. Two thoughts on this package. The first is that it looks an interpretation of the the former WALA graphics; at least open anyway. The second being, it looks like something you can buy on VideoHive.
  10. I was completely thinking at.
  11. WAFF got them too. Unfortunately, no new set.
  12. They can't. At least not yet. The stations were operated as one giant feed. Currently, there's no way to interrupt one station without broadcasting it to the entire country. At least that's what we were told.
  13. The ticker needs some assistance STAT. The icons are cut off.
  14. A number of Scripps stations are doing this.
  15. WRAL hasn't really emphasized the 5 in a while. So, I don't think the average viewer would notice. However, I think we see more stations ditching their numerals as OTT becomes more popular.

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