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  1. It appears WPRI is on temporary digs. Take a look at this shot from yesterday. They are using this monitor for everything including two shots, then using the Chroma for weather. This is the set they were using on March 22nd.
  2. It's a very nice studio. Although, I wish they'd go by something other than '17 News.'
  3. I just saw this, and was going to post it. Birmingham has really stepped up the set game and hopefully this will compete with WIAT and WVTM.
  4. I would assume, because the last time I heard the Nexstar guy (Lance) doesn't do renderings.
  5. Yes, WISH had the MG/LIN hub and WXIN had the Trib hub.
  6. WTHR has the TEGNA website. https://www.wthr.com/mobile/article/news/local/wthr-launches-new-website-mobile-app-indianapolis-local-news/531-5b95d432-d29a-4009-827a-82286a10c919?fbclid=IwAR1vDBstqBsIw3mdH9wc5YHock05z0wsmZMMrLE-O_85GaPyd-bLl6mCfEY?fbclid=IwAR1vDBstqBsIw3mdH9wc5YHock05z0wsmZMMrLE-O_85GaPyd-bLl6mCfEY
  7. Logo yes. Set no. I’m told the purpose of the promo is to give an upbeat tone to the upcoming changes. You should also fact check yourself before you take to your keyboard. According to Drew Smith’s LinkedIn he hasn’t worked at WRTV since 2015. WRTV was supposed to launch about month ago. But, the station is having all sorts of issues with its automation software. I’m told they’re the first station with its software to launch the package.
  8. Meteorologists won’t return until AT LEAST May 29th, from what I’m told.
  9. They may be under contract with their current provider for a little bit longer.
  10. I know of a couple of issues getting Ignite and Chryon 5 to work together with this package. Could be part of the problem.
  11. It appears to be a hybrid of the WOIO and KPTV packages.
  12. It doesn't appear the morning show is using them. Although a billboard had the new look.
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