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  1. It doesn't appear the morning show is using them. Although a billboard had the new look.
  2. They shouldn't be on the same IFB Channels, in theory they should be able to hear each other. Unless they are using some sort of app - like Unity. It could be to minimalize any shot delays / awkward chat, so the other can look ahead at scripts. Things just work better when there's less going on.
  3. They’ve used the breaking news cuts along side Aerial for at least the last year and a half.
  4. Mimi is still employed full time at a local radio station. WXIN is the only one with a dedicated traffic anchor.
  5. WSFA moves to their new space in downtown Montgomery tomorrow.
  6. According to NMSA they used it between 2015 and 2016. http://www.southernmedia-nmsa.com/#1,1,WXIA
  7. Scripps is replacing the 30 minute version of “The Now” with a daily Coronavirus special.
  8. The risers for most desks aren't long enough to have two people sitting at them (6 feet apart) and still be on the riser. Ours isn't.
  9. I only heard half of a weather stinger when I thought it was CBS Local. I’m not a fan of the CBS Graphics Package.
  10. WXIN and WTTV have ditched their Tribune looks. Not surprising FOX59 has picked up the Nexstar FOX package and Beyond. WTTV has picked up the Nexstar CBS package and CBS Local (I believe)
  11. Standard Media comes to mind. Scripps could also pick up a few.
  12. I’ve heard WTHR will be TEGNA’ed by the end of the month. I’ll ask my source for an update.
  13. The like the package, but that slogan is a bit rough.
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