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  1. who?cares

    WBBH New Look

    It appears WBBH in Fort Myers has a new look. They also apparently picked up The Rock.
  2. who?cares

    WJTV (and WHLT) new look coming?

    How hard is it to keep the open that comes with the pkg? Answer: it’s not. That looks terrible.
  3. who?cares

    Scripps - General Discussion

    The Scripps Graphics hub places certain franchises and big breaking stories in for the producers to use, it’s just remembering to see if you have a brand box available.
  4. who?cares

    Scripps - General Discussion

    Scripps really likes using Renderon (do they still exist?) I’m interested in seeing what they would look like.
  5. who?cares

    Scripps - General Discussion

    No, but they know what they want their market to sound like and they know what their competitors sound like.
  6. who?cares

    Scripps - General Discussion

    I recently moved stations and my ep said last year news managers at stations were asked to listen to music samples. So if or when new graphics come I almost guarantee new music will come. Also, interesting to note, my station doesn’t have have VizRT. We are still running with Chryon
  7. who?cares

    New ABC27 set taking shape ...

    That pretty much is the WISH set.
  8. who?cares

    Gray/Raycom Merger Thread

    Not sure it's GrayCOM related or not, but WAVE has changed their slogan. It was Expect More. Right Now. (Which isn't bad, doesn't have necessarily tell me what I can expect more of but that I can expect something). The new slogan: More. Local. Now. (I'm not a huge slogan snob, but for some reason this one just irks me.)
  9. who?cares

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    It hasn’t been pretty their newscasts are barely pulling .1s (11pm the exception). They are in 5th place by far.
  10. who?cares


    Create is a very basic editor. You almost will have to have something else to edit. Précis is a playout server, not a newsroom system.
  11. who?cares

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    According to FTV Live (taken with a grain of salt), Nexstar is ditching WISH in favor of WTTV (doesn't mention WXIN). They are also ditching WZDX in favor of WHNT.
  12. who?cares


    It has its quirks like every program but it is one of the easier systems I’ve used.
  13. who?cares

    New KOLR Graphics / Possible New Nexstar Package?

    The few news advertisement pages in the almanac have the WISH package background.
  14. who?cares

    Nexstar New Year's Eve

    They've had partnered with KXAS in the past for a local show. https://marketshare.tvnewscheck.com/2018/12/28/nexstar-kxas-airing-new-years-eve-special-21-markets/
  15. who?cares

    Scripps - General Discussion

    The next batch will launch on Thursday.

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