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  1. Thank goodness. I’m sure the Z Space set will be nice.
  2. I'm in the market and I forgot the station existed.
  3. I don’t know when it went live, but the severe weather channel is up and running.
  4. I noticed it generically. But it’s a nice touch.
  5. I really like the bridge looking cables behind Jeff.
  6. ABC will have nine reporters live (two in the Bahamas) on Good Morning America.
  7. My local station has had them for about 6-8 months.
  8. The more I hear 'Beyond', the more I like it.
  9. I haven’t heard of new music. I would say that Inergy since pretty well used across by non-Scripps shops, they’d be pretty inclined to get a new package. Also, personally every station I’ve worked at has used Inergy and I’m tired of hearing it.
  10. I learned that the CSD’s have been shown the new package at a recent meeting. Apparently some of them tried to take pictures and they were made to delete them. Still no estimated launch date.
  11. Wasn’t it like 5 months from the acquisition date?
  12. I found this while browsing WAAY-TV in Huntsville's Creative Service's Youtube. It teases a " new era". New set? New graphics? Who knows? https://youtu.be/QmbR9hPbFwM
  13. Wow. That was like 45 days. Announced on June 11th.
  14. It appears KMSP the FOX O&O in Minneapolis debuted a new set yesterday (Monday). No idea who's behind it.
  15. New look debuts at 4:00pm central. . I promise this time.
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