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  1. I liked the pace of the show. But, I’m not a huge steadicam fan.
  2. It was. They knew they were moving about the middle of last year. They’re current building is in a really bad part of town.
  3. I reached out to a source at the station to see if they were getting new graphics.
  4. I was watching WFAA's stream here at work, then they abruptly wrapped. It was very weird.
  5. They posted a video about it. It looks pretty impressive for a market of that size. https://www.everythinglubbock.com/video/klbk-debuts-new-studio/4019336/
  6. KIVI launched a different virtual set on Monday.
  7. Well, this just aired on WTHR. It was accompanied by SAM's "Everywhere I Go."
  8. Their newsroom was pretty badly damaged in an earthquake in November. I wonder if the new set came as a result of that? https://www.ktva.com/story/40546613/ktva-staff-returns-to-earthquake-damaged-newsroom
  9. WISH's website has also updated. Also, WZDX's copyright reflects their new owner.
  10. Sounds like the name of a pot delivery service.
  11. Thank goodness. I’m sure the Z Space set will be nice.
  12. I'm in the market and I forgot the station existed.
  13. I don’t know when it went live, but the severe weather channel is up and running.
  14. I noticed it generically. But it’s a nice touch.
  15. I really like the bridge looking cables behind Jeff.
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