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  1. It's definitely a hybrid of what they were using and the full look. I was told to expect the new look to expect the new look next month or March.
  2. It looks like the WBRE set -- which was designed by the Nexstar team.
  3. My sources say WRTV is still a few months out.
  4. Well, the 4pm show has a new name. “All Indiana”.
  5. I don’t go to the games often. They were using the Tegna transitions. Not specifically the weather graphics. I would only assume the full graphics package is coming.
  6. WTHR is using the Tegna graphics for weather cut-ins at Pacers games.
  7. I know the Indiana stations (WANE, WTWO / WAWV, and WEHT) used these during the November election.
  8. Huntsville is about 20 miles closer to Chattanooga than Knoxville is to Chattanooga. I know all of the Huntsville stations sent crews to Chattanooga for the 2016 school bus crash. As it was also mentioned above parts of Northeast Alabama can easily access Chattanooga stations much easier than they can Huntsville (despite it being in the HSV DMA).
  9. If it’s big enough Huntsville will go.
  10. Let’s see if that happens tonight. I think that was an OH F! moment and somebody didn’t change the template in ENPS.
  11. Master Control for KASW and WSFL goes live in Indy on Monday.
  12. WXIN also had a few Tribune stations.
  13. They’ve traditionally made big changes in December. They debuted their current set in December 2014.
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