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  1. The last time Chapin's voice was heard in NYC was between 2004-06 on WNYW, and on WNBC from 1995-03. Man, he sounds awful.
  2. NY1's morning meteorologist Stacy-Ann Gooden has left the station after 2 years. I don't know if former News 12 full timers Mike Favetta or Sally Ann Mosey will convert full time to NY1 and/or move chief meteorologist John Davitt (who works midday) or evening meteorologist Erick Adame to mornings or hire a new person. (No listings have been posted.)
  3. News 12 BK/BX studios are in Soundview on Soundview Ave in the Bronx. HV/WC's studios is in LI's studios in Woodbury Crossings (weekend HV/WC's newscasts are done on the LI's main set), and CT's studio is in NJ's studios inat Edison.
  4. Last week, Good Day New York switched to Beyond leaving the weekend morning hourly update having the old theme. Love the hip hop mix open. 4:30-7am open: 7-9am open:
  5. WGGB/WSHM Dave Madsen's last day is Friday after 27 years at channel 40, 13 years at WWLP and nearly 50 years of being in Springfield media from WMAS radio to Western Mass News. https://www.westernmassnews.com/news/looking-back-at-dave-madsen-s-career/article_24858d02-b229-11e9-905c-877a4624e51f.html
  6. Get the f... outta here?!, should called it Wake Up Kentuckiana instead.
  7. Behind the scenes of WNEP's set and control room. https://youtu.be/GSDYe6OR5EE
  8. After a quick email, the stream is working again and with that my follow TVNT'ers, I present to you: WMC Action News 5.
  9. I had to delete my opens thanks to FIFA, but I left the 10pm rejoin up. KLMO 7.2 has the new evening opens.
  10. Good Day New York still has the old open and theme.
  11. 10pm open: (FOX O&O is officially no more in NYC). 10pm rejoin:
  12. Unfortunately Livestream has been stuck airing a 7:57am Today news update from July 4th, no one can't record a open unless you live in the Memphis area.
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