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  1. Here's WSYM's updated schedule starting Monday. 5-6am: 7 Action News This Morning (simulcast from WXYZ; moved from 6:30-7am) 6-9am: FOX 47 Morning News Noon-12:30pm: FOX 47 News at Noon (NEW) 5:30-6pm: FOX 47 News at 5:30 (New) 7-7:30pm: FOX 47 News at 7 (moved from 6:30pm) 10-11pm: FOX 47 News at 10 https://www.fox47news.com/news/local-news/new-newscasts-coming-to-fox-47-news-starting-jan-4
  2. According to his Facebook and Twitter page, he's still there and so is his bio. His last posting was on Christmas. https://www.facebook.com/69WFMZ/videos/222287446007474/
  3. In the ongoing NY1 lawsuit, a federal judge ruled "Mornings on 1" anchor Pat Kiernan does not disclose his salary to five veteran female reporters [Roma Torre (weekday afternoon anchor), Kristen Shaughnessy (weekend morning anchor), Jeanine Ramirez (reporter and Sunday evening anchor), Vivian Lee (weekend afternoon anchor)and Amanda Farinacci (reporter)] suing the network for age and gender discrimination. https://nypost.com/2020/12/23/pat-kiernan-doesnt-have-to-disclose-salary-to-anchors-suing-ny1/
  4. Most of the time I see on NBCSN is Mecum Auctions. ESPNews hasn't been ESPNews since 2012. The glory years:
  5. And to compete the cycle, WBBJ's former chief, Tom Meiners has taken a job to be closer to his family in North Carolina. He will join RDU section of Spectrum News 1 (News 14 Carolina). https://www.jacksonsun.com/story/news/2020/12/10/meiners-feels-like-hes-leaving-family-family/3791584001/ Tom's Instagram
  6. Here's a better quality of National News Tonight:
  7. This is what they replaced:
  8. Now it's one thing to login if they are airing network and syndicated programming on the website (like the NBC O&O's sites) or a local cable news station but it's another if you need a login for a local OTA newscast. Ironically, DISH and Nexstar are having issues right now and if a deal isn't made by this Wednesday December 2nd, DISH viewers are out of luck.
  9. WBBH/WZVN's Jenny Lenzini who joined in July this year was killed in a motorcycle crash Saturday morning, she was 26. https://nbc-2.com/news/local/2020/11/15/waterman-broadcasting-loses-family-member-in-weekend-crash/
  10. Only the weather graphics have changed, the other graphics, theme, & open (from 2014) are still there.
  11. WGAL's Ron Martin is retiring on November 25th after 37 years. https://www.pennlive.com/news/2020/10/wgal-news-anchor-ron-martin-is-retiring.html
  12. 4:30pm open: (Same theme and VO)
  13. He'll be WGNO's employee of the month for October.
  14. New graphics, new set, and a new theme (Aerial, the BRC cut). I think the lower thirds are the weakest part of their look but they and KGO (IMO) has the best set in the Bay Area.
  15. The schedule for CNN from 11am to 4pm has changed with Kate Bolduan moving from 11am to 3pm. It used to be: 11am: At This Hour (Kate Bolduan) Noon: Inside Politics (John King) 1pm: Right Now (Brianna Keilar) 2-4pm: CNN Newsroom (Brooke Baldwin) 4pm: The Lead (Jake Tapper) Now: (As of 10-5-20) 11am-1p: Inside Politics (John King) 1-3pm: Right Now (Brianna Keilar) 3pm: CNN Newsroom (Kate Bolduan) 4pm: The Lead (Jake Tapper)
  16. Just in case if you're lazy to look:
  17. I don't want to go off topic too much but I use Bandicam & Bandicut for my videos and I paid for both so I can remove the watermark plus I can keep full newscasts (to myself) in case they use talent opens. Leave that "13" alone, they had it since '97 when FOX owned them. Besides I don't want them to switch to WTVT's or WHBQ's 13.
  18. Here’s the morning version with a wider view of the studio.
  19. I'm waiting for "KIEM Tonight", I've paid for a front row seat to see that.
  20. The 10pm open (Now with Guardian [no, not that cut]) : 10pm talent open:
  21. Their (soon to be to old) news set used to be the weather center. (Hank Allen is still there as their chief meteorologist 9 years later.) This is what the set normally looks like:
  22. It was a year and a half effort by WNBC's Executive Producer of Weather Mike Rawlins.

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