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  1. RGSJenkins

    WRDW drops 615's Icon for CBS Enforcer

    Old: New:
  2. RGSJenkins

    New KOLR Graphics / Possible New Nexstar Package?

    WROC replaced Chris Corley with Mark Pepples.
  3. RGSJenkins

    Report: Charter launching new Spectrum News channels

    SpecNews OH is airing high school football championship games this weekend. http://spectrumnews1.com/oh/columbus/news/2018/11/27/spectrum-news-1-to-televise-all-seven-ohsaa-state-football-championships https://twitter.com/SpectrumNews1OH/status/1068287015026913280
  4. RGSJenkins

    News 12 Networks

    News 12 Bronx/Brooklyn is getting a new set and they have moved into their newsroom. http://bronx.news12.com/story/39511987/new-look-coming-to-news-12-the-bronx Old set: (It's a very small studio, there's nothing else in there. Weather is done by one of those monitors behind the desk or in separate area next to the weather office near the newsroom.) [MEDIA=instagram]BjpKIdGhYqY[/MEDIA] Newsroom: (Looks better on camera, they should put a "News 12" logo on the wall and they're set as a permanent set): [MEDIA=instagram]BqaHtiHAyPB[/MEDIA]
  5. RGSJenkins

    WTNH new graphics

    Here are the opens:
  6. RGSJenkins

    TEGNA Broadcasting and Digital General Discussion

    WMAZ is getting a new set. (Fun fact: Chief Meteorologist Ben Jones built parts of the studio)(His boss is also his wife and former WMAZ anchor Nora Lynch)
  7. RGSJenkins

    Report: Charter launching new Spectrum News channels

    SpecNews 1 KY's set: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DqxwxwsWoAEvXIg.jpg [MEDIA=twitter]1057299155603939329[/MEDIA]
  8. RGSJenkins

    WDAF-TV renovations/set

    The opens: (Everything beyond the open is not good)
  9. RGSJenkins

    NBC Nightly News

    Unless he's talking about "PBS NewsHour Weekend" which is a half hour.
  10. RGSJenkins

    Classic Video Thread (pre-2008)

    Add this to your mix:
  11. The last time "Adrenaline" was used was in '08 when WLFI in Lafayette, IN used it for two years and most famously WBZ from '03 to '05.
  12. RGSJenkins

    Report: Charter launching new Spectrum News channels

    The SoCal channel has their team for their morning newscast named "The Beat on 1" with former Good Morning America anchor Lisa McRee and former CBS/NBC News anchor Giselle Fernández. The new network hasn't been revealed yet. https://newsroom.charter.com/press-releases/spectrum-networks-announces-morning-news-team-and-primetime-programming-for-southern-californias-new-24-7-news-channel/ Here's part of the SoCal's news studio:
  13. RGSJenkins

    KFMB Slow Death Thread

    Here's the 5:30pm rejoin.
  14. RGSJenkins

    WRCB Chattanooga new look

    The open:

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