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  1. I’m still holding my opinion on the new graphics, I have to see it fully myself. But compared to this down here now, it’s a godsend.
  2. The new news set has debuted at noon today, the "Live at Five at Four" set/kitchen/interview portion remains. Love the 10 logo on the wall, at least it has color.
  3. So far only Brooklyn/The Bronx has the new graphics, the weather graphics are still the same for now. The ticker is way too small.
  4. They've already started on last Wednesday the 30th, they have news at 5:30pm (hour long) & 11pm on weeknights, and 6pm & 11pm on weekends. They kept "The Tower" and man, they are looking good. Pictures of the set in action:
  5. No new set, but a new open and updated duratrans. "Coverage You Can Count On" is gone after 30+ years, now WBAY is now "Your First Alert Station," taking WALB's old slogan. Old open: New open:
  6. The last time Chapin's voice was heard in NYC was between 2004-06 on WNYW, and on WNBC from 1995-03. Man, he sounds awful.
  7. It's THV, "This is Home".
  8. Debuted today at 1pm/E.
  9. A preview of the "First Alert" weather graphics. An interesting layout, 7 days plus 3 more.
  10. The new vo is Jeff Laurence, however the opens haven't been updated yet.
  11. The latest studio update, rehearsals has started this week.
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