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  1. I saw this on a billboard on the Cross Bronx, WNJU is calling themselves #1 regardless of language and in all key demos for two months in a row. Their evening and 11pm newscast was ranked #1 in english and spanish language. Unfortunately, they are no numbers of any kind to judge the rest of the market but WABC did not post anything touting their ratings. https://www.nbcumv.com/news/telemundo-47-concludes-may-ratings-period-1-station-new-york-regardless-language-and-all-key?show=1067341&network=5266626
  2. Bear with me while I use "The Ladies Man" movie and Prince as an example. Millionaire before the music change, the first set of questions supposed to be lively and loose and to get everyone in the mood to get to know the contestant in the hot seat. Then when you get to the $25,000-$32,000 range, it dawns on everyone this is not gonna be a cakewalk. And then, when you reach the million dollar question, the pressure and the music makes you and everyone watching very very tense and the edge of their seat. (Unless you're John Carpenter.) Now the only left for Millonaire to do is to... Honestly, I thought Regis & Meredith was the best hosts with Cedric & Chris was decent enough to hold their own and Terry...yeah.
  3. News 12 and WXTV have teamed up to provide a five minute spanish language news and weather updates twice a day on the weekdays for the News 12's digital platforms called "Noticias Nueva York por News 12" (News New York by News 12). https://www.rbr.com/noticias-12-nueva-york-uni-alt/ http://bronx.news12.com/story/40474760/univision-new-york-news-12-partner-to-bring-spanishlanguage-news-updates-to-viewers-throughout-the-tristate-area The topicals are seen on News12's twitter are in english. https://twitter.com/News12BX/status/1128834953406550017
  4. Especially on the weekends but that’s a different story. Had to post my pics as well even though I’m on vacation in Savannah right now as I’m posting this.
  5. "Here's the 5 day forecast with "the weekend always in view"." The good thing is it's only a 5 day forecast with "the weekend always in view." Now they need new L3's and they might have something decent here.
  6. Jeff did the weekend mornings this week and Lee is filling in for Jeff tonight. They even put Karen's twitter handle on air Fun fact: It was an reunion of sorts as Joe Torres was working at WPVI ('92-'96) when Karen started in '96 before he went to WABC a few months later. https://twitter.com/karenrogers6abc/status/1122313097979531264
  7. Open: (Weather graphics remain the same).
  8. They got new graphics as well, only weather and sports still has the old graphics. (Pictures ahead.)
  9. Video of the new set party: https://www.univision.com/local/nueva-york-wxtv/inaugura-noticias-univision-41-su-nuevo-estudio-de-tv-video
  10. I saw a promo the set will debut this Wednesday.
  11. Neither. On the weekends, weather is outsourced to the Univision Weather Hub in Houston since 2017. Weekdays are still done in-house in Teaneck, NJ. http://www.insideradio.com/free/skies-the-limit-for-univision-s-new-weather-center/article_eaf81e30-3555-11e7-b619-d71adf7a054e.html https://www.newscaststudio.com/setstudio/univision-weather-hub/
  12. The official logo, TENGAifed. And the 6 o'clock open.
  13. There's no mention of WLNY in the open just CBSN New York.
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