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  1. Here's the graphics in motion.
  2. Marilu Galvez is replacing Chad Matthews who became president of the ABC Owned Television Stations earlier this year. https://abc7ny.com/wabc-marilu-galvez-president-general-manager/11912503/
  3. Debuted on Thursday (judging by their YouTube page), I haven’t seen the open yet, but it has a KTLA vibe. Weather still has Hearst 1.0 in their system. Plus, starting Wednesday June 1st, KITV will debut a 9pm newscast on KIKU. The theme is Canvas (Hawaii). https://www.instagram.com/tv/CeC_oJxjjSI/?igshid=YzAyZWRlMzg=
  4. NewsNet is planning to build another studio 200 miles away in Farmington Hills, MI and start a turnkey localized forecasts service like Edward Saint Pé's WeatherVision. They already provide weather for NewsChannel Nebraska, WBKB, and WBUP. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/newsnet-to-invest-50-million-for-new-studios-247-news-content-solutions-for-carriers-301529363.html
  5. This is what happens when you lose your roots, should stayed as MiNews 26.
  6. More News. More Often. is no more as NEWSnet (formerly known as NewsNet) changed their graphics this Monday. Elevation and their weather graphics remains in use.
  7. ABC Alaska (KYUR) has dropped NewsNet for Waypoint's News Hub.
  8. The new XFL was served a cease and desist letter by Togethxr, a media company owned by Sue Bird, Chole Kim, Simone Manuel, and Alex Morgan. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/revived-xfl-cease-and-desist-media-company-founded-sue-bird-similar-logo-003302895.html
  9. WDVM 6pm weather anchor Lou Scally will retire after 42 years on Wednesday as WDVM leaves their main studio in Hagerstown for DC after 52 years. https://www.heraldmailmedia.com/story/news/local/2022/04/08/lou-scally-stepping-down-a-great-run-wdvm-weatherman-television/9510808002/
  10. I think he's doing it weekly on Mondays only for now.
  11. Correction: It seems the newscast debuted in January but it only runs for 15 minutes since they share a control room with Live hence why they still do the news briefs in the newsroom during GMA.
  12. WABC now has a 7am streaming newscast.
  13. WPXI is adding a 6:30 pm newscast on WPGH on March 14. David Johnson and Liz Kilmer will anchor the newscast. https://triblive.com/aande/movies-tv/tv-talk-wpgh-adding-an-evening-newscast-produced-by-wpxi/
  14. WBKB 2022: I think they blew their entire budget for the year on that open.
  15. Here's a bit more of the set, they haven't fully revealed the studio yet.
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