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  1. The live stream hasn't made the move to Johnson yet. Yesterday the feed was offline and today it's re-airing Friday's 10pm newscast.
  2. The studios at Fort Smith has officially dim their lights.
  3. After a quick email, the stream is working again and with that my follow TVNT'ers, I present to you: WMC Action News 5.
  4. I had to delete my opens thanks to FIFA, but I left the 10pm rejoin up. KLMO 7.2 has the new evening opens.
  5. Good Day New York still has the old open and theme.
  6. 10pm open: (FOX O&O is officially no more in NYC). 10pm rejoin:
  7. Unfortunately Livestream has been stuck airing a 7:57am Today news update from July 4th, no one can't record a open unless you live in the Memphis area.
  8. They still haven't dropped the FOX O&O theme yet, they still use it for the bumpers and close (for now).
  9. I love the current graphics. It's a New York Subway style which works well on WABC and they doesn't seen standardized (Yes I know WGGB/WSHM has them too) which nearly even other station in town has. Channel 7 is not a flashy station but the graphics knows how to get the job done without being in your face nor does it insult your intelligence.
  10. KPRC 10pm open: (The Tower for the open, NBC Collection for everything else).
  11. The interview couch premiered on Monday, loft in the corner look.
  12. WEHT/WTVW switched to the new website but their (hidden) livestream is gone.
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