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  1. KING's Margaret Lawson is retiring and moving to North Carolina with her husband. https://www.king5.com/article/news/entertainment-news/margaret-larson-retires-looks-back-joyce-taylor/281-b862e8f0-e059-45df-8c92-ef84b62bb96c
  2. Retired WLS chief meteorologist Jerry Taft has passed away last night at 77. https://abc7chicago.com/weather/retired-abc7-meteorologist-jerry-taft-dies-at-77/6332373/
  3. Actually there's no chair in the weather position because there's no base for the chair. There's only room for 3 chairs on a normal day, whoever does weather stands on the black box.
  4. On Monday, WLIO in Lima debuted their new set, their first in over 20 years. Plus, they debuted a new theme (No VO, orignal but weak and long theme) theme but In-Sink is still used for the bumpers. I'm not sure about the close because my internet has been spotty lately preventing me from seeing or hearing the close. The videos are coming later today, I recorded all but the morning open. (My work schedule has changed meaning mornings are out of the question for the time being, and no I'm not getting up early to record any open unless I'm going to work.) The old set (Pic taken in 2010): Here's a look of the new studio: The open: This was the old set in 2001: Welcome to the 21st century WLIO.
  5. I think it can work as a TV theme, it just needs a good graphic package to match it. I love the sounders, it has a capitol feel, a DC sound if I may say.
  6. Compared to this... it's miles better.
  7. Who learning? If it's Eric Wotila, he had 9 years to learn. If it's everyone else, who knows.
  8. WDIV in Detroit is claiming #1 in the evening.
  9. KLFY in Lafayette got rid of their "Young set in a box" for a Nexstar look. I'm not sure when it debuted (looks before mid March judging by the band being very close to each other) but it looks good. Only WBAY and WLNS/WLAJ still has the "Young set in a box". Chris Corley still lives on!
  10. I hated that damn era for so many reasons.
  11. N12 LI reporter Kevin Vesey was verbally attacked by protesters two days ago while filming their reopen NY protest, even the President spoke about it. (Strong unedited language). https://www.newsweek.com/tv-reporter-hounded-anti-lockdown-protesters-new-york-chanting-fake-news-not-essential-viral-1504315
  12. Case in point: Former WAGA & WGCL anchor Amanda Davis.
  13. WVII in Bangor is moving their anchors a little closer together and still social distancing apart. From mid March until Tuesday morning, this was the set up. One at the anchor desk and other standing 10 feet in front of the desk: Tuesday and Wednesday morning, they moved closer with one the anchors moving to where the sports anchor would stand: This evening, this is the current setup: This is how much space they have to use, this was taken from the anchor desk. Where the sports anchor is standing is the morning interview set, to the left of the photo is their control room, and the green screen isn't used because weather is done by sister station WJFW in Rhinelander, WI since January 1st. (Before AccuWeather did their weather for weekdays, weekends were and still are done by WJFW.)
  14. This is what got him fired by KARE. https://alphanewsmn.com/meterologist-nazi/
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