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  1. WMGT (Macon) got Morris'ed. Only WCBI has the full weather package so far, and WXXV is the only station who hasn't received the graphics yet.
  2. Here's some screenshots of the various O&O's, in random order. Some of the fonts and/or transitions was imported from the previous package. (KTTV's not in there since the forecast didn't show up on their feed when was trying to catch it; I know KRIV & KTTV have an morning variant of the forecast graphics.)
  3. It would at least until Summer 2021 before Today decides to expand again since DoOL is renewed until that time. https://tvline.com/2020/01/29/days-of-our-lives-renewed-season-56-nbc-kristian-alfonso/
  4. KFSM's noon open: Click here and see my channel for the rest the opens.
  5. The only way they'll get the fifth hour if "Days of Our Lives" goes bye-bye.
  6. WTTG switched at 4pm today.
  7. The big question is did they finally update the weather graphics they had from Cox to include the 7 day instead of the 5 day? Yes....and no, the 5 day is still alive. Plus, WOFL switched as well, which leaves 5 stations to go. I would list them but since lists are not allowed, I can tell you the sum of the channels remaining equal to 75 (Hint: There are two 5's, a 4, a 29 & a 32 in the equation.)
  8. "Dakota News Now" 5pm open on KSFY. KDLT's website has merged with KSFY but only the newscasts on KSFY are seen on the website. That phone ringing was probably KELOland calling.
  9. Plus at 5p & 11p has a weather open with Lee standing at the chroma instead of him at the desk during the full weather forecast.
  10. The first 3 stations which switched to the new graphics used to be with CBS, don't be surprised if KDFW or KTBC is next.
  11. MiNews 26 I mean NewsNet Northern Michigan has been reduced to a simulcast of the national channel with cut-ins at :12 & :42 every hour for local weather and :25 & :55 for local news. (Their livestream works now). High school sports now airs under the "NewsNet Sports" banner.
  12. 6 months later, WPBF and Ms. Salley agreed that she would resign after this full video was released by the Daily Mail. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7103717/Black-anchorwoman-mocks-police-arrested-DUI-claims-racially-motivation.html
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