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  1. KPHO then used the same graphics from 2014-17.
  2. The Giants and WNBC are still using the old NBC Sports pack there's no WNBC bug.
  3. What about WPCQ? (The old calls of WCNC between 1980-89, meaning “People of the Carolinas and the Queen City) I’ll let the Sandman show me the exit.
  4. WNBC doesn't use the social bar at all, WNJU uses theirs.
  5. Sure WTVD helped create the weather graphics, but she has to learn to how to do them by WABC’s standards. Plus there’s promos to film, talent shots, and schedule changes to make before she’s officially on air. Her Twitter handle has changed from BrittanyABC11 to @BrittanyBabc7.
  6. It’s Byron Allen, what you do think?
  7. NY1 is adding a live weekend version of "Morning on 1" this fall. https://corporate.charter.com/newsroom/spectrum-news-ny1-announces-weekday-and-weekend-anchor-lineups-and-fall-launch-of-live-weekend-news-programming
  8. KGO in mornings are sitting close together while still separated in the evenings, WPVI is the having news anchors close together sit at the desk while weather and sports are standing at the side of desk.
  9. She's moving to the evening shift at 5 (WXIA) & 10pm (WATL), evening anchor Aisha Howard will take over mornings. https://www.11alive.com/video/news/local/morningrush/shiba-russell-says-good-bye-to-morning-rush-before-she-moves-to-evening-news/85-9f43d8dc-b27c-4ef9-a25c-c5cd33f156d0
  10. I don't think it was too bad looking.
  11. It's a reunion of the weekend team of '97.
  12. Does anybody want to buy a former ABC O&O?
  13. And WDJT is the only one out of those 4 mentioned that hasn't changed their newscast title since they became a CBS station in '95. They have always been "CBS 58 News".

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