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  1. WDIV in Detroit is claiming #1 in the evening.
  2. KLFY in Lafayette got rid of their "Young set in a box" for a Nexstar look. I'm not sure when it debuted (looks before mid March judging by the band being very close to each other) but it looks good. Only WBAY and WLNS/WLAJ still has the "Young set in a box". Chris Corley still lives on!
  3. I hated that damn era for so many reasons.
  4. N12 LI reporter Kevin Vesey was verbally attacked by protesters two days ago while filming their reopen NY protest, even the President spoke about it. (Strong unedited language). https://www.newsweek.com/tv-reporter-hounded-anti-lockdown-protesters-new-york-chanting-fake-news-not-essential-viral-1504315
  5. Case in point: Former WAGA & WGCL anchor Amanda Davis.
  6. WVII in Bangor is moving their anchors a little closer together and still social distancing apart. From mid March until Tuesday morning, this was the set up. One at the anchor desk and other standing 10 feet in front of the desk: Tuesday and Wednesday morning, they moved closer with one the anchors moving to where the sports anchor would stand: This evening, this is the current setup: This is how much space they have to use, this was taken from the anchor desk. Where the sports anchor is standing is the morning interview set, to the left of the photo is their control room, and the green screen isn't used because weather is done by sister station WJFW in Rhinelander, WI since January 1st. (Before AccuWeather did their weather for weekdays, weekends were and still are done by WJFW.)
  7. This is what got him fired by KARE. https://alphanewsmn.com/meterologist-nazi/
  8. Since Monday, Lonnie is presenting the weather in a barn in Westport, CT (where he been hanging out mostly in the last few weeks). It has everything except a clicker but a phone call to Georgie saved the day!
  9. And keeping with Today's TMJ 4, Meteorologist Jesse Ritka will be heading up the I-94 to Fargo to closer to her family. She has been at TMJ since 2011 and her last day is this Friday. https://www.tmj4.com/news/local-news/saying-goodbye-to-storm-team-4-meteorologist-jesse-ritka
  10. Well whatever the case is or was, FOX told to her to...
  11. Y'all happy now? Because if the next time WCBS (or any other station) has to leave their studios for whatever reason, I'm sending them straight to y'all houses so they can stay local. There hasn't been a newscast on WLNY for over 2 weeks and y'all stayed silent but WCBS was forced out and someone else helped them back on the air and y'all think the world was ended. I'm glad they are back at the Broadcast Center (not in the main studio) and they're using CBSN theme for bumpers and the close.
  12. Plus, they're limited on in-studio news anchors since the weekday team is doing all the newscasts for the time being (one anchor only) while the rest is at home or on the field. Save the energy for mornings, evenings, and nights. Besides between 11am-6pm, they'll be preempted by Cuomo (NY), Murphy (NJ), DiBiaso (NYC), and Trump in that order.
  13. Here's what KCBS's control room saw from their view doing WCBS's 5pm news yesterday (Courtesy of Tara Finestone, KCBS's news director).
  14. The KCBS anchor who was there this morning is Hermela Aregawi. This isn't normal times, we're in a state of emergency. May I remind you the entire CBS Broadcast Center is closed meaning the CBS network is controlled by LA, CBS News is controlled by DC & LA, and all shows productions (local, network, and syndicated) is stalled in that building. "In times like these, we need each other. We must bond together in spirit and in service."
  15. Maurice and Kristine are doing the 11pm news outside their studio while KCBS is producing. Y'all happy?
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