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  1. And next weather also debuts. So much for being put on hold. Hope y’all like the new set. If they keep this one as long as the old one, It will be 2037 before they get another.
  2. You can add Alexandria Hoff to the recently left. Last Sunday was her last broadcast.
  3. Saw that, but I don't think it was the case between them. With the benefit of hindsight, the blurb the poster is talking about was likely Larry Mendte and Alycia Lane. Those two were inappropriate with eachother in 2004 until Mendte's wife discovered it and he stopped. According to Mendte it was after he stopped his relationship with Alycia, that the two stopped getting along.
  4. I can't find any source material now to back up what I remember reading back then, and I don't remember every exact detail. Considering that, i'm not sure I can post what I do remember as without any source it would just be unfounded hearsay/rumor and might violate site rules. I can say however she was either suspended/fired for 3 weeks to a month in 2005, and was going thru an very ugly and public divorce at the time. I'll try searching for what I remember reading about again later when I have more time. I think it might've been something Dan Gross posted one time.
  5. Monica `100% was forced out. I looked at her Instagram at the time she left and about a week before, 6abc must've had new talent photos taken cause she posted hers for fans to see. No reason to include someone in a photoshoot who is "retiring". And of course most longtime anchors/reporters have their retirement or leaving (and not going to a competitor) announced weeks in advance. Monica's was a btw, i'm retiring at the end of this newscast in about 15 minutes. Obviously was not on good terms also, since she didn't appear to have been interviewed for this, or maybe she declined???? As for the reason, we might never know, but I have my suspicions it might be for the same reasons she was reportedly reprimanded for back in the early 2000's.
  6. Not that surprised. Christie Ileto is expecting. While for obvious reasons 6abc would never say that was a reason, for the sake of establishing a new line up, I can see why a news director wouldn't want one of the key pieces to be someone who will be out for 3+ months during the critical early stages of this new line up.
  7. I think he anchored weekend mornings at cbs3. After he left Nicole Brewer took over.
  8. So has anyone heard the real reason for Monica Malpass's sudden departure yet?
  9. and that many included fox 29 with Rich Noonan & I think Tracey Matisak. Was easier for most fox stations since they only had the 10:00PM news. Ch6 would have more to lose havning Jim Gardner off every Friday evening broadcast, just so he would be there for the 11:00 news on Sunday.
  10. This is surprising. Since she is staying in the NBC family, it appears she is being moved, and isn't leaving Philly for another job, but I don't understand why. Despite Glenn being chief meteorologist, 10 has made Sheena the face of 10's weather, so it doesn't make sense for comcast to move her out of their home market for a smaller one.
  11. Someone claiming to work for the city posted this a few weeks ago in regards to the lackluster music lineup. Take it for whats its worth. Basically the city's feud with the soda industry over the soda tax might've played a role. VH1, which had been for the last few yrs broadcasting the concert (called the 4th Of July Jam) pulled out this yr. The event's main sponsor was pepsi, and it was pepsi's sponsorship that made it possible for Philly to book higher profile acts (and more expensive), aswell as put on a 1/2hr worth of fireworks (apparently another complaint is the fireworks were short this year.) Anyway, the guy claimed that either Pepsi pulled it's sponsorship over the soda tax, and vh1 couldn't/wouldn't find another sponsor, or mayor Kenney asked vh1 to find a new sponsor, and they refused. In anycase the person on the Philly subreddit said this was why Philly had such a lame lineup this yr. This was posted about a month ago.
  12. He was gonna be expelled. It didn't happen, because the sit in prevented the vote from taking place, but the GOP had the votes to expel him, and even had the press release already made up (https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ClptIr0UoAAF8Ge.jpg:large). My guess is he resigned before the sit in ended so he could keep whatever benefits he has earned. I think he would've lost them had he been expelled.
  13. No appearance on tv, but they all appear to be at the retirement party. Cecily tweeted this pic
  14. Yes everystation does and has always plugged their primetime lineup, but it's so much worse on 6 now. For example yesterday's noon newscast had Rick promoting TGIT (thank god it's Thursday lineup) with descriptive preview of whats gonna happen, while video was shown. Then later in the broadcast Alicia came on at the big board to do one of her big talkers. Guess what that 5 minute segment was spent doing? Not only promoting TGIT, but recapping lastweek's episode incase you missed it. Yes 3 minutes was spent doing like a previously on... cold open to a show for each of the 3 shows airing that night, followed by teases for what might happen tonight. The only other time Alicia was on the program was early to give a tease about her coming on to talk about TGIT, and to promote what they will be talking about at 4:00. So unlike Don Polec, Alicia's job seems to be 90% promoting other programming on 6.
  15. If I can defend 6abc here for a second, alot of what 6abc does (self-promotion of ABC programming for example) is being forced on them from the big mouse. The same with the feature stories that look like sponsored content cause it ends up being about star wars or someother Disney product or abc show. Disney/ABC O&O is doing it's best to kill the action news brand. Almost everychange the station has had from gimmicky toys like chopper 6 360, to overly sponsored is because of those people in NY, not the news director/producers at 6abc. As for Alicia Vitarelli, couldn't agree more. The woman must think she's a host on entertainment tonight the way she talks too "coming up we're gonna dish about what happened lastnight on the bachelor" I can't stand how she always uses the word dish during her teases.
  16. Maybe he's following the Bob Hite path who was an anchor on actions news ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUUzyTtNaVY), choose to leave for Tampa, and went on to be sorta of the Jim Gardner of Tampa
  17. It's ok newshound. Nobody hates you, just nobody believes you work at 10. Instead of spending so much time trying to prove you do, you should just forget it and share your perspective as fan of local news, instead of an insider.
  18. More like they can't pre-empt NFL football. CBS3 will just air coverage on the CW Philly.
  19. She isn't charged, but the indictment makes it clear she sold a car to a lobbyist then mainted possession of the car
  20. I don't think they will scale back the noon broadcast. Millionare will either get banished to the late-late night, or pvi will dump it all together.
  21. I still think there's a small chance they go all female in the mornings with Nicole Brewer getting the job. She's very popular, and CBS3 has long used her as the replacement when Ukee was on vacation, or filling in at night. Granted that was with old management, but she's filling in now too.
  22. Thats what they should be doing now. Have Katie live Saturday & Sundays, and have Justin fill in for her 2 days during the week.
  23. So apparently Kate Bilo worked Friday 11:00PM, and then did Saturday monring, because they are so low on forecasters. I'm assuming Katie Fehlinger did Sunday AM, and Justin whatever did the weekend eveneings. Now this is a hectic schedule as it is with only 3 meteorologists on staff, but CBS 3 really needs to act quick because Fehlinger is pregenaunt, and from the looks of it ready to pop any day. So they're on the verge of losing her for several months too
  24. Wow what a shake up. The Good -Removing Chris May as the top anchor. I always felt he was a weekend anchor at best. With that inmind CBS is lacking in in depth, so keeping him for weekends or repoerting might've been a better move then firing him. -Promoting Ukee Washington Not much else to say here. Only downside is he will be a major lose for the AM show. I wonder if they will go all female in the mornings, and have Nicole Brewer take his spot? I say that only because whenever Washington was on vacation, or filling in for Chris May, Brewer seemed to the the goto fill in during AM. -Firing Beasley Reece Never liked the guy to begin with, and seemed like he was never happy havning to be at work. The Bad -Firing Kathy Orr She's one of the most popular meteorologists in the area, and I can only think they fired either because she had a high contract and/or cause of her age. Some like Kate Bilo being promoted to top meteorologist, but remember CBS 3 about 2 or 3yrs ago basically made her the de facto Cheif meteorologist when they cut Orr from several of the evening broadcasts, and stuck Bilo in. It failed, and Orr got all her onair time back. Oh well CBS3's loss, will be another stations gain. I think Eskin is friends with her, cause I remember back in his dailoy WIP days Orr would sometimes call in. So I guess she has someone who can put in a good word for her at 29.
  25. Mistake there is thinking people will tune to CBS, instead of good day...or one of the other national shows.
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