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  1. Yes, it was expected that NBC was going to carry golf at 2pm.
  2. The bulk of station revenue comes from local news, WJZY was getting hash marks for some newscast, you can’t sell that when no one is watching and you can see why Fox dump the station. Fox gets a percentage of retrans revenue from local stations and they also sell ads regionally for sporting events and network programming. The network gets almost all of the ad time, local stations make very little during network programs or sporting events. there really isn’t a need for Fox to own a struggling station even in larger markets. The only reason for Fox to return to Charlotte is if Nexstar turns the station around or if a stronger station wants the Fox affiliation (seems highly unlikely), and for someone to drop news. Fox dump a lot of money in the WJZY startup, they aren’t going to do it a second time.
  3. The problem in Charlotte is that there are too many stations producing news. There is only so much ad money in the market, the pie doesn’t get bigger the slices just get smaller. It takes several years for news startups to make a profit, WJZY is likely losing money and was definitely losing money when it was a O&O, WCCB is likely just barely turning a profit. With those issues Fox isn’t going to re-enter the market, it doesn’t matter with supposed growth or how many sports team the market has. At some point either WCCB is going to have to drop news or WJZY is going have to do something completely different, I don’t think “Queen City News” is going to work out but they have nothing to lose.
  4. The Wausau market allotments are interesting Gray doesn’t need the Eagle River one anymore with WYOW but do they bid on it so WAOW or Wisconsin PBS can’t grab it and then don’t build it out? Can Gray own multiple satellite stations in the same area or move it to the UP of Michigan and simulcast WLUC? Ch. 31 in Whittenburg is the former full power Fox affiliate WFXS, Gray has a CP for a low power station on ch. 31 atop the main tower tv tower in Wausau, would WJFW bid on it to improve the signal where most of the population lives? Gray is going to bid for the Freeport allotment. In any event it’s going to take years before any of these stations sign on.
  5. Thanks for the correction I don’t get to watch The Green Bay locals that all that much. It quite noticeable when WBAY switches from Barrons products because the base maps are in the correct aspect ratio and then when they go to WSI some are stretched and then there are some national maps that aren’t, you can even see it more clearly with Dodge County, it’s supposed to square. Edit: looking at WBAY closer it’s clear at least some of the weather maps are not in the correct aspect ratio, it’s looks like someone was fixing it when they went to HD but didn’t get to all of them. For how long WBAY has been in HD it likey won’t get fix until Gray upgrades WBAY’s WSI boxes.
  6. WKBT’s low power signals in Eau Claire and Tomah, WI that they got from Magnum Media signed on simulcasting WKBT and subs. Now both Eau Claire and La Crosse have local signals of every major network.
  7. There isn’t much you can do to change WSI weather graphics except for changing the colors on the base maps. All stations in Madison uses WSI, WISC used blue for its base map and now it’s gray/black, some stations use white.
  8. Gray mostly uses WSI for weather. The majority of stations groups uses WSI and Barron/viper is a distance second then there are a few very small players. In Wisconsin, WSAW and WMTV looks like they have the latest WSI software while WBAY which Gray has own for only a few years uses some Barron products mostly for severe weather coverage (station owned radar that’s maybe 20 years old) and uses an older version of WSI for day to day weather, some of WBAY’s base weather maps look like they were design for 4:3 and then stretched for 16:9 TV. It will take time for Gray to get that all fixed. If you did a poll of TV Meteorologist most would say WSI is best for regular weather and social media but it would be much closer between Barrons and WSI for radars. Back in the day Barron was a clear number one for radar products and many stations would use Barrons for radar and WSI or Weather Central for weather graphics. WSI does sell radars to local stations but NWS radars have improved so much that the need for station owned radar isn’t like it was 10 or more years ago unless if you’re in a NWS radar dead zone.
  9. I don't know about that, if the Packers wanted to be just be on FM Craig Karmazin would of put the packers on 94.5. It comes down to $$, Good Karma is a smaller radio company than even Journal/Scripps was while Iheart is the biggest. Iheart locally was under a pressure to do something more than run a few local shows on 97.3, the Bucks and Brewers rejected Ihearts offers to switch stations, also one of the top mornings shows in Milwaukee rejected 97.3/Iheart. Iheart Milwaukee brought in a lot of people in the last few years to sell and market sports pbp and local personality talk/ sports shows, getting the Packers was the last chance to do that otherwise 97.3 was most likely going to go back to a music format, now it should be a top 5 male rated station in Milwaukee.
  10. https://wtmj.com/news/2021/10/27/wtmj-radio-packers-radio-network-parting-ways-in-2022/ Going to Ihearts 97.3. The Packers will also lose out on Northern Illinois fans which is a significant number, the Badgers have heard complaints from fans from Illinois when they also left WTMJ a few years ago. During the Scripps ownership a lot of behind the scenes people left WTMJ and went to Iheart but I’m very surprised WTMJ wasn’t able to hold on to the radio rights.
  11. Scott Steele? Turn over at WTMJ has been significant since Scripps. It’s going to difficult to track who is leaving on there own/ getting the boot for other reasons and who’s leaving because of no vaccine.
  12. To add to this, KTTC's translator in La Crosse goes to WEAU and is now simulcasting WECX-LD and subs. Gray has CP for a LP in Wausau, when that gets fired up really soon, it looks like its going to mirror WYOW for that part of the Market, and finally Gray has another unbuilt LP licensed for Eau Claire but most likely will get moved elsewhere in the market (Tomah area?).
  13. Morgan Murphy is in the process of purchasing Magnum radio's three low-power stations in the La Crosse and Eau Claire area. It would seem likely the LP stations would simulcast WKBT, viewers in the northern half of the market and far east have struggled to pick up WKBT's VHF signal. The station is looking for sales people that would be based in Eau Claire, WKBT sales focus has mostly been La Crosse area and the southern half of the market.
  14. What is WTMJ doing at 4pm, is it a normal newscast? I’m not In the market anymore and unfortunately (or fortunately for some posters here) I don’t have many connections in the market anymore.
  15. Yeah, most nhl writers know every word of the current CBA contract otherwise it would be brought up. the only one to bring this up is a random Twitter person. It’s not true.
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