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  1. What you saw today is the final product; anchorless and weather from Grand Rapids with just a few mmj's based in Lansing. It's probably unfair to judge the newscasts on the first day, but if I'm WILX I would bring back the 7-9am and 10pm on a subchannel. I believe Scripps has suspended adding a news op in Miami.
  2. No, at least in the short term. Dish/Sling has dropped all RSN's, not just Sinclairs. It's likely that the other OTT providers will get agreements right before the NBA and NHL season starts whenever that is, at the moment Sinclair has no leverage, providers can holdout as long as they can without sports live sports going on. Earlier this year it was announced that Sinclair has agreements for multiple years with at least 85% of the MVPD's that carry the RSN's. In non pandemic years at least some of Sinclair RSN"s has profit margins of over 20% (in the broadcasting world
  3. It’s the same people that thought the FCC would yank all of Sinclair's stations off the air so...
  4. A WTMJ news vehicle was damage/vandalized after a police shooting and subsequent protests in Kenosha, WI late Sunday/early Monday morning.
  5. For years both WFRV and WTMJ preempted Wheel once and then twice a week (after WTMJ and WFRV got the Packers preseason rights) for Green Bay Packers programming for a huge chunk of the year. Anything Packers = big money for the stations and 6:30 pm was the best place for the show(s). In the 90's and the early 2000's syndicators and stations routinely got deals that would last for several years, now it's regularly a couple of years. Talk to veterans of both stations and some of the biggest complains those stations ever received was when Wheel was preempted even though the Packers stuff would re
  6. That is WISC’s former set.
  7. Wtmj radio had absolutely 0 percent influence on tmj4, Scripps had so little interest in running radio stations that the radio VP for Scripps at the time basically begged Scripps into selling the radio stations. It’s no secret that the mostly veteran staff at wtmj was highly paid and for many when renewal time came a Scripps contract would never come close to a Journal contract. Scripps is hiring 22 year old mmj’s even in its largest markets that are making less than photojournalists that have been at the station for 30-35 years. Many times managers will cook up some bad performa
  8. Update to this, sounds like it's a done deal and ESPN and WTMJ radio are leaving for space in DT Milwaukee (I've heard the former Grand Avenue Mall an area that seen a total transformation in the last few years). This follows the news that another former Journal Communications property, the Journal-Sentinel is leaving its long time building and leasing a couple of floors in nondescript office building, it use to be a big deal to have the newspapers or TV/radio station name on top of its building.
  9. The stations only really target the areas were there based. WICS does well in Springfield, WAND in the central part in the market and WCIA in the eastern. The Springfield market plays much smaller than its ranking. 77? Eat News is right; it's going be very difficult Crain to find another Meteorologist job especially in that market. No GM/ND would want to take the risk of him bashing their station onair.
  10. The FCC forcing Sinclair to sell stations/lose licenses would seem out the question. What is far more likely is that Sinclair would get something that would amount to a slap on the wrist and some rule changes that would affect everyone. But any hearings will make good theater.
  11. WTVF has seen some high turnover under Scripps, WTVF had been the dominant station but I think we will see a prolonged period where WKRN and WSMV inch ever closer to WTVF.
  12. Was that the time period when CBS still owned WFRV and did they use Enforcer? If WFRV was using the theme I could see claiming exclusivity, Milwaukee and Green Bay has a significant market overlap from a ratings perspective.
  13. It’s difficult to tell what we are seeing here with so little context, but I think it’s safe to assume this is not total monthly ratings. Likely, this a very specific demo that would look bad to almost any station.
  14. Thats surprising if they would now claim exclusively to neighboring markets especially when the availability to get out of market or neighboring stations is dwindling. I could see them making the case if Kenosha county was in the Chicago DMA or if WDJT was available on cable to areas in the Chicago market (which to mine understanding is very few if any).
  15. What happens when you go to a double box is that you pissing off the people that want to watch the game with a bunch of "weather junk" and you make the people that need the weather info mad because all the maps are to small to read, so no one is happy. There were 4 other tv stations giving out the same weather information, sometimes the right programming strategy is not to break into programming and just run weather ticker on the bottom of the screen.

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