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  1. To add to this, KTTC's translator in La Crosse goes to WEAU and is now simulcasting WECX-LD and subs. Gray has CP for a LP in Wausau, when that gets fired up really soon, it looks like its going to mirror WYOW for that part of the Market, and finally Gray has another unbuilt LP licensed for Eau Claire but most likely will get moved elsewhere in the market (Tomah area?).
  2. Morgan Murphy is in the process of purchasing Magnum radio's three low-power stations in the La Crosse and Eau Claire area. It would seem likely the LP stations would simulcast WKBT, viewers in the northern half of the market and far east have struggled to pick up WKBT's VHF signal. The station is looking for sales people that would be based in Eau Claire, WKBT sales focus has mostly been La Crosse area and the southern half of the market.
  3. What is WTMJ doing at 4pm, is it a normal newscast? I’m not In the market anymore and unfortunately (or fortunately for some posters here) I don’t have many connections in the market anymore.
  4. Yeah, most nhl writers know every word of the current CBA contract otherwise it would be brought up. the only one to bring this up is a random Twitter person. It’s not true.
  5. Should wait until final confirmation with some much conflicting Information but NBCSN already air finals game without any OTA in local markets.
  6. I don’t think that true, NBCSN has aired many finals games. Maybe it’s possible that turner will sublease some games to CBS but every other year expect to see at least some finals games on cable.
  7. It’s the cost of doing business, at some point in the near future streamers like Hulu and Disney+ will have to raise prices if they want to be profitable and also add more content. Disney loses money when people drop cable and sign up for Disney+ and we all know that not everyone that is dropping cable is a Disney+ sub. Disney, discovery, nbc all of those companies are making far more money off of cable customers than from streaming sub.
  8. You’re going to have to add an extra zero to that amount of you want to watch the local team on any MLB streaming service before any RSN would sign up for this.
  9. I think most of you guys are assuming if/when the rsn’s go to DTC, the channels are to charge customers what they charge to the cables and sat providers, 4-10 dollars a month. That’s not going to be the case, it’s going to be 30-40+ dollars easily. The future of tv isn’t going to be traditional cable packages or even fubo or youtube tv. For the streaming tv services that look like regular cable, growth is slowing way down and I wouldn’t be surprised if they top out soon. The future is having a service that has discovery+, Disney+ Hulu and the like all together with live channels th
  10. It shouldn't be surprising that ESPN got half of the NHL contract, It sounds like FOX and NBC are pushing very hard for the other half, NBC has better streaming option and Fox is a little more willing to do multiple regionals on game nights. Its likely the NHL will at least get double from there last US rights fees.
  11. When fox traded WFXT there wasn’t any flex scheduling for Sunday afternoon games and Thursday night football wasn’t as big as it is now. It’s no secret that in the past that Fox wanted o&o stations in NFC markets. We will see what Fox’s next NFL contract offers, but it’s likely fox will be airing more AFC (Pat) games and with Boston being one of the few markets were the NHL will get at least decent ratings, Fox’s focus has probably change to owning those stations that will get high ratings for the sporting events that Fox will air.
  12. It should be pointed out that talks are only at preliminary stages at this point but Fox is kicking the tires at WFXT in Boston. Even though Boston is a AFC market, national games on fox in Boston for the most part do very well, any Bruin game on fox would also get good ratings. Fox would be trading station(s) in non NFC markets. The only way talks would extend farther is if Fox has the same NFL packages going forward(Sunday afternoon, Thursday night and flex scheduling) and part of the any NHL package. Before people start speculating, WFXT is the only station FOX is looking at thi
  13. If Fox is part of the NHL package there is some speculation that FOX could be swapping at least one large market O&O for another Fox affiliate...
  14. Its hard to speculate until The NFL tv contracts are sorted out but the NHL wants two broadcast partners and having them spilt the postseason. I could see a large chunk of regular season games being streaming only nationally.

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