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  1. It shouldn't be surprising that ESPN got half of the NHL contract, It sounds like FOX and NBC are pushing very hard for the other half, NBC has better streaming option and Fox is a little more willing to do multiple regionals on game nights. Its likely the NHL will at least get double from there last US rights fees.
  2. When fox traded WFXT there wasn’t any flex scheduling for Sunday afternoon games and Thursday night football wasn’t as big as it is now. It’s no secret that in the past that Fox wanted o&o stations in NFC markets. We will see what Fox’s next NFL contract offers, but it’s likely fox will be airing more AFC (Pat) games and with Boston being one of the few markets were the NHL will get at least decent ratings, Fox’s focus has probably change to owning those stations that will get high ratings for the sporting events that Fox will air.
  3. It should be pointed out that talks are only at preliminary stages at this point but Fox is kicking the tires at WFXT in Boston. Even though Boston is a AFC market, national games on fox in Boston for the most part do very well, any Bruin game on fox would also get good ratings. Fox would be trading station(s) in non NFC markets. The only way talks would extend farther is if Fox has the same NFL packages going forward(Sunday afternoon, Thursday night and flex scheduling) and part of the any NHL package. Before people start speculating, WFXT is the only station FOX is looking at thi
  4. If Fox is part of the NHL package there is some speculation that FOX could be swapping at least one large market O&O for another Fox affiliate...
  5. Its hard to speculate until The NFL tv contracts are sorted out but the NHL wants two broadcast partners and having them spilt the postseason. I could see a large chunk of regular season games being streaming only nationally.
  6. Root NW has a TV everywhere stream/app but Comcast doesn't have an agreement to access the stream, only Directv/ATT and a handful of smaller cable subscribers can stream ROOT. When I had Directv they had a similar app as Comcast but there was several channels missing from the streaming portion likely because Directv didn't have streaming rights. Its likely the same thing with Comcast and Root NW.
  7. This is a good point. The new NHL team in Seattle the Kraken just weeks ago announced that there games will be airing on Root Northwest, the only way to stream it is by paying $80/m for ATT streaming service, Comcast customers (the major cable company for most of WA and OR) don’t even have the ability to stream the channel. This is a team that is connected with Amazon and other high tech companies in Seattle and is a market with a significant amount of cable cutters. If there is a team in any sport anymore aware of OTT it is the Kraken. Having the ability to watch non NFL pro team
  8. There was talk a year or two ago that the Bucks were looking at creating its own RSN but that didn't happen, Bally was likely the only option. About OTT, Sinclair/Bally already announce they were going OTT. looking at MLB contracts, many go 15 to 20 years out. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/lets-update-the-estimated-local-tv-revenue-for-mlb-teams/ Its the same with the NBA and NHL. With Sinclair going OTT this year its probably safe to assume that the RSNs are in control of any streaming rights. The RSNs pay massive fees to broadcast the games, there is no way any team would break c
  9. WYOW and WMOW are only 20 miles apart, the new owners could apply to increase WMOWs power if they believe there's holes in the coverage. Now about WJFW and only having a LP with 1kw of power to cover Marathon, Portage, and Wood counties in which 80% of the market reside in...
  10. Even if the FCC approved WSAW's Eagle River transmitter (and WIFR in Rockford, IL) it would take several years to get it on air. Instead of looking at field contour maps, the Longley-Rice maps are far more important and they show a hole in the Rhinelander, Oneida and Forest county area for WSAW plus the LP signal in Vilas county. If approved, Gray is getting the far better Northwoods signal. Remember too FOX is on a sub channel of WSAW in hd. Spending a lot of time in the UP area last few summers all the Marquette stations for the most part put out a poor signal outside of Marquet
  11. What you saw today is the final product; anchorless and weather from Grand Rapids with just a few mmj's based in Lansing. It's probably unfair to judge the newscasts on the first day, but if I'm WILX I would bring back the 7-9am and 10pm on a subchannel. I believe Scripps has suspended adding a news op in Miami.
  12. No, at least in the short term. Dish/Sling has dropped all RSN's, not just Sinclairs. It's likely that the other OTT providers will get agreements right before the NBA and NHL season starts whenever that is, at the moment Sinclair has no leverage, providers can holdout as long as they can without sports live sports going on. Earlier this year it was announced that Sinclair has agreements for multiple years with at least 85% of the MVPD's that carry the RSN's. In non pandemic years at least some of Sinclair RSN"s has profit margins of over 20% (in the broadcasting world
  13. It’s the same people that thought the FCC would yank all of Sinclair's stations off the air so...
  14. A WTMJ news vehicle was damage/vandalized after a police shooting and subsequent protests in Kenosha, WI late Sunday/early Monday morning.

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