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  1. I don't exactly know what Tribune was getting for retrans fees but as an example of some other companies I've seen they would be getting around 30 cents per subscriber monthly for WPIX, KDAF, WGN while stations like WHO, WITI, WGNO would get about 2 dollars per sub. Tribune was late to the retrans game, getting really into it when they purchased Local TV, Tribune has had some of lowest rates in the industry, that's why Tribune always was facing blackouts on pay tv providers. After the sale is complete the stations that are going to Nexstar will be using Nexstars rate card within 30 days of closing. I'm not sure if Scripps can do any better with retrans fees for WPIX. the few CW affiliates Scripps owns just mostly pass network and syndicated programming. I imagine Scripps is hoping the FCC relaxes ownership rules and sell WPIX back for more than what they paid for.
  2. I know there is a lot of Milwaukee people here but I don't know if this is a interest to alot. This is a article from probably the 1950's about WTMJ's color programming and studios. WTMJ was one of the first stations to produce/air programs in color https://visions4netjournal.com/wp-content/uploads/journal/WTMJ-TV-PDF-part-one.pdf On page 52 you can see the buildings floor plan from the 50's, there were 2 additions both on the west side of the building or to the left of the picture since then. Some of Studio A is now the weather center, studio C is now studios for radio and everything to the right of that is for radio except for studio D. Parts of studio B was one time used for PAX 55. And here is tour of the Journal Newspaper building in downtown and Radio City Building from the same time period. https://www.americanradiohistory.com/Archive-Station-Promos/Milwaukee-Journal-WTMJ-Tour.pdf
  3. I don't know how it is for Tribune or Nexstar but for most companies retrans fees are a lot lower for CW affiliates than for a "big 4". Usually its a set price for "Big 4" then a lower set price for CW's, My Net's and independents. One broadcaster that I've seen is getting at least 7 times as much for retrans for its big 4 networks than for its CW affiliates. Nexstar was estimating that they would get a billion for all of the spinoffs. So far they're at 1.3 billion and they still have to sell off stations in Indianapolis. Maybe Apollo thought it wasn't worth buying anything at that price point?
  4. Plus the 15 million dollars for WVIR, Waterman is getting $46 million in the spectrum auction to move to RF 2. The low-vhf band is useless for digital. I can see Gray using the low power station to rebroadcast WVIR.
  5. This is one of the last radio/tv shows that aired from the auditorium. No TV station could air something like this anymore.
  6. Good Karma leases 15,000 sq feet and they want 5000 sq feet more, so it seems like radio is using much less of the building than before the sale, when radio and tv were co-owned almost 2/3rds of the original T-shaped building was for radio (including radio studios that haven't be in use since the late 80's). I'm guessing the space GKB isn't leasing is just sitting empty. I think Craig really wants to move DT, the Milwaukee Bucks want to develop office buildings and Craig is a minority owner in the Bucks and probably wants to be apart of that.
  7. https://www.bizjournals.com/milwaukee/news/2019/02/07/good-karma-owner-of-wtmj-wkti-radio-weighs.html Good Karma might be leaving Radio City, part of the reason is that they're looking for more space. There is already a lot of empty office space when it housed Journal executives. If i'm Scripps I would do everything to keep Good Karma even if they have to move TV stuff around to give the radio group the room they need.
  8. As of the first of the year Scripps grounded WTMJ’s news chopper. That makes WISN the last remaining station in Milwaukee with a chopper. #chopper4withpowerzoom
  9. Just a suggestion, you should watch what you reply. There are posters here that work in the business that know far more about Sinclair than you do.
  10. We don’t know that. Stop posting like that’s a fact.
  11. WWL/Tegna didn't have much of a choice on keeping local news 7-9am. Even before the changes WWL was losing viewers in the morning.
  12. I would be very surprised if more than a handful of counties switches DMA's, this is the effect of cable cutters and in some areas it's going much faster.
  13. Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy among others have been blocking legitimate reporters on twitter that have question CNN's reporting about this story. Everyone talks about Fox News having mainly older viewers (even though MSNBC and Fox average age of viewers is the same at 61). Fox News tops MSNBC and CNN in every major demo 18-34, 18-49, 25-54 etc.
  14. WTMJ and KTI is staying put and WAUK is moving in with them.
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