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  1. nbc4ne

    Out & About

    Thank goodness I don’t live in the Triad. How dare WFMY move Ellen to mornings. I hope it returns to afternoons soon. I wish they’d considered moving it to WXII if WFMY didn’t want it in the afternoons. Not to be heartless, but this is the holiday season, and unless Ellen was losing in the afternoons in Greensboro, or she opened her mouth to something, that is horrible.
  2. One would have to wonder what kind of ratings Ellen has been getting in Greensboro, NC. I’d have to assume they’re not good enough with this kind of downgrade.
  3. nbc4ne

    Out & About

    I sincerely Doubt Sunbeam will sell their stations after Ansin. I’m sure that the estate will own them. Sunbeam Will Live On.
  4. WPTV used Hopkins from about the mid-1980’s to 2005, when he was replaced by the late Chris Clausen, until His passing in 2008.
  5. I think you can also call much of Florida Scripps territory. You have WTXL in Tallahassee, WFTS in Tampa, WFTX in Fort Myers, three stations in West Palm, and tomorrow, WSFL in Miami. That’s a total of seven, two ABC, an NBC, a CourtTV, two Fox affiliates, and now a CW station. I’m dismissing the rumor of WSFL switching over to Fox.
  6. Whoa, Nexstar seems to be hating Wendy Williams. WSPA, WCMH, and now, WCBD. I’m now under the impression her show is headed for the graveyard. I guess the off-camera is proving to be too much.
  7. Can I ask you something? After a decade, Am I, An incredibly DEVASTATED Dol-Fan, the only person who Still misses Jillian Barberie the Fox pregame show like crazy?
  8. I mean, Seriously, Miami? Do you Really have a problem with Tamron having Any Presence in Miami at All?
  9. My apologies in advance for this, but in the afternoons in the UK, itv has game shows in the afternoon, including Tipping Point and Tenable, as does the BBC with Pointless. When I see shows like these, it reinforces my confidence that the US has people who are just as intelligent as the UK, and I'm asking myself "Why aren't these people being given a similar opportunity as the people of the UK?" Now, I do realize that syndication has Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy!, and Family Feud among others, but I strongly think that hour-long game shows, like what the BBC and itv have, should at least be given a chance to prove themselves. I think maybe CBS ought to try a test run of Pointless to precede Let's Make a Deal and The Price is Right in a couple of cities. I sincerely apologize for my remarks, but while I feel that America has people as smart as the UK, I find it appalling that execs seem too interested in not showing it.
  10. Just looked at the 25 words web site, and in West Palm Beach, it’ll be on a station from the Sinclair group, but in Miami, Nowhere:( Kinda makes me wonder if Miami, who I feel seems to be too obsessed with local news, has any hard feelings for Tamron and 25 words. I hope not.
  11. nbc4ne

    Out & About

    I’ve never been to the Hampton Roads, but I remember reading two years ago about Crystal Harper and her battle with cancer. I must say how proud I am of her for surviving, and her departure is sad because I feel she really captured the hearts of the Hampton Roads. Good Luck with her future endeavors.
  12. I realize that because I typed in a Miami area zip code and nothing comes up. This gives me the impression that Tamron is likely to fail because Miami is highly populated, yet there seems to be no room for Tamron.
  13. Oh no, I just looked at a promo from KFOX 14 in El Paso, TX, where we all know about the tragic mall shooting that happened there today, and in this July 2019 promo, it sounds like Scott Chapin’s Voice is deteriorating:
  14. ...or (cough) WSFL? Sorry to upset most of you.
  15. Well, if WPLG does get this show, likely she’ll be working the graveyard shift there.
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