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  1. I hope the Meredith graphics don’t get replaced by graphics used by the former Raycom stations, and if they do, I absolutely hope None of you say Good Riddance to the Meredith graphics. IMO, replacing the Meredith graphics with the Post-Raycom graphics would be a horrible downgrade.
  2. Speaking Of WPBF, is it me, or does WPBF really Hate abc? I ask because they've been pre-empting primetime shows a lot, especially this past summer, and fall of 2020. I wonder if there is anything about abc that is getting under the skin of WPBF.
  3. Kinda curious to know if the trouble involving Ellen herself is why her show moved to mornings. Also, I Still can’t stand the narrator since the 2020-21 season of hot bench, Christopher Thomas. I miss Rino Romano.
  4. This leaves only CBSN Miami. When will that Ever come into fruition?
  5. I'm sorry, but I do Not like the new logo. It is atrocious. I agree with iron lion, the previous logo was Way better. This ewww logo is a step backwards, IMO.
  6. With so many stations in the EST and PST Time Zones debuting local news at 7pm, it would seem that stations that have aired Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! back to back in the 7pm hour might have to end this tradition of doing so to compete, even as both shows approach season 40. Your thoughts?
  7. Speaking of branding, I fear WPTV might be doing away with the "News Channel 5" branding, and renaming themselves as WPTV News. This Friday, the 23rd, they're debuting a new 7pm newscast called "WPTV News at 7pm". Not liking these generic names.
  8. Am I the only reader on this site actually hoping for those stations to be sold to Cox, instead of Gray? I, too, don’t want to see the Meredith graphics hub destroyed. I hope someone else has the Heart to resurrect it if it Is destroyed.
  9. I’m sorry, but I still think XFL deserved better. If it’s never coming back, it’ll be because of COVID.
  10. WPTV currently carries MeTV on 5.2, and it is in a market with a Hearst station for a rival, WPBF, carrying EstrellaTV on 25.2 and True Crime on 25.3. WPTV, meanwhile, could replace Laff on 5.3 with MeTV Plus. Needless to say Laff also airs on WPXP 67.4
  11. In fact, five other ABC O&Os have replaced Laff with thisTv. Only KTRK and KFSN still carry Laff on .3’s.
  12. I have a question about Hot Bench, why was Rino Romano replaced by Christopher Thomas as its announcer? Thomas, IMO, stinks as the announcer.
  13. Sorry to kind of go off-topic, and not to be a douchebag or anything, but is there a reason why WFMY moved from 4pm to 9AM, when I think it should’ve been moved to 3pm, instead. I mean if you’re not going to change whatever is in the 3-5 pm portion of your weekday schedule, at Least think about your audience by giving it to another station to carry it in the afternoon for you. IMO, Ellen belongs in the afternoon, Not Morning. My apologies for being gone deaf toward all the bad publicity this show has gotten, I’m just making an opinion.
  14. Getting back to WSFL, I hope their morning news has the vibe like the Good Day format that can be found on most of the Fox O&O’s. You know I actually find it appalling that Miami has only one English language choice for local news from 7-9am, Hard News, and no other alternative. Apparently, to me, WBFS and pre-Scripps WSFL were not willing to compete and provide an English language lighter option. If WBFS were to have one, of course it would be from WFOR. I mean, imagine living in Miami, raising children waiting to go to school, and it was around 7:30am. You want to watch local
  15. I might sound insane suggesting this, but IF Drew Barrymore's show gets cancelled, I really would love to see it be replaced by an American version of BBC's "Pointless". At 9AM, it would open up a Three-Hour game show block, with LMaD and TPiR at 10am and 11am, respectively. Also, I'm really certain that Americans are as smart as the UK.
  16. Well, here you go: https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/the-view-sara-haines-host-1234735203/
  17. It isn’t coming back. A real shame. We can only hope this pandemic will finally end, and someone will create a kickstarter for the XFL afterward because it was so heartbreaking to see it end like that.
  18. Reminds me of what Rhode Island's WJAR used in the mid-1980's.
  19. I believe not. Even Before the virus became serious, the XFL was on the up and up, so to not see a 2021 season wouldn’t make sense at all. It is my opinion that a Virus, like COVID 19, shouldn’t have to cause the XFL to fold. Here’s to XFL 2021.
  20. From 1983, LONG before Coronavirus ever became a thing:
  21. What about CBSN Miami? Maybe I missed its launch, but is there no plans for that?
  22. Okay, I don't mean to be quite the selfish pig, but I really hope ABC plans to reschedule the Live in Front of a Studio Audience special, because I'd had it up to here with the impeachment coverage. I mean, Come on, it's holidays. Open your Heart, will you?
  23. Hopefully by then, it'll be on in Miami, where I feel her show needs to be. I mean, seriously, channels 4, 6, 7, 10, 33, and 39, do you Really have a problem with her show being Anywhere on your schedules?
  24. Thank goodness I don’t live in the Triad. How dare WFMY move Ellen to mornings. I hope it returns to afternoons soon. I wish they’d considered moving it to WXII if WFMY didn’t want it in the afternoons. Not to be heartless, but this is the holiday season, and unless Ellen was losing in the afternoons in Greensboro, or she opened her mouth to something, that is horrible.
  25. One would have to wonder what kind of ratings Ellen has been getting in Greensboro, NC. I’d have to assume they’re not good enough with this kind of downgrade.

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