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  1. I see JHud appears to be doing well, but I’m curious to know about season 4 of Kelly Clarkson and Tamron Hall. How are those shows doing in the ratings?
  2. A thought occurred to me today, is NBC attempting to air the West Coast version of NBC Nightly News on the East Coast, just like it airs the East Coast version on the West?
  3. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if they beat channels 11, 5, AND 2 in the ratings. Their new image has me under the impression that ANF has Serious potential to be #1 in Atlanta for years, if not decades to come.
  4. You know, honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the move of Kelly Clarkson to KPRC and Dr. Phil to KHOU were the decision. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see many other CBS affiliates, like WNCN, WLKY, and KCCI all replace Ellen with Dr. Phil. I’d change the channel, though, since his shows are dark toned, which IMO, there is way too much of on American TV these days. If that’s how Americans want it, then I must think that they’ve got as much personality as a slab of wood.
  5. Something tells me that WSMV and other NBC affiliates have been waiting for the arrival of NBC News Daily to hype up their station as having “Fifteen Non-Stop Hours of News”, and WSMV has the perfect voice over for it, Scott Chapin. Actually, it’s really 14.5 hours, as this News block currently begins at 4:30am.
  6. AdamTheJ

    In Memoriam

    Unfortunately, this was a face I grew up with, while growing up in Boston: Former WBZ-TV meteorologist Bruce Schwoegler dies at 80 - CBS Boston (cbsnews.com)
  7. Speaking Of break ins, is that Really what viewers have been wanting?
  8. AdamTheJ

    In Memoriam

    Aside from the Dodgers, I’m sure his famous moment came when he was the play by play announcer for the 1986 World Series on NBC, Especially when it came to game 6. After Red Sox first baseman Bill Buckner botched that famous catch resulting in the Mets winning it, Scully uttered a more famous quote three minutes after that moment that went: ”If One picture is worth a thousand words, you have seen about a million words”, and there’s more to that quote.
  9. Yeah, I also think Elliot Rodriguez stinks. He can’t hold a candle to Antonio Mora. Honestly, I’m asking how the hell he is still on CBS4. Must be Nepotism. M-Fin’ Nepotism. The moment he’s finally gone, likely by retirement, I’ll start watching CBS 4 again.
  10. Neither do I, but apparently, this is America, and it’s all about greed. Honestly, if TV is nothing But News, I really don’t see how this makes America the greatest country in the world. Anyone loving all these newscasts must have about as much personality as a slab of wood.
  11. Whether or not we are, I’d rather ask myself Not whether America really needs all these newscasts, but rather whether Americans WANT them? Are Americans really asking for the end of syndication as we know it?
  12. In the West Palm Beach DMA, I can tell you that Jennifer Hudson is airing at 3pm on WPBF, where Dr.Oz(later the Good Dish) aired. My guess is the debut of a 4pm newscast in Ellen’s soon to be former time slot. Also, I’m Guessing WPTV will air Sherri Shepherd against Jennifer Hudson, but anything goes.
  13. Honestly, I’m not even sure how it lasted as long as it did on the NBC affiliate in West Palm Beach, WPTV, since 2014.
  14. Actually, I’m guessing that the KRON isn’t a mistake. I think KNTV in San Francisco might follow suit with KNBC and start a 3pm news of Their own.
  15. Speaking of Test runs, I have a question. If an American version of the UK hit game show Pointless were considered for syndication, and it was an hour long, just like its British counterpart, but with commercials, would you watch it? Or would you rather watch coverage of a mass shooting instead? And please be honest. If I worked in television, I would pitch Pointless for the CBS owned stations. What day you?
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