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  1. WSLS switched to the new graphics with the noon today.
  2. WSLS will begin broadcasting out of the new building coming Monday https://www.wsls.com/video/wsls-10-cuts-ribbon-on-new-home-video
  3. WSLS today "broke ground" on the building https://www.wsls.com/news/virginia/roanoke/wsls-breaks-ground-on-new-state-of-the-art-station
  4. They are, it's already in design.
  5. Osborn Engineering is handling the design of the space. http://www.osborn-eng.com/Media/Project/30/176
  6. Graham has purchased a prior Grainger industrial supply outfit and will heavily renovate the space. https://www.wsls.com/news/virginia/roanoke/wsls-10-buys-building-plans-to-move-and-build-state-of-the-art-studio
  7. newsie

    Out & About

    WSLS has a new General Manager https://www.wsls.com/news/virginia/roanoke/jaimie-len-named-general-manager-at-wsls-10
  8. WAVY is still flying their's as of now
  9. The OTS's look very weird in SD. And you're right, that black bar needs to go, there's absolutely no purpose for it other than to annoy you. Is it just me, or is the picture dark? The green lights you saw on the weather set were a reflection of their new green screen. They put it right next to the set, and I mean right next to it. I wish I could get some caps, but I can't use WinTV anymore because it can't receive ATSC signals.
  10. That bug is huge, and considering its size, you can barely read the time and temp. The OTS's are small and they're using a virtual set for weather. I find the graphics to be half-assed. I think their HD launch could have been handled much better.
  11. What's sad is the last line.
  12. According to Wikipedia, WTKR is scheduled to flip the HD switch on Wednesday at noon. You're lagging behind, WVEC. Very, very blue.
  13. It's about time someone else in took the step toward HD other than WAVY. I hope they do go HD soon, maybe new graphics will come with it.
  14. ha... awesome avatar! have you seen the one with cookie monster where he's next to a computer screen and says "delete cookies?!?". genius!
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