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  1. After having read some of the earlier posts about WWJ Detroit, I thought I'd take a look at the schedule for myself. Oh my god! I don't think I've ever seen a station based in a major city of a state that has no local news at all. The weirdness of seeing CBS Overnight News at 5am, and two editions of the CBS Morning News at 6am and 6:30, is just unbelieveable. How are they even allowed to get away with doing that?

  2. This has far more to do with the regulatory situation in the UK than it does anything else. 21st Century Fox is not guaranteed to buy the 61% of British Sky Broadcasting that it currently doesn't own, mainly because even the regulators were not really fooled by the split of NewsCorp and 21st Century Fox.


    NewsCorp own The Sun, The Times, and the UK's Wireless Group, which is a whole bunch of radio stations inlcuding 3 national ones, TalkSport, TalkSport 2 and TalkRadio. If 21CF gained control of Sky, there would probably be moves made to integrate the operations into News UK, currently a subsidiary of NewsCorp. But as far as I know, there's nothing to say that 21st Century Fox wouldn't get a stake in News UK as part payment for British Sky Broadcasting, so you could have a situation where the media scene in the UK with regards to Murdoch would be no different than they were before the split, except with Sky being wholly owned by Murdoch rather than part-owned.


    All the other stuff that's being offered is just camoflague to hide the real reason for the sale.

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  3. Umm no. An equal share was earned post-2000. He's burned bridges at ESPN, FSN, MSNBC, and CurrentTV. It's obvious HE is the problem. I think other's critiques of him are right on. ESPN was right to move on, and MSNBC would be stupid to give him another chance.


    He may have Napalmed the bridge with ESPN back in 1998, but that got rebuilt, and he went back, first to ESPN Radio, then to ESPN 2. His departure last year was by all accounts, completely civil. Olbermann didn't burn the bridge with FSN, Rupert Murdoch did, he admitted as much. He may have burned the bridge with MSNBC when he left in 1999, but the 2011 departure doesn't seem to have been that bad, if MSNBC has approached him about coming back for a third time. As for Current TV, well it doesn't exist anymore, they fell apart because of bad management, and even Al Jazeera couldn't make a decent American channel out of the remnants, so who was most at fault there?


    Sure, he has had his problems, and his arguments, but from the information I've seen, it's mostly been from the position of trying to do the right thing. Sometimes there's been some selfishness, but we're all guilty of that from time to time, and anybody who says they aren't guilty of that at times is lying through their teeth. Too much trust is put in gossip columns and unproven and unprovable stories that we should be very careful about believing. Remember, it takes two people to make an argument.

  4. He was also fired/"resigned" because he was a pain in the ass to work for and to have as an employee. One of the industry magazines said he frequently insubordinated his superiors and that did not play well with the new or future owners (Comcast) management philosophy.


    I thought he was a great liberal and broadcaster but wouldn't want to work for him. Now he's damaged goods.


    Most of that rep was earned pre-2000, and whilst it's clear he is somewhat of a perfectionist and has a vision of his own, to just dismiss all that as being "a pain in the ass" and "damaged goods" is very disingenuous. He saw out a 2 year contract at ESPN, and it was their mistake not to give him a new one, but I do think he is quite capable of producing great television if he can find a platform.


    Now, maybe MSNBC would be a good place, or maybe, he should approach WNET in New York about producing a weekly broadcast to syndicate to public TV stations, but I would say he still has a future in broadcasting.

  5. Two nominations, but only one video, I'm afraid.


    There is a channel called MyChannel that broadcasts on the Sky Digital platform here in the UK, and it has recently started it's own news programme. Called MyNews, it's a ham amateurish effort that makes my Viewpoint productions look half decent. It airs 4 times a day, at 1300, 1900, 2230 and 1000 the next morning. Sadly, or perhaps thankfully, there are no videos up on YouTube or anywhere else about this.


    At the other end of the scale, Sky News new look which came in with HD on Election Day here in the UK, is quite frankly awful. Far too flighty.



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