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  1. Dean Reynolds as well.
  2. Mark Knoller from CBS News (White House correspondent) has been laid off.
  3. No. All that aired was CBSN’s taped programming they usually show at that time.
  4. WIS-TV in Columbia adding a special 3pm “newscast” for the next two weeks. So they can get in more political ads.
  5. Nancy O’Dell before she was famous. A 1992 report from her at WCBD. Dan Ashley is one of the news anchors.
  6. Being close by to Augusta, it is much like what happened in Savannah with WTOC and WSAV. WTOC barely tried, had a set which looked like a high school news show, was still running only mono sound until deep into the 2000s, and strayed from the norms for as long as possible with the nightly editorial at the end of their news. WSAV on the other hand acted like a bigger market with a much better look than TOC. But WTOC had the decades-long viewership edge. It took WJCL and Hearst’s deep pockets to change things. WSAV now is a close 2nd, and probably wins out in the immediate Savannah area, while WTOC dominates all the rural counties around Savannah. With Augusta only being 240K TV households, it is a small market, and with WJBF getting 25-30K a newscast, probably more, that leaves very small numbers for WRDW. Charleston has 70K more households and that likely is about what WCSC gets for their news.
  7. CBS in this market (Charleston) has been #1 for decades. Even the CBS Evening News was drawing 8s and 9s here with Glor. The only thing NBC wins here is the 7-8 time slot (Wheel-Jeopardy) and the Today Show from 7-9. But even WCSC knew they were gonna be in trouble when Dan Rather left the Evening News. They added a 7pm news almost immediately when Katie Couric started the Evening News, trying to keep a lead-in. Later on they added news at 7:30pm. ABC and Fox in Columbia are distant 3rd and 4th. It really is a 2-station market and WACH and WOLO fight for the crumbs most of the time.
  8. We have a WMDN open from... 1998. Looks like 1988 in every aspect.
  9. Charleston stations have done this at least for the last 20 years. Maybe longer. Dates back to when Oprah was a lead-in to local news at 5 on our NBC (WCBD). The news would always start at 4:58 or 4:59 to retain the Oprah viewers. Even a :30 commercial would mean hundreds, probably thousands of sets flipping to another channel.
  10. Gotta love the font WBTW used for the weather. Small town. And it seemed like nearly every small or medium market CBS affiliate in the late 80s used the CBS Evening News font at the time. And even being only two channels over from ABC (WPDE), the difference in 13 and 15’s ratings was stark. Didn’t hurt that WBTW had over a quarter century head start on WPDE.
  11. WLTX getting close to beating WIS in Columbia... https://www.fitsnews.com/2019/09/18/columbia-sc-television-wltx-rising-in-ratings/
  12. There was a 4-5 year stretch WCIV had poor graphics and music. Albritton treated them as the red-headed step child in their company for years. They hired Leslie Lyles from St. Louis (who used to be on WCBD), and still couldn’t get past a very distant 3rd in the ratings behind WCSC and WCBD. Even in the early 2000s, they were still running CREFLO DOLLAR at noon. Almost unheard of for a network station in a top 100 market. Their set had this interesting brick look. Then around 2003 they changed to a look showing the Ravenel Bridge (which didn’t open until 2005). It wasn’t until the last 4-5 years when Sinclair started putting money into it that the station started getting more equal with 2 and 5.
  13. In Charleston: WCBD- Mel Robbins replaces Wendy Williams at 3pm. No other changes. WCBD-CW: Judge Jerry gets a double-run at 4pm in addition to a 7am double run. Live PD: Police Patrol airs as a double run at 5pm. WCIV-DT-2- Good Morning Charleston got a 30 minute extension to 4:30 am on 9/9. Kelly Clarkson airs at 3pm. WCSC- Hot Bench moves to a double run at 9am, Tamron Hall airing at 3pm. Extra airs at 1:07am. WTAT- Funny You Should Ask double-run airs at 6:30am. Judge Judy reruns at 9am. Wendy Williams moves to WTAT at 10am from WCBD. Protection Court airs at 12pm. America’s Court airs at 3am, The Verdict at 3:30. WCIV- Dr. Oz airs at 9am. America Says at 10am and 4pm, 25 Words or Less at 10:30 and 4:30. Couples Court double run at noon. Caught in Providence moves to 2pm, Personal Injury Court airs as a double run at 3pm. DailyMailTV moves from a daytime slot to 1am double run..
  14. Some rare WCIV and WCSC from 1985. Including a WCIV close.
  15. What works works in that market, considering they only have 1 other news competitor in WRDW/WAGT (WFXG only starting local news a couple years ago as WTOC did their news for years). And George Myers is still there.
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