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  1. Former WMAQ metorologist Jim Tilmon dead at 86
  2. Michelle, like most traffic reporters, were sidelined because of the pandemic. Unlike her counterparts at WLS, WMAQ, etc... who hold duo roles as news/features reporters, etc..., she didn't have that opportunity at WFLD because she was not an employee and hadn't been seen on GDC (until a couple of days/weeks ago) since last March. Whatever is going on, I don't know. Maybe she is upset about not being able to come back sooner. That said, it's a tough call to make given there hasn't been enough going on 'traffic-wise' to justify having someone do traffic reports.
  3. Yes. This is a shot of Dave in the old streetside studio. As previously mentioned, nothing prevents them from using the space given they still lease/control it. The studio is completely gutted, so I wouldn’t read anything into this other than it provides them with a different place for a standup (and to be socially distant).
  4. I agree. For this to work, Fox would have to do the following: 1. Major weather graphics upgrade. What exists now isn’t going to cut it and a singular Fox Weather app that can be localized. 2. Create ‘regional hubs’, not 1-2 big ones. 3. Don’t cut your older, experienced Mets to try to save $$$. 4. Sell the service to others (Fox affiliates, independent stations, etc...). If they do this, maybe they can monetize this and create an ongoing revenue stream and be successful.
  5. Fox CFO hints company could drop 'Thursday Night Football' Seems like the price to keep both the Sunday afternoon and Thursday night package is too high for Fox.
  6. I would argue they are managing their money well rather than them looking to ‘make cuts’. You don’t add a newscast, re-model a studio and hire 4 on-air full-time people (in a pandemic no less) if you’re hurting financially. They may feel the need for another co-anchor (counting Payton’s spot, GDC has 6 co-anchors) isn’t necessary anymore and choose to eliminate the position.
  7. They are a pretty tight group at WFLD, so they will no doubt miss her. She had a pretty light workload compared to everyone else, so she wouldn't be hard to replace. Honestly, I could see them hiring a morning sports anchor (which they haven't had in years).
  8. Yes. NN is likely small potatoes in the grand scheme of things. But, in order to make money, they have to spend money. To make NN and WGN America work, they are going to have to spend a lot of money and I doubt many will be willing to silently sit back and wait 5-10 yrs for a return on investment. Plus, with new (and likely better) news options coming in the months/years ahead, they can't afford to wait to make meaningful (and financial) improvements. I'm sure they're aware of this and much more. Hopefully, they start to take the necessary steps before NN and WGN America are no more and that w
  9. They need to get out of the ‘local’ mindset for sure. Tuesday’s election coverage really brought some questionable decisions to light. Dean should have been in either DC or Delaware. They failed to play to his strengths (field reporting) and had him in studio playing the role of political editor (a role he didn’t seem completely comfortable in). I imagine at the start of the the year, we see some changes (I.e.. better story selection, different format, etc...) because Nexstar is a publicly traded company and a day of reckoning will come when shareholders start to question decisions c
  10. CBS scrapped the double episode of ‘Amazing Race’ and instead is airing ‘SWAT’ at 8/9P. Not sure why they didn’t just start their special early.
  11. Ratings overall (21 networks) was down 20% compared to 2016 (56.9 mil.- 2020 vs. 71.4 mil. - 2016). I think they did ok, but there’s room for improvement. They need to break out of the local feel.
  12. CBS has a 2-hr episode of ‘Amazing Race’ scheduled for tonight, so my guess is that they air their special after that. I think too many people (myself included) would be upset if they chose to reschedule AR for another day/time.
  13. Couple of quick points... Shep is anchoring CNBCs continuing coverage of the election. My guess is he took over at the top of the hr (Midnight). NewsNation is still on live (via the app anyway, not sure about them being live on WGN America). Nevertheless, it’s good they’re going beyond the 6 hrs of coverage they previously announced.
  14. I don’t think people (owners, coaches, etc..) would be open to the idea of having a wider flex schedule than what currently exists.
  15. Couple of pics. FYI- They will use AP as their official resource when calling a race/state.
  16. No better time than election night to use new video screen in Studio 32.
  17. I think the general consensus is that no one wants this to be dragged out for days/weeks. Hopefully, it's not close (regardless of who people vote for) and we can move on from this.
  18. I agree MNF should be back on ABC. Regardless of if that happens or not, they need a new broadcasting crew. I caught last week’s game and was bored to tears. The lack of energy and excitement is apparent when compared to Fox, NBC, etc.. TNF should never be split between 2 (broadcasting) networks. Fox has done a good job and will likely fight to keep it.
  19. He is CNBCs Chief General News/Breaking News Anchor so it’s strange they’re, in essence, sidelining him on the biggest news night of the year. Maybe he asked to sit things out?? He didn’t anchor coverage when Trump was taken to Walter Reed (Melissa Lee did) until it was time for his show. Who knows what their game plan is for him at CNBC.
  20. Too bad they can't do the decent and respectable thing and remove Pam Zekman's bio from the web site instead of trying to exploit her name/work/image.
  21. Not sure how you thought Craig was Matt, but I have a 2nd pair of glasses you can borrow if you need them!!
  22. That's a good question and likely enough for someone to argue that KUSA is, on some level, culpable given they willing chose to work with a company that may have a questionable past. While no one could have predicted that this incident would occur; if the past troubles of the security company are true; then the possibility exist and a case could be made.
  23. Brittney G. finally gets the opportunity to anchor.

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