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  1. When Telemundo Chicago moved to the NBC Tower in 2003, the space was split in half with WMAQ (newsroom & set) on one side and WSNS (newsroom & set) on the other. NBC is doing (essentially) the same thing with WNBC & WNJU.
  2. No it hasn’t been confirmed. I agree that Fazio’s post seems to reference Chappell anchoring with him (for 2 weeks) not how long construction of the new set is going to take. Given that they’re not actually in the space/on set; (i.e.. a temporary setup off to the side) that would ‘suggest’ whatever work is being done is more expansive than changing the desk.
  3. It’s been a while since I last saw it, but I believe the newsroom hasn’t been updated much over the years. That said, a quick (and simple) paint job could easily breathe new life to the space. As far as what they could do in 2 weeks (or longer)…who knows?? Just adding a new desk and headers and footers to the video walls would be a significant enough improvement imo.
  4. I would imagine (or hope) it’s a complete gut. It’s long overdue and as @newscopter7 suggested, opening it up to the newsroom again wouldn’t be a bad idea. As far as where the temp set is, there is unused studio space upstairs so likely there. I believe a temporary weather center is next to the temporary set with sports coming from the control center. Without question. Hopefully they actually do just that (a cohesive look) this time around.
  5. The Newsroom ‘Live Desk’. Not too bad….
  6. My take is that they build a simple set (with an large weather center for better presentations and whatnot). They would be foolish to only build just a weather center given the space. I’m willing to bet they use it for not only CBSN and other newscasts (mornings??), but CBS Weekend News (Saturday) too. I mean..if you’re making the investment, might as well get as much out of it as you can.
  7. The best (and likely) option is for WBD/Paramount to keep a very small stake in the The CW with a majority owner (running the day to day, etc..) with the option to buy out WBD/Paramount in 5 years. I don’t think there’s going to be a bunch of upheaval (changing affiliations, buying/selling stations, etc..) unless Nexstar is required to do so. The easiest thing is to keep as much as you can the same while trying to fully monetize what you can.
  8. I agree it’s not terrible. I’m just a little surprised that this is the end result of nearly 2 months of work. Seems like a waste of time/resources. It’s possible (3-anchor format). I don’t watch them often enough to confirm. Could be part of (morning) anchor/format changes across the FOX O&Os. WFLD went to 3-anchors (7-10A) yesterday.
  9. The new set was unveiled this morning.
  10. I had a feeling they would try a three-anchor lineup and I agree Anita P. is more comfortable at reporting than anchoring. Glad they decided to split GDC in half rather than keep the three different blocks (4-6A, 6-9A & 9-10A). This ‘should’ help things flow better overall.
  11. Anita B. and Sylvia co-anchored the 9A with her subbing for Sylvia at Noon (not sure if she did all 5 days (at Noon) however). My guess is that they wanted to give Anita B. some exposure outside of GDC (which is why she anchored the Noon). Don't think they settled on what her role will be just yet (aside from co-anchoring the 9A hr.). From what I saw, she is pretty good. Sometime in February. Natalie shifted to a Sun-Thur. schedule with Dane (unofficially) taking on the additional role of Weekend Anchor (solo on Saturdays and with Natalie on Sundays).
  12. Wait…isn’t what you’re referring to this . If so, this isn’t new.
  13. I think it comes down to CNN+ not aligning with what WBD wants to do regarding streaming. As difficult a decision this is, there’s no point in wasting more money and resources on it. It’s going to be difficult enough trying to combine HBOMax and Discovery+ that I can understand them not wanting to add CNN+ to the mix.
  14. December 2023. Technically, her 10 yr. Anniversary with ABC News was in 2021.
  15. As of late, they have been really quick in filling open spots. I believe the sports job was posted and filled within a 2 to 3 week timeframe. The hiring of Wahls and Blanton were out of the blue because most figured they wouldn’t fill those positions.
  16. I think they realize that no matter who they brought in as a replacement, it wasn't going to lift them out of third place. It makes sense to continue to strengthen the CBS News brand and devote both time and resources to that effort rather than trying to find yet another anchor for CBSEN. Sometimes you have to resign yourself to certain things (at least for the time being).
  17. Not surprised by the move. Edwards and Sargent never gelled from the start. Adding Donlon is a huge plus.
  18. Looks like they got around to cleaning up the lobby/main entrance. It was looking pretty rough for quite a while.
  19. Not really… Conventional wisdom was that Shep was going to get a chance to sub for Lester (at some point) when he was hired. Wouldn’t read too much into this.
  20. This seems like a temporary move/fix to me. I doubt that they would have left behind the above video bands and added in a curved backdrop rather than having the backdrop flushed against the wall (squared off/angled) like it was before. While some may not have liked 'the tunnel effect', this isn't better imo.
  21. My guess is that Blanton will have a similar role that Brittney Payton had (feature reporting and co-anchoring the 9A hr). No need to change up the current pairings (Terrence & Roseanne, 4-6A / Scott and Anita P., 6-9A & Sylvia , 9-10A). Blanton could also take over GDC Weekends and still appear on the weekday version, but who knows?? Guess we have to see how everything plays out.
  22. She does. She’s out in the field during the later hours.
  23. Here’s an updated pic for you. The Fox 32 newsroom is to the right (4-pane windows) and to the left (3-pane windows) is a seating area, etc.. as part of the complex’s tenant amenities I believe (see 2nd pic). Fox 32 often uses this space instead of having reporters outside in the elements.
  24. Here’s another vantage point. Roseanne posted this on Monday. As you can see, they’re not completely finished.
  25. This is a major upgrade. I'm sure everyone is happy to have some natural light.
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