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  1. NN would be foolish not to make an offer, but they’re not the brightest bunch. I think winding down networks is a real possibility in the very near future. With the stock price taking some major hits this year, they likely don’t want to have to deal with the upheaval winding down networks would bring. This is a long shot for sure… but I wouldn’t be surprised if they consolidated their sports programming and create a sports network(s) again.
  2. I would argue that there is no reason to delay their return to working together. Yes, the optics aren’t ideal, but trying to ‘wait things out’ until the dust settles only provides people with the opportunity to continue to dig up more dirt, etc… It is what it is. As long as their relationship doesn’t effect their work and/or create an environment were others are effect by their actions, then there shouldn’t be a problem.
  3. Rob had a pretty good run at WMAQ and for 10 years prior to that with Dateline. Guessing Patrick gets the 4P back with Stefan picking up the 5P and 6P newscasts.
  4. It's as if someone hired a p.i to follow them rather than a random paparazzi stumbling onto the two at a bar or something.
  5. They should have kept Patrick with Michelle rather than (unofficially) promoting JC. Not sure what the thought process is there (...if there is one). Solid choice.
  6. Evrod made his debut last week. He will be anchoring weekend mornings (with Kate) and reporting during the week. That said, not sure who anchors with Michelle (JC maybe?) weekday mornings.
  7. WGN will likely continue nipping at WLS's heels, but it's highly unlikely any station will be able to overtake them overall.
  8. Nice and simple set overall. However, I don't like those 'clamps' above/below the three video monitors and the desk is meh..
  9. https://www.cnbc.com/2022/11/03/cnbc-cancels-the-news-with-shepard-smith-after-two-years.html Two key things from the article.... 'Smith’s show will end at an unspecified date later this month. His team includes about 20 people. The company will work over the coming weeks to help employees affected by the cancellation find other potential opportunities across NBC News Group.' 'While other news organizations such as CNN are going through cost cutting measures, the decision to replace Smith’s show with a nightly business program is strategic in nature. Sullivan is attempting to clarify CNBC’s brand as specifically targeting business, given the many choices on TV and on the internet for more general news, he said in the e-mail.'
  10. Moving him to streaming and with him taking over NBC News Daily (the version that is simulcast on NBC and NBC News Now) could be an option. Hopefully they can find a role for him somewhere.
  11. Had the ratings improved, they ‘likely’ would’ve kept him there in prime time. Also, Tapper wasn’t too keen on working the night shift anyway.
  12. I can't see him going to CNN in part because when he left FNC, it appeared that he wanted to get away from being on a 'opinion' heavy network like MSNBC or CNN. Being on CNBC was, in some way, a perfect fit for him. Now with both CNN/WBD and NBCUniversal looking to cut cost, not sure where Shep could land.
  13. It would cost millions to re-brand the network, so a name change isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Plus, one would hope they learned a lesson when they renamed WGN America before getting rid of the non-news programming.
  14. Hopefully, once they hire their programming chief, they can nail down what type of network they want the CW to be. I fear this may turn into a NewsNation situation were programming is all over the place and shows are incompatible with each other. I get wanting to save money and whatnot, but that can't be done overnight. They need slow down a bit and plan things out.
  15. Yeah... it's way too casual of a look for a news anchor (regardless of the time of day). Not sure if this is an attempt to appeal to a younger demo, but this isn't the way to do it.
  16. Wolf and NBC have a partnership that has lasted more than 3 decades and I'm certain the two can work something out that benefits them both. The Chicago shows and SVU are in the last (of a 3 yr) renewal deal so discussions/renew talks about those shows were going to happen anyway. What I could see happening is dramas having shorter seasons (which wouldn't be a bad thing).
  17. Even without Alan, WLS will remain in great position overall in comparison to say WMAQ and WBBM with their current anchor roster. I could see small changes happening with ‘planning for the future’ being pushed down the line (in another 5-10 years maybe).
  18. Yes. I see now. Nevertheless, a really cool effect. Not 'feeling' the graphics, but I can get past that.
  19. Wow.. Did not expect this from WTTW. Some cool visual effects. Great work overall.
  20. Yeah.. I just did some more digging. It’s the weather center/office. This was completed in July.
  21. Looks like the meteorologists got a new space to work/present in July. This space replaces the small and cramped area they called home behind the alcove in the main studio.
  22. It’s just too much content to manage. There’s no way they could make it work without cutting a lot of content, people, etc… to make it make sense financially.
  23. I think a few of us were very pessimistic about what the end result would be given the quick turnaround. To take, normally, 8-12 weeks worth of work down to 4 is very impressive. I would argue that this is the best set currently in the market.
  24. I could see them getting rid of 'Chicago' because it's not really needed. As Marion mentioned in her video, there are other elements representing the city, lake and state. Plus, it doesn't change color it seems.
  25. No reason to work into your 60s/70s if you don't have to. She has accomplished a lot in her career so, in her eyes, there's nothing else left to achieve.
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