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  1. Looks even worse on the streaming side. Hopefully someone recognizes this issue and fix it.
  2. I disagree. It has been well-known for some time that this entire process was going to be a collaborative one in which the legacy (whatever that may be) of each station would be taken into account with some flexibility when it came to graphics, logos, etc... That said, this is exactly what we're seeing. Has this process/rollout been executed perfectly???? No... which is why certain things have been (and likely will continue to be) fixed/tweaked. I don't think the intent has ever been to make the look/sound of each and every CBS O&O be the same. That would be very unfortunate.
  3. I assume WCBS kept their branding to differentiate themselves from CBS News given they are both based in NYC and to prevent viewer confusion. In KDKA's case, the call letters/branding coupled with the gold/black color scheme is synonymous with the station that it made sense for it to remain.
  4. I agree there has to be more to this. Surprised they were able to keep this quiet for so long. There are a lot of missing pieces here because this incident (or incidents), imo, would warrant a review of corporate policy and not a random ‘you can’t set foot in the studio’ agreement.
  5. Too much light shining directly onto the screen (video wall). Same can be said of the one directly behind the anchor desk.
  6. Not bad, but the main background is too much visually (blues clashing with oranges and reds). A more subtle/simple look would work better.
  7. Despite them abandoning their ’News from the Heartland’ approach, I think the majority of programming stays in Chicago. Chris and Dan were already based (likely Elizabeth too) in NYC, so it made sense for them to stay there. I‘m sure they will add an additional political show or two aside from ‘The Hill’ and be DC-based. There’s no benefit I can think of to moving NewsNation (along with the rest of the Nexstar Networks group) from Chicago. The 1-5P block needs to be filled, so I’m assuming Berlie (along with someone else) would be given those hours. I think ’Morning in America’ needs a complete overhaul ASAP so I wouldn’t be against the idea of shifting Berlie there, making ‘Early Morning’ 2 hrs. and moving Bankert to EM with Carr.
  8. A quick side note…. They haven’t gotten around to removing Amy from the 20/20 page/website. Strangely enough, they were relatively quick to update the GMA3 one the following Monday after her and TJ were fired.
  9. Leland Vittert to moderate NewsNation Panel Show ‘The Hill’. He will move to DC and continue to host ‘On Balance’. https://deadline.com/2023/03/newsnation-the-hill-leland-vittert-1235280809/
  10. Congrats to Rob and Ravi. While I agree Ravi should have been given the 10P given his longevity at WLS; in all likelihood, I could see him retiring in 8 yrs. (his 25th Anniversary). Rob on the other hand is (or will be) 49-years old and probably could work at least 15-16 yrs. before considering retirement.
  11. I could see Rush Hour moving up like you suggested. It’s my understanding that it’s one of their strongest blocks. Having a show like ‘The Hill’ at 7P would be a good alternative or giving Elizabeth 2 hrs. to lead into Cuomo. Morning in America is dreadful and is in dire need of a change. Bankert is way too opinionated. I don’t have an issue with opinion-based shows, but it’s best to keep them to prime time (or early evenings). The majority of the day should be ’news-heavy,’ but that’s probably asking too much of them.
  12. I'm curious if they plan to make changes at 7P [maybe 'The Hill' goes here??] to provide a stronger lead-in into primetime programming.
  13. I would wager that CBS has done [or will do] their due diligence when is comes to deciding whether a station will continue to use its call signs, logos and the like. As others have stated, viewers are going to continue to refer to a station the same way they always have and these changes being implemented by CBS isn't going to stop (or prevent that). Granted the execution, thus far, hasn't be the greatest; once the rollout is complete, I'm curious to see how everything shakes out.
  14. I believe KCAL is the only station that brands themselves as 'KCAL News' at all times, even outside of newscasts. Also, this is a 'must read' for anyone interested in understanding the mindset behind this graphics rollout and the grand scheme, if you will, that dates back to Fall 2020. Exclusive: Inside the rebranding of CBS-owned local stations I hope reading this will put an end to all the what ifs and whatnot that has plagued this thread recently. A couple of highlights.... 'KPIX, serving the San Francisco Bay Area, launched the new branding and design in late December, formally becoming CBS News Bay Area. Los Angeles duopoly KCBS/KCAL and WWJ in Detroit will follow, ahead of a wider rollout this spring for remaining stations in the group.' 'Viewers will notice the removal of station numbers from logos and bugs with an emphasis on location. McMahon notes, however, that the overall rebranding is very much a market-by-market approach heavily guided by market-level research and data... In some markets, viewers may see channel numbers remain while in others – such as at KPIX in San Francisco – stations will lean into call letters as the primary moniker alongside the location name.' '[Wendy] McMahon [president and co-head of CBS News and Stations] notes that each market is different and the knowledge, brand and history for each owned station will influence its final brand positioning and on-air design.
  15. Regardless, it doesn't make much sense to tack on KCAL News when you could simply say KCAL Sports. Same could be said with CBS Texas (i.e.. CBS Texas Sports or CBS Sports Texas).
  16. Mathis will likely move to CA with the rest of the Allen-produced court shows. It wouldn't make much financial sense to remain in Chicago unless they can make some sort of deal with the owners of the NBC Tower. Pretty sure they would hate to lose Judge Mathis as it would be an end of a era. I could see him pushing for having real court cases as he's better at feeding off real people. That's my hope at least.
  17. Could be worse... (i.e.... KCAL News Sports).
  18. It depends. The only thing currently saving him is the fact they likely want to see this morning ‘experiment’ through until the 1 yr. mark. But there are limits to everything.
  19. Yeah... trying to combine two steaming services is easier said than done. Just ask WBD. I could see Disney and Comcast becoming 50/50 partners. However, I don't think it makes financial sense to have full ownership of Hulu (whether it's Disney or Comcast).
  20. Hulu has turned into a bit of albatross for Disney. Trying to program it and Disney+ is just too expensive. Plus, not selling/licensing films, shows, etc.. to others and keeping everything in house isn’t generating $$$. Can’t see anyone jumping at the chance to buy Hulu that already owns their own streaming service.
  21. Only the premium tier of Paramount+ will be renamed.
  22. I think they would want to keep things stable (with DeMarco & Rhiannon) rather than have a revolving door of people coming in to 'try out.' Plus, I don't think moving people (Whit, Gio, etc...) from their current assignments is the best idea either. Best to leave things as is. While GMA3 is a high profile spot, that doesn't mean whomever anchors that show is the heir apparent for Robin and George. I think that notion died when Robach and Holmes were cut loose. I could be wrong, but that's how i see it.
  23. To me it seems like they have settled on DeMarco and Rhiannon and it's just a matter of making it official. I don't think the possibility of him leaving in say 3-4 yrs. should disqualify him from getting the job permanently.
  24. I agree about Wallace (and to some degree..Kasie Hunt). The problem is they have too many people offering up political analysis. As I have previously mentioned; they often have upwards of 8-10 people in-studio battling it out to get a word in. It's utter chaos half the time. Wallace was on during their midterm coverage, but he probably got in just a sentence or two within a 3-hr period. Unless they change how they do things, I can't see him having a bigger role at CNN.
  25. No. This doesn’t match the renderings nor the video posted above.
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