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  1. A lot of the coverage (not just from NBC) isn’t really good. Some reporters tend to ask the same questions every single day and/or tend to be argumentative towards this administration. As Dr. Birx said an hour or so ago. There will be a time to step back and fully assess what went wrong/right during this crisis, but now isn’t the time for that. I agree with her.
  2. WMAQ has now completely separated the anchors (instead of just repositioning them at the desk) with 1 anchor at the weather center and the other anchor at the desk. Also, the ‘live desk’ has been moved from the newsroom to another location. And WFLD reporter/fill-in anchor Tia Ewing is the first in the market (I believe) to wear both a face mask and blue gloves on-air.
  3. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/abcs-david-muir-is-trying-remain-calm-steady-pandemic-1287684 A pretty good read (highly recommend) 'World News Tonight' has been the top-rated show in all of American television for three weeks this month (March), averaging nearly 11 million viewers per night.
  4. jase

    CBS Evening News

    I'm all for calling people out and putting people's feet to the fire, but some (maybe Norah is one of them) can't seem to move past the fact that dude is president. He isn't going to change and somehow become a better president (or person). The sooner people realize this, the better. There's also this strange need to nitpick anything and everything. Dr. Fauci misses one day and it's suddenly... 'Crisis at the White House: Day 1234'. Norah needs to show some level of professionalism. If she wants to voice her opinion, label it as such and have at it. I'm just tired of the 5-10 second pauses following any report they show about Trump for her to either roll her eyes or bite her tongue.
  5. jase

    CBS Evening News

    I tried to give her a chance, but her open disdain for Trump and his administration turned me off. Her lack of objectivity is shocking when compared to Lester and David. SIDE NOTE: Just to be completely clear...I am not a supporter of Trump (never have been/never will be). I just wish more journalists would abide by certain tenets of journalism, especially during these times.
  6. I figured as much. You gotta do whatever to pay the bills. A lot of past and current Chicago media people have done tv, movies, etc... I was caught off guard a bit seeing Rafer in a non-media type of role. For what it's worth, he was okay.
  7. I was referring to life after this crisis. Obviously, staying home reduces ones risk, but the risk remains nevertheless because someone in your household will have to venture outside (regardless of how often or how long).
  8. I can’t imagine many on-air people would want to work from home unless they absolutely have to. While the setup is simple enough it seems, the disruption it brings to family life/time isn’t ideal.
  9. Was catching up on some TV & this caught my eye. Rafer played a business executive on last Wednesday’s episode of ‘Chicago Fire.’ I’m guessing this was filmed about 6-8 weeks ago. What’s interesting is that he is credited as Rafer Bryan and not Weigel. Not sure if he has acted before and thus used the last name Bryan.
  10. I think priorities have shifted (for obvious reasons) and they will unveil it at some point in the future. They accomplished the goal of having it done by the midterms, which was the main reason for building it in the first place.
  11. The newbies are finally on-air (albeit a week later than anticipated). Terrence Lee replaces Rafer Weigel as the new co-anchor of Good Day Wake Up, 4-6A. He started Wednesday (I think). Brittney Garzillo started yesterday & will be a reporter/fill-in anchor.
  12. I think maintaining a sense of ‘normalcy’ while also educating the general public about social distancing are equally important. For example..David Muir has shown up to work everyday even though I’m sure he could work from home. As someone who is currently on medical leave and has a serious underlying medical condition (cancer), I feel a sense of comfort in knowing that WNT is no different (really) today than it was a month ago. I’m sure there are others out there that feel like I do. It’s the unevenness (whether it’s local or national) of SD coupled with the daily reminders (as if anyone has forgotten) of how serious this is that can take a toll on people. All I’m suggesting is finding a balance in regards to SD to create/maintain a sense of normalcy. Having 4 people in 4 different locations isn’t it imo.
  13. Update from Chicago: Things have really evolved in the last week & a half with more and more people working from home. This is a look at things this AM. Tried to get Telemundo Chicago, but I must have missed their newscast. Worth noting... meteorologists from WBBM, WMAQ, WLS & WFLD all working from home, all traffic personnel working from home (with WFLD cutting traffic reports altogether). The poor traffic guy from Univision Chicago must have just woke up!
  14. Yeah...this seems like a overreaction. I get attempting to promote social distancing, etc.., but the flip side of it is that you are also feeding into the fear and paranoia out there too. I wish more thought was being given to social distancing (i.e...clearly weighing the pros and cons).
  15. jase

    ABC News TV3

    The 6 feet apart thing seems more like a general rule than an absolute must. Meaning..if you’re 4 or 5 feet away, it’s not like you’re at a greater risk. My point is that being on opposite sides of the set, in the newsroom, etc... is extreme and unnecessary.
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