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  1. It has been confirmed that they will be live (7P-1A CST) election night. If they can do this, in theory, they should be able to be ‘live’ whenever they want. If not, I’m assuming it’s on the list of issues they’re trying to resolve. I think it would have been better if the rebroadcast aired an hour to 2 later to give them time to correct errors, add stuff in, etc.., but alas, that’s not the case.
  2. It's the luck of the draw when it comes to utilizing the local reporters. Some rise to the occasion and some don't. Like I have said before, the local stations are the back-bone of this operation and NN has to work with what they got. Maybe better coordination amongst the team (at the local level, in Chicago, etc..) is needed to improve overall coverage of major stories.
  3. I agree, the lighting needs some work, but overall, the set is an improvement. I’m still in shock seeing Darlene with long hair. I don’t think her hair was ever this long when she was in Chicago.
  4. Things are slowly starting to return to normal at WFLD with both anchors now at the main desk (instead of at different desks/areas) ... EDIT: Initially, they made this change yesterday only for the 4P newscast, but that has since changed. All WFLD meteorologists returned to the studio a month ago.
  5. I believe it’s a 3-4 person job to rotate the anchor desk/base. That said, they probably like having the option, but just don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of moving it. Could be saving that for Election Night. The newsroom set(s) are likely not being used that often because of the pandemic (limiting the amount of people in one space).
  6. Like Fox 29 (Philly), WFLD will have it’s own ‘Props and Locks’/FOXBet sports betting show (Sundays at 10A) followed by an abbreviated ‘Fox Kickoff Sunday’. Also worth noting is that ‘The Final Word’ is no more and has been renamed/rebooted as ‘Sports Zone’.
  7. If I’m being honest, I’m disappointed in the decision to air this.
  8. Ideally, it would only need to move for election night. My question is who said let’s add some wood effects to the video panels. That looks horrible.
  9. They were there. Not sure why FNC didn’t take their feed/coverage.
  10. I think slogan promotion turns off potential viewers period regardless of their political ideologies. I personally don't like the idea of having anchors/reporters say such things during a newscast when their responsibility is to be objective/impartial. Save that for the promos.
  11. Just a few pics from tonight’s newscast (weekend premiere). Overall energy is down from Tuesday but nothing they can’t overcome.
  12. You’re not alone. Not sure why it ‘shakes’ at all. I’m inclined to think stuff like this (among other things) will be phased out over time once they realize it’s unnecessary and distracting.
  13. And what makes this worse is that ‘prerecorded’ transitions in/out and isn’t constant. This gives the viewer a false impression given the time is correct/updated.
  14. Correct. And hopefully the #s from those that watched via app and NewsNationNow.com were good as well.
  15. I agree. They could easily turn News Nation into a newsy-type of news service. What's the point of having a News Nation Now anchor that only does 1 (or 2) 3-min. news update(s) and nothing more. Such a complete waste of time/resources. I hope they start this right away. My guess is that they want the focus to be on the app and NewsNationNow.com when it comes to updates, breaking news, etc... And if that's the case, they can't be dropping the ball like yesterday with the audio problems with the live coverage of them ringing the closing bell of Nasdaq. Having watched all 3 hours, it is in way set up to be appointment setting. Albert, for example, would come on at the :20, :40 mark each hour. And if you jump in, at say, the top, middle, or bottom of each hour, I feel that you get a complete picture of the day's news. The radio section is pointless. So far, it's random audio they're pulling from the newscast or from video featured on the app/ web site. Some things have been missed labeled or have spelling errors and the like. It's fine if they want to do radio updates for WGN or to provide to radio stations around the country; but again, if that's the plan, do it right (and eliminate the section from the app/ web site). I like the group chemistry and feel it will be an important point of the program's success. As far as casting, I'm aware there are options available; I'm just too lazy/impatient to have to figure it out and make it work. Nevertheless, thanks for the info.
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