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  1. Newsmax Anchor Greg Kelly's Racially Charged Tweets Under Review By Far-Right Channel
  2. A clearer picture of May sweeps in Chicago 'There’s a bigger story to emerge from Nielsen’s May sweep when you include late-news ratings for the city’s [Chicago's] two Spanish-language stations — Univision Chicago - WGBO Channel 66 & Telemundo Chicago - WSNS Channel 44 . For starters, they were the only stations in the market to increase their overall viewership year-to-year.'
  3. Having 1 main studio and mini one upstairs wouldn’t be enough for NN, so it makes sense for them to take over Studio 1. The days of indoor presentation/performance space is likely over for WGN. I would expect them to utilize space outdoors (weather permitting) for such things (or within their own studio/space).
  4. It’s my understanding NewsNation is expected to use that studio/space for their morning newscast (and other programs possibly). Unlikely WGN would have access to the studio after construction work is complete, but you never know.
  5. Fox Weather names executive team, eyes Q3 launch
  6. You’re correct. Seems like a waste of money to only keep changing this part of the set and not the whole thing.
  7. Not sure why they won’t just go ahead and do a complete overhaul of the set. It’s long overdue for a remodel. Nevertheless, I like this new area.
  8. The editorial independence CNN currently has under AT&T would continue under the new company per Zaslav.
  9. jase

    In Memoriam

    Former WMAQ-TV Political Editor Dick Kay, dead at 84 'NBC 5's former longtime political editor Dick Kay, who spent decades holding Chicago's powerful accountable, passed away Thursday at the age of 84. Kay's family said he "passed quietly" of natural causes during the early morning hours Thursday.'
  10. Dick Kay, former political editor, dead at 84 Kay was the best of the best of political editors/reporters in Chicago. Truly, one-of -a-kind.
  11. Leaving his Mark: Giangreco's story plays out like no other...
  12. Sylvia did the Noon show from Studio 32 (instead of the main studio) today. Likely some work is being done in the main studio (or something new they’re trying out). Also, this OTS is pretty cool and I think the first time they have used it (first time I’ve seen it anyway).
  13. NHL on HLN…would have been better. That way, each sport would have its own channel (NBA on TNT / MLB on TBS / NHL on HLN) and prevent any possible programming conflicts.
  14. I agree. Hopefully, the new leader of both CBS News and the O&Os can help provide a much needed vision for the future. Women are the face of nearly every news program currently on CBS, so I can’t see them pushing Norah aside for a guy or adding a male co-anchor on CBSEN.
  15. While it may appear that this is/was a clear cut case, these types of allegations are often hard to prove and thus justify immediate termination. I rather they take however long they deem necessary to remove others who likely share the same mindset as Dunn and Friend (but aren’t as blatant). One can only hope. There is so much potential with CBSN, CBSN Local, the O&Os, etc... that they need someone with a long term vision to turn things around and give the GMs the freedom to run their stations without constant interference. Plus, ViacomCBS in general

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