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  1. That video screen has been inoperable more than it has been operational (over the years) that there's no point in having it on.
  2. Seems like a one-off situation with the game airing on WCIU. Given that the new season starts soon on ABC, MNF has already begun, etc... I doubt a blackout would last long (if it happens at all). Way too much at stake.
  3. jase

    Out & About

    You have to provide more details/clarification on this. I'm almost certain Amy Freeze and Michelle Leigh never worked together at WFLD.
  4. Looks like WFLDs web site got a re-do (I believed this happened within the past couple of days). This new look is much better, but hasn't made its way across all the FOX O&Os (New look in Chicago, LA and DC, no change in NYC, Dallas or Orlando).
  5. I don't know when WSNS airs their midday newscast. Nevertheless, their newsroom is very close (almost identical to WMAQs layout), so I'm guessing that's where the talking/noise came from.
  6. Not sure where they found that Matt guy, but they definitely can do better. Chemistry is severely lacking between him and Cortney. Plus, I didn’t expect the first show to be perfect, but that last segment was horrible and really sloppy. The show shouldn’t air live until they get it together.
  7. Ok, that makes sense given you can hear people working in the background. A couple of more pics...
  8. jase

    CBS Evening News

    That's not entirely true. A lot (ratings-wise) depends on what's happening in the U.S./Around the World. Plus, bigger stories (Mass Shootings, Hurricane Dorian, etc..) often result in a larger than average viewership. For example >>> From Adweek/TVNewer: 'World News Tonight with David Muir has now finished as the most-watched evening newscast for 48 out of the past 49 weeks, and this past week (Week of August 26) increased its lead year-to-year total viewer advantage over NBC by +484% (vs. 181,000 for week of Aug. 27). World News also turned in its largest average total audience in four months, and its largest average adults 25-54 audience in 12 weeks.' Having a change in anchors during the summer wasn't the smartest move for CEN. And Norah's inability to mask her distain for Trump isn't helping matters.
  9. GDC has, occasionally, come in 2nd (within the 7-10A time frame). Anita mentioned it (off air/on Facebook) in February. I believe there are rules that prohibit certain discussions about ratings. We, as viewers, never get a deep dive into the #s only the most basic info. (households, 18-49, etc...). That said, mornings is were the money is made which is why WFLD has put their biggest stars (Caplan, Perez, Tellez, etc..) on GDC. My guess is that they are satisfied with the #s @ Noon, 5p & 9p. Outside of the occasional team-up with an organization like the BGA, they really don't get into investigations. I think they feel they can best spend their resources on other things. I do wish they go back to doing the Good Day After Show on Facebook.
  10. I applaud their efforts to do something different and create a local show that’s not sports or politics-related. Since it’s not a news program (per say), I’m sure they aren’t looking to ‘dethrone’ anyone. At best, get about the same (or better) #s than whatever airs currently at 10. Seems like an achievable enough goal. If it doesn’t work, then so be it. Better to have tried something new than nothing at all.
  11. The only show that's currently in production at the Tower is 'Judge Mathis,' so there's space available. I believe the Steve Harvey space was dismantled and used last year for one of the Chicago mayoral debates. But that could have taken place somewhere else other than that studio. Since we're talking about a 30 min show, they can easily use the news desk and stand up area and call it a day. Cafe 5 (food segments) is in another part of the Tower as well, so no issue there. Given that none of the lifestyle shows produced in the market air against each other, adding another one to the list isn't that big a deal. Plus, the 9A hrs. of Good Day and WGN Morning News are heavy on lifestyle stuff and the like that there doesn't appear to be an issue of over-saturation.
  12. Indeed. This quote shocked me as well... "There were an awful lot of journalists who knew me who did not come to my defense, did not ask me what happened." Competitor or not, you would think someone would have reached out. Hopefully, now that the story is out there, someone will.
  13. jase

    CBS Evening News

    I liked tonight's newscast better than the debut. She seemed more relaxed (at ease) being out in the field/on the road. Hopefully, she'll able to bring a more relaxed, comfortable and relatable approach when she gets back behind the desk. Plus, I hope they attempt to keep things (overall format, graphics, etc...) the same once they make to move to DC. Best to keep things stable and not over-react early on. Trying to avoid a tit for tat. I can't recall what Charlie said at the end of his debut broadcast, but Diane gave a shout-out to Charlie ('That's World News & for one last time, Charlie Gibson...') and David gave a shout-out to Diane (something like...'Thanks for all the well wishes tonight, especially one from Diane Sawyer..'). Had Norah gave a tip-of-the-hat to Jeff Glor, that may have resonated more to viewers and CBS News staffers than invoking the spirit of Murrow (who average viewers likely don't know and/or care to know).
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