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  1. Doubtful. Dolinsky and Davies being cut are likely cost-savings moves. Whatever is going on with Giangreco seems to be much bigger.
  2. Mike, without question, deserves the spot, but I don’t think they want to move him off GDC. He’s arguably Good Day’s biggest draw and they probably don’t want to mess with that. No offense, but nobody’s tuning in to see Jake Hamilton.
  3. I’m surprised also particularly because I figured they wouldn’t cut anyone loose prior to the launch of the ‘Fox Weather’ streaming initiative. I’m willing to bet that (Fox Weather) likely played a part in their decision to cut Bill. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cody gets clipped too. Mark does Friday evenings, double duty on Saturdays and Sunday mornings. Not sure how things are going to change now that Bill is gone.
  4. Reportedly, Shine was brought on as a consultant prior to the launch last September. Given the sudden (and somewhat mysterious) departure of Pudar; I wonder if that opens up the possibility of him taking on a larger role at News Nation.
  5. Given CNN is coming off its best January ever (in some metrics), I wouldn’t be surprised if he stays on another year or two if things continue in that direction.
  6. Maybe. I’m just surprised CBS is making the effort/spending money to do this. It doesn’t seem like something they would do. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.
  7. I was walking by WBBM today and noticed that they’re building cubicles in the former street side studio. It’s unclear the reasoning behind this/what this space will be used for. What is clear is that they have been using the space for stand ups for more than a month now.
  8. I think it depends on what type of morning show they produced. If it, for example, is a morning version of NewsNation: PrimeTime, then they could get away with airing a repeat. The majority of stuff that airs in the afternoon on CNN, FNC, etc... are things they either constantly repeat every 15-30 mins. or stuff they like to label as ‘breaking news’ when it’s not. Plus, NN could easily break-in IF warranted and do a live update at the top/bottom of the hour. I just hope they don’t start creating a bunch of anchor-branded shows (Banfield, The Donlon Report, etc..).
  9. I’m proposing the morning show would start at 7A CST/8A EST with the repeat starting at 12P CST/1P EST. I updated my previous post to reflect this.
  10. True, but the most likely scenario will be people either retiring (or being reassigned) and being replaced with people equally as worse as themselves. Situations like this rarely bring about the necessary changes required.
  11. NewsNation: Early Edition starts at 5P CST/6P EST followed by The Donlon Report at 6P CST/ 7P EST.
  12. They could do a 5 hr. morning newscast (7A-12P CST, repeat 12-5P CST) followed by the new evening lineup (and a repeat of that) and they're set for the day. On the weekends, tap the Nexstar affiliates to help supplement news coverage during the day. This would be the most-cost effective way to get things going without wasting a ton of money.
  13. Former WMAQ metorologist Jim Tilmon dead at 86
  14. Michelle, like most traffic reporters, were sidelined because of the pandemic. Unlike her counterparts at WLS, WMAQ, etc... who hold duo roles as news/features reporters, etc..., she didn't have that opportunity at WFLD because she was not an employee and hadn't been seen on GDC (until a couple of days/weeks ago) since last March. Whatever is going on, I don't know. Maybe she is upset about not being able to come back sooner. That said, it's a tough call to make given there hasn't been enough going on 'traffic-wise' to justify having someone do traffic reports.
  15. Yes. This is a shot of Dave in the old streetside studio. As previously mentioned, nothing prevents them from using the space given they still lease/control it. The studio is completely gutted, so I wouldn’t read anything into this other than it provides them with a different place for a standup (and to be socially distant).

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