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  1. jase

    CBS Evening News

    I liked tonight's newscast better than the debut. She seemed more relaxed (at ease) being out in the field/on the road. Hopefully, she'll able to bring a more relaxed, comfortable and relatable approach when she gets back behind the desk. Plus, I hope they attempt to keep things (overall format, graphics, etc...) the same once they make to move to DC. Best to keep things stable and not over-react early on. Trying to avoid a tit for tat. I can't recall what Charlie said at the end of his debut broadcast, but Diane gave a shout-out to Charlie ('That's World News & for one last time, Charlie Gibson...') and David gave a shout-out to Diane (something like...'Thanks for all the well wishes tonight, especially one from Diane Sawyer..'). Had Norah gave a tip-of-the-hat to Jeff Glor, that may have resonated more to viewers and CBS News staffers than invoking the spirit of Murrow (who average viewers likely don't know and/or care to know).
  2. jase

    CBS Evening News

    It's not necessary to provide a nod, mention, etc... (however brief) of the show's history. What inherent benefit does that provide? Plus, doing so (often trading off the Murrow and Cronkite name) cheapens their work/image imo. I would have rather Norah mentioned what new and exciting things SHE would bring to the newscast.
  3. jase

    CBS Evening News

    I would have liked something new music-wise (some cuts/transitions sound off), but I can understand why they didn't go that route (at least not yet). I do wonder if they will try to keep some of the current set elements once they make the move to DC instead of building something completely new.
  4. jase

    CBS Evening News

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6A5fEtcVKAQ A supercut of the 'CBS Evening News w/ Norah O'Donnell' (Newscast Studio) I don't like the music, but the set redo is nice. Could do without the nod/mention of Murrow (or Cronkite). Those days are over. It's time to get out from behind their shadow and establish your own thing/standard. This technical glitch is pretty amusing https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OkDA9XNPJT0
  5. Elizabeth Matthews joined Anthony tonight at the anchor desk (which is, I believe, a first for her).
  6. My guess is that others have found (safe) ways to cope with the stress, etc.. of the job. While I don't know her situation, it may be best for Raymond to step away for her own well-being. Her blog post is very troubling.
  7. I agree. Really can't be that hard for someone to throw a simple report together and read it. Hate to see how they handle breaking news, etc...
  8. I'm a bit surprised he didn't want to go to 60 minutes. Unless that wasn't an option for him.
  9. He is considered a substitute broadcaster (has been since the 80s) and I believe can only sub on games that air on WGN.
  10. They attempted to sublease space (including the street side studio) 10 yrs ago, to no avail. Doubtful they're going to get any takers this time around.
  11. There are plenty of options available that one doesn't have to hold their phone in their hand. Hallie could have propped the phone up on something. Be inventive!! Ali should have been inside somewhere. Gura is about as bad as Simone (Whatever her last name is). 'And now the news headlines..........................................................................................................................Briefly'. Simone should have been more professional and wore some pants. Overall, D+.
  12. Even if they had Kaitlin, she lives in Indiana, so the turn around would be tougher. My guess is, in weather emergencies, it would fall to Bill, Mark or Mike (or they would go without).
  13. Well...unless something was to occur during the 9-11P hrs., it wouldn't make sense to stay because the weather is unpredictable.
  14. jase

    CBS Evening News

    R. Kelly is being accused of a very serious crime. Just because he's in the entertainment business, doesn't mean news organizations should turn a blind eye. I'm not saying you 'sensationalize' the story, but it's one that needs to be covered. Same with the Smollett case.
  15. Pete (WMAQ) broke in a few minutes ago & said he will again when necessary. Likely won't see Mike (WFLD) or anyone else for awhile because I believe they all live in the burbs.
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