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  1. Irika Sargent (WBBM) is filling in for Adriana Diaz tonight on the CBS Weekend News (Saturday).
  2. Not sure I buy him suing. More like management was going to pay him what he was due and wanted some insurances that this latest 'incident' and the aftermath was never going to see the light of day outside the hollow halls of WLS. Never heard of any on-air remarks Burton made about Jerry's weight, but the two never really seemed too close (friendly) to begin with. Who knows really?? We don't know what we don't know. Not to belabor the point, but I just don't get all the hate people tend to sling Burton's way as if she has never said/done anything positive. Just seems somewhat strange to me.
  3. What has she ever done to justify being fired? I have said before and will say again, what is it that some people have against her? She may not be the 'greatest anchor that has ever lived', she is hardly the worse that has (or will ever) grace the Chicago airwaves. Her and Alan have good chemistry and on a personal level; she was very nice the two times I met her (which is often not the case with meeting news people). It's fair to debate the way she presents the news and such, but outside of that, there's zero reason to dog her as many often do for no reason.
  4. I wouldn’t count them out. This is a pretty solid group (excluding Marshall), so I could see them being competitive (at some point).
  5. Had WGN made this decision in January (or at the very least this past Summer), the CFA, ideally, would have had time to line up a TV sponsor. This is very unfortunate news because this would be the first time in 20+ years the parade isn't on a 'traditional' local television station.
  6. CNN+ could offer an opportunity he's looking for. CBS isn't going to spend the money. They're looking to cut cost/spend more wisely and not take on new cost/risks that don't result in a solid return on investment.
  7. I think some may be putting too much emphasis on the move to TS, the views, etc... Let's be honest, having views wasn't going to change anything for them. The move to TS made sense to fully utilize under-utilized space (the new Daily Show studio/office is there too). It would be a different story if the studio was at street level.
  8. Not happening. They’re too cheap and don’t make big, bold decisions.
  9. Weekends would be an excellent opportunity to showcase the Fox O&Os meteorologists (at least temporarily) until a more permanent plan is in place. We shall see what they do on weekends soon enough… I hope they do (adapt these graphics). Some O&Os could benefit from an upgraded graphics package.
  10. Unsure. Guessing two or three 6 hour blocks (Sunrise, Midday & Evenings) initially and maybe a Late Night ‘weathercast’ 10P to Midnight and live updates at top/bottom of the hour overnight. I do like what I see so far.
  11. Surprised they didn’t go with giving Albert 5P & 10P.
  12. jase

    Amy Freeze

    I agree. Plus, given her very short time/unceremonious exit at WFLD/Fox 32, I’m not sure she’s jumping at the chance to work for another FOX station again, but you never know…
  13. Abrams show is filmed in the same building (Daily News Building) as WPIX. Where exactly is unclear.
  14. Here’s a couple of pics of ‘Morning in America.’ Like when NewsNation started last September they, ad nauseam, say they’re committed to unbiased reporting, no opinion, etc.. however; Adrienne has no problem offering up her opinions on anything and everything. She can get a little annoying, so hopefully she’ll settle herself a bit and take a breath.
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