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  1. My guess is that it's a bit of ...'I didn't hire you, so you're gone and I get to bring in someone else (who's probably cheaper) with a mix of 'we need someone to do weather stories'. I figured that when they hired both Ramon and Jebaily that they both would be traveling the country reporting on hurricanes, tornado outbreaks, etc... Can't understand why they were fired in the first place.
  2. WFLD-FOX 32 has reduced Good Day Chicago to five hours (5A-10A) and now airs Fox Weather First at 4A. Not sure what prompted the move.
  3. Interesting.... I wonder if this (VR weather set) is what WBBM has been planning/working on for over a year now.
  4. I see the 'editor-in-chief' description as a clue as to what approach Thompson could take with CNN. EICs tend to not be very hands-on (or day-to-day) when it comes to editorial decisions and the like. They're more big picture (or overall vision) folks. We shall see how things take shape starting in October.
  5. Reportedly, the interim leadership team was taken aback by Zaslav naming someone relatively quickly. They believed (or hoped) that they would be in charge until at least the end of year. According to THR, the "interim team of COO David Leavy; Amy Entelis, the longtime head of talent and content development; head of editorial Virginia Moseley; and programming chief Eric Sherling will continue in their current roles under Thompson." What's key, imo, is that Thompson will '“act as editor-in-chief, ultimately responsible for all CNN content,” per WBD which would suggest that the new lineup could get reworked once Thompson starts in October.
  6. Sounds like it, but it will only be available (for now) via the MAX streaming service while NBC News Now, ABC News Live, etc.. are widely available on other platforms (Roku, Tubi, Pluto, etc..). They would have been better off scaling back CNN+ to reduce costs rather than completely shutting it down. Plus, unless CNN Max gets a prominent banner and/or link on the main page of MAX, it’s going to get lost in the shuffle.
  7. I would say this was their first (legit) farewell to someone (i.e.. an anchor) as most people were forced out (Robin, Walter, etc..) or quit (Jeff H.). Secondly, I think previous management regimes were bad and didn't care to honor, if you will, anyone at all or beyond a quick/simple 3 minute goodbye. Glad Corey got a proper farewell.
  8. They ran a special tribute promo 24/7 for at least a week and looked back at Corey's career each night in addition to a 15+ minute tribute tonight (his last newscast). I don't recall WFLD/Fox 32 doing anything close to the send off they gave Corey for anyone else previously. It was quite the emotional and heartfelt tribute. FYI- Like I correctly guessed, Scott succeeds Corey as lead/primary male anchor.
  9. My guess is that they moved Scott to evenings in anticipation for him to succeed Corey much like they did when he succeeded Corey on GDC. It makes for a more seamless transition. Plus, they didn't announce that Corey was taking over for Jeff until after Jeff's last day. Guess we will find out soon enough. Nevertheless, he is deserving of the promotion imo. While Scott covers politics, they don't refer to him as political editor (reporter). Taking over for Corey wouldn't preclude him for covering politics per se...
  10. Broadcasting & Cable [ Next|TV ] ran a piece last month and mentioned he was going to retire. I remember reading this story, but I must have over-looked (forgotten) about the part about Corey retiring. That said, it isn't a surprise. He has been with WFLD /Fox 32 for nearly 30 yrs and is close to 70 yrs old. Scott filled in for him this past Monday, so I'm guessing he will succeed Corey at 5p & 9p??? https://www.nexttv.com/news/local-news-close-up-chicago-is-the-city-of-big-stories
  11. Also worth noting....the Bears and WFLD/Fox 32 renewed their broadcasting partnership in a multi-year deal last month, but 'Bears Post Game Live' is expected to move to the Marquee Sports Network.
  12. Don't like the reduction of the afternoon version of News Central, but at least they didn't cancel it and its morning counterpart. Should have eliminated the ticker all together. There is just too much clutter on the screen imo.
  13. Ciprian-Matthews named president of CBS News She will have direct oversight of CBS News and report to McMahon.
  14. The Battle for CNN… ‘Over 18 months, a battle of backstabbing has been raging within CNN that involved Jeff Zucker, David Zaslav and Chris Licht.’ A very interesting piece from Variety.
  15. Tough to say if their new political show will air just on Sundays. My guess is that they may try that ‘Chicagoland’ show I mentioned previously on Friday and Saturday. In regards to the WXYZ anchor, she could land anywhere (at least initially). Elizabeth will be going on maternity leave soon. They may move Natalie to a M-F shift (instead of Su-Thur), etc…
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