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  1. jase

    New Fox O&O Graphics

    So I happened to catch WFLD-FOX 32 Chicago 9P newscast tonight and noticed they changed the opening. Pics are not great (I was not expecting this). Could this mean they decided not to use the new FOX O&O graphics package? It wouldn’t make sense to update the newscast opening only to change it again in the very near future. Who knows??? Can’t speak to whether or not Good Day, the Noon or 5P openings changed as well.
  2. You’re being too optimistic. No decision will be made before Summer 2021 would be my guess.
  3. Roseanne posted that Marissa is doing PR and was there with a guest who was on GDC.
  4. jase

    CBS Evening News

    I agree. I would guess, going forward, Norah will be doing more political reporting (in-studio interviews with lawmakers, etc..) on a regular basis. If not, moving the show to DC would serve no purpose. She definitely is going to have to take on a 'leading role' in their overall political coverage.
  5. Some of you guys are way off. This new look is part of the 2019-2020 TV imaging campaign. They, like the other networks, often change up looks at the start of each new tv season. That said. The aforementioned image transitions to this... which isn’t new.
  6. Yeah..I’ve only watched a couple of episodes. Short of becoming a Fox 32 employee, this is/was the only opportunity to see the set in person. The lower level (where the studio, newsroom, etc.. are) is pretty cavernous you could get lost if you took a wrong turn. Overall, everyone was nice and welcoming. This caught my eye on the way in/out. They display photos of everyone (from the GM, Account Reps., Anchors, etc.. in no particular order) which is pretty cool. Apparently, you could wear whatever and pose however you wanted.
  7. Not sure how Weigel comes back from this. The story/alleged allegations are very troubling. Side Note: I went to a taping of ‘Later with Leon’ last Thursday. Very intimate setting (maybe about 12 seats total for audience members). And yes that’s Robin Robinson (former Fox 32 News Anchor) with CPD Chief Johnson. She works for the CPD these days.
  8. They should just give the shift to Pete. It's clear that no one (under 30) wants to work a weekend morning shift with zero chances of advancement. Just ask Cheryl Scott.
  9. If she is truly an advocate for women, why in the world would she go back to a place (FNC) where she was a victim of harassment? What message is that sending? To put it plainly, her judgement, like her credibility, is questionable. I'm not picking sides, just pointing out her lack of common sense. There are plenty of other platforms she could have chosen to voice her opinion. Her apparent need to come creeping out of the shadows to grab another 15 minutes in the spotlight is pathetic.
  10. As far as people dumping on her, she deserves it. There are dozens of examples of her acting like a fool and saying idiotic stuff, that she is the last person to tell anyone else they should be honest and upfront about anything. Given her history, some could easily find her motives questionable. She has very little credibility and being an alleged victim of harassment isn’t enough to overcome that. Calling her a ‘respected journalist’ is a joke because she isn’t a journalist (and never has been).
  11. In theory, it could be him (or anyone else). We may be getting ahead of ourselves. All of this came out of the blue, so I wouldn’t expect any major moves/decisions anytime soon.
  12. I would guess that Chris Wallace would handle FOX broadcast (given he’s a familiar face with Fox News Sunday) with Bret and Martha (or Shannon) for FNC. Honestly, it’s too early to say what will happen.
  13. Sorry, but Turner was the weak link in their very small reporter ranks. While he wasn’t as bad as Alexa Helms, he was close. Given they often have just 2 reporters on the night shift (M-F) and 1 on the weekends, they can’t afford to have someone bringing down the ship, particularly when it comes to covering breaking news.
  14. My guess is that MF and Big Bang does better at 10/10:30P, that they decided to moved them back. While the time change is unnerving for LWL, being sandwiched between TMZ and Extra makes sense from a programming perspective(?).
  15. Later with Leon moves to a new time (11:30P). Not a good sign given the show has only been on for less than a month. Dakarai Turner is out (no surprise) after less than 3 yrs. at WFLD. https://www.robertfeder.com/2019/10/07/robservations-ex-tribune-exec-head-creative-services-programming-nbc-5/
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