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  1. I think now that they have a big enough studio that can accommodate more shows, it makes since to make the move. Plus, having guests in-studio rather than via zoom, etc.. likely played a part too. It's the 'personal connection,' if you will, that was missing from her show.
  2. Wasting little time, Martin's bio has been updated and Gerard's has been removed. Shame they couldn't find a new role (weather/climate correspondent, etc..) for him. Guessing they will turn to local mets to help fill in the gaps in weather coverage. As i have often stated, 'Morning in America' was in dire need of help. Hopefully, the addition of Martin and other changes will make a difference. I guess they see this as an opportunity to grab viewers from CNN This Morning given their current state atm. I wonder if they can grab any big names (currently employed and not a has-been that is) in the next year or so as they continue to fill out the schedule.
  3. It Appears LIV Golf Is Ashamed of Its TV Ratings on The CW [ After holding six events this year, the breakaway league has stopped publicly reporting its viewership numbers ]
  4. Disagree. It appears that they integrated (or simplified) things and eliminated having multiple separate boxes (a logo box, live box, time/stock box, etc...). In addition, it also appears that the rolling ticker is gone. It's a much cleaner look while keeping their core color palette (red, white and black). Again, we have to wait and see how everything comes together.
  5. I need to see these graphics in action before I can offer up an opinion. Nevertheless, anything is better than what they have now.
  6. As it should be... Nothing is gained if you have Republicans always agreeing with Republicans. The same applies for Democrats. Honestly, what’s missing from the majority (if not all) of these 'political panels' are Independent voices. It's those voices that CNN, MSNBC, etc... should include if they truly want to offer viewers balance coverage of issues, people and events.
  7. Maybe they need to change their standard. It's not necessary to have that many people, imo, in order to offer balanced coverage of a non-election night event. Having a group in NYC (for example) and another in DC creates a weird disconnect. More importantly, neither group pays any attention to the other and often repeats the same points over and over again. MSNBC has their small core group (lead by Rachel) and, I believe, FNC does the same (a small group lead by Bret & Martha). Their coverage tends to be a lot more concise than CNN. Given their ratings troubles over the past year or so, CNN could stand to do something different. Lastly, while this isn't exclusive to CNN, pundits and most journalists have no clue of the needs/wants of today's electorate and still base their opinions and the like off of outdated ideologies.
  8. Despite me pulling for Rhiannon, Eva is a decent choice. No surprise about DeMarco as he was always the male front runner. Good for Gio too.
  9. I don’t think this event warranted having 12+ ‘contributors’ along with CNN anchors/reporters. Plus, there should only be one person (whether it’s Anderson, Jake, Wolf, etc…) leading coverage of an event at any given moment. There is no need consistently jump back and forth between groups of people.
  10. This should have been a one-on-one interview rather than a Town Hall. From the clips I saw, it came across as a debate between the two which in turn ended up being a disaster. Without question, this Town Hall likely alienated the few viewers CNN has during primetime and really hurt their reputation much like when 60 Minutes /Leslie Stahl interviewed MTG. I don't understand this excessive need to offer individuals who are known liars, idiots, etc... a platform in the name of being fair/offering both sides. And for goodness sake... what is with them always having a thousand and one people offering up analysis? Couldn't Anderson and maybe two or three people handle things?
  11. I have mixed feelings about this... I knew WBBM was going to play it safe, but I'm disappointed they didn't take advantage of the new branding/graphics. They're treating things as if it's just another Wednesday (continuing to use/say CBS 2 News, no updates to the set, etc...) with a half-hearted mention of the new graphics and music before tossing to weather. Such a wasted opportunity.....
  12. This was used at the end of a promo for a special report to air tomorrow. It’s possible they didn’t get around to making a new one with the new graphics, etc... or they sticking with promos like this.
  13. WBBM has made the switch…
  14. This makes sense given they brand their election coverage as 'America Decides'. Best to have all things political aligned in some way across all platforms. Didn't care for the Red & Blue moniker, if you will, anyway.
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