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  1. I’m not convinced that this talk of airing conservative programs in prime time is set in stone. Both Shell and Conde are relatively new and my sense is they are just tossing around ideas. While news/opinion shows are cheaper to make, the reality fair that has aired on CNBC has worked. That said, it only makes sense to continue down that road and expand upon it with in-house productions. I would be very upset if they messed with The Profit. DON’T MESS WITH IT!!!
  2. I would hope not (him appearing on NBC, MSNBC, etc..). It’s best for him to be the ‘face of news coverage’ [ like Lester (NBC), Brian (MSNBC), Jose (Telemundo) Shep (CNBC) ] initially. Maybe down the line have a broader role to play, but there’s plenty for him to do at CNBC. This could easily turn into another disastrous hire for NBC News if not handled right.
  3. Another update on Studio 32. Scott and Anita have begun appearing in GDC promos from the studio. As you can see, Anita is standing next to the faux brick wall I was talking about previously. No word on when GDC (or any other program) will start using that space.
  4. jase

    CBS Evening News

    She wasn’t particularly strong as an anchor on CBSN. I recall one time earlier this year when she stumbled over her words so badly, it was tough to watch. The Weekend News was a lot easier for her than anchoring on CBSN it seemed.
  5. jase

    CBS Evening News

    Not a huge loss for CBSN. She wasn’t particularly good imo.
  6. Three things: 1. Poorly managed 2. Lack of investment (CBSN/ Local CBSNs could be great if they wanted them to be). 3. Wasteful use of resources (CEN should have stayed in NYC. Money spent could have been better used elsewhere).
  7. Fox News fires Ed Henry over sexual misconduct claims 'The network says it terminated the former chief White House correspondent after receiving a complaint from a former employee's attorney.'
  8. Nexstar stations play a part in the news-gathering process for NewsNation, so it would make sense that they would advertise the program on Nexstar stations. I don’t think they will treat NN as counter-programming, but as their own news service (which technically it is). I mean, if a 9/11 event were to occur, they would most likely simulcast NewsNation/WGN America than CNN for example. This as just speculation of course, but would make the most sense imo.
  9. FOX wasn’t particularly good at covering golf like NBC or CBS. While they didn’t get a huge amount for this transaction, every penny saved counts and puts the company on a even greater financial footing moving forward.
  10. I agree. I wouldn’t be surprised if ABC were to keep this show going. Mike, Sara & Keke could be easily reassigned to other shows/projects, etc..
  11. Texas is home base and Nexstar has a great # of stations in TX that it stands to reason why it is its own division.
  12. jase

    CBS Evening News

    We’re heading into 4 months of social distancing, how hard is it to deep clean the place (which should have happen 3 months ago) and come up with comprehensive plan to create a ‘new normal’ so people can get back to work (particularly at CBSN). Most days, Anne Marie and Vladimir look like they just rolled out of bed. CBS really needs to get it together.
  13. I don’t think NN and WGN will be working that much hand in hand given both have enough on their plates and there is enough money/resources available to keep things separate. However, I imagine WGN weather people along with other Nexstar meteorologists, etc.. in the region would be given the opportunity to fill in, if necessary. Sidenote: This is pretty cool..
  14. No..he’s in Tampa for sure. Given all that’s going on, they likely haven’t had the chance to work out a plan (Mary Kay going to FL for a wk., etc...). My understanding is that work on Studio 32 began in earnest in Feb. Likely because of the pandemic & w/ safety in mind, they have been slower than normal finishing it. I wouldn’t expect anything grand. One wall has what looks like brick wallpaper on it, but don’t hold me to that. Also, the construction crew must work either at night or on certain days because every time I walk past there, it’s completely dark.
  15. Quick Notes: After 3 1/2 yrs., Mark Zonca resigned as Executive Producer of Good Day Chicago (in March) to become Asst. News Director at WFTS-TV (ABC) in Tampa. Zonca is married to WBBM meteorologist Mary Kay Kleist. Work on Studio 32 could be heading towards the finish line. The new, expanded space (upstairs from main studio) is divided by a large video monitor into 'two sets'. It's unclear what the space will be used for. Ideally, 'Flannery Fired Up,' 'Bears Unleashed,' etc.. could tape from Studio 32 and free up the main studio for breaking news coverage.
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