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  1. Given that the TS studio(s)/offices were not being fully utilized, as of late; moving the morning show there makes sense. They probably would have moved CBSEN there if it was still based in NYC.
  2. The new anchor/reporter could land anywhere really (GDC Weekends, GDC Weekdays, Fri./Sat. nights w/ Natalie, etc..). Anthony is ok, but WFLD really needs someone stronger as Cory’s backup. I’m guessing they went with someone cheap as chief met in order to keep Tim around. Why else would he leave ‘BBM if whatever ‘FLD was offering wasn’t better/long term? Plus, I’ll take anybody Sun.-Thurs. evenings over Cody any day. I’m almost certain Tim will cover for her when she goes on maternity leave. Mike is too valuable to GDC to move and Mark likely would require a h
  3. Didn’t know they were looking for a chief meteorologist. They must have posted the job in the past week. Reportedly, they’re looking to add a anchor/reporter too. Not sure if this position is an addition or this person is replacing someone currently on staff.
  4. I have to see all the changes in action before I can judge if this is going to work. I will say that the name change was completely unnecessary and ‘CBS Mornings’ sounds horrible. Fundamentally, it makes sense to have all their morning programs under one uniformed ‘umbrella’ both in look and format. So I disagree with the idea that this will hurt the CBS Sunday Morning brand. Having everyone/everything separate (whether it’s 60 Mins., CBSEN, etc…) doing their own thing and never ‘really’ working together as one news organization has never made sense.
  5. Nice setup. Figured NewsNation was going to take over this studio for their new morning show.
  6. He’s a great reporter/storyteller, but he should NEVER anchor again. If I was Lyons, I would move him off the anchor desk ASAP and put Jim in his place. While such a move could hurt morale, people should be in positions which showcase their strengths. Sargent has a law degree. I’m surprised they never utilized that in some way. Yeah… I’m cautiously optimistic things will turn around at WBBM. Given what happened to her at NewsNation, I hope she is given the freedom (and resources) to do whatever it takes to improve things without any interfering from corporate. We shall s
  7. It would make sense for Alicia to succeed Andy, but you never really know with WMAQ.
  8. No surprise. Figured it was just a matter of time.
  9. Out of the bunch...Charlie and Mugo are clear standouts. Weekday afternoons/nights are in dire need of a shakeup and moving Jim and Marie to front the 4P (and maybe the 6P), would be a huge step in the right direction for WBBM. But alas, big changes like that may be left up to the new GM to make.
  10. No. His bio is still listed. I think it makes sense to align NewsNation Prime with the other programs (The Donlon Report, Banfield, etc..) and just have a single person as 'the face' of said program. That said, I still think they will move him to the new morning show.
  11. Yes. Not sure why they couldn’t just pair Jim and Marie together for the new 4P newscast and have Mugo do Saturday nights and Charlie on Sunday night.
  12. Variety says it’s nightly, so I trust they’re correct. Otherwise, what’s the point of having Abrams on one day a week? On Balance could easily move to weekends.
  13. I wouldn’t be surprised if they move Rob, Marni (and Albert) to the upcoming morning show. It’s clear having an evening newscast isn’t working for them.
  14. Interesting.... Mark was on yesterday, so maybe something is up with Cody. I believe she's pregnant (she looks like it anyway). Maybe she's taking some time off for some reason. Or worse case scenario; her contract is up and they didn't renew.

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