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  1. Anybody have information on the theme for "Prime Time" on WPVI? I see open and closing versions, possibly with an update, floating around in the few clips online. Was it an in-house music composition? Edit: I've found the composer, Louis Anthony DeLise. He appears to be local, as was the publisher. Working to find out more.
  2. NBC RSNs aren't getting a package overhaul until next year. You're seeing small tweaks tied to NBC's (unfortunate) peacock mods.
  3. The offers were for employees aged 57+ and a minimum of 10 years of full time service. Does he hit that criteria?
  4. The was an active fire alarm in the building, and the staff had to evacuate.
  5. The RSNs typically roll out new graphics packages with NHL & NBA in the fall.
  6. Just the animations, such as you posted, are getting updated. Not the inserts.
  7. That shouldn't stop them from either tightening up the shot, or balancing the three to the center of the desk.
  8. These promos were actually shot in Philly about a month or so back. If you go realllly slow, you can see a little City Hall, Liberty 1 and the Comcast building in there.
  9. RSNs have dropped the ticker. It's inserted with promo graphics locally a few times a show to satisfy preexisting sponsorship buys. Otherwise, it's toast.
  10. Completely untrue. I've had several on-air coworkers who have moved on from market 4 to lower markets. There are way more considerations to the job than that.
  11. 1) Local newscasts are cheap to put on, especially if you are adding time to an existing show. 2) The station gets all of the ad revenue with news. They wouldn’t with a syndicated show.
  12. No drawings available. I dug the text-only permit data from the phila.gov L&I pages. Edit: Search isn't working for me there, so check out some of this data https://www.buildzoom.com/property-info/1800-arch-st-philadelphia-pa
  13. I don't know, but I am looking at two permits: July 14 2016: "Interior fitout of studio space on the 12th, 13th & 14th floor as per plans." October 13 2016: "New construction: interior plumbing for the fit-out of tv & radio studios and offices, on the 12th, 13th, & 14th floors, the installation will comply with the philadelphia plumbing code, 2004.'
  14. NBC is occupying the 12th, 13th and 14th floors of the building. It's certainly feasible that WCAU could move in this fall. The permits to fit out those areas have been active for nearly a year and the lower floors have been enclosed and worked on for quite a while now.
  15. I've seen the game graphically promoted noting the sub channel 10.2 COZI address.
  16. Phillies games are never simulcast within the market. If the game is on NBC10, CSN will have other programming, but still feature Pre Game Live and Post Game Live. Since the timing of the game can vary, the normal procedure is to have the next studio on standby. Normally, this is CSN (or TCN) waiting to go with Post Game Live. In this situation, it was likely easier for NBC10 to fill to the top of the hour with news rather than quickly add/delete commercial time to fit the slot. It's rare to have the game broadcast crew fill to the top or bottom of the hour for programming purposes. Why? There are a few reasons. Suddenly putting together highlights to fill three minutes is not something they're going to want to do. If it's the last game in a series, and they are on a road trip, the goal is to close out the signal, pack the truck and get out of there. Also, if the game runs long and the satellite window is approaching its closing, they likely would not want to extend just to fill out NBC10's airtime. (This is unlikely, but possible.)
  17. They have been testing out the graphics every night and ironing out the bugs.
  18. I did read what you wrote. If you're basing this on something you didn't watch, well, you're just ranting for the sake of it. Also, you're wrong. 1) No one is losing their job for this. 2) No aerial shots was not a stupid decision because there were no shots to take. With all of the inane things that news choppers are used to cover, do you really think they wouldn't have used theirs to cover such a big event, had it been feasible? It's unfortunate that you were disappointed in the show, but the reasons and consequences are not nearly as heavy as you think they are.
  19. OK, here is an actual fact from July 4: At the time of the fireworks, I was watching two aerial broadcast cameras in the vicinity of the show. Visibility was zero. Rain doesn't have to be actually falling for a low cloud ceiling to disrupt visuals.
  20. There is no preview available, unless another NBC O&O has them up already.
  21. It's currently in testing at WCAU. Lower thirds will make use of the full width of the screen. Looks like a nice package.
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