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  1. Bars-n-tone

    NBC Sports Philadelphia New Studio?

    There's no room in the CTC.
  2. Bars-n-tone

    NBC Sports Philadelphia New Studio?

    Months is more like it. Main studio is being gutted to the walls and ceiling, new infrastructure going in, additional studios also being built. Essentially a new station is being built while occupied. Talent and some techs go over to the old TCN studio for broadcasts. The project actually has nothing to do with the WFC building renovations, just concurrent.
  3. Bars-n-tone

    NBC Sports Philadelphia New Studio?

    The entire NBCSP facility is in the middle of a rebuild.
  4. Bars-n-tone

    The CBS 3 Eyewitness News Thread

    newsfan6 and NYPhillynews: Spot on.
  5. The parking under the building is about 70 spaces and that's for the WHOLE building. I don't believe these spots are for NBC, except, perhaps for the GM and such. The same situation happened at KYW's current facility. Fortunately, employees were able to rent outdoor spaces from the Inquirer there.
  6. Bars-n-tone

    The CBS 3 Eyewitness News Thread

    Completely untrue. I've had several on-air coworkers who have moved on from market 4 to lower markets. There are way more considerations to the job than that.
  7. Bars-n-tone

    The CBS 3 Eyewitness News Thread

    1) Local newscasts are cheap to put on, especially if you are adding time to an existing show. 2) The station gets all of the ad revenue with news. They wouldn’t with a syndicated show.
  8. Bars-n-tone

    the CBS o&o's are a complete mess

    KYW has had automated control rooms since 2011, and will move their master control to the CBS hub this summer. They’ve already removed their commercial traffic staff, so paring down the ad sales department seems in line with CBS going in a leaner, consolidated model.
  9. Bars-n-tone

    CBS to Centralize Master Control for O&O Stations

    This was due to sunspot activity; it wasn’t a constant condition. The MCR ops had a list of alternate sources to switch to if the main paths were compromised.
  10. Bars-n-tone

    CBS to Centralize Master Control for O&O Stations

    The CBS hub will be in Atlanta.
  11. Nah, it’s just a name change for now. Announcers by remote is on the horizon, but it’s still far out.
  12. October 2 is the changeover for all entities, at one time. The Philadelphia properties will not be abbreviated to Philly. The Mid-Atlantic change also reflects their physical move into the property with the other NBC Washington units (WRC, NBC News).

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