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  1. The was an active fire alarm in the building, and the staff had to evacuate.
  2. The RSNs typically roll out new graphics packages with NHL & NBA in the fall.
  3. The RSNs are slowly getting updates. It seems to be a much flatter look.
  4. I believe ESPN Classic would occasionally run old broadcasts of Battle of the Network Stars, which is amazing every time it's on.
  5. Just the animations, such as you posted, are getting updated. Not the inserts.
  6. That shouldn't stop them from either tightening up the shot, or balancing the three to the center of the desk.
  7. In addition, the glow puck couldn't be frozen as low as standard pucks are, due to the electronics. The caused it to perform differently on the ice; it bounced around more, from what I was told. The players were not fond of it.
  8. These promos were actually shot in Philly about a month or so back. If you go realllly slow, you can see a little City Hall, Liberty 1 and the Comcast building in there.
  9. RSNs have dropped the ticker. It's inserted with promo graphics locally a few times a show to satisfy preexisting sponsorship buys. Otherwise, it's toast.
  10. Completely untrue. I've had several on-air coworkers who have moved on from market 4 to lower markets. There are way more considerations to the job than that.
  11. 1) Local newscasts are cheap to put on, especially if you are adding time to an existing show. 2) The station gets all of the ad revenue with news. They wouldn’t with a syndicated show.
  12. No drawings available. I dug the text-only permit data from the phila.gov L&I pages. Edit: Search isn't working for me there, so check out some of this data https://www.buildzoom.com/property-info/1800-arch-st-philadelphia-pa
  13. I don't know, but I am looking at two permits: July 14 2016: "Interior fitout of studio space on the 12th, 13th & 14th floor as per plans." October 13 2016: "New construction: interior plumbing for the fit-out of tv & radio studios and offices, on the 12th, 13th, & 14th floors, the installation will comply with the philadelphia plumbing code, 2004.'
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