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  1. Scrolling through the guide on PlutoTV, I noticed the logo for WeatherNation actually read "WeatherNation Los Angeles" (my location), and upon selecting the channel I saw that it featured a localized L-bar with static, local time that cycled through cities in the region with current conditions and a 5-day forecast, along with a "local weather on the 7's" in the video feed (which isn't *quite* on the 7's given the stream lag). I compared it with the WeatherNation app on my Roku, and their app (while offering a local forecast on their landing screen) still only offered the national WN feed. While I don't love the fact that WN is a corporate sibling to "Real America's Voice", I don't exactly love FOX Weather's sister channel either (and don't get me started on the Byron Allen scripted courtroom shows...), moreover I do appreciate all the options we now have for weather information, particularly in this case, localized weather info. I know localized versions of WN are available sporadically OTA, but I'm happy to see this wider distribution via means such as Pluto. I imagine most of the major cities will have localized WN available on Pluto, but I'm curious as to what some of you might see when checking it out for yourselves.
  2. Dann Cuellar is hanging up his mic
  3. When's the last time they had any stability at night? Dawn Stensland and Dave Huddleston? It seems like ever since 3 and 6 decided to stop letting them have the entire 10pm pie, their bottom has dropped out. With those two other options and 29's hardcore tabloid turn, I've got no reason to watch the pioneer of the 10 o'clock news in Philly. Also, to nitpick some graphics- during their 11pm show (which has a separate open [or at least rejoiners]), they're still using the "10 at 10" graphic in their bug. And on the bug- they have a thoroughly unnecessary "PM" wedged in next to the time, and yet the temperature isn't fully aligned to the right edge of the box, leaving a weird gap.
  4. CBS has shown they're capable of running independent stations in 2022, and we know they're working on an alternative news development hub. I really don't see the potential loss of a marginally successful network (there is zero guarantee Nexstar is going to start pulling affiliations) causing CBS to throw up their hands and have a duopoly fire sale.
  5. I'd love to know what Nexstar is thinking in Philly. Does CW primetime out-rate their syndicated primetime lineup on WPHL to warrant them gunning for the affiliation? How soon could they pull the affiliation from WPSG? CBS would then be in familiar territory with a CBS/Independent duopoly in Philly as they have in NYC and LA.
  6. Abrupt cut to SVU from CBSN at 11 on WPSG, meanwhile things seem to be running as usual on KYW... Quite the mystery
  7. Was this in the first half hour or second? (Or both?) This could have been a staffing/covid or studio issue, OR perhaps they're thinking of adding CBSEN after the first half hour instead of replaying it.
  8. Was NBC actually using the FOX NFL theme? I noticed FOX opened with it and I jumped over to NBC and they seemed to be using their own music for the intro. Watching them come back from break now- each are using separate themes Also, those dual NBC Sports/FOX Sports mic flags... what a collector's item!
  9. Tamela is promoting an interview with VP Harris; I wonder if they kept her out of the studio for a while as a way of quarantining her before the meeting. Whatever the situation is, it's a weird one.
  10. Adam mentioned earlier this week on Twitter that him broadcasting from home is only a precautionary measure due to an uptick in covid cases. Perhaps that's been broadened out to the rest of the newsroom.
  11. Are you watching a lot of FX/FXX or the Nat Geo networks? I feel like since they've come under the Disney umbrella, the synergistic ads have been on in full force (including for corporate sibling Live)
  12. I’m curious as to what exactly the closed captioning is picking up tonight on Night Light (YouTube TV blacks out the picture when taking screenshots or screen recordings)
  13. Even now with one confirmed done, I’d be shocked if The Doctors continues. Presumably this is one situation where the pandemic actually helped, as I’m guessing production costs have plummeted with it being down to one host and no studio audience. However, no viewership isn’t exactly helping…
  14. While not official, also not just rumor (or an April Fools joke)- ‘The Doctors’ future in doubt – Deadline Is it that surprising that two bottom-of-the-barrel shows are likely on the chopping block? "The Doctors" has been waiting for someone to call "time of death" on it for years now.
  15. I wonder if WCBS has their old TWC set piece lying around somewhere... time to dust it off!
  16. Just got a 6am ET push notification plugging the morning show and saying "FOX Weather's new, expanded programming lineup launches today". I put it on in the background while I'm working and caught this graphic- Also, in the rotating promo corner they showed "America's Weather Now" running from 7p to 10p, with "FOX Weather Wild" airing at 10p, so it looks like live programming through 10pm is now standard starting today.
  17. If/when CNN+ as a subscription service tanks, it would be great to see them move the schedule onto HLN, keeping Morning Express and leaving the Forensic Files reruns in overnights/downtime to pad out the schedule, renaming THAT "CNN+"
  18. For those who enjoy context and sources, here's an article on the expected shutdown from the LA Times
  19. I’m curious to see which current stations that air Maury stick with the rerun package vs. the new Karamo show. While the Lie Detector Spectacular may be going out of production, it doesn’t mean it’s going away… just look at the Springer rerun package. It outlasted Judge Jerry!
  20. George Solis announced on his Instagram that he'll be leaving WPVI, no mention of a next stop yet
  21. They were running it during the St. Patrick's Parade on WPSG this weekend as well, where it was rotating between the WPSG logo, the KYW logo, and the CBS News Philly ad with green swapped out for the red (making it almost illegible in the process)
  22. Another departure, and it's a big one- Hurricane Schwartz is retiring in May
  23. Has there been any word on Tammie Souza joining the weather team full-time? I noticed in a weather promo she's featured prominently alongside the three other female forecasters. I know she was also pulling double duty filling in on other CBS O&O's since WCAU gave her the shaft. Glad to see her (possibly) staying in Philly.
  24. Isn't the whole missing person/murder mystery shtick what brought Nancy Grace success on her old HLN show? Oxygen was just entirely revamped recently as a true crime network. How long until it becomes the entirety of the "Prime" hour?
  25. Starting today, they're giving the 6:30 run of Dish Nation the boot in favor of rotating local shows, starting off with "The Pulse with Bill Anderson", coming from a new retrofitted podcast studio. Checking Zap2It, other shows throughout the week look to be "The 215", a return (or reruns) of "The ClassH-room", "Kelly Drives" and "Props & Locks". All except "Props & Locks" also appear to be airing earlier in the day at 1pm.
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