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  1. I'd be surprised if they kept Rick at 10. Not to call the 10 team the "b" squad", but I get the feeling they'd like to keep their "premiere" talent on the 11 and have a separate team they can highlight on the 10 (and give viewers another reason to flip over to 6 at 11). Plus, I would be surprised if Rick isn't also named to the 6pm once that time comes at the end of the year. If he does drop the 10, the question would be- who gets the 10? Taff has already been shifted off to earlier in the day. Bring Walter Perez to weeknights? Call up Gray Hall from weekend mornings?
  2. It appears TONIGHT will be Jim's final 11pm broadcast, with verification via The Philadelphia Inquirer
  3. It appears TONIGHT will be Jim's final 11pm broadcast, with verification via The Philadelphia Inquirer
  4. Wasn’t there an announcement earlier this year that CBS will be phasing out the “CBSN” branding in favor of “CBS News [City]”? Perhaps that logo in the article is an idea of what to expect on the other CBSN outlets.
  5. Noticing during the 4 that they’ve returned the anchors to the desk with no distancing side note: also noticed in some clearly dated soda aisle b-roll a few bottles of “Diet Pepsi Jazz”, which was an interesting mid-2000’s throwback
  6. Granted they have the full force of FOX News behind them in terms of production and news gathering, but with regards to weather- so does The Weather Channel (with a nearly 40-year head start!), and FWX absolutely put them to shame with this coverage overnight.
  7. Curious if any stations in the Midwest are carrying the FWX feed as severe weather rolls through tonight. I know local weather teams are likely to be at the ready, but I believe I read here that KCPQ took the FWX feed during severe weather recently before local coverage began
  8. I caught FWX airing a report today from Scripps’ KSTU. Good to see them working with a non-O&O to procure content, and it makes me wonder if the FWX OTA launch will include some non-O&O’s out of the gate as well
  9. I saw this thread yesterday and WISH I would’ve posted then, because I 100 percent thought “they could just re-air 9am Good Day to fill an hour”. Save for any Breaking News that might happen, it’s relatively evergreen for the day. It’s the only hour I DVR in case my boo or I want something goofy and light to watch in the evening. They could even air it after The Feed at Night for an extra hour of late night competition.
  10. So the pivot is from harping on about Live PD to doubling down on NewsNation's small viewership which, again, I don't think anybody can dispute. But comparing NewsNation to Fox? To Newsmax?! Hannity and News Nation Prime are two VERY different shows with completely different objectives and target demos. Which brings me to my next point- maybe the target demos for NN just aren't there. Why are people tuning into Fox and Newsmax? To hear what they want to hear; they love that feedback loop. They're not looking for objective news. And anybody who is has had the last 15 years to find it elsewhere, outside the cable box. Unfortunately, blowing up WGN America may ultimately prove foolish as it's viewership efforts prove fruitless. Nexstar could have gone the Newsy route- get NN onto diginets on their vast broadcast station footprint, and then work their way toward cable distribution. They could dismiss comparisons to the cable nets by zeroing in on their "local" footprint and relationship with their local stations, or whatever smooth lines they want to use. Instead they have the Detective John Internet chiseling their tombstone and comparing them to Newsmax because... they all have "news" in their name? I don't get it. But here we are!
  11. It definitely seems like a covid case within the active members of the studio- could be anyone from on-screen talent to a camera operator to a producer, but it's about the only reason they'd be separating everyone again
  12. It's quite a stretch to compare impressions of Newsnation and Real America's Voice (which is cringeworthy just to type). Newsnation is a facts-based news effort making an appeal to ALL potential viewers from an unbiased position (that we now know has shifted center-right). RAV is explicitly targeting hard-right viewers with explicitly biased programming, essentially giving viewers what they want to hear. Yes, them having more impressions is indisputable. But one is offering apples and casting a wide net, the other is offering oranges and shooting fish in a barrel. "Why doesn't anybody like my artisan cookie while Miller Lite is selling so well?" Also, Live PD is not "the only thing possible that could ever save NewsNation". We get that the show is missed, and yes, it's viewership numbers were indisputable. But unless they make it the Live PD channel, one or two hot hours out of a week's worth of programming does not make a smash hit network. Also- production costs? Which carries more liability- Dan Abrams behind a desk in a dark room or a full camera crew riding around with on duty cops? Does anyone think Nexstar wants to spend that money or bear that responsibility?
  13. I tuned into the Tubi stream for a replay and started around :30 past and by the time we got to around :50 past my partner said "wait, didn't they just do these stories?". So it looks like repetition is high. I'm guessing WPHL must be clobbering them in the ratings for them to totally upend the newscast.
  14. Glad Hulkie was able to get the full deets on this. I saw Jason Martinez tweet out a short video of the studio with "10 at 10" on a monitor, then saw Kathy Orr reply to a tweeter who asked if this was regarding new graphics by saying "fun, fast format".
  15. I noticed today that FWX has finally appeared within the Tubi app, at least on my Android TV device
  16. Comcast wouldn’t just give up that channel space after NBCSN goes dark, would they? Could we see the relaunched G4 end up there?
  17. Reviving the live version of “COPS” will do nothing to build NewsNation’s credibility as a news network. That’s like saying because the stadium sells the best hotdogs the team will be the best in the league. Yes, viewership may increase. We can’t discount the numbers Live PD was pulling. But that’s comparing apples to oranges when it comes to building the credibility and respectability of the NewsNation product. Let’s not conflate the two.
  18. Amy Freeze posted in a FWX Instagram story that in addition to weekdays, she can be seen Saturdays & Sundays from 6am-noon. Now I doubt that's going to be weekday best-of's, so that's quite the workweek.
  19. Ukee popping up periodically was part of the original 4pm format. I can definitely see the new anchor pairing taking over the 4, and hopefully either the 5 or 10 (I have a feeling it'll just be the 10). Nothing against Ukee and Jessica, but as was stated before- there should at least be another pairing to give them a break/break up the monotony.
  20. Incoming Anchor Alert- per the Chicago board, Siafa Lewis is coming in from the NBC affiliate in Chi-town. While at WMAQ he was their main sports anchor and weekend AM anchor, this article explicitly states he's coming in as a weekday anchor. So...where does he fit in? My guess is 4pm and/or 5pm. It was unfortunate that they had to blow up the original 3@4 format because of the pandemic. Perhaps he'll be slotted there with Natasha Brown as they revert that to something more unique in the 4-6:30 block.
  21. Here’s a few more I grabbed of Night Light. I wonder if a rebranded version of this will be used to fill weekend hours.
  22. Seeing how FOX’s Live Now streaming channel is available via YouTube TV, I wonder if FWX will appear there sooner or later. I’m guessing YTTV penetration is easier than traditional cable (which I’m guessing will come through O&O distribution) as YouTube TV also carries NBC News Now and ABC News Live.
  23. I get that they’re really looking for app downloads but I was curious if there was any smart TV or streaming stick app to watch FWX, and Amy Freeze mentioned at the top of the 1pm hour that it’s available via the FOX NOW app
  24. The website is now live, as is the video stream. It's currently running a countdown clock to tomorrow morning at 6 eastern
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