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  1. Here's a link to the start of last night's 6pm show, which I believe was the debut of the new digs- A new era at FOX 5 (fox5dc.com)
  2. comings and goings- Lauren Johnson announced on her social media today that she's headed to WTVD to be their evening anchor. Incoming is Shaynah Ferreira, most recently at WTNH, for a "reporter/anchor" position (as she put it on her Twitter)
  3. And it looks like today is her last sunday-
  4. Scrabble-board I-team update- last night while in studio, to close out the sportscast at 6, Ducis showed another scrabble-board message (I believe regarding the Sixers). I'm glad it's sticking around, at least for now. It's a very quaint, channel 6-y little nugget I appreciate.
  5. WPVI is shoehorning it into the script as well when they go to break during their 5pm- "You're watching Action News on Hulu Live, and wherever you stream 6abc" or something just as clunky along those lines. It's bad. Fluff pieces on "Dancing With The Stars" and the latest Disney release during ABC O&O newscasts are one thing, but plugging Hulu in the script feels... lower?
  6. I take it that as it was two Canadian teams, NBC figured there wouldn't be too much interest south of that border and just ran with the feed they were allowed to use
  7. Ducis Rodgers' 6pm scrabble-board message is "goodbye basement studio", so chances are we'll be seeing a return to the studio for sportscasts in the near future. I'll miss the messages. They hearkened back to the "call from Accuweather" clouds formerly in the weathercasts that went out with Dave Roberts.
  8. Ukee and Jessica are together at the desk again today, and I feel like there's something new about the screens behind them, but can't quite put my finger on it
  9. Not that I watch a great deal of Antenna, but this may be a positive move in that Antenna could bring back more pre-80’s programming that hasn’t been seen in a while. More shows, now spread across two channels. I don’t know what Nexstar’s national diginet contracts are, but here in Philly WPHL carries Antenna, CourtTV and Comet. Both court AND comet are also carried on other stations in the market, so I could see either easily dropped to launch this (no, not that This channel, this channel…)
  10. They could split the difference between Holt and Muir and go with Maurice DuBois from WCBS. But there’s no way Norah walks away willingly. Perhaps the return of the dual-anchor format ABC tried some years ago?
  11. What were they airing up until now? And do we know whereabouts that shot of Jan is from? That backdrop is very reminiscent of the CBSN Local sets...
  12. The competition is even tougher in OTT outlets like Pluto TV where OAN Plus sits side by side with a number of other conservative opinion channels- Newsmax, The Blaze, America's Voice, and The First. Did The Blaze ever have any OTA coverage? I feel I've clicked around on some site or Wikipedia page where I've seen some kind of conservative talk offering on some low-power station (I want to say somewhere in the southwest?).
  13. Ion isn't going anywhere. The plan (as we've known for months now) once Scripps bought Ion was for them to eventually move all their diginets onto the Ion signals. Scripps gets a taste of all the SVU and Blue Bloods rerun viewership $$, and no longer has to worry about finding/negotiating deals in many major markets to get carriage of their diginets. We never really had a Newsy debut timeline until now. I think perhaps the most we'll see out of this for Newsy is more staffing/expansion of their regional news "desks", likely in markets where they already have news operations (along
  14. In Philadelphia, ABC O&O WPVI has dropped their Laff broadcast on 6.3 and replaced it with “this”, while also adding a 6.4 for what I believe is the first time to carry QVC. Maybe WPPX will be gaining Newsy soon now that QVC has found a new Philly OTA home. Here’s hoping!
  15. Here's hoping the classic logo sticks around. It breaks up the rectangular monotony of the current gfx and I appreciate them using it for the bug today.

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