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  1. I noticed this nifty little addition to the bottom of KYW's syndicated fare bug...
  2. This is the most convincing evidence I've seen yet that the "CBS X" branding is out the door (I may or may not have been in denial). A shame, as we were in San Fran for thanksgiving and I was admiring the fact that the Group W "5" is still in use there.
  3. Yes, a streaming "news" channel that's basically closer to a Q-anon message board than it is to Fox News. I believe they host Steve Bannon's "show", which says about everything there is to say about them.
  4. They use a transitional sound effect which could best be described as "fairy dust sprinkle" which I really don't understand. And while you can look at the viewership as "look how many less people are watching compared to DOOL at those hours", there's also "look as all these additional eyes on top of who was already streaming NBC News Now as those hours". Who was expecting them to keep DOOL viewership numbers? You wouldn't look at next-day numbers of a station flipping from Oldies to Top 40 and go "wow, nobody's listening to them!"- give it at least a month, then bash away if/when the numbers are still dismal. I'd imagine what NBC is particularly interested in is what their ratings eventually look like compared to GMA3.
  5. There's gotta be some snafu behind the scenes as KCOP's feed on YouTube TV is running "the grio" network. KCOP OTA is business as usual. Curious if other cable providers are experiencing the same issue.
  6. Kathy Vara is solo behind the desk today at 3
  7. It could've been Josh Elliot until he gave himself a promotion on-air at CBSN and then was promptly demoted to the parking lot
  8. Coming from Philadelphia last year and longing for something as different (to put it lightly) as Good Day Philadelphia, I’ve found the LA options sorely lacking. Every time I turned on KTTV, aside from headlines it always seemed it was Michaela doing her best passionate-nodding-and-understanding-eyes Oprah impression during some interview. If she were to end up at KCAL, I’d hope it would be as part of more of an ensemble presentation (like the CBS sister operation in Sacramento or the aforementioned Philadelphia broadcast)
  9. The “10@10” experiment is over, and it’s the return of “The 10 o’clock News” (as opposed to the “News at 10” name I believe they were using before the 10@10)
  10. Interesting that you say "noon anchor". I believe most NBC O&O's have their newscasts at 11am. I wonder if we'll see those being shifted to noon to create a noon-2pm news block (though I doubt a station like WCAU would like to go from no news competition at 11am to noon, where they'll compete with WPVI and KYW)
  11. I feel like FOX views FWX as their version of the big 3's streaming news outlets. The news market was saturated (and they already launched FOX Nation), so this is their entry into the FAST realm. Their spots on the streamers have been firmly established, so now they can work on getting their way onto cable lineups.
  12. For some reason, Youtube TV didn't record CBS News Philly NOW for me last night, but I'm tentative about it replacing what was on WPSG- I can't stand what's happened to WTXF's 10pm show over the last 10 years, and YTTV and Nexstar have never come to an agreement which means WPVI's 10pm on WPHL wasn't an option, so the former half-hour KYW produced show on WPSG was perfect; local news, cut and dry, in a half hour. IF (and that's a big IF) there's a good balance between the national segments and local, then I could still imagine choosing WPSG. But it looks like the NOW show local/national blend varies between markets. I'll check it out tonight. I do imagine that the former newscast was facing an uphill battle against WTXF and WPHL, so I can understand them launching this in Philly. I just wish they could've put it on at 9pm leading into a local half hour at 10, but that whole CW primetime thing has them tied up I imagine...
  13. And naturally CBS News Philly is carrying the VP speaking from the NAACP conference in Atlantic City, so no catching it on the stream...
  14. I've tried logging in to the Spectrum app on my Roku with my Spectrum credentials, but in order to stream anything you need to be subscribed to a cable package. Bummer.
  15. Moving from Philly to Los Angeles last year, I figured SN1 would be a nice benefit of having Spectrum as the only internet option in our area. However, if you don't also subscribe to a cable package it seems like they REALLY don't want you to be able to watch SN1 on a television. You can stream all the SN channels via the phone or tablet app, but there's no Roku app, no Google Play app available for my Android TV devices, no option to cast the stream from my phone to my Android TV devices; it won't even let me mirror the screen from my Android tablet! There's only an Airplay option, which is a device I don't have. I'd likely watch SN1 LA (along with the other SN channels around the country) about 100 percent more if I could watch it on a TV. If anybody is aware of something I'm not doing, let me know, but overall it's just been a huge disappointment.
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