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  1. Here's a direct link - Fox Weather TWL - international rotation | earthTV® - YouTube And an interesting concept. Perhaps once they get an idea of how many clicks the stream and app are generating, and can compare that to FS2 ratings, we might see a shakeup. But as of now they have no idea how well this new endeavor is going to perform. Another thing to consider is what kind of sports rights are tied into FS2 and whether FOX is willing to lose it as a sports overflow option.
  2. Two aspects of that Variety article are very interesting and have me optimistic. First, they mention potential potential digital cable carriage of FWX through Fox Television Station agreements. Could that be through digital subchannel carriage rules? How fantastic would it be to have both Newsy and Fox Weather launch OTA in the same year? Secondly, they mention possibly the biggest factor in keeping FWX "on the rails" editorially- advertiser dollars. FOX has to be thrilled at the prospect of brand new advertiser dollars from companies who otherwise wouldn't touch FNC with a ten foo
  3. The app is now available for "pre-order", meaning you can download it but it won't show up on your phone until Monday. The twitter replies are an interesting mix of "there should be a Hannity app!!" and "I'll NEVER watch this Fox news crap!". I'm really hoping there's an editorial divide between FWX AND FNC the way there is between FNC and Fox Television Stations. Also, along the lines of the old joke that FNC was ultra-conservative while the FOX network was bawdy and trashy, I've been daydreaming... What if FWX goes ALL IN on climate change, completely ignoring any FNC blowhards
  4. Bouncing around some streams, I see smaller markets airing CBSN and GMA3 in place of evening newscasts. The mothership WBFF appeared to be up and running but without music, graphics, or live shots. WJLA had graphics and a reporter tagging out of a live shot (though it may have been pre-recorded), then they teased a few stories and tossed to break cold (no music).
  5. I checked out their News 24/7 channel on their Stirr service (which I believe just airs clips from Sinclair newscasts on a loop) and all it was running was their commercial break slide up for the 15 or so minutes I had it on
  6. KVCW in Vegas is running Full Measure instead of the 10pm news. I wonder how this will affect The National Desk tomorrow morning.
  7. Watching Good Day on Friday & this morning, they're anchoring from in front of the monitor setup with a video feed of the corner windows behind them. This makes me think they have to be making some desk or set adjustments. Otherwise, why anchor from next to the window... with a feed of the window... instead of just their regular spot in front of the window?
  8. In that reel, did I hear a three-note version of the four-note jingle from the 2000's? Has that been used on-air?
  9. I'm all for unconventional newscasts. I don't even know if you'd call this a newscast, but it still a locally produced half hour, and they're trying something out-of-the-box. Were they even competitive in that timeslot until now? If not, then why not try this out? Something irreverent and humor-based also seems like a better SNL lead-in. I was a huge fan of WPIX's 10pm circa 2011. They ditched the set, used their newsroom and a greenscreen, and allowed for more long-form commentary pieces. While this isn't quite the same situation, the principle is the same- offering viewers somet
  10. Newsy is shaping into what NewsNation could've been. Grateful to have it available OTA. Nitpicky note- it looks like they'll be rerunning their nightly news shows during the day on weekends, but since the new graphics only launched on Friday, the rest of their shows from earlier in the week have a big bite taken out of the L3's by the new bug on the replays. Just a drop in the bucket! I'm excited to check them out in their first full week post-relaunch.
  11. I'm assuming (so I could be wrong!) that most Ion O&O markets with the suite of Scripps diginets will see Newsy appear an October first, much like with the recent launches of Defy and TrueReal. At least I hope so. I'm way more amped at the prospect of receiving Newsy than reruns of Toddlers & Tiaras...
  12. I was excited for this until I saw that they're leading it off with "BREAKING NEWS" from hours earlier in the day... ugh
  13. It looks like Rob Nelson has found a new home pretty quickly, and for the second time in about a year he'll be one of the launch faces of a new news endeavor- he'll be anchoring weekdays on the new OTA version of Scripps' Newsy network. Here's a TVNewsCheck article, and one from TVNewser. Good for him. I wanted NewsNation to work so badly, but it feels like they've done so little to harness the power of their vast local station presence. Instead they devote an entire hour... to Leland Vittert? Here's hoping Scripps takes note of how how badly Nexstar bungle
  14. Likely just a Labor Day fill-in
  15. Who's even left in the wx department? Kate, Lauren, and Tammie Souza filling in per diem. Is that it? EDIT: Forgot Llarisa in the mornings

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