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  1. Only if One America doesn't snatch her up first!
  2. Just caught a report at 4 from Wendy Saltzman, formerly of WPVI who left back in 2018 to launch her own media training & consulting. company
  3. 6 ran a short promo before tonight’s 10pm on WPHL promoting the fact that they’re now the most watched 10pm newscast. Anybody have any info on how long this has been the case?
  4. While the CBSNNY feeds on the website and the CBS app were still showing the temporary CBSN feeds, I was able to stream the KCBS produced WCBS 5pm and 6pm shows yesterday here - https://newyork.cbslocal.com/live/channel/wcbs-live-311/ Unfortunate circumstances, but it’s pretty incredible to watch them pull this all off.
  5. They appear to now be running a crawl during the 10pm on WPHL. I capped It during a Coronavirus scroll but a minute beforehand it was scrolling local temperatures with "AccuWeather" in place of the "covid 19" title. I'm not a fan, particularly of how it bumps up on the time/temp.
  6. Based on the HR article, it looks like CBSTD is going to pull a "Jerry Springer" and simply offer reruns instead of new episodes once the originals end. If stations are pleased with JJ performance, why would they ditch the reruns?
  7. Does CBSN Philly even have a separate set? I've only ever seen repurposed newscast pieces from the main desk and breaking news additions from their sat center
  8. Good Day Philadelphia is using yellow in place of the red accents. The crawl however seems to be stuck on the same 6 stories under the "national" tab (which I assume is supposed to be rotating between "national", "local", etc.)
  9. CBSN Philly is now live - https://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/
  10. CBSN Philly is now live - https://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/
  11. It looks like the 6pm show has been reformatted as "The Six". I caught very little but did see the end of a sports discussion with Jason on the set, Tom Shred and their female sports anchor both on screens from elsewhere in the building. There was also a segment with Shaina and a web producer talking about a trending story in the newsroom (and shown entirely with that god-awful stutter/staggered video effect they love using during halftime breaks on Sundays). I also believe I saw a touch of the new graphics in use too (but still the old gfx time/temp bug).
  12. I'm seeing the new layout on mobile now but it looks like the Latest Posts box has been removed (it used to be allll the way at the bottom of the page in mobile view). Any chance of a return?
  13. It looks like the 11pm show is being rebroadcast again, this time at midnight on the zombie LiveWell 6.2. Previous rebroadcasts included the 10pm hour for WPHL being rebroadcast at midnight on 17.2, and the long-running 2am "encore presentation as a service for our late-night viewers" on 6. Glad to see it back!
  14. It looks like WPVI in Philly will be splitting it (8am and 10am) and keeping their 9am hour of local news
  15. Dray Clark is off the air indefinitely after being arrested and charged in a domestic assault incident
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