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  1. They've got a few bumpers up on their YT page now and I'm excited. These are like everything the CBSLocal+ stations could have been a few years back. It's a shame there's no broadcast distribution for them though. At least we'll have Emeril soon enough!
  2. Great work everyone! So I'm guessing they got a massive deal on a ton of shirts sometime in 2003-2004 and still have boxes upon boxes to hand out to the new folks
  3. Something that's been bugging me forever... What logo is that on this polo? Did it ever exist anywhere outside these shirts?
  4. Regarding it being "social media friendly", I don't think they meant in an interactive way, more like any story/segment could easily be clipped out at the station and posted to Facebook/Twitter/YouTube for easy dissemination. Could this be a potential replacement for O&O's losing Extra? It'd certainly be something to set a new newscast apart from the 3 previous hours of, for the most part, the same 30 minutes repeated 5 times. This would be a million times better than launching a new celeb tabloid talker or grabbing another syndie sitcom. There are a bunch of talented staff on hand, why not give them the chance to work a different writing muscle in their brain, try weird shots out, have the sports/weather/traffic/reporter person host or do segments, have local, relevant people in to give viewers perspective on stories. HAVE a choir do weather (you've seen the reports 15 times already and could easily grab your phone or flip channels and see it ol' fashioned-style there. WTXF in Philly had an interesting 10pm format around 2011 (opening with a skyline or chopper shot and having an anchor rundown the night's stories over a radio hit before the actual open, debate segments with local politicians/activists) and I definitely miss that. And while we're at it, bring back Jodi Applegate wandering around the newsroom at 10pm on PIX!
  5. I could see myself tuning in. I lament the fact that Philly doesn't have distribution of PBS' "Create" diginet so I could get a nightly dose of Lidia's Kitchen. This has the advantage of big names like Martha and Emeril from the start, as opposed to co-op'd O&O productions that populated the lineup on "Pickler & Ben" graveyard LiveWell (will they just put that channel out of it's misery already?!?). How many "classic primetime series" diginets can there be? What's the saturation point? BUZZR was a great addition to break the monotony, and I think DABL could serve a similar niche.
  6. And with the writing on the wall for the past few months, it's now official- Lucy Noland is leaving FOX29 May 30th Philly.com article
  7. He's been France 24's White House correspondent for years and recently announced on twitter that he'd be reporting for the AP as well. I'm guessing the deal is something along the lines of the latter of what you said- France 24 is his primary employer (and AP affiliate) and while out and about around the world, he can file reports for the AP as well.
  8. Because apparently she got the boot- Philly.com - Traffic reporter Jessica Boyington out at NBC10
  9. Take into account that "Top 30" recently ended production so they have some wiggle room in the schedule. 6:30 has become one of the slots where FOX O&O's have done test runs in recent past. Maybe they're testing the waters for potentially pairing it with "25 Words Or Less" come fall somewhere on the schedule.
  10. Shaina was introduced at the top of the 9am hour this morning on Good Day and is hanging at the desk for Valentines Day talk. She'll make her debut on the anchor desk at 6 & 11 starting next Monday
  11. And that's a wrap on Iain Paige who will move on from WTXF at the end of the month after 6 years with the station http://www.philly.com/entertainment/tv/iain-page-leaves-fox--20190108.html Now if only they can somehow make Lucy exclusive to the 11pm show I might try watching their 10pm again
  12. It looks like WTXF has launched a version of KSAZ's "News Now" rolling news stream on their Youtube page. I saw Steve Keeley post a screenshot from it yesterday and I believe they start streaming when Good Day ends at 10 with an undetermined end time based on the last few days' streams archived on the page. Actually, scrolling back on their YT page it appears this actually launched on July 11th. I stream Good Day every morning and have seen zero mention of this on-air or during breaks.
  13. Yesterday was apparently Dave Schratwieser's last day. I didn't catch the evening shows to see if anything was done but he did stop by Good Day for a retrospective and look down memory lane
  14. Dave Schratwieser looks to be hanging up his mic [MEDIA=twitter]1048035154625798149[/MEDIA]
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