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  1. THIS. Particularly the close with everyone talking at the desk and using Stevie Wonder; it felt very World News Now. That vibe could DEFINITELY set them apart from the fighting/arguing/doom & gloom BREAKING NEWS breakdown happening every night on cable news. Not that it needs to be all 3 hours, or that they can't end on a more serious tone if they're covering serious breaking news, but having that sense of positivity and camaraderie is a far cry from the "My Name, My Show" types available elsewhere. Straightforward news with people who enjoy being with each other and are amped about bringing you the news. What a concept! ALSO- for folks who have mentioned wanting to be able to cast NN to their TV's, for years I've been using this suite of apps for my Chromecast, Roku, and Fire devices and they're quite straightforward in casting videos from the app's browser on my phone to the device (I have an iPhone but it looks like they're in the Google Play store too).
  2. I believe it. I saw the commercial a few weeks back but whenever I checked listings they were still listing it in the 7am hour (until now)
  3. I caught a spot promoting this on one of the off Saturday/Sundays I was up early enough to catch “Good Day Weekend” but just now have found TV listings to verify- they’re axing the 7am hour from #GDW. Two episodes of “The Classh-room” will take it’s place on both Saturdays and Sundays.
  4. Noticed today WNN anchor Kenneth Moton warning Twitter followers of "programming changes depending on your market". Looks like here in Philly, the post-Jimmy/Nightline/Jimmy lineup is a Live W/ Kelly & Ryan rerun at 1:07, a World News Tonight rerun at 2:07, a Tamron Hall rerun at 2:37 into America This Morning at 3:37. I'm guessing smaller-market stations may still have their late lineups intact but if this is the move ABC is making with their major-market O&O's, I don't feel great about the potential trend.
  5. Then why was a station like WFTS able to keep their punchy "ACTION NEWS" logo? Up until now it looks like the only mandate regarding logos was that a white variant needed to be created (see also KNXV, KGTV)
  6. That font looks like it would blow right off the page in a stiff breeze...
  7. Since the reboot never really had a chance to finish their season because of covid, wouldn't this be the 2nd and 1/2 time? That worked well for Cryer & Sheen for a few seasons!
  8. Doubling down on the "morning" theme with what appears to be a sunny-side up egg floating in a mug of coffee
  9. You would think in this era of expanding newscasts (and with political ad dollars at stake this year) WNYW would think about launching a NJ-centered newscast on WWOR somewhere in the 7-10pm block. Rake in the ad $$$, expand the news brand, and actually serve the community the station is licensed to serve (what a concept!)
  10. Starting back in February, the NYC studios began producing a 10pm show for CW-affiliate WUPA in Atlanta. Since the shutdown, WUPA has been broadcasting WBZ's 10pm show- Boston stories, Boston weather, in Atlanta. No other O&O with a news department has been tasked with producing the show. They're not airing CBSN. They're just airing an entirely Boston-focused broadcast in Atlanta for almost 3 months now. I don't know if this falls on the shoulders of WCBS, CBS News management, or CBS O&O management, but it's really... not a good look.
  11. This old Google Groups posting also has some (limited) insight, including the potential that the cheery 5pm chemistry on-air wasn't the same off-air https://groups.google.com/g/phl.media/c/NSUGsdXDBMQ
  12. Big bummer. After Natasha Brown was moved to weekdays on KYW, I switched over to Denise on weekend evenings. At least (from the sound of things) it was a buyout situation and not a mass axe-swinging like there was at KYW. Who fills that chair next?
  13. Logo design aside (though I am a fan), props have to be given for any station willing to go with a color scheme that isn't the tired "dominant blue, red/yellow accents". WPSG had a fantastic set of green/blue graphics when they were producing their own morning show (separate from KYW). They also had a great red variant of the early CBS O&O graphics.
  14. Came across this on Youtube and it's... interesting, to say the VERY least. Anybody have any clue as to what this could be about? I'm guessing COVID coverage, possibly on the CBSNs but this would be an absolute trip to see on-air. Has this been used at any time already?
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