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  1. The weekday schedule seems to be the same as the launch day schedule (Run's House, Jamie Foxx, Wayans Bros., a movie, and Bar Rescue) I've tuned in sporadically since Friday night have have also seen Auction Hunters (Spike), The Challenge (MTV), and they were running Punk'd (MTV) up against SNL last night. Wasn't there an article recently about Netfilx or Hulu launching a branded linear channel in France? Viacom should've just called this Pluto!
  2. I agree, this definitely feels like a rush job. So what's their rush to get this on the air? Also, Total Recall just wrapped, and now we've got Bar Rescue
  3. Remember folks- we have no schedule, no website, no anything to know just what kind of channel this is going to be. However, in addition to Run’s House, they’ve also aired a few hours of The Jamie Foxx Show and are currently in the middle of a block of The Wayans Bros. Could this be Viacom’s attempt to muddy the waters for The Grio while they’re still running color bars? edit: Total Recall is on next (5pm eastern)...
  4. Just as I was getting itchy that I hadn’t seen a 3.4 yet on KYW, FaveTV is now LIVE here in Philly as of this morning. Currently airing- an episode of Run’s House. I haven’t seen any spots for the network itself but have seen one for Paramount Net and one for CMT. I feel like with as much cable content that Viacom has shuffled onto their online Pluto TV service, why not cycle some of those series in and out of a new diginet? I have a feeling that may be the case here.
  5. Butchering local town & landmark names while a tornado bears down on the viewing public. Anybody wanna take a crack at pronouncing "Schuylkill River"? Yes, 3000 miles away they will still be able to harness the technology to pinpoint the path of a storm and give viewers pertinent information, but when they can't pronounce your town, I get the feeling that some folks will turn the channel. And this is even IF they actually start hubbing weather. I see it more from the angle of "well, there's CBSN, ABC News Live, NBC News Now... what news-y angle ISN'T someone taking
  6. I'm curious as to the status of LightTV. I have heard the FOX O&O's (including WTXF here in Philly) are currently running color bars with "COMING SOON - THE GRIO", but the LightTV website still has an active "watch now" stream
  7. The Class-h room pits two teams from local schools against each other in trivia with a small audience from the schools, all taped on the FOX29 evening set. Pretty much every aspect of that sentence has been upended since the start of the pandemic, which is unfortunate. I appreciate the fact that WTXF has been willing to try out so many locally-produced programs, particularly a game show. I'm a BIG fan of "The Final 5" on sister station WTTG in DC. It airs weeknights at 11:30 with a single host riffing on news stories of the day (typically political) with an interview or two from re
  8. Nexstar should absolutely be dropping in half-hour NN nugs in primetime on their non-big 3 stations. We're already seeing this with COX peppering their "National News Tonight" into late-night and overnight slots on some of their stations. It's free marketing for the full WGN newscast, and arguably does a better public service by offering up live news as opposed to, say, another "Modern Family" rerun (ratings would be a different story...)
  9. Caught a commercial promoting a new digital-only hour of Action News mornings from 7-8. The spot was mainly pushing their new smart TV device apps as a means of watching it but I’m guessing it’ll be available through their website as well.
  10. For a year as bizarre as 2020, this sounds about right (fingers crossed!)
  11. WPHL in Philly is also running the "NewsNation Preview" hour tonight. Their listings also show NN running for an hour at 8pm next Saturday. Next Sunday evening they're airing a local MLS game so not sure if it would air Sunday as well. This is probably happening sooner than planned for them, but it feels like it only makes sense that NN is starting to appear on local stations. WPHL is another MyNet affiliate that already pushes MyNet content to overnights, so it'd be easy to drop NN into primetime. For Big 4 affiliates I could see it showing up on diginets if Nexstar was committed
  12. THIS. Particularly the close with everyone talking at the desk and using Stevie Wonder; it felt very World News Now. That vibe could DEFINITELY set them apart from the fighting/arguing/doom & gloom BREAKING NEWS breakdown happening every night on cable news. Not that it needs to be all 3 hours, or that they can't end on a more serious tone if they're covering serious breaking news, but having that sense of positivity and camaraderie is a far cry from the "My Name, My Show" types available elsewhere. Straightforward news with people who enjoy being with each other and are amped
  13. I believe it. I saw the commercial a few weeks back but whenever I checked listings they were still listing it in the 7am hour (until now)
  14. I caught a spot promoting this on one of the off Saturday/Sundays I was up early enough to catch “Good Day Weekend” but just now have found TV listings to verify- they’re axing the 7am hour from #GDW. Two episodes of “The Classh-room” will take it’s place on both Saturdays and Sundays.
  15. Noticed today WNN anchor Kenneth Moton warning Twitter followers of "programming changes depending on your market". Looks like here in Philly, the post-Jimmy/Nightline/Jimmy lineup is a Live W/ Kelly & Ryan rerun at 1:07, a World News Tonight rerun at 2:07, a Tamron Hall rerun at 2:37 into America This Morning at 3:37. I'm guessing smaller-market stations may still have their late lineups intact but if this is the move ABC is making with their major-market O&O's, I don't feel great about the potential trend.

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