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  1. What were they airing up until now? And do we know whereabouts that shot of Jan is from? That backdrop is very reminiscent of the CBSN Local sets...
  2. The competition is even tougher in OTT outlets like Pluto TV where OAN Plus sits side by side with a number of other conservative opinion channels- Newsmax, The Blaze, America's Voice, and The First. Did The Blaze ever have any OTA coverage? I feel I've clicked around on some site or Wikipedia page where I've seen some kind of conservative talk offering on some low-power station (I want to say somewhere in the southwest?).
  3. Ion isn't going anywhere. The plan (as we've known for months now) once Scripps bought Ion was for them to eventually move all their diginets onto the Ion signals. Scripps gets a taste of all the SVU and Blue Bloods rerun viewership $$, and no longer has to worry about finding/negotiating deals in many major markets to get carriage of their diginets. We never really had a Newsy debut timeline until now. I think perhaps the most we'll see out of this for Newsy is more staffing/expansion of their regional news "desks", likely in markets where they already have news operations (along
  4. In Philadelphia, ABC O&O WPVI has dropped their Laff broadcast on 6.3 and replaced it with “this”, while also adding a 6.4 for what I believe is the first time to carry QVC. Maybe WPPX will be gaining Newsy soon now that QVC has found a new Philly OTA home. Here’s hoping!
  5. Here's hoping the classic logo sticks around. It breaks up the rectangular monotony of the current gfx and I appreciate them using it for the bug today.
  6. Well, last night was Rick William's last night on the job... Legendary Action News Executive Producer Rick Williams retiring after 39 years - 6abc Philadelphia
  7. That white "brick" wall looks like some of their sister station's "CBSN" sets. Here's hoping after the studio is finished that this area gets spruced up and can become the CBSN Philly set.
  8. I believe there was also a “Drew Year’s Eve” marathon when they acquired Drew Carey show reruns around a decade ago. I’m still wondering when and where Newsy factors into this all. You’d think it would have been one of the networks they’d add right off the bat, especially since there aren’t any huge carriage agreements already in existence (unlike Laff, etc.). Is there some long term agreement with QVC? While everything else was quick to get the boot, they’re still hanging around.
  9. The entire reason Scripps gobbled up ion was to get signals to put their diginets on, not to launch (from scratch!) a bunch of news operations. Maybe you'll see a half hour of Newsy on the main signal at some point during the day. Maybe you'll see a new newscast from any new Scripps-owned sister stations in the market. But we're not getting any new news departments out of this.
  10. It's a testament to the modern trend of out-of-market suits running homogenized station groups with no regard to market needs (I.E. iHeartRadio), although in this case we have the cherry-on-top of the suit being a blatant bigot I also see this as a testament to the local management at KYW and how they wanted the station to be competitive and succeed. They had plans, they made changes, they were excited. But all Dunn and Friend could do was rain on their parades and snuff out any sparks of hope. I had never heard the "white-whitness news" nickname before, then again, I
  11. The weekday schedule seems to be the same as the launch day schedule (Run's House, Jamie Foxx, Wayans Bros., a movie, and Bar Rescue) I've tuned in sporadically since Friday night have have also seen Auction Hunters (Spike), The Challenge (MTV), and they were running Punk'd (MTV) up against SNL last night. Wasn't there an article recently about Netfilx or Hulu launching a branded linear channel in France? Viacom should've just called this Pluto!
  12. I agree, this definitely feels like a rush job. So what's their rush to get this on the air? Also, Total Recall just wrapped, and now we've got Bar Rescue
  13. Remember folks- we have no schedule, no website, no anything to know just what kind of channel this is going to be. However, in addition to Run’s House, they’ve also aired a few hours of The Jamie Foxx Show and are currently in the middle of a block of The Wayans Bros. Could this be Viacom’s attempt to muddy the waters for The Grio while they’re still running color bars? edit: Total Recall is on next (5pm eastern)...
  14. Just as I was getting itchy that I hadn’t seen a 3.4 yet on KYW, FaveTV is now LIVE here in Philly as of this morning. Currently airing- an episode of Run’s House. I haven’t seen any spots for the network itself but have seen one for Paramount Net and one for CMT. I feel like with as much cable content that Viacom has shuffled onto their online Pluto TV service, why not cycle some of those series in and out of a new diginet? I have a feeling that may be the case here.
  15. Butchering local town & landmark names while a tornado bears down on the viewing public. Anybody wanna take a crack at pronouncing "Schuylkill River"? Yes, 3000 miles away they will still be able to harness the technology to pinpoint the path of a storm and give viewers pertinent information, but when they can't pronounce your town, I get the feeling that some folks will turn the channel. And this is even IF they actually start hubbing weather. I see it more from the angle of "well, there's CBSN, ABC News Live, NBC News Now... what news-y angle ISN'T someone taking

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