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  1. Jose Cancela, the former President and GM of WKAQ-TV Telemundo PR has been promoted to President, Telemundo Stations Group for a second time. His first tenure was from 1992-1998. Succeeding him is Migdalia Figueroa, who was President and GM of WTMO Telemundo 31 Orlando, WRCD Telemundo 49 Tampa and WWDT Telemundo Fort Myers, effective immediately.



  2. On 11/18/2023 at 12:54 AM, C Block said:

    The more I read Rich Lieberman, the more I'm convinced that he no longer has any sources. He is the equivalent of an elderly fanfic blogger but for local TV.


    Lieberman doesn't see the ratings; I do. For the first two weeks of this month, KPIX was virtually tied with KGO for #2 at 6pm. I think their format and anchor changes have had a lot more of an impact than the branding change. I think adding news at 7pm, moving national news to 6:30, and putting Juliette Goodrich on the 6 and 7pm were all good ideas that made KPIX at least somewhat more competitive again. I'm not always sold on their unconventional leads and enterprise story ideas, but I suppose they're at least trying something different.


    The most underperforming network O&O in that market though for sure is KNTV – literally hashmarks for their 11pm some nights. KTVU's Like It Or Not, a mindless show that costs no money to produce, regularly gets higher ratings at 11:30 than KNTV does for their 11pm news or the Tonight Show.


    Who has higher ratings at 11PM? Telemundo or the english newscasts?

  3. 47 minutes ago, nycnewsjunkie said:

    I’m don’t work at a station, just a casual viewer.

    IMO, the graphics look sharp and are a massive improvement over what they replaced. My one criticism is that the L3s (especially the logo bug) take up a large chunk of the screen at all times, and a constant headline ticker isn’t really necessary most of the time. Otherwise, I’ve got no issues with them.


    However, the music is really, *really* repetitive and dull, and it’s already become stale imo. I was hoping there would be more cuts of “Dimensional”, but it’s a really limited music package.

    The station that uses Dimensional the best is CBS 5. I don't understand why the other O&O's don't use the full package like CBS 5 does.

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  4. 1 hour ago, wabceyewitness said:

    Liz is on at 11, too, along with Joe. 

    They have not just the weekend morning and noon issue, but the expectation that Bill will soon scale back and give up at least one newscast. 


    Or maybe two? Have they had Sade and Joe anchor recently? I don't think Bill will give up the 6PM chair just yet, as Bill and Liz recently celebrated 20 years as the 6PM team. Unless Bill gives up the 6PM, and only will focus on the 5 & 11PM news?

  5. 10 hours ago, WCAUTVNBC10 said:

    To add to the mess, I'm pretty sure that's an Enforcer cut being used as the bed for the headlines. 

    Yes, it's the investigative theme. When I hear it, I picture WBBM though. I wouldn't mind if they keep it. It goes well with their hard news/investigative style for the past few years.

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  6. 3 hours ago, 24994J said:

    The freaking desk.



    Maybe the banner supplier was short? I remember that when the studio debuted, it was mentioned that the front part wasn't a screen.

    Also, big yikes. Well launched at 4pm, a disaster afterwards.

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  7. 16 hours ago, jase said:


    I don't see them rebranding as WBBM News; but if there was ever a time to go big and be bold, this would be it. I have a feeling they will play it safe. I'm more interested in seeing the updates to the streetside studio.  They appear to be moving at a glacial pace in getting it completed. 

    If it had been Derek Dalton on the wheel, I would agree that they would play it safe. But Jennifer Lyons is now the GM of the station, she's bold. We saw her work at WGN and when NewsNation launched. And interestingly enough, I haven't seen any leaked graphics of CBS 2 at all online, when most of the graphics were leaked or showcased before the rebranding on other stations.

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  8. I'm looking forward on seeing what WBBM has in store for their rebranding. I did think, a few days ago, what if WBBM rebrands the newscasts as WBBM News, streaming on CBS News Chicago, like BZ and CCO are doing? It would give a fresh opportunity to reintroduce the brand to the viewers while moving forward.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Myron Falwell said:

    This story is from the Murdoch-owned New York Post. Unfortunately the Post’s track record is such that it merits scrutiny as much as the subject matter itself.

    But it shouldn't be dismissed either. The LA Times piece about KYW is a good reminder about it too. The Post may be doing a hit piece on Khemlani and CBS, but it doesn't deny the fact that CBS is always one step forward and one step backwards at the same time.

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  10. 40 minutes ago, PhillyWatch said:

    Consolidated branding was long overdue. Same personnel, same facility (maybe not the same set, but it is now), same content for the most part. With this relaunch I'm learning that KCAL has always had better name recognition, but it could have easily been "CBS 2 news on KCAL 9" up until this point. 


    KCBS should have (and should now) be running promos similar to the "KCAL 9 is now KCAL News" spots touting "CBS 2 is now CBS Los Angeles". I feel like that aspect is still flying under the radar.


    I agree that "The Desk" is coming across as a bit overused, but I can see it from the angle that they're "constantly monitoring news, always bringing the latest information, etc." With approximately 95 hours of news to fill in a day, how many times can they run the same flood package, or the same report that McCarthy lost the speaker vote again? This is a market where an entire newscast will be blown out to follow a car chase- this at least brings some variety. 




    They surely are taking the "up to the minute Channel 2 News at 11" waaay too seriously

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