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  1. From what I have been reading as well, Michael Melling is a narcisist sociopath that loves to cut budgets and doesn't care about journalism at all, only about the spreadsheets. A very stupid move. But it was coming since Wendy Freeman was demoted from President, CTV News to VP News. Melling wanted to break up the pairing of Hwang and LaFlamme by "promoting" Rosa Hwang as the VP of News for CTV Toronto and CP24, which Ms. Hwang clearly did not want. Melling is another Rafael Lenin Lopez and will continue to inflict damage to CTV News.
  2. That might be what NBC is preparing the stations for. Telemundo 49 in Tampa also got a new building as well, with all state of the art equipment and studios as well.
  3. Telemundo 31 in Orlando moved into their new building recently, but they did a WBBM and moved the news department last to the new building. Here is the open and a partial view of the desk and video wall. It reminds me of a mix of KDKA and WSCV. Telemundo 31 uploaded a few pictures to their instagram as well. https://www.instagram.com/p/CewqU2POfAG/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  4. Kris Habermehl returns to CBS 2. Jim Williams posted on FB a picture of both and the following "Can’t tell you how happy we are to welcome back Kris Habermehl to CBS Chicago. He’s a brilliant broadcaster and a great guy."
  5. And adding to your point, if he doesn't change middle management (AND, EP mostly), the station won't be going anywhere fast. Scott Jones mentioned that KCBS/KCAL staffers were telling him that.
  6. Cesar Conde and Rashida Jones are trying to make MSNBC a more "hard news" cable channel. We'll see how it resonates with the viewers.
  7. They need to re-in vindicate Brien Kennedy and bring him back. He took a LOT of shit from UnFriend and DumbDunn. It's the least CBS can do.
  8. WBBM has been using those L3s for a while, even before KDKA. At least since December 2019.
  9. And most importantly, how to translate that into the weekday broadcast
  10. They do look weird. Hopefully when they move buildings, the systems there are better and run flawlessly.
  11. From the WABC Thread: Rob Nelson exits NewsNation.
  12. Nothing in sight for WTMO and the new package.
  13. They weren't that bad. I remember when they announced the new studio before they moved to 64 Carazo, that they would be having a set that was like the network news, and we ended up with the first incarnation of the set.
  14. Agreed. That main studio has been like that since Univision moved WLII to Guaynabo in 2010. So the studio is 11 years old. It was very well refreshed. Luckily Univision didn't throw away anything in 2014 when they closed WLII's news department.
  15. It was the old studio of Las Noticias Univisión, with a new desk, and better use of the space of the studio. Glad to see they kept the newsroom studio like the classic. I have so many feelings about this relaunch.
  16. TeleOnce announced today that the new newscast, "Las Noticias de TeleOnce" will relaunch Monday July 12, 2021. Today, there was a presser where original anchor and reporter Margarita Aponte presented the new team of veterans and newcomers that will be part of Las Noticias. Las Noticias will air three times a day, Monday to Friday with Las Noticias Ahora (The News Now) at 3:55pm, Las Noticias Prime (The News Prime) at 4:55pm and Las Noticias Ultima Edicion (The News Final Edition) at 10:00pm. The FB link below has the entire event that TeleOnce broadcasted live on Facebook and presents the anchors, reporters, the VP of News, Jenny Suarez and the consultant that was tasked to create the News Department and former legendary VP of News at WAPA-TV, José Enrique (Kike) Cruz. https://fb.watch/6AFW1xTFEk/
  17. Love the new look and the SAM theme fits it REALLY nice. Good use of it in Chicago.
  18. KCNC GM Walt DeHaven leaving KCNC per FTVLive https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2021/6/10/this-denver-gm-is-headed-for-the-exit
  19. FOX 5 gave Lori the send off from the Morning News that WABC did not give her. https://www.fox5ny.com/video/940319
  20. WFTV's Eyewitness News at 11PM is also WFTV Tonight. I haven't checked it out yet though.
  21. It seems like CBS wants to compete and make News and O&O more viable and competitive. Wishing them both well and that they can rise and leverage CBS News in a better position.
  22. The dismantling of the MF/MM era. Sad though, their studio was really good though.
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