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  1. Why didn't Susan work out? She was pushed out?
  2. Orlando has been growing like crazy. Hard to believe we lost 73,000 households.
  3. Christine Bentley was also fired from CTV Toronto. She mentioned it during an interview promoting her show with Kate Wheeler.
  4. What an amazing send off for her.
  5. Eyewitness News during the early hours of 9/11/2001 with Diana Williams and Bill Ritter:
  6. T minus 10 days for Diana Williams' retirement.
  7. Amra

    CBS Evening News

    Hate the music. Love everything else.
  8. I hope they fixed this open too. The version posted here says News York’s.
  9. Well, if Howell fires Tara Finestone, that would be a step in the right direction. Steve Mauldin allowed Finestone to gut the News Department and hasn't hired new personnel. I can't believe I'm saying this, but that shit didn't happen when Nancy Bauer Gonzales was the cray cray head honcho at CBS2/KCAL... Pat Harvey and Jim Hill are literally the only people keeping KCBS in life support, so it would be extremely stupid if Howell gets rid of them. BUT, if KCBS is going to be managed like JetBlue is being managed right now, then it will be painful down the road.
  10. FTV Live is reporting tonight that KDKA President & General Manager, Jay Howell, has been promoted to President & General Manager of CBS 2 and KCAL 9. Prior to KDKA, Howell was President & General Manager of CBS 13 and KMAX in Sacramento.
  11. Scott Jones is reporting that KNBC Assistant News Director, Renee Washington, has been promoted to Vice President of News at NBC4. She takes over from Todd Mokharti,who was promoted to President & General Manager of NBC 7 and Telemundo 20 in San Diego in March of this year. Renee was previously an Executive Producer at WPVI and WABC, and served as Assistant News Director at KABC before joining KNBC as Assistant News Director. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/6/7/new-news-director-named-in-la
  12. I like the new feel and how they mash up. Their chemistry will be better with time.
  13. Holy shit, talk about blowing up a station as bad as Finestone/Mauldin have blown up Channel 2 and 9. Utterly ridiculous.
  14. I wonder what scott jones said about the next shoe about to drop at KCBS but its on the patron site. Anyone has any insight?
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