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  1. Holy shit, talk about blowing up a station as bad as Finestone/Mauldin have blown up Channel 2 and 9. Utterly ridiculous.
  2. I wonder what scott jones said about the next shoe about to drop at KCBS but its on the patron site. Anyone has any insight?
  3. That is true, but also how long was Kiernan steering the ship? Almost 10 years. As of Jeff Harris, I may be the only one but I am liking their newscasts. Especially not being afraid of leading the 10PM News with Investigations. It is a different product and I hope that Chicagoans do take notice of that fact. Just with Dave Savini's investigation of Sterogenics and the subsequent passing of Matt Heller and his last interview on CBS 2, that was great journalism. However, I would love to see Mai and Jim together again and a better morning news team. It was a mistake to have let Roseanne go. The 5,6 & 10pm should've been hers.
  4. WNBC's producted suffered under Vicki Burns. When she was in LA for Carmaggedon, KNBC staffers were seriously disturb at how little she cared about that because she doesn't own a car, and on the interwebz it was alleged that she would be out the station by the 5pm News. So we'll see.
  5. YUP! When Roseanne would fill in with Rob, the newscast seemed way better. She should've been the evening news anchor when Diann was booted out. Would've been 11 years of a great thing...
  6. Unless NBC buys WRDQ and moves Telemundo 31 on Channel 27. If and big if, Hearst tries to bid for WFTV, divesting WKCF and WRDQ from WESH and FTV respectively, this could be a good thing to happen to NBCU and Telemundo.
  7. FTV Live reported latelast night that Jeff Harris from WEWS-TV has been tapped as VP/News Director of WBBM. http://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2018/6/25/new-nd-in-windy-city
  8. A bonehead move by CTVBC. They should've had Mike with Coleen Christie. I loved the chemistry between Mike and Christine when they were anchoring CTV News at Noon. Tamara was bleh in my book and her departure was LONG overdue. Who are going to be the main team? It's a really sad thing. Bell Media is slowly dismantling CTV News. Sucks.
  9. Would Janet Hundley make an appereance at CBS 2 as the new chief or would they promote the Assistant News Director? Or poach from WGN?
  10. When did Nancy Bauer Gonzales took the helm as KNBC's ND?
  11. Nice improvement, but I liked the oooold website better.
  12. She may not do a damn thing for you, but the Savannah/Hoda duo is winning in the ratings. And that's all NBC cares about.
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