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  1. It’s hurting my head. I’m guessing the non-licensed assets of KTVA have been sold to Gray, and Gray is putting those non-licensed assets on KYES. so, KTVA is effectively just a license and transmitter now, with no programming?
  2. How sure is everyone that the local station didn’t make this decision? Why is the blame for things people don’t like placed squarely on the corporation? The logo is retro and kinda cool. Not everyone needs to agree, but it is something different.
  3. Not to be that guy, but studio size ≠ set size.
  4. You can say this about most news studios you see on TV.
  5. CNN Center is very much alive if you watch CNN International. They mention Atlanta often as well, something daytime shows based out of New York don’t seem to like to do, even though their control room is in Atlanta (anything after New Day and before The Lead is switched in ATL).
  6. The pooling happens A LOT in SF, for what it’s worth.
  7. Just like many of the things we notice on here, in the grand scheme of a merger like this, it’s not a big deal. It’s quite an undertaking to switch web platforms, train staff on how to post, make the necessary back-end changes. As long as the content is getting posted, and the viewers are able to use the website, should they care if the layout is similar?
  8. The tide is changing, and the possibility of sharing equipment from a centralcast location is indeed becoming possible (and reliable).
  9. Generally, the way most modern hubs work is having the equipment racked at the local station (servers, sat receivers, etc), and those are remotely controlled over IP. Sending the local newscasts to-and-from a hub creates unnecessary bandwidth and latency. Internet connections are at a point where remote computer connections and an IP stream of the station’s output (sent back to the hub) are all that are necessary.
  10. Completely off topic (but it’s TVNT so ) I have no idea why Bill St. James hasn’t been used by local stations as they look to replace CVD.
  11. And since design trends are cyclical, I imagine we will soon start to see things like [ FIRST IN HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE ] [ PRESENTED IN UP-CONVERTED DIGITAL 4K ]
  12. All of the local lifestyle shows are pay for play, for the most part. Yes, they have the hello/chat bit, but the chef from the local restaurant or the owner of the local jewelry store aren’t just stopping by to say hello. The shows are pretty good money makers and it’s mostly of why they exist. (I’m sure there are some examples to the contrary, but I’m talking about the majority.)
  13. Is this the new “Linda Church is moving to weekends” thread?
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