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  1. Why is TVNT worried about a guy who makes several million and knows exactly what he signed up for with his work schedule?
  2. I think the reason they’re even sitting there is to adjust lighting. Phew, people this set hasn’t even been seen through a studio camera yet.
  3. Nexstar should have Stephen Arnold do updates for Instant Classics.
  4. The dark spaces are where the anchors will sit sometime between now and 2024. Darker backgrounds help them “pop” on the set.
  5. James Spann works for Sinclair, so not sure he’d be making many appearances on WGNA. I think the whole thing is that it feels like a local newscast, covering national news. People still TRUST local news — there’s no “big and small market” about it, it’s a universally recognized aspect of local news. I think viewers seeing the reporters from their own community on NN is a huge asset.
  6. If the line up to that microwave dish wasn’t cut, then the link would probably still work. It looked like it was still aimed in the right direction. I did see another angle, however, that showed the top of the tower poking through the roof of the building, which means rain has gotten in. Hopefully not too much equipment was in the area. A temporary STL using a satellite uplink would definitely be easy to pull off, and perhaps necessary if they’re out of the building for a while.
  7. For the record, the tower we see twisted and downed is not their main transmitter tower, it’s the tower that sends the signal up to it, north east of Lake Charles. It may not be in any better shape, but I haven’t seen any reports on that.
  8. Can David whispering “goodnight” and the cold fade to black stop as well, while we are putting in our TVNT requests?
  9. I’m going to assume the ticker is frozen, as this is the STL tower right above their building.
  10. You all do realize they’re heavily promoting their OTT presence, right?
  11. It’s hurting my head. I’m guessing the non-licensed assets of KTVA have been sold to Gray, and Gray is putting those non-licensed assets on KYES. so, KTVA is effectively just a license and transmitter now, with no programming?
  12. How sure is everyone that the local station didn’t make this decision? Why is the blame for things people don’t like placed squarely on the corporation? The logo is retro and kinda cool. Not everyone needs to agree, but it is something different.
  13. Not to be that guy, but studio size ≠ set size.

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