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  1. NateinFLA


    WGN cleaning up just in time for the Nexstar visit tomorrow:
  2. NateinFLA

    Live Trucks going fully cellular with 5G?

    Well, sure, there is technically encoding and decoding that does cause a few frames of latency, but it’s virtually unnoticeable.
  3. NateinFLA

    Live Trucks going fully cellular with 5G?

    There is still nothing better than a live shot done via microwave, with zero delay and no dropouts. Full HD. No reporter nodding their head for an eternity. No producer messing-up a jump-cue (which is even worse). No need for a live stinger to sit on screen for several seconds. The good news is that they still seem to be heavily used on the west coast.
  4. NateinFLA

    2019 AAF Season

    The league has a lot of potential. It’s good football, and unique take on the rules is (extremely) refreshing. Hopefully next season more games make it on CBS — I imagine they can make it fit around some March Madness coverage to give it a little extra boost.
  5. NateinFLA

    Out & About

    Looks like KRON — and perhaps more Nexstar stations — are venturing into 24/7 news. Which reminded the geek in me of their NewsCenter 4 “24 Hour News — Every Day, Every Hour” days.
  6. NateinFLA

    Today Show

    The live audience element of the third hour should continue, in my opinion — unless they already have other plans for 6A.
  7. I like how many here expect all the bells and whistles to be thrown at the viewer on day one. Literally everything about this facility is brand new to everyone involved — give them time to get comfortable before they get super creative.
  8. NateinFLA

    Hurricane Michael: Coverage/Operations

    Transmitter burn-in and testing.
  9. NateinFLA

    Hurricane Michael: Coverage/Operations

    Via antenna, I could still see their frequency test PSIP data and slate for the new frequency.
  10. NateinFLA

    Hurricane Michael: Coverage/Operations

    That’s false. It’s been back since the 11th.
  11. NateinFLA

    Panama City Radio post-Michael

    Operationally they’re in great shape for having been through a Cat 4.999 Hurricane. All broadcast equipment is working perfectly. Yup, it’s a strange and abrupt end to the partnership, Powell really gave a big slap in the face to their employees, parenters and their listeners, especially now when local media is proving to be absolutely essential.
  12. NateinFLA

    Panama City Radio post-Michael

    WJHG and WMBB are *both* on the air. WMBB as of today and WJHG/WECP as of Thursday afternoon. Contrary to some stories I’ve seen, WJHG’s barely decade-old STL tower held up beautifully and is fully upright — STL dishes got blown out of alignment but it’s still hitting the transmitter site! NFL football currently on NBC, a necessary distraction. Biggest problems in the area are Verizon being unusable and cable/internet infrastructure. Power was the priority for crews obviously, and many of the cable lines had to be cut to support power restoration. I have a feeling it will be a while before home internet and TV access is available to everyone. Glad some people still have rabbit ears!
  13. Every NBC O&O is hubbed out of Centennial, CO, and they are no exception.
  14. NateinFLA

    Out & About

    This 413 page thread has a topic?
  15. NateinFLA

    WISH getting new set

    I think the reason it was poorly-lit is because it was still in the process of *being* lit. I saw a light meter in the photo, so that was sort of the giveaway...

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