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  1. Completely off topic (but it’s TVNT so ) I have no idea why Bill St. James hasn’t been used by local stations as they look to replace CVD.
  2. And since design trends are cyclical, I imagine we will soon start to see things like [ FIRST IN HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE ] [ PRESENTED IN UP-CONVERTED DIGITAL 4K ]
  3. All of the local lifestyle shows are pay for play, for the most part. Yes, they have the hello/chat bit, but the chef from the local restaurant or the owner of the local jewelry store aren’t just stopping by to say hello. The shows are pretty good money makers and it’s mostly of why they exist. (I’m sure there are some examples to the contrary, but I’m talking about the majority.)
  4. Is this the new “Linda Church is moving to weekends” thread?
  5. Those pictured at WTSP are robotic PT heads with full camera head and lens. No robotic elevator or trucking control, though. Easiest way to tell a robotic camera at a glance: look to see where the camera operator can adjust the camera. If there aren’t arms, zoom and focus controls, it’s robotic.
  6. Those are robotic cameras.
  7. The staffing just doesn’t work out sometimes. The right amount of people were off at the wrong time. It happens. Sometimes we make mountains out of molehills here, especially when it comes to substitute anchor situations.
  8. KNBC did live stream the car chase last night on Facebook. For what it is worth, FOX 5 Atlanta’s Facebook live stream of KTTV had 23,000 people watching live last night. It draws eyeballs nationwide...just happens to occur a lot in Southern California.
  9. I was on Ottawa a few weeks ago, and the bar I was at had the CBS feed of March Madness — so I guess this isn’t Sim-Subbed in Canada? I’m constantly confused by the broadcast rules.
  10. WGN cleaning up just in time for the Nexstar visit tomorrow:
  11. Well, sure, there is technically encoding and decoding that does cause a few frames of latency, but it’s virtually unnoticeable.
  12. There is still nothing better than a live shot done via microwave, with zero delay and no dropouts. Full HD. No reporter nodding their head for an eternity. No producer messing-up a jump-cue (which is even worse). No need for a live stinger to sit on screen for several seconds. The good news is that they still seem to be heavily used on the west coast.
  13. The league has a lot of potential. It’s good football, and unique take on the rules is (extremely) refreshing. Hopefully next season more games make it on CBS — I imagine they can make it fit around some March Madness coverage to give it a little extra boost.
  14. Looks like KRON — and perhaps more Nexstar stations — are venturing into 24/7 news. Which reminded the geek in me of their NewsCenter 4 “24 Hour News — Every Day, Every Hour” days.
  15. The live audience element of the third hour should continue, in my opinion — unless they already have other plans for 6A.
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