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  1. So anyone know how the rebrand is doing? Any ratings bump? Viewer feedback?
  2. How is this nut job conspiracy theorist still employed by sinclair and airing on WJLA? Does she not embarrass the folks at WJLA etc that are forced to air her? She seems looney’er than usual lately. And ever crazier than sinclair has allowed recently.
  3. Eh. Lets see the ratings in a year. I dont doubt the new investment and money being spent is nice. But how many times has a station (including this one) gotten excited and said “its a new day!” “This time its gonna work”! Stations have time and time again rebranded, promising to focus on news that “matters” etc and it flops.
  4. They all suck at this point. Crappy reporting from subpar reporters and anchor rejects. It was always basic and lower tier, but had well known long time faces, that provided some comfort.
  5. Thats what contracts are for. You cant just quit. He violated it, and a judge will side with the station for damages. Or likely, they will reach a settlement for him to pay back moving expenses etc. If they didnt enforce the contract, no one would take them seriously.
  6. CBS is investing tens of MILLIONS in this news op launch. This isnt going to be one of those fake CW things. This is a legit news operation. Big anchors will be hired, a full staff of reporters etc. Its going to be digital first, and a news op of the future, with a focus on streaming. But they are making a big play.
  7. Not a surprise. WBNS imploded and has been destroyed by tegna. CMH has a weak anchor team (minus colleen)
  8. The fall of WSB: can anyone on the inside give insight on what is happening there? Is it all apollo? Or does management need an overhaul? The place has lost almost all of its marquee talent, Monica goes to 46, the product is frankly garbage, if you have watched lately. Technical errors, bad anchors and reporters (aside from Fred and Justin), lackluster investigative/consumer team, new hires are forgettable. I think Monica saw the writing on the wall. WSB is falling and fast.
  9. Can anyone post what ftvlive’s paywall article said today about more changes to come in Atlanta? and yeah.. the gm and nd have only been there a year and a half. They have made some good tweaks, but the ND has made some horrible hires and let go of some really good people. They had an incredible investigative reporter.. who has been replaced with a piece of limp toast.
  10. Wonder how long until all the news directors are blown out. Especially in Atlanta. MK ruined all the strong things SD built.
  11. The Cox stations, specifically KIRO, is a mess. Like 5 reporters and anchors have left in the last few months. Whats going on? Is Apollo not renewing anyone up for renewal? Are these folks going to be replaced? WSB is the other powerhouse that is a shell of what is was just three years ago. Awful cheap young hires and vets out the door.
  12. Im sure this is temporary until her contract is up. The station is too cheap for two mets.
  13. These “retirements” are because they are making too much money. So no, they arent gonna go elsewhere, cause no one is paying old school money. Ken was probably making around 500K. They will bring in a replacement at 200-250.
  14. The cox stations are all a mess right now, including wsb. Staff cuts, pay cuts, positions not filled. Bad management, where there was once strong veteran bosses. WSB is still number one, but slipping. They need a whole refresh. Some anchor changes, reporter shakeups, new look etc. WGCL made some mistakes in letting some really good people go. But they are the rising station.
  15. What an embarrassment. not to mention, that opening segment mocked the city, and made it seem like a shitty podunk town.
  16. How long until BE is taken off the desk and replaced with Rob Nelson maybe? We know a change is coming under Jen L.
  17. Lansing!!!??? Jesus Christ. Fox32’s budget must be pennies.
  18. Surprised no one has brought up the michael corn scandal now. How long until he is fired. I swear NN is cursed.
  19. So is the Brad Edwards anchor experiment not working? I like Brad.. but his delivery is so dour and depressing. I like different. But in this case.. I think they need a strong handsome male lead.. who can just.. anchor.
  20. Oh my god. His grammar is horrible. He never proofs his articles before posting. Drives me nuts. Is Albert Ramon also out? His face was removed from the Prime banner
  21. Regardless if they are leaving the business.. half a dozen reporters have left on their own in the last six months. Walking away from a Top 5 reporter job, means something there sucks. WPVI hasnt had a single reporter leave in like 5 years.
  22. Omg does it matter? NO ONE is watching. Literally no one. This network is DOA.
  23. I was just thinking the same! Scott Jones would be all over this mess. Why is she still on the fox26 site? Surely she should have been fired by days end?
  24. Yes! They had a high energy fast paced winning 11pm newscast, and turned it into some boring “wsb tonight” magazine garbage.
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