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  1. FYI.. be clear between anchor and reporter. I was expecting a big anchor departure! Looks like BY’s bio is missing, so I assume thats it?
  2. Gcl: this is what happens there. A new ND blows everyone out, and by the time he or she is done; he gets blown out himself, and starts all over again.
  3. Why on earth did Brittany Miller leave? Is she really going to anchor in market 200 with Doerr? also, how are the ratings at gcl? Has the new ND made any inroads? i havent noticed any changes aside from people leaving.
  4. WBBM clearly has the best investigative team in town. They are the only station (aside from Chuck Goudie and Blago) doing any investigative that makes any waves. Is it helping the ratings? Is Brad working out as the lead? Or is it classic case of doing “good journalism” that keeps you in last place? Serious discussion.
  5. The graphics look horrible on that dated blue set. Is GCL gonna get a new set?
  6. WGCL getting all the “TLC”? What TLC? They have let go of more than half a dozen onair people, the building and set is a dump. WFSB was a palace in comparison. Now as for FSB, its beyond me why they would get rid of the top anchorman in the market, eliminating the longest running team that helped make them dominant in the market. Also.. question for WGCL insiders. FTVLive had a paywall article about the station demoting people in exchange for new contracts. What did the article say? And who is being demoted?
  7. Re: WGCL... I am curious from insiders, has the new news director made anything better? Have folks warmed to him? Any other big talent or mgt changes in the works? Whos the new assistant ND? Seems to me all he has done since he has been there, is pushed out a ton of people (including a few really good ones).. and renamed the morning show, which looks the same and still sucks. Is his plan to simply make the station WCNC south? Cause that station sucks too.
  8. Im hearing major talent changes may be coming, and dont expect a lot of the current talent to last beyond year one. and no.. long haul doesnt always mean 5 years. Remember Al Jazeera America? Lasted two years. And that was only because it was financed by middle east money. i dont doubt nexstar will give this more time. But it has absolutely no redeeming value.
  9. I agree, its dead. Here’s why: its NOT GOOD. It doesnt offer anything that makes me or anyone want to watch. Its something you watch for 30 seconds and go “this sucks” and move on. Its not like some great newscast that just needs to build an audience. Axios on HBO for example is really good, and could build a loyal following. NN is just flat and forgettable with poor talent.
  10. They are slowly hiring back. The layoffs are an excuse to get rid of expensive talent. They are then replaced with cheaper folks. for example.. pam zekman who was let go, was likely making 400-500K. this new chick from dallas is probably coming in at 120k. they still save money all the O and O’s are slowly hiring back.
  11. How long until this is shelved? It hit like a thud.. and has gained no traction and absolutely no following.
  12. Well it doesnt look like theyve hired a new team. Looks like they just reassigned the dead weight.
  13. The three main anchors are second tier. The male is a lightweight, and the main female cant speak without marbles in her mouth. They need two top notch major market elegant leads, and some veteran investigative reporters. The look is solid now. Now they need to people.
  14. The morning show looks exactly the same. And is that the new news director’s strategy? Repeat everything he did in Charlotte?
  15. As for WOIO.. the new look is solid. Fresh, clean, bold, no longer “cheap”. The anchors however are horrible, and yeah the technical issues. Not just technical, but execution. The anchors screwing up reads etc, awkward camera shots. Trying too much without the ability. Ten years ago, it was a kick ass newscast with David Whitman, Sharon Reed etc. Looked like a Top 15. What happened? Finally, as for the facility.. they just remodeled the newsroom, in addition to the studio. Why would they move?

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