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  1. How long until BE is taken off the desk and replaced with Rob Nelson maybe? We know a change is coming under Jen L.
  2. Lansing!!!??? Jesus Christ. Fox32’s budget must be pennies.
  3. Surprised no one has brought up the michael corn scandal now. How long until he is fired. I swear NN is cursed.
  4. So is the Brad Edwards anchor experiment not working? I like Brad.. but his delivery is so dour and depressing. I like different. But in this case.. I think they need a strong handsome male lead.. who can just.. anchor.
  5. Oh my god. His grammar is horrible. He never proofs his articles before posting. Drives me nuts. Is Albert Ramon also out? His face was removed from the Prime banner
  6. Regardless if they are leaving the business.. half a dozen reporters have left on their own in the last six months. Walking away from a Top 5 reporter job, means something there sucks. WPVI hasnt had a single reporter leave in like 5 years.
  7. How does he keep getting jobs? He is mediocre at best. Not bad.. just.. not great.
  8. Omg does it matter? NO ONE is watching. Literally no one. This network is DOA.
  9. I was just thinking the same! Scott Jones would be all over this mess. Why is she still on the fox26 site? Surely she should have been fired by days end?
  10. Yes! They had a high energy fast paced winning 11pm newscast, and turned it into some boring “wsb tonight” magazine garbage.
  11. Hey.. so whats new at WGCL? Any more talent changes on the horizon? Morale? How are the ratings? Has the new ND moved the needle?
  12. From what I have seen, Tegna has ruined both these stations. Their talent and product is unwatchable. Great veteran anchors and reporters replaced by kids with hip haircuts, bad theme music, boring content etc. Im not crazy, right? Whats the opinion on the inside?
  13. So are they ditching the stupid names for newscasts and going back to “news at 11”? And yes.. WBNS and WTHR have been cratered by tegna. Both stations are awful now.
  14. Can any station insider there explain why so many reporters are leaving? Is it that bad a shop? Pay? No one leaves the other stations. And… the lack of strong reporters is noticeable. A lot of B team folks.. no stars other than Ukee.
  15. Nielsen changed the way they count tv homes this year, including streaming sources like AppleTV etc for the first time. Markets like Atlanta had been lobbying for that, because they were under sampled due to new viewers with non traditional viewing. This year’s rankings are more accurate than in the past. So no, its not a fluke.

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