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  1. Lee Goldberg welcomes Brittany Bell. No word on what her time slot(s) will be: https://abc7ny.com/weather/weather-or-not-lee-goldberg-welcomes-brittany-bell-to-abc7/10866374/?fbclid=IwAR0nhv4nZJngHpI8u_X2bCGzJXWMTM69qBN_qt7P9BinHdocW4upWHfeCi8
  2. Watch as they give Brittany the weekend mornings, and let Amy take Sam's Friday morning and all the noon shifts during the week.
  3. Has Danielle Leigh been let go? The "7 on Your Side" promos now feature only Nina Pineda and Dan Krauth, and while the station website still has Danielle's photo, her bio is gone. And I haven't seen her on-air in quite a while....
  4. Where is Gilma? Haven't seen her since before the COVID crisis started. I know she had a baby a while back, but shouldn't she be back at work by now?
  5. Also on that WGN team is long-ago WABC anchor Nancy Loo! There's a blast from the past.
  6. Not Gilma. On the Saturday night broadcast, it was announced she had a baby this weekend (early - she wasn't due until April).
  7. Where's Dave Carlin? He hasn't been on-air since before Labor Day, and his social media all stopped around September 5. He's still on the WCBS website. Does anyone know - is he ill? It seems like an awfully long time to be on vacation...
  8. Both Steve Overmyer and Alice Gainer got married (not to each other) this past weekend. Lots of photos on instagram of both events, attended by many WCBS on-air personalities. Hence, the substitutes.
  9. While visiting NYC, Spencer had dinner on Saturday with another old friend and former WABC anchor...
  10. This is the second weekend in a row Jeff Berardelli is filling in for Craig Allen.
  11. The "Ro & Lori" ads have started appearing on NYC buses... https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DMc6wGtW0AEZ7-A.jpg
  12. Adam Kuperstein started as the weekend co-anchor tonight at 6 and 11 pm with Jummy.
  13. Emily Smith is on her honeymoon with actor Steve Guttenberg.
  14. The prodigal weatherman returns! Raphael Miranda has tweeted that he'll be returning to work at WNBC starting Saturday, August 26.
  15. Jen in again this weekend, with and without Gus. Where's the new hire. Jummy? And when does Raphael come back from his (seemingly endless) paternity leave?

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