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  1. TellyGenic

    John Mueller Pix 11

    He also does a live Facebook headline roundup every day at noon on the WPIX FB page.
  2. TellyGenic

    WPIX - PIX11 News

    This is the second weekend in a row Jeff Berardelli is filling in for Craig Allen.
  3. TellyGenic

    Gossip Columnist Liz Smith dies at 94

    WNBC's Gus Rosendale remembers Liz and Live at Five: [MEDIA=instagram]Bbaj8oqhBbN[/MEDIA]
  4. TellyGenic

    Greg Kelly departing GDNY

    Are there any updates as to where Greg has gone?
  5. TellyGenic

    WNYW - FOX5 News

    The "Ro & Lori" ads have started appearing on NYC buses... https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DMc6wGtW0AEZ7-A.jpg
  6. TellyGenic

    Michele Marsh dead at age 63

    Covered on WABC at 11 as well. Bill Ritter was gracious and Diana also voiced her admiration of Michele.
  7. TellyGenic

    Michele Marsh dead at age 63

    A well-written obituary from tomorrow's NY TIMES: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/18/obituaries/michele-marsh-dead-longtime-new-york-tv-news-anchor-dies.html?_r=0
  8. TellyGenic

    WNBC - News 4 New York

    Adam Kuperstein started as the weekend co-anchor tonight at 6 and 11 pm with Jummy.
  9. TellyGenic

    WCBS - CBS2 News

    Emily Smith is on her honeymoon with actor Steve Guttenberg.
  10. TellyGenic

    WNBC - News 4 New York

    The prodigal weatherman returns! Raphael Miranda has tweeted that he'll be returning to work at WNBC starting Saturday, August 26.
  11. TellyGenic

    WNBC - News 4 New York

    Jen in again this weekend, with and without Gus. Where's the new hire. Jummy? And when does Raphael come back from his (seemingly endless) paternity leave?
  12. TellyGenic

    Longtime WNBC reporter Gabe Pressman passes away

    Since Sue's departure, there have been at least three ladies in that chair. None of them could come close to her unique presence.
  13. TellyGenic

    WPIX - PIX11 News

    Isn't Andy Adler leaving soon anyway to get married?
  14. TellyGenic

    WNBC - News 4 New York

    And yet that's exactly what Gus Rosendale has been doing the past few weekends, first with Jen Maxfield and now with Jummy - doing the morning show and then co-anchoring the 11 pm news.
  15. TellyGenic

    WABC - 7 Eyewitness News

    The hockey mask-wearing "rapper" has turned himself in: http://gothamist.com/2017/03/07/hockey_mask_attack_reporter.php

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