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  1. Speculating - judging by recent Instagram follows, it is WTHR?
  2. Payton Domschke is leaving WKYC after two years. Looking at her Instagram follows as of late, I’m speculating she’s headed to WPVI. (But I could be wrong!) https://www.facebook.com/share/Jqtg8pakNNSL7Tr4/?mibextid=WC7FNe
  3. Tiffany Tarpley leaves WTOL and returns to Cleveland, replacing Danita Harris at WEWS: https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/tiffany-tarpley-returns-to-cleveland-as-gmc-anchor-damon-maloney-promoted-to-anchor-evenings
  4. A bit ironic that the story at :44 is about a robbery at…Jacks.
  5. It’s a trend with all Gray stations. WTVG in Toledo switched from “13abc Action News” to just “13 Action News” (and no ABC logo). WNEM in Flint/Saginaw/Bay City also recently removed the CBS eye mark from its logo. But I’ll stop there because I don’t want this to be a list…
  6. Eeek. Gotta wonder if this is the end of the line for her. Jessica VanMeter would be an ideal replacement. (Just saying.) Meanwhile, check out NewsOn newscast archives from the past 24 hours and fully realize that Betsy Kling is a rockstar: anchoring and doing weather last night at 11pm, then doing weather from 4:30-7am this morning and back at it starting at 4pm this afternoon.
  7. Speculating here, but it seems his heart wasn’t really into the “news anchor” role. He’s very active on social media, and pretty much every post is Philly sports. Not every sports anchor can seamlessly transition to news.
  8. Agreed - she’s done a great job anchoring. Considering her career to this point was Lima Ohio and Macon GA, she’s quite talented.
  9. It’s all about efficiency these days. Flat renders faster and is scalable across multiple stations in a group. But I agree - I miss the distinctive branding you’d see across stations.
  10. I’m glad someone else noticed that “K”
  11. Agreed. Given that Megan Glaros and Erin Kennedy created a whole YouTube channel discussing the dysfunction of the TV news industry, I don’t see her returning to Chicago TV, let alone weekends in NY. She seems to be embracing her NW Indiana life…
  12. Not to solution it here - but they could have leaned into the “3 as a B” thing and done something like this…
  13. WTVG in Toledo just aired an hour-long special to commemorate its 75th anniversary. It was a decent tribute. https://www.13abc.com/2023/07/11/13abc-celebrates-75th-anniversary-with-hour-long-special/ You can also buy a vintage “13 Strong” t-shirt for a very reasonable $13: https://www.jupmodesupply.com/collections/13abc-strong-75th-anniversary-13abc75
  14. As much as Scott Jones (FTV Live) likes to call out the regression of modern-day broadcast journalism, the man fails at modern blog/website creation and simple editing of stories. ChatGPT could write better and more clearly than he does. He also thinks an email newsletter is revolutionary…in 2023. But, I will say, good for him for making a living (for 20+ years) with that site!
  15. Those opens are a mess. Way too much going on, and a weird mash-up of 25+ year old music gives it an outdated vibe instantly. It’s like they said “let’s make this local” by plastering literally EVERY photo of the given city in the graphics. I wonder how this will look in Raleigh/Durham or Fresno?! This is one of those instances where the “KISS” approach should’ve been applied. Take one element away and it gets closer to a viable package. Even switching out the two city photos above and below the “Eyewitness News” panel with some solid colors would help immensely! Also, not a fan of the use of red/blue for Breaking News and yellow/blue for everything else. It almost looks like a mash of a WABC version and a KABC version (with colors those stations have historically used). I would’ve done red/yellow for Breaking News. As for the lower thirds and on-screen newscast elements, I actually like them. They could be a bit more subtle, but I like the treatment of talent names and the overall visual hierarchy of the headline and supporting details.
  16. Not to mention, they just have so many anchors…NINE people playing the “anchor” role in the afternoon and evening newscasts, yet down in Columbus - Tegna sister station WBNS has two anchors for 5, 6 and 11… It’s also three more anchors than top-rated WJW… Seems a bit bloated if you ask me!
  17. WKYC is retooling again…silly newscast names remain for the morning, 7pm and 11pm… https://www.wkyc.com/article/entertainment/television/wkyc-studios-new-programming-rebrand-afternoon-newscasts-starting-june-12/95-0fc27599-a716-49a8-a60c-267b1ba6e005?fbclid=IwAR3YmqHIW1wumTWLhx9cm4V0T8WDJJrixcWwzAyp8iLOt4yEs5kltf65Hto_aem_th_AYouC3ufPAbNMG0WWaQDPjOlt9-pqWJjxmzWmD6WmvkU33V_D004TK3RxZn4obrwSsA#linr1pp3cr02zyccde
  18. that’s fair - could’ve worded it differently.
  19. One would think so, right?! I feel like that’s how things “used to be” - make a big splash with a whole new look - set, graphics, music, logo, etc. Now, those kind of launches are rare and it’s all done piecemeal without a strategy behind it. *off my soapbox*
  20. Tucker doesn’t need to work another day in his life. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, so I would be stunned if he ended up on NewsNation to deal with the “confines” of cable news. My best guess is that he goes independent with a podcast a la Megyn Kelly. OR - he goes to Daily Wire or the Blaze.
  21. This. 100% this needs to be the model for all stations using a number. Using the eye in the box and in the “CBS News <City>” naming is redundant.
  22. I agree - there’s a reason WSAZ hasn’t changed their Microgramma logo in decades. It’s timeless.
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