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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them retire together…and you’re right, that would officially mark the end of an era in the Toledo market. Diane bridges the generational gap between “legends” like Gordon Ward/Don Edwards/Jeff Heitz and the current state of Toledo as a “starter market” for TV. Diane Larson is SOLID. She brings a level of class to the Toledo market that will never be seen again. When Diane and Lee retire, I speculate that the playing field levels a bit with WTOL. (Especially if WTOL keeps the Melissa Andrews/Jeff Smith pairing going - though Melissa Andrews is NO Diane Larson, or Chrys Peterson for that matter…but I digress.)
  2. After a year away working for United Way, former WFTV anchor Nancy Alvarez resurfaces at WESH. https://www.nexttv.com/news/nancy-alvarez-returns-to-tv-as-anchor-at-wesh-orlando
  3. Looks like a metaphor for what TEGNA has done to WTHR (and WBNS for that matter) since taking over. The Dispatch stations are just SAD under TEGNA.
  4. Thats a bummer, she had quite the following in Cincinnati and beyond. She could’ve easily slid right into the weekday morning seat and co-anchor with Kelly Rippin, especially since Colin Mayfield, just left for WCNC. I imagine WLWT tried to keep her, so it must have really been her choice. Just not sure it was smart to go from Hearst to TEGNA…
  5. And…on the same day Christi Paul debuts in her permanent role, Sara Shookman announced she is leaving WKYC to “spend more time with her family.” https://www.wkyc.com/article/entertainment/television/programs/donovan-live/fresh-off-velosano-sara-shookman-joining-home-team/95-b8cc72b7-38f9-4aa5-bab7-f83f05541e17 She was pushed out…clearly.
  6. I’m not sure that’s what’s happening here though. We will have to see if “What’s Now” has a different vibe than “What’s New.” The 6pm show and “Front Row” at 7 are different from one another. But having so many “What’s” names doesn’t really differentiate these newscasts. I’d almost rather have something like “Friends at Four (or Five)” - like sister station WLTX…
  7. And they just keep pushing her out…. As WKYC has expanded its hours of news, her duties have dwindled. Clearly management isn’t a fan.
  8. It’s silly…just go back to “Channel 3 News.” One notable thing is Sara Shookman’s sharp decline in having any sort of presence here. As recently as 2018, she was the main anchor and now has been relegated to 7pm - and gets pushed out by Christi Paul and Carmen Blackwell.
  9. A TEGNA-inspired logo with cruddy Gray graphics…. Marvelous.
  10. Not sure if this is the best fit, I was thinking WEWS. Argh - WKYC is already a bit “bloated” with talent, with Betsy Kling quasi-anchoring at 5, Laura Caso at 6/11 and poor Sara Shookman relegated to a half hour at 7pm… (Not to mention the presumably hefty price tag that comes with Jay Crawford and Russ Mitchell.) Now, with Christi at 4 - a new slot for 3, who is she “replacing”?
  11. Since she says she is staying on-air, Cleveland is my guess. Curious as to which station and what role?
  12. YouTuber Clancy Burke has left WKRC after 3 years. Before that, she worked at WKEF in Dayton for two years. She talks about her decision in her most recent video:
  13. I’m not sure they’re that intentional with some of this logo creation, however it is very similar. IMO, it’s just so generic that the similarities are a coincidence. That “WV/OH/PA” logo would have been a great legacy logo to revive.
  14. I think Morris is giving it a big college try - recently hiring Lexington media veteran Miranda Combs as news director. Between this - and Lee and Hayley coming from WLEX after that controversy, perhaps they’re trying to better position WTVQ amid a likely weaker, Scripps-controlled WLEX?
  15. It’s better than that honeycomb look Gray has been putting out there!
  16. Glad to hear Matt Quinn is in charge - I enjoy his aesthetic. This also means the Meredith legacy stations should stay in tact for a while… Hopefully, WVUE is on his radar…
  17. John Lomax has announced his retirement from WKRC. He joined WKRC in 1983, but has anchored mornings since 1990. https://local12.com/news/local/local-12-announces-retirement-of-longtime-morning-news-anchor-john-lomax-good-morning-cincinnati
  18. The “2” is actually a reboot of the station’s 1981-94 logo. It’s an improvement from what they’ve had before. https://logos.fandom.com/wiki/KMID
  19. A Google image search of "Heidi Moore WVNS" reveals this is really her preferred "look" for photos. At least she's consistent!
  20. In Toledo, Melissa Voetsch announced her retirement from TV news. She worked at WTOL as an anchor from the late 1980s through 2012’ish, when she left quietly after facing some heart issues. She then resurfaced at WTVG where she was a reporter since 2014. Facebook Post
  21. That WATN open uses two different versions of the ABC logo... when "ABC" is by itself, note the distance between the letters and the edge of the circle... Other than that, it really does look better than the version before it.
  22. WKRC’s Clancy Burke put together a vlog about the experience:
  23. The WKRC morning team has been pretty transparent with viewers about what's going on... https://fb.watch/8OT0jMmk0e/
  24. Moderators - can you please consider renaming this thread to “Gray Graphics” since this thread has long passed the scope of the topic…and ironically, the WOIO graphics aren’t even the standard Gray graphics. (It might be a better idea than being rude to people who post threads with this topic/title, then belittle them and shut down the thread…)
  25. WKYC had a similar-enough logo before the “circle 3” phase… But I do like that TEGNA-fied WKBW logo!
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