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  1. They need one! It was eight years in October since they debuted their current set. Wow, how much has changed at 10TV since then...
  2. I hope so...Diane singlehandedly adds some “gravitas” to Toledo TV. 2021 will be her 40th(!) year on Toledo television as she started at WDHO/WNWO before heading to WTVG in Dec. 1984. https://www.toledoblade.com/opinion/2007/05/11/WTVG-TV-s-Larson-named-to-hall-of-fame/stories/200705110049 Overall, I like this move for WTOL. I was hoping WTOL would make this move when Jerry Anderson retired - but it’s better late than never. It instantly adds some much needed longevity to WTOL, and likely increases morale for the station, since Jeff Smith has been in Toled
  3. In Toledo, anchor Jeff Smith crosses the street from WTVG (where he was morning anchor for at least 15 years) to WTOL, where he’ll join former WTVG reporter Mel Andrews as co-anchor at 5, 6 and 11pm. https://www.wtol.com/amp/article/about-us/anchor-jeff-smith-joins-wtol-11-evening-news-team/512-2db7900f-eef6-4659-a367-ceb6e4a3541b?__twitter_impression=true This, plus the addition of Tiffany Tarpley (from WKYC, but also of WUPW when it had its own operation) completes the anchor upheaval WTOL has had since Kristi Leigh left for KMPH in Feb 2020. Overall, soli
  4. Romona Robinson was the first step in removing any “Action” from “19 Action News.” They dropped Reed, Lynna Lai, Danielle Serino and many others once Romona arrived. Imagine that team with the current look and energy - IMO it would rival Fox 8 for the best newscast in town, especially since WKYC is a mess and WEWS is a shell of its former self. (And yes, it’s ironic many of those folks ended up at Channel 3, but neither Lai or Serino are being utilized to their potential. Choosing Betsy Kling to anchor over Lynna Lai wasn’t a great idea. But I digress...)
  5. They just installed a new set at Reserve Square, so I suspect they’re locked in down there for a bit... I do agree that more space would do then make good. They had a really decent team then let them all go...
  6. More upheaval at WBNS... morning anchor Pete Scalia left the station this morning after 3.5 years. Pete Scalia departs 10TV
  7. YOU ARE SO NOT ALONE. I know Chris Bradley’s death (and subsequent Mike Davis drama) sucked the last bit of life out of that station, but for me - the energy faded the moment Andrea Cambern said good night. Such a good team here. They could’ve had something had they kept Jeff Hogan and leveraged the energy Yolanda HAD at WSYX.
  8. ttvn2000

    The "3" Thread

    Looks like the GM seems to be OK with the sinking ship that is WKYC under Adam Miller. GM Micki Byrnes nominated Miller for a Crain’s “40 under 40 award” this year... https://www.crainscleveland.com/awards/adam-miller-forty-under-40-2020
  9. It’s reassuring to see some sort of resistance at WKYC. But it is certainly not coming from the top, as GM Micki Byrnes nominated Adam Miller for a Crain’s “40 under 40 award.” https://www.crainscleveland.com/awards/adam-miller-forty-under-40-2020
  10. Same for WKRC in Cincinnati. Lots of young Black guy/older woman anchor pairings in Ohio lately...
  11. That’s what I would’ve thought as well, seeing that Mark had a pretty strong following in the market. Maybe, if they intend on filling the Scott Light slot, they could pursue Taylor for that? I am honestly surprised by this move - and think it would’ve went a different direction if Dispatch still owned 10TV. One thing jd clear - the days of superstars like Andrea Cambern are looooong gone. But, as an aside, I’ve been bewildered by many anchor assignments made in Ohio this year. (Inskeep over Johansen at WKRC, Johansen displacing Taylor at WCMH, Kerry replacing Mike
  12. And now, Andrew Kinsey is leaving to replace Jerry Revish at WBNS. https://www.10tv.com/mobile/article/news/local/andrew-kinsey-joins-wbns-10tv-as-evening-news-co-anchor/530-5a9e8a19-7475-4ea5-a898-c55fd4f2a623 Lots of volatility at the WTOL anchor desk this year. To be expected since WTOL is firmly in second place and Toledo is shrinking from a DMA perspective. Maybe they’ll pick up Jeff Smith from WTVG? Doubtful...since he would likely cost $$.
  13. Melissa Andrews has finally been named evening anchor at WTOL, reuniting with Andrew Kinsey. She replaces Kristi Leigh, now at KMPH. https://www.wtol.com/article/about-us/melissa-andrews-wtol-11-new-evening-anchor-toledo/512-b98c0b45-3585-43b0-955a-fc5808f91790
  14. Yep! I always thought Ray was underrated when he was paired with Martha Weaver. They then tried that "Todd and Tricia" thing...and since then, RTV hasn't really had a notable team...
  15. Bob Herzog’s take on the new music is https://m.facebook.com/jendaltonlocal12/videos/350046103069887/?refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2F185846334894559%2Fposts%2F2253467991465706%2F

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