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  1. Best decision WKYC has made in a while. She’s surprisingly versatile and has done a great job filling in at the desk over the past year or so. I do feel badly for other sidelined and underutilized anchor talent at WKYC, like Lynna Lai and Danielle Serino (who both fit in perfectly during the heyday of 19 Action News then moved over to 3).
  2. Same here. Music is definitely the best part of this whole thing. I never understand why stations (not just Scripps) use a "muted" blue mixed with a more royal blue...in the same package. Those blues clash.
  3. Scripps should hire them! Beautiful evolution of the Limerick package. This and WOIO’s should be an option for other Gray stations.
  4. Especially since he regularly dotes over Morgan Kolkmeyer and the WGN morning team...
  5. Seems like they’re doing it for the duopolies that don’t necessarily have any brand equity or ratings pull - i.e. ABC22/Fox 45 in Dayton. If this were 15 years ago, I could see them doing it in Columbus, but WSYX/WTTE are pretty strong these days in that increasingly boring market.
  6. Cammy Dierking officially announced her departure from WKRC, following the lead of her former co-anchor Rob Braun: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cincinnati.com/amp/2506665001 Time to completely overhaul WKRC.
  7. Calling Mary Bubala!
  8. Not really sure why they ditched the 2016 package. They could've refined/simplified that a bit more (getting rid of the lofty proclamations and tightening things up a bit) and it would look better than continually going back to that 2008 package!
  9. Not to mentioned those weathered horizontal wood panels... It’s like HGTV influenced their design decisions...
  10. WSMV has had so many sets over the past decade (remember the ski lodge?) - this is definitely the best I’ve seen from them in many years. Now it’s time to win back the trust of their audience after all the recent behind-the-scenes drama and the way they dropped Demetria Kalodimos...
  11. I would guess some of that logo duplication is courtesy of VDO, who created packages for both stations in the early 2000’s (WSMV’s short-lived package with the “[4]” and “Seize the Day.”)... Kinda like how KOB ripped off WABC’s “Eyewitness News” word mark after having a package created by the same firm...(Giant Octopus perhaps?)
  12. WKYC’s Monica Robins has announced she has a brain tumor. https://www.wkyc.com/mobile/article/news/health/3news-monica-robins-brain-tumor-story/95-552b537d-f6a5-44d1-a795-20782592a963 I wondered why she hasn’t been on air for a bit. Prayers and positive thoughts to a successful surgery and recovery for her.
  13. Not necessarily. The “logo” that appears on screen doesn’t always correspond with newscast branding. For example, the logo on WKYC’s graphics read “WKYC 3” yet they were called “Channel 3 News.” Or WTOL’s just says “WTOL 11” but they go by “WTOL 11 News at XX.”
  14. Down 54K in a year?! I remember when it was Market 66, right near Lexington and significantly ahead of Columbia, SC... . This just solidifies it’s place as a starter market...
  15. WTOL’s Dick Berry retires Sunday after 40 years: https://www.toledoblade.com/a-e/tv-radio/2019/09/27/after-four-decades-at-wtol-tv-toledo-reporter-dick-berry-retires-sunday/stories/20190928049 Candid interview and great perspective from an actual journalist. "The whole media business has become more corporate ... which is affecting how the news is covered, as well as the people you see entering the news business," he said. "A lot of them are not qualified to be in the news business. I just wonder how they got to be where they are.”
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