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  1. As long as they don’t drop “Primetime News” - then we will be OK. But I do agree their look has aged quite well.
  2. It isn’t too hard to read with enthusiasm...or is it? Not to go into speculation territory here, but could Chris Tye be coming to 19? If Tanaka signed a three-year deal, his contract would be up this summer. And if Tye has a 6-month non-compete, it would expire around that time.... A quick look at Instagram shows Tye is friends with Jason Nicholas. So, who knows....
  3. Wanted to see these in action on their live stream, but they seem to have some Donate Life Ohio chair-sitting marathon happening on that streaming channel. Argh.
  4. WTOL has been TEGNA-ized. Haven't seen it on-air yet, but this is what they're promoting on social media. (Gawd I hope this isn't their logo - I don't think it is...but eeeeeeeew.)
  5. Haha... I can't believe she's been with 19 for more than 10 years! And it's funny how we're harkening back to "19 Action News" as a "success" - particularly since "Cleveland 19" was such a snooze! Cleveland is a funny TV market. It seems 19 and 3 basically traded their entire stable of personalities over the past 5 years. Lynna Lai, Danielle Serino, Dawn Kendrick for Romona Robinson, Lydia Esparra and Mark Nolan. And they all lost their personalities in the process! If they want to bring the "Action" back into 19, they need someone with some personality... "Calling Danielle Serino from her Jim Donavan sidekick role at Channel 3......!" (Oh WKYC, talk about a station with a deep bench of talent yet so few newscasts. But I digress.)
  6. I agree. And somebody needs to give Chris Tanaka a cup of coffee. His style is very bland for this reboot. They need to invest in some personalities to help pull this off. It is like they’re pressing the “undo button” and going back to the future...but new graphics aren’t going to fix the poor production and bland anchors.
  7. “Back” to Cincinnati? Not sure his family actually left after looking at his recent Tweets about Mason HS and departing CVG airport. WKRC could use him, IMO, since their new 4pm anchor is less than stellar. They could’ve at least just acknowledged things changed when Crabtree decided to stick around.
  8. They probably shouldn't have led their statement with more slang - but the takeaway of that article comes from the teachers who wrote the station: "I personally would like to say thank you to you and the rest of the anchors at your television station for having the courage to stand up and do something that teachers have been doing for years." Yep. Anyone who has ever attended a pep rally can attest to that. Like I said earlier, folks are too hasty to judge. And I totally disagree with Scott Jones/FTVLive on his continued ridicule. I think the Toledo Blade does a nice job summing this up - and alluding to a larger concern in the "Twitterverse": https://www.toledoblade.com/a-e/culture/2019/03/28/twitter-twits-ruin-fun-wtol-video-kirk-baird-commentary/stories/20190328141
  9. These folks do not deserve all the hate they're receiving. This is not an actual newscast, but instead a video made for the school district - to help with a social media campaign "encouraging students to do well on their tests." It's no different than some of the 'funny' promos created to promote newscasts. It isn't abnormal for a local news station (or its personalities) to attempt humor. Look at the quasi-journalists on the air past and present....Robin Swoboda, Bob Herzog, Kristen Hampton. They all have a "schtick" that isn't for everyone - but they stay employed (or keep getting new jobs) because...on some level, it resonates with the target demo. I feel badly for these folks - but judging from how Melissa Andrews engages with folks on social media...she won't be taking the s***.
  10. Entering Spectulatron territory here, but - they could also make them both a half hour a la Bold and the Beautiful on CBS. Or be truly unconventional (and old fashioned) and divide the two hours into three 40-minute shows. Since they all function in the same “world” - it could open the door for some fun crossover and hook fans in to the whole lineup. (Because I’d assume they’d film in LA like GH and AMC towards the end of its run.). Best guess is that they end up on a Disney-owned streaming platform.
  11. If I recall correctly, BNS was trying to get Yolanda as early as 2012, to replace Andrea Cambern. Perhaps if she would’ve joined them then, the energy could’ve remained. (Kristyn Hartman simply wasn’t a Cambern clone, and it didn’t work out - but I do feel badly for how she left...given the 10 still dominated with her at the helm.) BNS is a tough station to watch...because truth be told, any energy and personality that station had left with Andrea Cambern. (But I digress...Mitch Jacob will have his work cut out fo him at WSMV. I remember his work at WTOL after his stint in Phoenix.)
  12. Some of the momentum for WSYX was also lost once WBNS poached their talent (Yolanda Harris and Pete Scalia) and sterilized them. (You won't see this kind of "personality" when Yolanda is paired with Jerry Revish.)
  13. Their new news director "director of content" seems to want to make his impression on WKYC....and it isn't a good one. He's trying to turn their morning show into something like the Today show, but without the actual personalities who can pull this off. (Though arguably, Robin Swoboda could easily be the Kathie Lee Gifford in this scenario.) They're pulling a Fox 8 by making the news all about the personalities (Hollie Strano's "deeply personal story", an official dog "mascot," putting chocolate syrup on cereal) - but to me, it is just falling flat. (If you notice, their director of content rarely tweets actual news...it's an endless stream of love for Kathie Lee and Hoda...) These days are long behind us...
  14. This took me 10 minutes....it could clearly be refined just a bit. They really could just replicate the KARE "11" across the group and the world would be a better place. There's a reason that still looks good after 25+ years.
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