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  1. And WTTV/CBS4 too... so that make 3 of 5 Indianapolis stations with the same web layout.
  2. I don't see that happening. Harris is 100% claiming this is a decision that enables her to be a better mom to her school-aged child...which makes a ton of sense. Unless they throw $$ at him (which is not happening in 2020) it isn't a logical move for Mark Johnson. I do believe Harris alone will help elevate the profile of GMC again...which is needed since WKYC is a trainwreck and WOIO blew up their somewhat successful morning team (Duffy/Bosley/McLeod) for a revolving door of unknowns in the "Cleveland 19" debacle. In Cleveland, mornings are a fight for second. I always delve into Speculatron territory here - but I do wonder who they'll get to replace Danita. They lost their bench of female anchors over the past few years (Dhominque Ricks, Corinna Pysa) and never technically replaced Lee Jordan. Though there always is Tracy Carloss, who has been on weekends forever. Or Homa Bash, who left and came back to Cleveland.
  3. Good move. Looks like WEWS is trying to leverage the declines at WKYC by putting a recognizable face in the AM. And, I'm pretty sure she has a young son, so these hours are likely to be more conducive to parenting. Admittedly, they should've done this about 8 years ago and put Kimberly Gill in the evenings. (Still a bit salty that WEWS let Gill go, but it's been good for her at WDIV.)
  4. Kristi Leigh is leaving WTOL after three years - leaving her hometown for the first time in her career for KMPH in Fresno, CA. https://www.toledoblade.com/a-e/tv-radio/2020/02/10/wtol-anchor-kristi-leigh-headed-to-new-job-in-fresno/stories/20200210092 Now would be the time to hire someone with gravitas for their newscasts, but I fear they'll just go young and cheap (new hire Carla Bayron?). At least with Leigh, there were local connections - and she certainly improved in the role. Big loss for WTOL.
  5. ttvn2000

    The "3" Thread

    That would be nice! Though I’m not sure they’re giving up on the “new 3” - just yet, keeping those silly names and inane “newscasts” in tact, for now. Perhaps this ratings period will be the wake-up call WKYC needs to rewind back to an actual, relevant station again?!
  6. Another slap in the face to the more experienced anchors they already have in-house. Also feels like an obvious demotion for Shookman, since they could’ve simply paired a new coanchor with Jim Donavan at 7. (Or enlisted Danielle Serino, but I’ll stop repeating myself.) And that press release? How many times do we have to say the 7pm broadcast is a “front row seat” to what’s happening...what’s new or what’s next?!
  7. WFLD - but not clear if he's a direct replacement for Weigel: https://www.robertfeder.com/2020/01/30/robservations-anchor-terrence-lee-reporter-brittany-garzillo-headed-fox-32/
  8. Anyone wondering what is going on with WKRC in Cincinnati? I was expecting some sort of main anchor team announcement by now. I mean, with Rob Braun leaving last June and Cammy Dierking having decided to leave in April 2019, surely they could’ve come into February sweeps with some sort of plan!? Meanwhile, WXIX is making moves with new/familiar faces & newscasts and WLWT continues to be very solid with their married duo. I guess we will just see how things go with the randomness that is Paula Toti and Kyle Inskeep... Come on, Sinclair!
  9. ttvn2000

    The "3" Thread

    Russ is nearing 8 years at WKYC - about 3 years longer than I expected. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Jay rise to main anchor, given his presumably hefty salary and network-level chops. (That, and WEWS also has a main anchor with a sports background in Rob Powers.) Though I’d hate to see Russ go. (And as far fetched as it may seem, I could actually see Russ at WBNS in Columbus, with his background at CBS...) Anyway... Not to enter speculatron territory more than I already have (oops!), but I don’t see them replacing Sara Shookman anytime soon, especially since she is pregnant. I do think it’s too much to have Betsy as primary fill-in on nights when Sara is off. Last night, Betsy anchored at 11 and tossed to reports from Lynna Lai and Danielle Serino - both talented anchors in their own right back in their days at “19 Action News.” As much as I really like Betsy, I think Lynna Lai got the shaft here and should get that fill in slot at the very least.
  10. ttvn2000

    The "3" Thread

    “What’s New with Jae and Betz.” And poor Russ Mitchell relegated to a “newsreader” role. Kathie Lee and Hoda. Every broadcast. Every day. Kenny Crumpton doesn’t even pull this crap in the mornings on Fox 8.
  11. ttvn2000

    The "3" Thread

    If you can bear 3+ minutes of Mike Polk trying to get children to understand the 'new' WKYC programming schedule... https://youtu.be/_yv753eDTZc My guess...if he went to a Giant Eagle parking lot and asked adults the same questions, nobody would know what he's talking about. How much longer until we can be done with this and just call it "Channel 3 News" again?
  12. ttvn2000

    The "3" Thread

    You mean Lynna Lai, Danielle Serino, Monica Robins (who briefly anchored at 7 with Eric Mansfield before Robin Swoboda arrived), Chris Tye, Dorsena Drakeford and Tiffany Tarpley, among others? Yeah, I get that. That’s why the Jay Crawford hire is a waste. They could’ve had Betsy and ANY of the ladies mentioned above and did some sort of “Friends at 5” thing like sister WLTX... And yes, Jay Crawford was supposed to do noon AND five. https://www.crainscleveland.com/media/jay-crawford-formerly-espn-will-join-wkyc-fall Also - speaking of Robin Swoboda, her announced YouTube show must not be happening either.... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wkyc.com/amp/article/features/robin-swoboda-returns-to-wkyc-with-new-youtube-show/95-2bd225a4-e58c-43fd-8916-1aed25a86cf3
  13. ttvn2000

    The "3" Thread

    That's the thing. Betsy Kling is actually a very good anchor. And from what I can tell, she's arguably WKYC's most popular personality right now. But if they're simply going to reproduce the failure that was "Lunch Break" at 5pm - people are going to be crying to get their Dr. Phil back at 5! This is the time for them to finally step into this century with 5pm news...and I fear they're going to completely screw it up.
  14. ttvn2000

    The "3" Thread

    Bumped this up to share that “3News” is using animated versions of their anchors to promote their new 5pm “newscast.” The madness continues.
  15. According to the comments section to that video, that theme was remembered fondly. And after hearing it for the first time in a while, I guess it isn’t so bad...relatively speaking. TEGNA really didn’t need to change anything from the 2013 package, aside from minor updates. “This is Home” and their truly innovative graphics package have set the tone for all broadcast design as we see it today. (Even as the current package is a step back in terms of intentional, grid-bases design.)
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