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  1. ttvn2000

    New WXIA Set and Logo

    This took me 10 minutes....it could clearly be refined just a bit. They really could just replicate the KARE "11" across the group and the world would be a better place. There's a reason that still looks good after 25+ years.
  2. I watched the WBNS stream (it runs continuously between newscasts) and noticed the 5:30pm portion seemed “off.” You could certainly tell Tracy Townsend was shaken - before the announcement was made. That newsroom has suffered a lot of loss - between Heather Pick, Dom Tiberi’s daughter and now, Chris Bradley. Prayers to all of them.
  3. ttvn2000

    Out & About

    Interesting - especially since viewers likely assumed Johansen was going to get a full-time anchor role when Crabtree retired. This is speculation, but I wonder if this opens the door for him to come back to Cincinnati. A little digging on his Twitter feed reveals his high school age daughter is still attending HS in the Cincinnati area. And Kyle Inskeep isn’t terribly captivating at the anchor desk. (They should’ve given that role to Adam Clements, who was very publicly trying out for the role, but I digress.) It has to be frustrating to leave WKRC after 20+ years (with no Rob Braun retirement in sight) for a lead anchor gig, only to get sidelined a year into it.
  4. ttvn2000

    Out & About

    I have to wonder what this means for Brad Johansen - who was hired to replace him. The station is responding to folks asking about Brad on Facebook rather ominously... :
  5. ttvn2000

    Out & About

    Nice reversal of trend! But the sports guy needs socks.
  6. ttvn2000

    Out & About

    I think it could’ve worked. Not sure if it would’ve been enough to turn the ratings, but I’ve always thought Gill should’ve had a better chance there...especially compared to Danita Harris, who I think was best-suited for Good Morning Cleveland. ‘09 was a volatile time for channel 5...it seemed like they were trying all kinds of different pairings around that time. (Even Joy Benedict had some anchor time during that period if I’m remembering correctly.). This was when they started calling themselves “channel 5” outside of newscasts and had a very inconsistent look and feel.
  7. ttvn2000

    Out & About

    She isn’t as stiff as Romona Robinson...who was pretty successful in Cleveland. Or Lorna Barrett, the face of a much-stronger WEWS in the 1990s. But I do think Gill is doing well in Carmen Harlan’s seat at WDIV.
  8. ttvn2000

    Out & About

    Agreed. That’s when they decided to go for the Ohio City/hipster/club crowd with promos like this: And going way back...I still think they made a HUGE mistake ditching Kimberly Gill. Cleveland (and Pittsburgh’s) loss is definitely Detroit’s gain. WEWS should’ve sent to Danita back to mornings in 2009 and put Kimberly in the main slot.
  9. ttvn2000

    All about Raycom Media....

    WTOL has updated their website... Likely to be short-lived due to the pending sale to TEGNA.
  10. ttvn2000

    Out & About

    Will WEWS ever learn?! They should’ve never ditched Tera Blake for the short-lived duo of Somara Theodore (pre-ticket-scandal) and Jason Nicholas (pre-WOIO). But I guess things worked out for Tera Blake since she’s now at a dominant WKRC instead of a weak WEWS...
  11. ttvn2000

    Gray/Raycom Merger Thread

    For now. Every station owned by American Spirit is operated by a Raycom counterpart in the market. Who’s to say those shared services agreements won’t move to the “Graycom” stations? Speculation, yes. But we don’t know the length of the WTOL/WUPW SSA.
  12. ttvn2000

    Gray/Raycom Merger Thread

    WTOL/WUPW dropped the “Toledo News Now” branding shortly after CJ Hoyt left the station and they hired a news director from WTVG. The Fox newscasts are called “WTOL 11 News” - they allude to “Fox 36” in the opening. If the agreeement between WTOL and WUPW ends, WTVG will begin to produce WUPW newscasts. I’d hope they wouldn’t ditch the “13abc Action News” name for a joint title...as it wasn’t successful with WTOL.
  13. ttvn2000

    Out & About

    History is repeating itself - the same thing happened 10 years ago with Sue Ann Robak. http://blog.cleveland.com/pdextra/2007/05/clevelands_am_tv_personalities.html
  14. ttvn2000

    Out & About

    She's already worked at WTOL - she was one of the folks let go during the Cards Against Humanity debacle. Totally agree that she deserves better.

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