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  1. The WKRC morning team has been pretty transparent with viewers about what's going on... https://fb.watch/8OT0jMmk0e/
  2. Moderators - can you please consider renaming this thread to “Gray Graphics” since this thread has long passed the scope of the topic…and ironically, the WOIO graphics aren’t even the standard Gray graphics. (It might be a better idea than being rude to people who post threads with this topic/title, then belittle them and shut down the thread…)
  3. WKYC had a similar-enough logo before the “circle 3” phase… But I do like that TEGNA-fied WKBW logo!
  4. ttvn2000

    The "3" Thread

    Resurrecting this topic after a year to report that WKYC seems to be going with a more “traditional” (and very blue) open for its 6pm newscast. (The name remains…as does the circle 3 and in-newscast graphics.) Are bigger changes coming?
  5. First thought - is this intentionally tacky? The way they have the anchors pose leads me to wonder... But - I have to be honest, other than the creepy eyes - there is at least an EFFORT to produce a unique opening here. With cleaner typography (Script font for anchor names) and a "KISS" approach to some of the graphics - it would improve quite a bit. I actually like the way the words are rendered within the environments - and Northern Michigan has plenty of beautiful spaces to use as inspiration. I'd also invest in better music and a professional VO. So yes...it's b
  6. Not impressed, unfortunately. It looks very tiny with little depth. It also looks similar to the very bland WSAZ set.
  7. Those graphics are just…ok. The placement of the NBC peacock on that modified logo is a bit strange, and almost too small. If the peacock is a must, they should’ve reverted back to this version from when they rejoined NBC.
  8. The proportions are all wrong. Demanding the “dot” is 75% of the circle 7 basically has the two elements fighting for dominance. Maybe I’ll get used to it...but it’s awkward.
  9. We're probably getting into speculatron territory, but I see Vladimir Duthiers as a potential co-anchor as well, as he has a higher profile at the network level.
  10. WTOL meteorologist Robert Shiels is leaving after 27 years. https://www.wtol.com/article/about-us/wtol-11-chief-meteorologist-robert-shiels-leaving-station-weatherman/512-0dc6b4ed-8cbe-468a-9775-cb4272cfeda7 While WTOL hasn't had a deep bench in the news department and completely turned over its weekday anchor teams over the past year, WTOL meteorologists Chris Vickers and Ryan Wichman have been there for over a decade, so expect one of them to fill this spot.
  11. Sorry to go off topic of the WJLA logo - but I disagree...I think this could be said about WBNS in the TEGNA era, but WSYX/WTTE is a well-cared for station by Sinclair standards. Yolanda Harris should’ve stayed at WSYX, as it seems WBNS is just so generic and boring these days. WSYX has invested in talent - Kendrick is the best anchor in town, Ludlow has history in the market and McPeek is likable as you said...
  12. I agree. I really think the current Hearst group package is one of the best out there...definitely more refined than much of what Nexstar or Gray produce. (And exponentially better than Scripps and TEGNA.)
  13. They need one! It was eight years in October since they debuted their current set. Wow, how much has changed at 10TV since then...
  14. I hope so...Diane singlehandedly adds some “gravitas” to Toledo TV. 2021 will be her 40th(!) year on Toledo television as she started at WDHO/WNWO before heading to WTVG in Dec. 1984. https://www.toledoblade.com/opinion/2007/05/11/WTVG-TV-s-Larson-named-to-hall-of-fame/stories/200705110049 Overall, I like this move for WTOL. I was hoping WTOL would make this move when Jerry Anderson retired - but it’s better late than never. It instantly adds some much needed longevity to WTOL, and likely increases morale for the station, since Jeff Smith has been in Toled
  15. In Toledo, anchor Jeff Smith crosses the street from WTVG (where he was morning anchor for at least 15 years) to WTOL, where he’ll join former WTVG reporter Mel Andrews as co-anchor at 5, 6 and 11pm. https://www.wtol.com/amp/article/about-us/anchor-jeff-smith-joins-wtol-11-evening-news-team/512-2db7900f-eef6-4659-a367-ceb6e4a3541b?__twitter_impression=true This, plus the addition of Tiffany Tarpley (from WKYC, but also of WUPW when it had its own operation) completes the anchor upheaval WTOL has had since Kristi Leigh left for KMPH in Feb 2020. Overall, soli

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