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  1. Why why why do they continue to just put band-aids over that set?! It’s the same desk, just refreshed. Over and over again. That newsroom studio looked it’s best from its inception to 2008... once they added those banners, it went to pot. Argh. This “WKYC Studios” BS has been in all the annoying press releases each time a new member of talent is announced. Who are they trying to be? I just don’t get it. I have said it before, but I am genuinely curious. We’re the ratings so poor to justify these changes? It makes no sense, especially as Fox 8 doubles down on their “Cleveland’s Own” branding (which is nearly 35 years old, at least) and executed it beautifully. Russ Mitchell deserves better. Jim Donavan and Betsy Kling deserve better. I’m just bewildered by this decline. Look at anything from WKYC from 1999-2009 and mourn this loss: This just pushes the Cleveland market down the gutter even more... Argh.
  2. I would imagine most folks are sympathetic towards the 10TV team. Nine months after losing Chris Bradley, this happens. Plus, Columbus people are keenly aware the Wolfe family no longer owns the station, and understand change will come with that too - like Revish retiring. This just adds a ton of fuel to the fire... I’d hope the public is kind to the 10TV folks and the talent is free to say “thank you for thinking of us.”
  3. I can't even. And we thought the 11Alive logo or WFAArrow logo was bad. THIS CANNOT BE. (Maybe this conversation should move to a Graphics or TEGNA Corporate Thread?)
  4. Being a bit short-staffed in the weather department (Ashlee Baracy on maternity leave), they’re utilizing talent from their new TEGNA sister station, WTOL. John Burchfield is filling in...
  5. I want to like this - as it is definitely “on trend” in terms of a flat design. But - the open is sloppy and clearly inspired by TEGNA. (Diagonal stripe pattern is an obvious similarity.). I do like the transitions and wipe/masking effects. The set is a nice variation of what we’ve seen in recent Nexstar sets - similar to WISH but with an overall “darker” palette and varying textures. Plus, unique features like the bridge cables and street patterns really bring a “local” flavor. In this age of consolidation, I appreciate Nexstar’s approach to individual station branding and identity. (Which is obviously a remnant from Media General and Lin.) I wish TEGNA, Scripps and Sinclair would take a similar approach, It’s standardization without being too cookie cutter - offering options for individuality amid a slate of consistent design elements.
  6. Ok @CLETVFan - each newscast title update is getting more and more ludicrous! Why are they throwing their brand equity down the toilet?! Are the ratings bad enough to justify the changes? Argh, how I miss 2006 WKYC.
  7. Rightfully so. In the longer video posted above...around 3:15 - he asks Davis if he's talked to his wife at all. (And named her by her first name.) Eeek! From the looks of things, he walked from the courthouse to the Miranova condos. So - his Wolfe money covered the $50K bond and temporary housing in a condo. Can't get that on a TEGNA salary. UPDATE - He has officially been fired from WBNS: https://www.10tv.com/article/mike-davis-released-jail-after-arraignment-child-pornography-charge-2019-sep
  8. Here's the angle from WSYX. How incredibly awkward... "I'm not really allowed to talk about it, Kevin."
  9. Still completely blown away by all of this. It is insane that in the course of 6 months, they’ve lost Chris Bradley to leukemia, then this. It is like the complete opposite sides of the “Q-score” spectrum—Bradley will be universally beloved while Davis’s reputation is in complete ruin. It’s likely too soon to discuss - but where does 10TV go from here? Who fills that spot? And with Revish out the door soon, 1/2 of their main team will need to be replaced. Not to mention, the new reality that is TEGNA. It’s a situation that was unthinkable even two years ago. (I mean, when Cambern left, she announced it publicly 8 months in advance and they had time to find a “suitable” replacement.) Unbelievable.
  10. He's busy posting selfies with Al Roker and Kathie Lee - and memories of selfies with Kathie Lee - so if you're looking for "infotainment" you may be OK. See what he's done to that horrible morning newscast?
  11. Either that, or she’s disappointed to have escaped TEGNA for Dispatch only to return to the fold... At least the 10TV folks have someone on staff to bring the team up to speed on their new reality...
  12. Surprised to see collaboration between WTHR and "Team TEGNA" so soon - Chuck Lofton from WTHR is working for First Coast News in Jacksonville, along with WKYC's Betsy Kling: https://twitter.com/ChuckWTHR/status/1168680674880040961
  13. I imagine it's only for a few months, since WKYC is supposed to start a 5pm newscast in 2020. With this schedule, it will be easy to drop Daily Blast Live then move Dr. Phil to 3 and Ellen back to 4...
  14. Yes! I've always considered her a very solid journalist - even in her days at WTVG. ABC did a very good job utilizing WTVG as a place to groom top-tier talent. (Bloomquist, Rob Powers, Jason Knowles, Jeff Blanzy, etc.)
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