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  1. Eaty, I’m not offended, just pointing out that we can speak for ourselves. And when did you unblock me, or did that happen by accident with the transfer?
  2. I’m happy for her, but need I remind you you were never voted spokesman or press secretary on behalf of TVNT. We are all capable of speaking on our own to congratulate her. Just worry about yourself.
  3. Wow, you make Robin Red’s hate for NBC sound like love.
  4. Supersized episodes worked, not sure what you're complaining about there. Your collaboration theory is way out there. Do you realize how idiotic that sounds? The Malaysian Air fiasco was a true news story. Did they overdo it with coverage? Probably. I wouldn't label it as suicide though. CNN's ratings downturn are likely a result of overcoverage of the current President, nothing more.
  5. It's pretty clear you don't like her. My google is not broken. I tried a few search variations and the only things that come up are with regards to the situation with her and Michael. Michael was not looking to escape, but rather, move on to something better. If he wanted to escape he could've quit. Also, she was not pissed because her employer made a business decision she disagreed with. She was pissed because she was blindsided by the whole thing and found out from outside sources. And no, not everyone else would have rolled with the punches, some people do have some self-dignity.
  6. Funny, because I haven’t heard any of this chatter. The only time she through a fit was with the whole Michael fiasco, and you could arguably say that she was in her right to do so. You have a right to not like Kelly, but no need to fabricate things about her.
  7. Okay, let’s see you all spin Sheena’s latest move as a “promotion” like last time.
  8. Thanks for your valuable and meaningful contribution to this thread.
  9. If you actually read through yesterday’s posts in this thread instead of randomly chiming in, you’d know that there was no 5pm or 6pm news because of this problem. So yes, they did know of the breakdown ahead of the 10pm show.
  10. A certain other person often uses the term FIRST on their blog, and then puts a disclaimer at the bottom that some of the info was taken from other sources. And the reasoning is because their first among their “competitors”.
  11. Fair enough, same argument can be made about CBS too, though. Never is a term that she be used lightly. Unlikely would be the better term.
  12. Listen, I’m glad you edited your comment because this is the only forum site I post to. And I certainly am not try to pick on anyone (in fact, i feel like you sometimes talk down to me), I’m just trying to make my point. If we can’t disagree without any hard feelings, maybe you should click ignore (instead of repeatedly threatening to do so). Have a good day.
  13. [QUOTE="Myron Falwell, post: 215162, member: 2210"]But they didn't want ABC 33/40, WCIV, WSET or the other stations Allbritton wanted to get rid of in a collective unit. There was only one buyer for all the stations and Disney never had a snowballs chance in hell. [/QUOTE] Point is they wanted WJLA, which debunks your theory that Disney/ABC doesn’t want to buy stations. You make it sound like they have no interest at all. They just didn’t want the whole cluster and therefore lost out on WJLA. [QUOTE="Myron Falwell, post: 215162, member: 2210"] Oh here we go. I [B]nev
  14. No. Just gets annoying that people keep making this assertion (very strongly) with no facts (just assumptions) to back it up.
  15. NO YOU ALL NEED TO STOP. I feel like it’s become an urban myth on this site. There is nothing anywhere on the internet where ABC/Disney has said they don’t buy stations. It’s just people here who think they know everything about everything repeating it over and over again. So they haven’t bought one in a while. Perhaps because the right opportunity never arose? Again, they did try to get WJLA. CBS hasn’t bought one in a while. Do I see people claiming CBS doesn’t buy stations? Fox hasn’t bought in a while. Prior to WBTS, NBC hadn’t bought anything other than stations they already partially own

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