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  1. 1986 Today show documentary - lots of behind the scenes shots and clips
  2. Yeah the shot of the baseball player taking a swing is the one that puts it into clone territory - but nice to see someone go with an arrestingly long intro, althought the music is bland Set looks decent, nice skyline shot, seamless, not distracting The 'Carolinas own' on top of 'Queen City' feels stretched - let's be WGN too! But it's definitely not a WTHR Eyewitness Newscenter Odd they led off the first 'queen city' format with a teaser about a story in upstate New York (taser incident)
  3. Yeah the Paley page was taken down, looks like they're still taking registrations for the public to be streetside for Friday https://www.today.com/popculture/join-us-today-turns-70-t244717
  4. Watching the fire coverage, saw the meterologist doing her report from in front of what looks like an old set - has the control room duratran and wood side elements. I thought they shipped the prior set off to a station in Texas. Or is it just a corner of the newsroom from a prior era and repurposed duratran?
  5. Forgot about KNTV in San Jose for about 10 years starting in the late 80s Station: KNTV 11 San Jose News intro: KNTV 11, The San Jose NewsChannel Newscast title: KNTV News at 6, 11, etc Reporter tag: for KNTV, The San Jose NewsChannel It was differentiated, but to the point they were also the only station specifically focusing on San Jose. Was successful for its size, but seemed to fragment and get lost as the mid to late 90s rolled around. The set didn't have overt '11' cues in its primary shots - just The San Jose NewsChannel branding, but the lower thirds used the 11 logo with no San Jose branding Any old pop songs about Charlotte? They used Dionne Warwick's 'Do you know the way to San Jose' as the melody for their theme.
  6. It's creative though being a Spectrum town I wonder if people will confuse it with being a Spectrum 1 like outlet (not as personality driven, lots of repeats of stories) - might be more differentiated if there wasn't already a Spectrum 1 Tough spot to be the 4th network cast in a town that already has a 24 hour cable news channel although maybe the opportunity is in declining Spectrum subscribers as people move to the streaming apps that feature local broadcast stations I liked their newscast before this - good personalities and storytelling style - but apparently that wasn't enough
  7. Whoa they went really literal with the 'USA' branding at the outset
  8. And things improved really quickly - forgot Bill Applegate was brought in a few months before Swanson brought his KABC playbook. Here's part of a Feb 84 article that talks about his changes (including daily 'discrepancy reports' for on air technical glitches).
  9. What's with Kim Holden using her Twitter feed for get rich quick schemes - these days it's NFTs / crypto - last year it was weight loss supplements
  10. https://www.facebook.com/hannabattahTV/posts/484484509712835 Surprised at the level of engagement and opinions from viewers in the Facebook comments A resounding preference for the skyline among them
  11. They finally figured out mornings with Charlie / Gayle / Norah, but then...
  12. Yeah I’m guessing couldn’t use the main set because the video walls needed some extra support and / or newsroom empty. Odd that the graphics were 2 generations behind but maybe that studios control room had an old character generator. Maybe they hauled in the old background and desk when the new set was built as some sort of backup shot for skeleton crew. Or maybe that newsroom area was untouched just off camera although the idle camera behind makes it seem it’s in a studio.
  13. Who knows if they specifically said 'copy ABC News' but wouldn't be surprised if it influenced people involved in the project. Not a lot else on TV those days than the 3 networks.
  14. You got it. 'Masthead' is what newspapers call their logo on the top of the front page. Banner well that seems like something you'd hang high up. I think Roone Arledge, who started the practice when he overhauled ABC NEWS, had some name for them - maybe it was banner or signage or something. I'm guessing in the KPIX case they saw KTVU had a plain beige masthead banner and used a world map for the center backdrop and was climbing in the ratings, so figured why not try that. Their prior masthead banner was an ABC NEWS knockoff with the black background.
  15. KPIX Dec 1987 open (cut off) - glimpse of a short lived update to the 84-88 set that replaced the plain beige backdrop behind the anchors with a world map, and updated the masthead banner above
  16. KRON May 1980 Update 11pm preshow and open Some early Telesound Signature action on KPIX 1981 - cued up in 2 spots KPIX 1987 Nightcast preshow (weeknight version. - a little more action packed than the weekend version above)
  17. KRON 1981 preshow - rare stuff on this channel Earliest Roz Abrams footage? - KRON Nov 1983 preshow (there's also a tease with her at 14:45)
  18. KPIX Eyewitness News Nightcast April 1990 with a longish close of the 1988 Michael Karp package These graphics / the open were replaced later in the year by the avant garde lower thirds that replaced over the shoulder graphics And KGO March 1984 with the 1982-84 custom theme package KPIX December 1983 Nightcast (partial)
  19. KPIX Eyewitness News Nightcast April 1987 - weekend. First time a full newscast from this era of KPIX music / graphics has been posted.
  20. In the foreign language US local market news theme category this ones a winner…it’s from their 80s “Window to the World” jingle package
  21. Steve Friedman the producer then sped up the pacing - also was there for the revolving sets while they tried to figure out how to beat GMA - he was there early 80s to 87. Probably got feedback his new blue set was too cold for the regular viewers, gave it the Earl Scheib treatment and made it brown. I think Magid was their consultant - and they went to that textbook "plain background to let the talent pop and become identifiable" look with the minimalist 1983-85 set. Then Bryant and Jane got their chemistry mojo after she came back from maternity leave in 84. NY skyline came back in early 85 with the new living room set, and they overtook GMA that year.
  22. This 'flat logo' totaliarianism among brand circles in the name of working better on mobile / digital is misguided. TikTok - probably the most breakthrough mobile / digital brand of the last couple years has a logo that's explicit in giving the impression of dimension and motion, complexity. Is it a good logo? I could care less for it, but it hasn't prevented them from being easily identified in a mobile environment. Let the logo adapt to the medium. The bigger the screen, the more intricate and subtle the logo elements can be. Mobile can have a 'flat' look, and 4K TV something with dimension and texture. Yes I know a lot of video is repurposed for both screens, but the prior look was perfectly presentable on smaller screens. NBC seems to get this.
  23. LOL yeah I think WLS was dragged kicking and screaming into even having music beyond an open and close, so went with the minimalist bed for most of the scripted part. I guess what i'm getting at is repeating chords for a preshow and maybe a stinger to bookend is standard now and was pretty standard back when music packages came on the scene in the 80s. But some producers / directors / management / consultants went with more varied melodic theme elements for the preshows, and don't see that much at all anymore. Also get the impression more stations just go with one cut for most elements of a newscast despite the wider variety of packages, maybe that's not the case. Yeah it has a nice pacing to it and that funky Telesound track. The news director who started that format at KPIX had a quote about a good newscast having the ebb and flow of a great night of making love. The other cool thing was the 6pm and 11pm had different cuts for the preshow - differentiating them. I like it when stations put some thought into distinguishing the dayparts (different theme styles for morning, evening, late). They changed the look and pacing of the newscasts that spring. It was also around the time KGO cleaned up its act, got on the O&O look, put Pete Wilson and Anna Chavez together, and pulled ahead from a dead heat in the ratings. KPIX never really recovered ratings after that - even now distant to KGO. How much was CBS in the gutter, hard to say, but they had the 49ers benefit for several more years. I'm the one who got that particular tape on the trading circuit. It was from my parents' VHS drawer, from the end of my mom's recording of some movie special that night. It cut off before the start of the newscast. Not sure where it is now, maybe still there - the drawer is in the same spot.
  24. My favorite pre-show music beds have urgency and distinct repetition, but instead of just repeating that they have melodic theme chapters that add some suspense to hook the viewer into a storyline. Trying to think here - is that pretty much extinct today? Everything I see for pre-show teases seems to be just repeating a basic rhythm and no theme, almost hiding anything melodic absent a brief signature at the beginning or end. No storytelling via the music. KTRK late 80s / early 90s (News Series 2000) KCRA mid 80s - early 90s - Where the News Comes First WLS late 80s. (News Series 2000) - repetitive at the start but builds to a crescendo in the second half KPIX early - late 80s - Signature - pretty wild and active
  25. KNBC 1986 4 and 5pm, with plenty of the low profile desk for the 4pm Cued it up to the handoff to the 5pm with the dual sets in action, also some clean pieces of Newscenter II in the bumpers
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