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  1. Nice setup for sports final - the set has that distinctive Socal feel of the ‘85 KNBC set that lasted so long Also says something someone as skeptical as David Lazarus is excited about a set Agree with C the 2 shot could use editing. The depth and framing that shines in the rest of the set is missing
  2. Nice masthead above the main desk and use of the '5' branding on the video column, great 'LA neighborhood' shot. Warm woods. It's distinctive, instant classic kind of feel - nice job for a big market Nexstar
  3. Wow two of the most distinctive station brands being retired - KULR 8 and Q 6 - feels like a clumsy consultant recommendation
  4. And the plot thickens. They trotted him out as an interview subject sometime in the past year forget for what. Got the sense of some slant in what they had him speaking to but forget. I see he’s a Cohen prior hire. Wonder where he’s assigned. Logan seems to be doing well weeknights and Matt Prichard is good attitude talent on the weekend evening. Maybe Paul Rudy is getting a break from the morning grind? Also a interesting how Jenny gets all these reader voted best of awards and cleans up at the Emmys. She’s a bright talent but the sheer volume of vote driven accolades is unusual for such a new to the market talent.
  5. SD folks...I know it's a revolving door there...we like watching because we find the anchors / reporters more personable than the other stations, and they cover more community events / local races. Yes I know there's a sometimes over the top slant to things, we filter through it. Had frankly stopped being local news watchers before moving here and coming across the KUSI 'product' - unvarnished as it is. Over the summer Ginger got moved from doing the 4-6 and 10-11 with the always professional Logan, to just the 10-11 plus reporting. Then left the station last month to head to AZ - we were disappointed with both, she has a great voice, great at pointed live interviews. Any idea what she's up to in AZ? Jenny M. came over from KFMB last winter and then filled Ginger's 4-6 role starting in June. Now with Ginger's departure Hunter S. has been handling most of the evening weekday newscasts, and Jenny as of this week appears in the field reporting. Jenny's Linkedin says 'open to work' so wondering if she got told her contract isn't being renewed? Our favorite pair has been Matt Prichard and Hunter Sowards on the weekends so while we're happy for Hunter if she's getting a 'promotion' we hate to see that pair broken up.
  6. Nice to see a seamless backdrop and the warm tones. Odd to have the grid screen on the smaller stand up area, you'd think they could go seamless there too. Tone down the eye on the anchor backdrop and it's a nice shot.
  7. Station video here https://abc30.com/abc30-action-news-brand-new-broadcast-studio-state-of-the-art-set/12386568/ The logo on the beam above the desk is a nice touch - you don't see that kind of masthead branding much on these ultra mod sets anymore, and it's a lost opportunity. Having a logo or masthead of the newscast name on the top of the shot, above the anchors, elevates the brand.
  8. CBS O&Os might want to do a post mortem on what went wrong with that NBC [CITY] experiment.
  9. The on-air 2 shot and anchor close ups look good, with the vertical screen and pillars not ending before the top of the frame, and the 'News 2' banner positioned nicely above their shoulders. Hopefully that 4 shot photo isn't the angle they actually use on air - so awkward.
  10. Watching the live stream that chromakey works well for the tight shot - better than a too-close-up on a physical screen...whether or not they planned on using the green screen. Nice to see some sets with warmer tones / wood showing up again. The soft blue gradient helps the talent pop and they avoided using stark pure white for the borders which is less jarring than some other sets of the last several years. The slogan on the desk is tacky and distracting. And with these much larger sets why are the 4 shots at the anchor desks so cramped looking like an overcrowded sofa in a too small living room for a party. I don't think the anchors are actually any closer together than a less cramped look, but there's something about the shot angle (too high?) and maybe too many competing elements. I'm not a set designer so can't really diagnose...
  11. Better than what KNTV put together The stripes on the desk are nice, and add some urgency White for the walls is jarring, maybe they'll soften that up later A masthead banner with 'NBC 5 News Chicago' above the main screen would be a nice branding touch, and maybe lose the 'Chicago' on the desk if that looks redundant Wonder how the anchor close-ups look
  12. Ironically the CBS Evening News is going back to a more traditional and familiar broadcast presentation for older (core) viewers. These changes at the local level scream bland rerun local cable news like Spectrum or CLTV. Disconnected from the more familiar personality driven, urgency filled traditional affiliate news of yore. And “community journalism” sounds like marketing to what other journalists want as opposed to what viewers care about. If they want to shake things up and be different take a look at KUSI. Manages to bring out the personalities of the talent, leverages Zoom/Skype heavily to expand the guest / story profile, adds a healthy dose of positive local events, interviews lots of politicians on things neighbors are talking about, is willing to prosecute a local issue for weeks or months. Difference is it understands its viewers and what they see / live with day to day vs what a journalist thinks they should see. Sure the national political slant is off putting and some “experts” are borderline. But it’s a genuinely different approach to news vs the old days (despite the old set) that works on a shoestring and you don’t see it much elsewhere. I was at first turned off by it but the upbeat personalities and stories really drew us in. Maybe you need Steve Cohen himself to pull it off and the San Diego sun attracts personable talent but it’s a genuinely differentiated product.
  13. There's a negative halo from network newscasts for some portion of the audience (this goes back decades...the whole 'network news doesn't represent my views' thing isn't new among some portion of the audience, just magnified these days). Beyond that the channel number / call letters are a bit of a firewall that also makes it feel more authentically local. Eliminating the local station number / call letters, and using the exact network news name (CBS News) makes it all feel even less local, trusted for that segment of viewers. See in Pittsburgh how KDKA lags WTAE at 6pm but has a massive lead at 11. Some of the core KDKA viewers don't care much for the national CBS News outlet, preferring World News Tonight. I doubt this change would have passed the common sense test of Les Moonves. The press release for KCNC isn't even consistent. It calls it 'CBS News Colorado' upfront, then all the newscast titles are 'CBS Colorado News at XXX.' The former is much more network newscast tied with 'CBS News' as the exact phrase, the latter maintains some more local identity (keeping the 'CBS News' phrase out of the mix).
  14. That KSDK theme sounds like an affiliate news version of the '83-'84 'Be There' campaign
  15. RE: that 2016 open in there that is inspired by the spinning world 80s and statue of liberty mid 80s opens - happened to run into Lester and his wife on the street and told him kudos to whomever did that work - it was really classy, approachable, identifiable work. He was appreciative and liked it too. Wish the open lasted longer.
  16. KPIX Nightcast promo 1983 - action packed cut of 'signature'
  17. This youtube creator parody of an 80s ABC O&O newscast deserves to be in the classic video - such attention to detail right down to the tone and facial expression for the opening story
  18. Personally really liked the WLS graphics of the last several years, really easy to read from couch distance, nice dimension to them. 'Instant classic.' I know others prefer the flat mobile / tablet screen look but it's not my thing. The blurred skyline background is pretty though. Reminds me of the KTVU late 90s look.
  19. Really interesting post here on Newscaststudio about Queen City News' theme, which launched after their rebrand, and wouldn't have happened had something else not fallen through. Great intent here with wanting something timeless, accessible, WPVI like. Going back to having full opens that take their time to build a sonic brand. Using organic instruments over synth samples. Aligning with the 'smiling people on the streets' visuals. All very promising things. But the execution here...while quality production...just comes across as too somber to my ears. There's not that sense of upbeat that should go along with community shots. And the pace of the melody seems too slow for news. Maybe future cuts will explore those dimensions. https://www.newscaststudio.com/2022/05/17/charlotte-queen-city-news-music-package/
  20. Nice clean cut of the strings only mixdown of the main News Series 2000 bumper around 16:23 of that early 91 broadcast - have only heard it on WLS clips. Thought they had switched to the modern version of the package by then but guess it was later in the year.
  21. Didn't realize WBBM did a copycat of the KTRK talent open with accents of the city names background from some other ABC O&Os (KGO, and one or two others I think).
  22. I'm just amused Warner licensed the package in the same market KFSN used it for 20 years. I guess exclusivity formally ends when the license isn't renewed. Clever choice - it's familiar music to a lot of Fresno residents.
  23. KBTV summer 1982 open, clips - gotta love the 'computer search' segment
  24. WNBC Pyburn in 2003 was a milestone package and set
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