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  1. WDIV started a trend of hourlong anniversary specials in Detroit Here's WXYZ - Robbie and Diana look great and both very gracious about Bill WXYZ promos reel And WJBK getting in on it
  2. Ah Geraldo… This I’ll give to NewsNation and Nexstar… Perry Sook is filling the broadcast leadership void left by Les Moonves’ resignation. A shameless cross promoter because it works, doesn’t try to chase the young adult audience that’s been fickle for decades, and pushing retrans hard. How much juice is left from satellite and cable and streamers paying subs - who knows - but those years long contracts give a lot of runway.
  3. Debra O'Connell now running ABC News and the O&Os https://nypost.com/2024/02/14/media/abc-news-president-kim-godwin-gets-new-micromanager-boss-effectively-demoted-sources/ Guess it's a good thing for WABC (and maybe stations in general) a WABC lifer is at the top of the combined role
  4. Straining your talent by having them stand for an hour doesn't sound great for arresting delivery of the copy on the prompter. Competition must be loving this.
  5. KJEO 1985 (also some KFSN at the beginning)
  6. WAVY 1981 last day of 'Area 10 Eyewitness News' - full clip of the 'proud as a peacock' affiliate news theme at the end
  7. WLS Eyewitness News 10pm November 1986 The unique part of this clip is the set covered in blue panels for the election
  8. Thank goodness. Those grey toned shots with the 'better' Bay Area in the open were so grim looking.
  9. This post has a “wide” shot and confirms this is a temp set - new one might be a year away https://www.instagram.com/reel/C2vpLR0vKCl/?igsh=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  10. Yeah once they ditched the backyard scenery with staircase motif from 75-9X GMA stopped being distinctive. Guess that was around the time they moved from the entertainment to the news division. Wasn’t a fan of the 90s Today set myself. 85-90 luxury condo and the 06-13 were my favorites there.
  11. Might be - someone in another post mentioned KUSI in a “new building.” I remember some media piece saying they would consolidate at KUSIs building because half the building was vacant. Maybe they are in the KSWB temp set area while the KUSI building is renovated for dual use. Also a data point…a job posting for a weekend morning producer says KUSI is #1 in that time slot. Unfortunately for both stations the rescan this month is turbulent - lots of confused people on social plus streaming has gone wonky in the last week. Edited to add... As of today KUSI.com redirects into Fox5SanDiego, with the KUSI logo at the top adjacent to Fox 5.
  12. Moving onto a temp set https://www.instagram.com/reel/C2f4n5Cyu6q/?igsh=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  13. Looks better than the O&O implementation. Less in your face with the eye and CBS name. But close enough you pick up the cues it’s related to the network news parent.
  14. When I last watched just before Jim’s retirement I had the same network nightly news impression except 6 seemed even more professional.
  15. I think they and PVI pay more attention to their generational (older) viewers and in WABCs case ethnic communities who might be newer to the language. Both groups probably value straightforward, easy to see and digest info on the screen over the latest design trends. And the older viewers are creatures of habit. Kind of like the Wheel / Jeopardy approach - change is gradual and iterative.
  16. Yeah probably #2 is a part of it. Interesting touch the ticker banner at the end has the live time and current weather headlines. Also guessing the temp/forecast tile next to Lee in the open is also 'live.'
  17. Thats better - had a feeling the weekday opens would be different. Full on urgency with the teletype, keeps all the identity hallmarks of EWN intact. I am surprised though they're using 100% still shots for the tiles in the opens vs some or all as video with some motion.
  18. The Eyewitness News masthead fits in well, smart of them to keep it. Losing the teletype would be short sighted. That’s as much a signature of WABC as the Eyewitness News name. The urgency calls you from across the room that the news is starting. Seems like an easy edit let’s see what the weekday opens look like.
  19. Really cool you can see an overhead shot of the studio live during the break at 1hr:16 with the interview platform being wheeled in and out, Bryant and Deborah coming and going. Another second break follows the next segment.
  20. KPIX 1983 special report open (and some others for the 75th anniversary)
  21. Yeah they mislabled it. Makes more sense.
  22. Audio of Dec 31, 1973 KTVU 'Action News' https://californiarevealed.org/do/110a8815-26be-4a63-8d6a-860ee50c28ec KCRA Channel 3 Reports 5pm 12-14-1983 (most...cuts to KOVR at the end) - earliest use of 'where the news comes first' theme I've come across audio is on the 'right' audio channel - 'left' channel is another station (KXTV?). Use the balance control in your settings to hear either one. https://californiarevealed.org/do/92b39edc-0916-4db7-9785-4690b414e89a KCRA Channel 3 Reports 1980? open with a comic book looking logo https://archive.org/details/casacsh_002398
  23. This story has the anchor desk 2 shot and the story wall. I think the weather is going 3D like KPIX, at least looking at a promo that aired. https://www.nbclosangeles.com/on-air/high-speed-train-from-rancho-cucamonga-to-las-vegas-aims-to-cut-travel-time-in-half/3289036/ Would look less generic if they put attached a physical banner of lettering to the top of the story wall and/or main anchor backdrop wall that says 4 LOS ANGELES or something.
  24. The feedback in the comments of the Variety article is resoundingly negative. And Variety isn't some curmudgeon factory. There's no advantage to the CNBC viewer in 'feeling' like the rest of NBC. In fact, for some, that's a negative. Graphics that made use of light effects and dimension were core to the CNBC brand. People in finance are used to darker screen backgrounds as well vs jarring white. That said white and blue was the CNBC look of the 90s but that observation isn't making them more likeable among some core finance nerd viewers - see the comments here
  25. KDKA 11pm October 1989 They had started using some refreshed harder hitting cuts of the mid 80s KD and You package for the bumpers and close - no more jazzy sax for the close.
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