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  1. http://www.southernmedia-nmsa.com/#3,1,236 Pretty close to a full close at the end there, also has the morning theme and some others
  2. Hope Bill stays / gets well Wonder why Lee didn't do it outside his home - they do outdoor weather shots all the time
  3. Great sleuthing Another missing NBC mystery are the NewsCenter II cuts for KNBC by Michael Randall in various stages from the mid to late 80s
  4. It came around the time WXIA launched the Great News package (you picked up on the signature there) - so 85 or 86
  5. Airchive on a roll...KNBC 6pm 1988 - at the end a nice hit of the jazzy sax 1985 close. By this newscast the 1985 bumpers had been retired for a synth version of NewsCenter II
  6. Cool set - around the time WNBC went to a similar set - both of which were based on KNBC Like the header with the masthead logo above and spot lighting
  7. Whenever I've come across the discs of the Great News Package, the main theme in its 80s synth form seems to be missing But found the full, clean close by chance on NMSA - remember it well when KSBW would play it in the late 80s - here are a couple different signatures - one Turn To, the other using Hello - which is what KSBW used for its 5pm close http://www.southernmedia-nmsa.com/#3,1,2277 http://www.southernmedia-nmsa.com/#3,1,2284
  8. Didn't realize KCBS went through a "let's copy the legacy KABC set" phase Right around when KABC updated its set to be more like KNBCs...
  9. Great article on how news out of the box all went down https://mynorthwest.com/545326/remembering-seattles-news-out-of-the-box/
  10. KPIX 1987 blooper https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/video/3995186-u2-in-concert-at-the-cow-palace-and-kpix-on-set-blooper/
  11. So flat and sterile what a wasted opportunity - looks like an internal corporate video set
  12. The blurring of the skyline gives the 2 shot some more depth and less of that sitting in a corner feel
  13. This has the longest recording of the KARE/KUSA 9 Country / 11 Country closing theme I've come across so far http://tcmedianow.com/wusa-kare-july-16-1985-10pm-post-star-game-coverage/
  14. WLS throwback promo from yesterday with Gari Cool Hand Luke
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