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  1. I like it - old school without the ABC logo Was that the temp set while they built the 2004-2011 skyline set? Don't remember the 90s set having the blue panels on the side and such a narrow control room mural.
  2. Plenty of opportunity for NBC to figure out news in the prime access 7pm slot in a way that can't be done with MSNBC - so ginning up CNBC will be interesting to see. Leadin was the thing that helped Shep at FOX - not sure how strong that hand is at CNBC from 6-7 when the trading viewers get ready for dinner. He seems a runner to replace Lester whenever he decides to step back but Shep probably feels constrained by a 30 minute network newscast format. He's also maybe a little to close to David Muir in type of audience he'd attract.
  3. I got a kick out of the early days of it - when he was fashioning himself as a Harvey Levin - big egos can be entertaining Hadn't watched in a long while so don't know how it devolved. Hard to believe it's been 7 years - not bad of a run for an upstart format in news.
  4. those are some crystal clear archive clips - good to see KNBC preserved so much - but odd to have the announcer voicing the story instead of chuck, colleen, or fred
  5. 1990s KNBC opens compilation Glad someone there was / is a TV marketing nerd
  6. Wow what a story - too bad for all involved Was hoping some of the KCRA Where the news comes first mystery could be solved via VTS but maybe it was other shops
  7. Great team - epitome of New York
  8. Great channel - also posted the KOFY TV 20 jingle package they'd for the station IDs with viewer pets
  9. Would have figured Torres was the designated secondary for Ritter - forgot about Novarro but he doesn't seem to have the gravitas of Ritter or Torres What's surprised me is Jim Gardner and Ritter are about the same age - would have thought Gardner was about 10 years beyond Bill age wise - they both have a while to run
  10. Caught Josh Einiger doing a “stand up” from home. Delivery and poise were anchor level. Starting to feel like the lead horse when Bill Ritter retires down the line
  11. KGO "The Making of Channel 7 News" 1988 https://abc7news.com/entertainment/70-years-of-abc7--behind-the-scenes-of-tv-news-in-1988/5750478/ They posted it for their 70th anniversary, also did a really thoughtful tribute to 70s Van Amburg era https://abc7news.com/society/70-years-of-abc7-van-amburg-the-1970s-and-a-tv-news-revolution/5748210/
  12. The 80s TODAY living room set was kind of in house There's a clip on YT where it debuts and Willard Scott mentions the two people who led it - one was the director of the show - the other was Carole Lee Caroll - a scenic artist who did work for Letterman and some Broadway shows - maybe she was retained as defacto for NBC around then - but no agency / set design specialty firm involved.
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