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  1. KDKA Noon Feb 1985, with the 1984 - 85 (or 86) version of the 'Eye-wit-ness-news' melody package and no Fort Pitt tunnel open. Uses a trolley instead, maybe just for the Noon. We know the prior theme from before the '84 wall of monitor set was a Klein & work, so maybe this and the mid / late 80s package with the sax closing was as well. KDKA Feb 1985 Pittsburgh Number One special KDKA May 1991 Here's a strange one... A beta version of the blue set with the 80s logo in the header and
  2. KDKA May 1987 - hard to find airchecks from this era
  3. Dan was thoughtful enough to post some cuts of his KOMO work in high fidelity on his site - both the funky mid 80s theme and the orchestral theme from 1987 https://www.dandeanmusic.com/komo-tv-music-comp-for-site/ Also a bunch of KING work here https://www.dandeanmusic.com/king-tv-music-comp-for-site/
  4. Cool find - those styles look more like mid 70s. For a history museum you’d hope they get dates right - they’re almost 10 years off on this one!
  5. That KMST set...never seen one like that for evening news. Looks like they were going for the living room of a seaside cottage.
  6. Yeah forgot how ring fenced the Ten was...guess the resource fear was the driver. You can see how hard they tried to make the Noon show not directly news and not competing for viewers for years until giving in. Then finally years later getting a weekday 6pm broadcast going.
  7. I guess I should edit my post to say all the late 90s cuts are up there...forgot that funky bed and cold open and most of the package up there debuted around '97. Geeking out took a look back and when it launched in the late 80s they used nothing for the preshow, and the beginning of the dead roll for the in-show bumpers and news brief cutins. Basically a 2 or 3 cut news package plus some jazzy cuts for non news promos. Sometime in the early 90s they stopped using that bright dead roll signature for the news briefs / bumpers, and replaced with s
  8. All the early 2000s cuts are up there from when he expanded the package -I think this is the first complete Randall package available. 1 minute of the original 1987 close and a late 90s tweak of the 87 open are also in there. Now can someone submit the mid 80s KNBC package..
  9. Good illustrations. Theres a reason solid white is rarely used as set background on TV. They tested all this - I saw sports being done from the anchor shot a couple weekends ago. Wonder if the panels can light up to colors and mitigate some of the white balance issue. But even non white shots look washed out. KGO did a great job of looking modern and still being warm and well lit. They had all white chairs but swapped them for darker - wonder if the white was causing balance problems on tight shots.
  10. Lighting over Dennis was terrible Guess it was more of a refresh of the old set - less of the blue more white...which is a lousy background for TV Looks very clinical but hey at least they avoided the set in a corner look
  11. KRON NewsCenter 4 Update 12/31/86 - vintage early Gary Radnich joking with Emerald Yeh during the sports segment
  12. Cool WXYZ clips - that transition from the 5-6pm with the 6pm anchors walking on set is a gem. Probably the most interesting dual set I've seen - lots of variety in shots. And mixing it up with original Cool Hand Luke and the Gari cuts is another nice touch.
  13. KOMO April 1987 6:30pm preshow and open No talent open - hard to find much from the mid 80s KOMO era - great theme from Dan Dean - an 'indie' classic right up there with the indie KCRA and KDKA themes around the same time July 1986 11pm open
  14. Gary Radnich’s Bowler of the Night and Pete Wilson’s Circular File of dismay. Back then I knew watching those were peak times for that station’s talent.
  15. KRON at the Golden Gate in 1987 https://archive.org/details/paymar_ggbridge50thanniversary_870722 They also did some shopping mall newscasts in the mid 80s

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