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  1. Wow they did it in that little space - looks more like a traditional studio scale wise
  2. I’m going with NBC as the winner. Grand use of the giant seamless screen, clever rendering of the Studio 1A exterior, and red / blue spotlights on top to add depth and enhance bright big screens.. Nice focal point with the star in the middle. Clear branding with the Decision2020 header on the map screen. A set that uses good fundamental theatrical design to trick us into thinking its bigger than it really is. Was this basically the Football Night in America studio repurposed?
  3. Really liked the current WLS package, had nice use of light and depth. Easy to read lower thirds (important for the older age of core TV news viewers)
  4. Indeed, and the set got a touchup around then for the transition to the Trivers Myers theme and graphics - but same space they used for years prior You can see at 14:40 here
  5. Looks straight out of 2001 but must have been an ego blast for the guy who created it without any meddling
  6. I agree and not just Nexstar, but if you're going to go corner this is one of the best executions of it. Using the vista shots and making the corner seem like a corner office window makes it more theatric, as does having the effect on both sides of the studio. 2nd best looking set in the market after their roommate KGO Here's a clip with the night shots https://www.kron4.com/news/east-bay-residents-prepare-to-evacuate-amid-extreme-fire-danger/ Color me surprised they pulled off something rather timeless, save for the soon to be dated Chip and Joa
  7. Rich Lieberman has twice commented about the set this week but not seeing on the newscast. That said, if you watch the KRON ON digital stream, where the anchor sits in front of the control room, sometimes a monitor from the studio is live and you can see rehearsals. Looks like it's the WFLA set adapted for SF https://www.newscaststudio.com/2020/08/13/wfla-studio-tampa/ In the pic below there are two screens to the left of the anchor that look like they're from the studio Once again, another anchor desk dropped in front of a corner. I
  8. 2/29/92 KNBC Weekend clip - didn't realize they kept the jazzy sax close into 1992. Guess it changed when the set got updated later in the year.
  9. KGO Channel 7 News Tonight preshow 1988
  10. Good to see some melody back it's a missed branding opportunity for so many shows to use unintrusive music. Would be nice to see GMA bring back the hamlisch signature when things go back to being more lifestyle oriented.
  11. And a missed opportunity to have a distinctive logo that people recognize easily. This is too generic.
  12. Anyone want to bet the 83ish KPRC theme (also used at KICU San Jose) was a Telesound production http://www.newsmusicsearcharchive.com/#3,1,524 Shrill strings, opens with the repeating text of the anchor names scrolling down seem the giveaways
  13. KNBC Channel 4 News Nightside January 1993 (clip date is wrong) - still using the 1987 open
  14. I guess I'm in the minority but it's too cold sounding for my taste. The drums are too intense - too hard hitting to make an intentional pun- and you don't get the signature upfront. But then I didn't care much for First News either!

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