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  1. The blurring of the skyline gives the 2 shot some more depth and less of that sitting in a corner feel
  2. This has the longest recording of the KARE/KUSA 9 Country / 11 Country closing theme I've come across so far http://tcmedianow.com/wusa-kare-july-16-1985-10pm-post-star-game-coverage/
  3. WLS throwback promo from yesterday with Gari Cool Hand Luke
  4. Someone mentioned the studio got upgraded recently - I noticed the backdrop is seamless now which looks great - anything else change, only caught a glimpse
  5. Ah yes the casual low desk (or high chairs) I remember that - a take on the Live at Five format Ground breaking was the main KNBC set this was attached to - so many stations used a variant of it And here's a KOVR 1989 weather segment Yet another transition period for 13...brand new station logo / graphics and News Watch package, along with a refresh of the set...but with another refresh to come months later Here's what it looked like a few weeks prior And here's the next change months later...skyline with blinds... Followed by a newsroom set months after that
  6. KNBC 1990 4pm preshow - there's a great wide shot at the end that shows how the 4pm set is connected to the main set Groundbreaking set - so many stations used variants on the main set for years to come
  7. KCRA May 1983 weather - still using 'KCRA and You' package - that puts the intro of the Where the News Comes First package sometime between May 83 and January 84
  8. I also just learned about W call letters west of the Mississippi
  9. KOMO 'Live at 4' open 1984. Looks like the KTRK Live at Five opening animation, plus a special set - looks great in the wide shot
  10. Not sure where this came from - maybe that WGN night where they recreated the NBC mid 80s Thursday night lineup - but first clean version of the long '85 Let's All Be There ID I've seen Not sure where this came from - maybe that WGN night where they recreated the NBC mid 80s Thursday night lineup - but first clean version of the long '85 Let's All Be There ID I've seen
  11. Looks like Gari library stuff is getting attributed for licensing revenue on Youtube. Click the 'more..' link on the video description and you'll see... Listen ad-free with YouTube Premium Song Home Town News - Full-13805 Artist Frank Gari 33.34, Danny Pelfrey 33.33, Danny Baker 33.33 Album Home Town News Package - Disc 01 Licensed to YouTube by AdRev for a 3rd Party (on behalf of Home Town News Package (WCPM)); AdRev Publishing SHOW LESS
  12. Cool - Welch style graphics but without a Newsmat set That's a bare bones newsroom!
  13. I was going to say that was peak Udell market wise then looked online and saw he did stints in LA and NY early on. He figured out settling down in Hawaii though...long long run there. Looking good in retirement here
  14. WLS 1990 preshow Uses a bed that's a mixdown of the News Series 2000 main theme that eliminates the horns. Never heard other stations use the stripped down themes from that package - and have yet to come across clean versions of those mixdowns on anything discovered to date. Wonder if WLS was the only station sent those cues.
  15. KNBC 1988 Olympic News Break The ending has the synth bumper music that replaced News Center II cuts I thought didn't debut until a year or so later...it lasted into 92, 93 I think
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