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  1. Cool - Welch style graphics but without a Newsmat set That's a bare bones newsroom!
  2. I was going to say that was peak Udell market wise then looked online and saw he did stints in LA and NY early on. He figured out settling down in Hawaii though...long long run there. Looking good in retirement here
  3. WLS 1990 preshow Uses a bed that's a mixdown of the News Series 2000 main theme that eliminates the horns. Never heard other stations use the stripped down themes from that package - and have yet to come across clean versions of those mixdowns on anything discovered to date. Wonder if WLS was the only station sent those cues.
  4. KNBC 1988 Olympic News Break The ending has the synth bumper music that replaced News Center II cuts I thought didn't debut until a year or so later...it lasted into 92, 93 I think
  5. Nice to see KNBC kept newscast archives after the move to the current building
  6. Great find - funny it was being mocked back then as elevator music. But now that we know yeah those horns are signature Gari, and probably his collaborator at the time Danny Baker.
  7. https://pagesix.com/2019/09/05/former-wabc-anchor-rolonda-watts-now-trying-stand-up/?_ga=2.265040653.303302363.1567604411-1025168938.1486941039
  8. Spencer Christian making a return to WABC to fill in this evening. 30 years of GMA weather anchors!
  9. I've read old newspaper articles about it. Pretty much 3rd place except for a brief year or so around 1985, another blip around 1988, and then became a real #1/#2 in the market around 1995 when NBC went on a streak, they cleaned up the presentation, and Pete Wilson / Pam Moore were the leads.
  10. A true 'only in New York' kind of man https://nypost.com/2019/06/08/former-nypd-detective-and-tv-newsman-mike-sheehan-loses-battle-to-cancer-at-71/
  11. Just dawned on me the last notes of the News Series signature represent 'Sevens on the move.'
  12. The man is the #2 most successful weather broadcaster in history. Al Roker, him, and what maybe Jim Cantore. There are only so many national morning slots - he's doing what he loves and frankly this is understudy on Ginger Zee. I can see Sam getting pulled back to GMA at some point if her contract goes another direction.
  13. Looks...newspapery. It's very legible though. How does the open look - saw a promo with a big 3D eye rotating, which kind of goes counter to this flat look.
  14. KPIX, KGO, KRON 1987 clips No opens / closes, but there is the bumper music for KPIX from version 2 of Signature (the 1985 package refresh rarely heard online) at 32:17
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