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  1. This 'flat logo' totaliarianism among brand circles in the name of working better on mobile / digital is misguided. TikTok - probably the most breakthrough mobile / digital brand of the last couple years has a logo that's explicit in giving the impression of dimension and motion, complexity. Is it a good logo? I could care less for it, but it hasn't prevented them from being easily identified in a mobile environment. Let the logo adapt to the medium. The bigger the screen, the more intricate and subtle the logo elements can be. Mobile can have a 'flat' look, and 4K TV
  2. LOL yeah I think WLS was dragged kicking and screaming into even having music beyond an open and close, so went with the minimalist bed for most of the scripted part. I guess what i'm getting at is repeating chords for a preshow and maybe a stinger to bookend is standard now and was pretty standard back when music packages came on the scene in the 80s. But some producers / directors / management / consultants went with more varied melodic theme elements for the preshows, and don't see that much at all anymore. Also get the impression more stations just go with one cut for most el
  3. My favorite pre-show music beds have urgency and distinct repetition, but instead of just repeating that they have melodic theme chapters that add some suspense to hook the viewer into a storyline. Trying to think here - is that pretty much extinct today? Everything I see for pre-show teases seems to be just repeating a basic rhythm and no theme, almost hiding anything melodic absent a brief signature at the beginning or end. No storytelling via the music. KTRK late 80s / early 90s (News Series 2000) KCRA mid 80s - early 90s - Where the N
  4. KNBC 1986 4 and 5pm, with plenty of the low profile desk for the 4pm Cued it up to the handoff to the 5pm with the dual sets in action, also some clean pieces of Newscenter II in the bumpers
  5. Here's why https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2018/12/29/kpix-at-70-remembering-newscaster-stan-bohrman/ As a footnote, when the hit television show “The Streets of San Francisco” was filmed in the Bay Area in the 70s, one of the stars — Michael Douglas — watched Bohrman on KPIX. Douglas later cast Bohrman in his movie called The China Syndrome”. Bohrman played a television news anchor. Separately, no lower thirds from WTCN in that newscast? Just saw them in the network piece and the health report (syndicated?). Did Stan last at WTCN until
  6. The cultural vibe of the MSP and Seattle markets is similar so at least she'll have that understanding
  7. WCCO May 1998 Here's an out of left field music package. For a about year or so in the late 90s WCCO used Gari's Newschannel, with the original early 80s cut for the open and close. I remember emailing the news director at the time saying it was cool - I don't think he knew it was a retro thing, just that it was 'a Gari package.'
  8. And yet they don't have fox13.com or foxseattle.com directing to their site...just fox13seattle 100k searchers a month for 'q13' related and only 10k with fox seattle / no 'q' This one doesn't add up even on the digital front which is often a driver of these generic moves I suppose the local searches for 'fox 13' will start to rank KCPQ regardless of the domain The talent and presentation at least earlier this year when visiting still felt very local though - they definitely had the most 'seattle' morning news going on
  9. Reading this it says they were waiting for market research results. Maybe viewers felt the EWN / circle 7 reminded them of how poor today's product is compared to then. Give it a few years...some new management will change it back to the original 7 and EWN during the next ratings cycle.
  10. Didn't realize for that period they were using throwback OTS from the mid-late 80s - with the bold Helvetica italic and shiny outline. Now looking back, the whole thing - open with a big 3D effect and talent shots, simple lower thirds, was a bit of a throwback to 'what worked' before the tabloid style of 93. Would have been great if they went back that that 80s style '4' logo.
  11. Nice to see that 'glimmer' of hope graphic artists are waking up to what works well and stands the test of time
  12. More flat nonsense - how much we've regressed from the Pyburn pinnacle at WNBC Make use of light and how attractive it is on lit screens. Get rid of white backgrounds - those are made for paper, too harsh on the eye with a lit screen.
  13. KDKA Noon Feb 1985, with the 1984 - 85 (or 86) version of the 'Eye-wit-ness-news' melody package and no Fort Pitt tunnel open. Uses a trolley instead, maybe just for the Noon. We know the prior theme from before the '84 wall of monitor set was a Klein & work, so maybe this and the mid / late 80s package with the sax closing was as well. KDKA Feb 1985 Pittsburgh Number One special KDKA May 1991 Here's a strange one... A beta version of the blue set with the 80s logo in the header and
  14. KDKA May 1987 - hard to find airchecks from this era

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