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  1. KGO Channel 7 News Tonight preshow 1988
  2. Good to see some melody back it's a missed branding opportunity for so many shows to use unintrusive music. Would be nice to see GMA bring back the hamlisch signature when things go back to being more lifestyle oriented.
  3. And a missed opportunity to have a distinctive logo that people recognize easily. This is too generic.
  4. Anyone want to bet the 83ish KPRC theme (also used at KICU San Jose) was a Telesound production http://www.newsmusicsearcharchive.com/#3,1,524 Shrill strings, opens with the repeating text of the anchor names scrolling down seem the giveaways
  5. KNBC Channel 4 News Nightside January 1993 (clip date is wrong) - still using the 1987 open
  6. I guess I'm in the minority but it's too cold sounding for my taste. The drums are too intense - too hard hitting to make an intentional pun- and you don't get the signature upfront. But then I didn't care much for First News either!
  7. Sometime by the fall http://richliebermanreport.blogspot.com/2020/08/415-media-exclu-kron-getting-new-set.html
  8. KNTV 'Kids Report' 1990 At the opening of the San Jose kids museum they set up a booth for kids to do a mock newscast. You get a sample of the Siilvertree 1987 opening theme at the beginning, and then the first part of the closing theme at the end. Always liked how they used a piano for the teletype effect in that theme - you hear it during the close.
  9. KGO 7/25/1990 No talent in the open - Pete Wilson had recently departed for KRON. Not long after this they changed the graphics / logo to something in-house (instead of the Welch / Cap Cities style) and wouldnt' use a talent open for another couple years. And here's the pre-show bumper
  10. Sounds more melodic than a lot of other themes these days so that's good.
  11. Wow that KRON set looks like a precursor to the Welch newsmat with the skyline view and logo superimposed above
  12. I like it - old school without the ABC logo Was that the temp set while they built the 2004-2011 skyline set? Don't remember the 90s set having the blue panels on the side and such a narrow control room mural.
  13. Plenty of opportunity for NBC to figure out news in the prime access 7pm slot in a way that can't be done with MSNBC - so ginning up CNBC will be interesting to see. Leadin was the thing that helped Shep at FOX - not sure how strong that hand is at CNBC from 6-7 when the trading viewers get ready for dinner. He seems a runner to replace Lester whenever he decides to step back but Shep probably feels constrained by a 30 minute network newscast format. He's also maybe a little to close to David Muir in type of audience he'd attract.
  14. Great title - "The News" capital T - fitting for his delivery
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