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  1. I was hoping Dave or Raphael would have gotten the job. Does a station really need 5 meteorologists?
  2. In regard to Jeff not being given enough time to prove himself, he had 18 months and the ratings consistently went down during his tenure. Do we really think that would change? I think Norah O'Donnell should have gotten the job when they axed Scott Pelley. She is the perfect choice. Her recent interview with the CEO of Boeing was amazing. She asks hard hitting questions and doesn't allow the standard "talking points." As for CTM, I just dont think Tony and Anthony are going to move the needle. They are both great journalists but I'm sorry Anthony is boring and Tony is too young for the typical
  3. Why all the fuss about being off on Fridays? Most of the talk shows that are "Live" are on 4 day work weeks, taping the Friday show in the afternoon after the live Thursday show. Live with Kelly & Ryan & The Wendy Williams Show are both on this schedule. You have to understand, doing the weather in the Morning & at Noon means Sam is probably in around 3:00 to prepare his forecast, is on every 7 minutes from 4:30-7, then every half hour from 7-9 during GMA, then comes back and does an hour at Noon. So he probably is getting out at 1:15 or 1:30 at the earliest. That easil
  4. Tony Dokoupil wears sneakers on CBS. Maybe they have foot issues. Or the managers don't care as long as the ratings are up and the forecast is accurate?
  5. Wow, I was hoping this would happen but didn't think it would pan out. After the departures of Lori Stokes & Bill Evans, Channel 7 needed a boost!
  6. The only places I could see Bill Evans landing are Channel 11 taking over for Mr G, probably just at 10:00 first so it doesn't look like Mr. G is being pushed out, then after a year or so G passes over the 5:00 & 6:00 reigns too. Or he can join Channel 5 in the morning being reunited with Lori on Good Day NY, letting Mike Woods keep 4:30-7 AM. Otherwise all the other stations are fully staffed. As for Channel 7, I still say they should have gone after Sam Champion for the mornings. Like him or not, ratings would skyrocket! Sam's big return to Channel 7 just in time for sweeps.
  7. I asked Peter this very question on Instagram...all he would say is he's moving to nights, didn't confirm whether it was weeknights or weekends
  8. Ok back to the original question...he's only been doing only the 6:00 show for months with no explanation. Its been Tamsen & Kory at 5:00 & 10:00
  9. There is no way Dylan will sustain working 7 days a week long term. Same goes for Sheinelle working 6 days. They'll have to have a day off during the week on a permanent basis (as Chuck Todd does) or dump their weekend duties all together & stick with the third hour during the week. They can easilly get somone from The Weather Channel to take Dylan's spot and someone from MSNBC to cover Sheinelle on Saturdays.
  10. Anymore info on why John Mueller was removed from the Pix 11 10:00 news?
  11. Well the new KCBS morning anchor is gay so there's that. His beau used to be a reporter at KTLA
  12. Wasn't WNYW supposed to be getting a new noon newscast this fall as part of the news expansion at Fox Television stations?
  13. Craig is a natural. He's smart, he's a great interviewer, and can easily transition from serious news to lighter fare. He'll be a great addition to the weekday team. Way better then useless Michael Strahan on GMA.
  14. Anyone else notice Craig Melvin is in the Today cast photo on Twitter? Just sayin...
  15. Tamron Hall had the same clause in her last NBC contract. That's how she became co-host of the 9:00 hour. When they hired Megyn Kelly, word is she was offered the 3rd co-anchor slot as a consolation prize, but she opted to leave and it was given to Hoda. Dylan probably had it in her contract that she get top billing with the other anchors.

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