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  1. Excellent finds! Kudos for saving all this stuff while you had access to it. (You didn't save anything about commercial jingles, did you? Just asking as an aside.) The "Energy Productions" mentioned in the WPDS article was run by husband and wife Louis Schwartzberg and Jan Ross. Schwartzberg was a time-lapse filmmaker. Since all the "animation" for this campaign seems to have been done with video mixing, I assume Energy Productions' visuals were time-lapse clips of Indianapolis, as seen in the promo in the inaugural sign-on video. (I set a start time just before the promo begins so
  2. I've always assumed there was a link anyway. I forget if Hal Brown ever mentioned Collier, but I've always assumed this was an official news package adaptation of the promo music (which Tom Buckley told me or said somewhere was by Frank Becker Music). I know I was able to get sufficient info to convince NMSA to relabel the package as VTS.
  3. Yeah, I've wondered whether the two were from the same producer for years, long before I had gotten a composer ID on the KTLA package from their former promo director who'd commissioned it. I feel like I've asked one or both of the two composers who formerly ran AdMusic and did that KTLA package there. If I did, they didn't recognize it. I know one of them said they only did one other news package, and they recalled it being for a station in Charlotte. (Though now that I think about it, could they have misremembered Charlotte instead of Raleigh? Then again, that guy who posted the
  4. Nope. And with Hal Brown now in jail for fraud, I'd have to find someone else willing to talk about VTS to get any more insider info related to them. (Not sure if Brad Kelley was still there at that point, I believe Earl Grizzell left in 1990?)
  5. Oh, I didn't realize that. I feel like I've heard a demo of the original version at some point (though that just might be the Mandela Effect again), and I just assumed that was v.1 without giving it a re-listen first. I'm still not sure whether KLTV 1985 is a hard cut from Spirit of Oklahoma, seeing as it showed up before "Proud of East Texas" with that logo imitating the TM "Spirit" design. I still have a hunch KLTV 1985 was also produced in Dallas, but obviously it's just a hunch.
  6. This is 1985; I believe the Bill Meeks Spirit of Oklahoma package was created in 1987. (Tracy Carman/Media Preservation Foundation uploaded the sales demo to Soundcloud, from the master reel, and it was dated 11-Nov-1987, so this KLTV news package must predate it.)
  7. KLTV 1985 sounds like it came from Dallas (or VTS) - it reminds me of both Jim Kirk's WWL theme, and VTS' News '80s. I thought maybe it could be a hard cut from Spirit of Oklahoma, but there's video of it preceded by an older-style slide ID that doesn't have said slogan or music, so it may have been in use first. We also don't have any video, or even audio, of them using that package KTRE was using in the late 80s/early 90s, but being KTRE's big sister, one would assume they used it too.
  8. Wait...so that promo song was Non-Stop?! And @Samantha's reply makes it sound like it's connected to "KTRE 1993 News Theme", like I initially thought, and not "KSL 1989 News Theme", which is what I changed my mind to say it was connected to? I swear I hear the exact 4-note motif in both KSL 1989 and that promo song; that said, the KTRE 1993(-but-more-like-1988) package seems to have both those four notes and the notes that come after in the song, but the rhythm is different. And I wonder...if that promo song actually was Non-Stop, and if KSL 1989 was the news package to which it wa
  9. I don't think so either. But it being on WAFF at the same time as KSL 1989 and seeming to share bits of melody suggests that it's connected to that package in some way, even though KUSA obviously never used it. I can definitely hear the 4-note "COL-or-a-DO"/"AL-a-ba-MA" motif in the news theme. And that song sounds like Tuesday, too.
  10. 1985? Hmm, I wonder how old the news package actually is. Was it done at the same time as the promo, or was it done later as a spin-off? (We know that News 88 was copyrighted in 1984, two years before the earliest documented use of it...)
  11. ...I just posted something about KTRE 1993 on another thread yesterday. That's crazy. I first thought this next clip was related to the aforementioned package, but upon a listen, it's actually tied the theme WAFF was using immediately prior. Did you know that Tuesday's KSL 1989 package had an image song? Sadly, this copy is not complete. KSL didn't use the slogan "People Who Care", but I am seriously wondering whether they were the original client for the package at all. There is video on YT of KSL using it in November 1988...but I can find several clip
  12. I am seriously wondering (and probably not for the first time) if Non-Stop had any contributions to the nearly 10-year black hole of unidentified KUTV themes between Hello News and Primetime News. The three ones that are in NMSA all sound vaguely SLC-ish to me. (And there's also the one used in the mid-late 80s which isn't in NMSA, and which we only have snippets of via the tail end of an open from an incomplete recording, and some news-tease IDs - depending on if the mystery Mike Youngren-commissioned, SLC-produced package recalled by a long-ago Tulsa TV Memories guestbook poster was for KUTV
  13. Ah, I should have known it was a jingle collector (and one from the UK at that). I'm making an educated guess that he dubbed the audio to another tape back in the 80s, and that we won't get to see that video any time in the near future. Oh well. Maybe someday I'll digitize the Calico demo containing animation for several Peters imaging IDs, but both my VCR and DVD recorder died. I should ask eyeontv from YT, my multi-gen dub traces back to him. I've said this before either in this thread or another, but it included (among other, non-Peters campaigns) “K2, The Free Spiri
  14. Darn, if you don't know, I guess that means you don't have the video. Are you at liberty to say how you obtained these? (If you aren't comfortable saying publicly, but you are in PM, I did ask you there already.) I wonder if the source has the video copy, or just this audio. As to WTVD 1979, I've been convinced that it's Peters for years. It has the "Together" slogan (which I believe Peters still had the trademark on at that time), it uses lettering very similar to the Combined-era "Alive" imaging on WXIA/KOCO/WLKY, and I thought Ed Peters told me over the phone years ago that he r
  15. That sounds right. I wonder if the source of that audio clip also has the video...
  16. Oh yeah, you're right. I forgot that it got ID'ed. I wonder what an extended chunk of it is doing on a Peters demo reel...
  17. The synth vamp in the long instrumental (close?) starting at 6:31 of the Video Sound Track sounds very familiar as well. I'm pretty sure there's a snippet of just the vamp at NMSA, though I my memory tells me it was a different pitch (perhaps the station ran it at a different speed?). When I find it, I will edit this post. If anyone can recall what station used it before I do, feel free to leave a reply.
  18. Oh, I’d almost bet actual money on it, especially considering that KICU used Telesound’s “You Should See Us Now” promo campaign concurrently with that news package.
  19. Correction from a post I did some weeks back theorizing about the possible origins of the KTXL/WRAL early 80s music package: Cascom most certainly did not do the WRAL 1982 animations. I was re-reading a Millimeter back issue in my personal collection, and was reminded that I had already seen stills from the WRAL '82 animation package in an ad for Bill Feigenbaum's studio (which was based in NYC). Just wanted to put that here. As to that WTVX package, I still think it could have been done in Dallas. (KHTV's music image package in the "39 Gold" period - which, as you say, didn't have
  20. I was going to bring that up, but didn't get around to it. I've heard that compilation before, and I honestly believe that theme has to be misattributed on NMSA. The theme cut there sounds quintessentially Tuesday. Not sure where the claim that it was Peters originated (perhaps it was on the old Pipeline news themes site in the early 2000s, and got passed around from there, but I'd have to go on Wayback Machine to be sure). Now that we've had a lot more package IDs from both Tuesday and Peters over the years, I'm thinking it is Tuesday. I can't imagine that one lone Peters thing somehow mistak
  21. I am assuming that WBMG only used Pulsar as bumper music going to commercials; it's heard behind a "coming up" tease / stock market summary / community bulletin board or something like that, in that compilation of 70s/80s Florida/Alabama news clips that has floated around for years. In fact, I believe NMSA's audio montage is just ripped directly from that compilation, without any edits.
  22. Yeah, I'm with @Samantha. My personal belief is that Tuesday9 was a straight-up ripoff of the Telesound NBC affiliate package. I would presume that either Tuesday came up with a faster-paced clone and WESH was the only taker, or maybe WESH commissioned it because they wanted something faster and they were already a Tuesday client. No idea which though.
  23. From what I remember, Earl Grizzell did the original 1983(?) iteration without any involvement from VTS, then did the more well-known 1986 "symphony" update at VTS (where he worked from 1986-90). Since he's the guy who wrote the theme, perhaps he'd know more about the later themes which used the melody. There's a 1995 copyright assignment document referencing Grizzell's original 1986-87 WNTCF registration, with Grizzell as party 1 and Kelly Broadcasting as party 2. So Kelly could have had some kind of rights to the melody and commissioned the themes from unrelated producers. (Grant
  24. Nice! I just bring up how little we know about any broadcast music that came out of Nashville, and then this comes up. (I just hope that perhaps some of our questions about unidentified music might be answered by further research into the Nashville ad music industry. There were several notable national jingle campaigns to come out of Nashville, the classic “Red Lobster, for the seafood lover in you” comes to mind, so I’m sure they must have been the origin of at least some other news music beyond what we already know.)
  25. The singers in the promo sound almost like Dallas to me. This MIGHT have been the work of VTS, who was based in Asheville, NC but recorded most of their stuff in Dallas (as well as having several working connections with FirstCom founder/TM co-founder Jim Long), but I certainly won’t be able to confirm anything from Hal Brown, because the Oodles World venture he was running at the time of our correspondence turns out to have been a Ponzi scheme, he pled guilty to defrauding investors of $22 million, he’s awaiting sentence and he may well spend the rest of his life in prison (he’s 70, the maxim

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