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  1. I may have asked Hal Brown some years back about WRAL 1982; if so, he didn’t recognize it, because I’d have told people if I had gotten a composed ID. (VTS did, of course, do WRAL’s next package “The Place to Be.”) I’d previously theorized that WRAL/KTXL was by the same composer as the KTLA 1982 theme (a company called AdMusic; I got the information by asking some KTLA veterans and have corresponded with one or both of the principals). But IIRC, the former AdMusic writer/co-owner I spoke to did not recognize it - though he said they did one other station package for a station in Charlotte, I forget if they remembered which one. (Strangely, nobody I have spoken to remembers the KTLA package being used by KSTW, or being syndicated to a bunch of other stations in conjunction with a graphics package. That seems odd, but memory *is* fallible.)
  2. There’s plenty of clips of this on YT, so I just picked one at random. Rede Globo’s Bom Dia Brasil debuted in 1983 with the same theme music which NMSA labels as “WOKR 1982 ‘Morning Break’ Theme” (though unlike the WOKR open audio there, this is in the clear): I have no idea if WOKR used it first, or if the theme is misdated by NMSA, and Globo used it first. Probably the former, since I can’t imagine how a Brazilian TV music track would wind up in Rochester, NY - but if i hadn’t already heard audio of it from an American TV station, I’d have just assumed it was composed for Globo. It sounds of a piece with most of their other, seemingly custom-commissioned and domestically-produced music, even if it wasn’t actually made for them. As it is, I have no idea of its origin. The only video I’ve found online relating to “Morning Break” is a promo from 1985 with a different piece of music. Maybe someday a video clip of the show with this theme will turn up...
  3. Oh, wow! I thought I’d never see that AMC intro again! Someone else posted that open on YT maybe 11-12 years ago (no idea who; that video disappeared at least a decade ago), and I noticed the WROC resemblance even then. (I also have vague memories of the station ID music being similar to WROC’s, but I could be misremembering.) I hear a hint of Tuesday in there (the brass and percussion), but my memory suggests that I sent Tom DiNoto audio of the similar WROC theme some years back when I was corresponding with him via email, and he didn’t recognize it.
  4. An ID with that music has been circulating for years, on a compilation of assorted IDs and commercials that has been floating around since the early 2000s. (Genius7277 uploaded it in chunks on YouTube years back, it's still up and the KXAS ID is in there.) I've been waiting to hear this theme beyond the 5-second ID for 15 years.
  5. Any footage of KTVU using Brave New World as their daytime/weekend theme in the mid-90s. I think a small sliver of an intro appeared in some other story, possibly with a reporter talking over it, but it was definitely the slower-tempo v.2 update (I first heard the full close on 80sTVThemes 20 years ago, ripped straight from the demo, I assume he chose that cut because he lived in the Bay Area during that time and knew what they were using). UPDATE: Oops, I didn't realize there was a full 1993 noon newscast on YT already. NMSA says it ended in 1995, that must be when Michael Randall's morning and daytime alternate themes debuted. I was never aware, since I never saw the noon news (and didn't realize Frank Sommerville was anchoring at Channel 2 that far back)...
  6. I guess TVbD was left unnamed due to not being local. Unfortunately, there's not much footage of KMPH's non-news image elements online, but I happen to have an ID followed by a stereo L3 graphic at the beginning of a program, which I got on VHS almost 20 years ago. I believe the same person sent the Fresno clips to TV Ark back in the 00s. The ID music is great, and the announcer even says "Now in stereo!"
  7. I dunno, this doesn't sound like Peters to me. This sounds more Dallas, the vocals on the WYFF version sound kind of Dallas to me. I think WYFF is on Peters' client list for the original Your Friend 4 (possibly connected to KTVO's "Your Friend 3" which was also definitely Peters). Dunno about KTVL...
  8. There is an ASCAP registration for "Real News Theme" by John Bauers, which also shows an alternate title "KCOP Theme." There's also a copyright registration for "Real News Theme", with John Bauers listed as author, and dated 1993. I'd guess that it's the same theme you're asking about.
  9. On that note, is the long 2 Together promo still up anywhere? I saw it about a decade ago, but did it ever get reuploaded after it disappeared from YT? I think I can hear the same 4-note motif that's in the KUTV 1981 package open, at the very end of this promo, seeming to provide still further evidence that said package was by Peters and tied into the image campaign. But I would certainly love to watch that longer promo again, to see if it has a more audible example of a "2 Together" musical logo.
  10. I would assume it's Scott Schreer / NJJ Music as well, but I don't know if he has contact info. I know the NetworkNewsMusic guy got the ID on the WNBC theme (which NMSA still misattributes to someone else, along with lumping NJJ in as the same company as HLC and Killer Tracks). I do, however, know that Paul Libman (a Chicago native) did the next WMAQ package, the 1985 one (and the reorchestrated version of it too). He confirmed that with me. It was in connection with a campaign "Feeling the Beat of Chicago" which is registered in the U.S. Copyright Office under his name/company. (Listen to the end signature; ignore the NBC chimes in the middle, and it matches that slogan exactly.)
  11. Also, WCPX "6 Believes in You" is another one that Ed Peters told me about some years back. It was in use concurrent with "Determination"; it wasn't used as a news intro, but it was used as a news closing. There has been a 1985 close on YouTube for a while (right now there's a full 1985 newscast), with an instrumental-with-vocal-tag "6 Believes in You" as part of one of those "local people on camera" closings (I wonder, was this a concept originated by Peters? Or was it a Magid thing? It obviously outlasted Peters at WXIA, all the way until their complete station image refresh around the fall of 1993.)
  12. Nope, I figured it out. KTNV is in that list, but under its previous call letters of KSHO. This could mean that 13 Belongs predates the 1980 call sign change. I have a 1980 Calico demo reel (I assume it's 1980 because it has the Hour Magazine intro in it) on VHS that I got from someone who got it from tvnewsman who got it from eyeontv - who also uploaded it on one of his earlier YT accounts, but never reuploaded it - which has animations for KHON "2 Belongs," KTNV (or KSHO?) "13 Belongs," and KTWO "K2 The Free Spirit". (Sorry, no accompanying music, it was a montage of clips set to a Vivaldi piece.) I guess Peters went to Calico for at least some of their animations, like Klein & did.
  13. I agree with you. I was thinking more of the ID jingle, which doesn't necessarily come from the same package, even if one might assume so. (Though the WEAR 1982 open is weird, it also sounds too electronic but it seems to be repeating "Three-Clear-ly-Yours" over and over.)
  14. The promo song on the website actually sounds like it leads into the jingle at the beginning of the open for this package. http://www.southernmedia-nmsa.com/#3,1,1618 Do we have video of that open? Do we know what year the clip is actually from? (The theme may go back to 1980, there's a sales promo labeled as that year with the actual news theme in it.)
  15. Doubtful. I'm pretty sure that jingle was recorded in Los Angeles, not San Diego. I recognize the singers, they were union and Tuesday/Peters were not (see: the Tuesday/AFTRA lawsuit).
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