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  1. A video wall in the studio would be a nice update. The fake brick looks outdated, IMO.
  2. I've been thinking they might adjust the set to be more socially distanced like a lot of other stations are doing. Also, have they ever actually used their "Digital Broadcast Center" video wall in the newsroom?? They show it usually coming out of the sports block going to commercial but I don't think I've ever seen a stand up from the video wall.
  3. Anybody know what's up at WBNS? The evening newscasts are being anchored from a different location. Doesn't look like they're in the studio. I've only seen the evening casts.
  4. A news close from WFLA in 1995. Now, the set they were using, I have no memory of. It's a combination of the 1988 news desk with a backdrop that sorta resembles the 1993 overhaul. A temporary set, maybe?
  5. WALA "10 Alive" from 1981. Also a bunch of other WALA clips on this YT channel
  6. WTVT (CBS) from 1994, just weeks before the New World deal was announced. Several former WTVT staffers have mentioned on Facebook about remembering the day that staff gathered in studio B to hear the "jaw-dropping"news about the switch to Fox
  7. I'm a simple man. I see a vintage WSB video and click on it. Never am I let down. So this confirms the "Image VIII" theme was used in '92.
  8. Nice and needed upgrade. Heck it looks better than WTSP lol.
  9. WTVT "PULSE" spot from early 1982. Note the music, which is from a promo supposedly from 1979
  10. I've never seen that particular set before. Did CBS just use that for "CBS Morning News" or did it have other uses?
  11. Right. She joined WTSP in early 1989 with the intent that she would replace Sheryl Browne. The ND, Terry Cole, was arrested in the computer scandal, and subsequently fired. I read a news article that said Mr. Cole was "infatuated" with her. I suspect he had her in mind for a spot down the road when he was leading KWCH prior to coming to Tampa. So Jineane continued on the 5:00 show until fall of 1991, I believe.
  12. Tampa/St. Pete from May 1990: WTSP w/ Jineane Ford; WTVT with Hugh Smith, Leslie Spencer and Alan Wendt:
  13. WTSP 1992 teaser spot followed by a brief promo for the 5:00 team of Sue Zelenko and Dave Wagner. Both would become the 6/11 anchors after John Wilson and Sheryl Browne departed: https://youtu.be/yEeLSPhdCY8?t=524

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