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  1. So that's where Barry Judge ended up after WPTV.
  2. WTSP 11 P.M. news preview from 3/3/1992 with Sheryl Browne and John Wilson. At this point, the station was using "Great News" after two months or less of "On Your Side" by 615:
  3. WTVN Ch. 6 (now WSYX) morning news cut-in from 1986 with Ted Hart, who also worked at WBNS and WCMH:
  4. WOWK 1994 promo with Tom McGee and Sandra Cole:
  5. Complete WTSP 6:00 newscast from March 1992 with the station using "Great News" and a brand new set Special memories of Dick Fletcher, Bill Campbell and Jerry Johnson
  6. WPLG's 6PM news from 8/19/91 with Dwight and Ann. Brand New studio set and graphics that apparently debuted sometime that summer. (The set was very odd looking, IMO)
  7. WFLA (& brief WTVT at the end) from 1994/95 era:
  8. WGN's late 70's theme is called "Botticelli's Theme" by the Botticelli Orchestra. Someone discovered it about a month ago and I submitted it to the NMSA.
  9. He leaves a mixed legacy. Rush did, in a big way, give a new lease on life to AM radio. In the late '80s, music on AM was dying and talk radio probably saved AM. On the other hand, his vitriol has done a great disservice to American political discourse. And a disservice to broadcasting as talk hosts like Bob Lassiter were pushed aside in favor of people parroting one political viewpoint at the expense of other voices.
  10. So it sounds like NBC Nightly News wasn't the first network newscast to have a "news theme" although I'm sure it was probably library music.
  11. Very early WTSP "10 News" promo from January 1992 after the rebrand from "NewsCenter 10". Also, there are several promos that do not appear to have Gari's "Great News" and might be "On Your Side" by 615.
  12. A video wall in the studio would be a nice update. The fake brick looks outdated, IMO.
  13. I've been thinking they might adjust the set to be more socially distanced like a lot of other stations are doing. Also, have they ever actually used their "Digital Broadcast Center" video wall in the newsroom?? They show it usually coming out of the sports block going to commercial but I don't think I've ever seen a stand up from the video wall.
  14. Anybody know what's up at WBNS? The evening newscasts are being anchored from a different location. Doesn't look like they're in the studio. I've only seen the evening casts.

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