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  1. They should get rid of the white bar at the bottom of the screen. Or make it blue. Kinda distracting. Thought the close was kind of weird with the camera moving upward into the rafters (?) or whatever above the studio.
  2. I like that they are differentiating themselves from the pack. I think Norah is the right person and I hope the move to D.C. will generate a return on their investment. I will definitely give CBS a try although I think NBC has a might tighter newscast. I think the time might be right for a primetime network newscast.
  3. WBNS used that same VO in the late '80s. Kinda bizarre open especially considering they seemed to have a good anchor team and set in place.
  4. The music in the WISC newscast must have been distributed to CBS affiliates. It was used in a 1981 WTVJ promo.
  5. Damn, that's an awesome promo!! Big fan of KNBC from the '70s and '80s.
  6. That bumper at :57 on the KGBT "NBC Newspulse" open sounds awfully like "Home Country"
  7. Small market Florida: WMBB in 1984:
  8. Kudos to whoever posted the song on YT. Great song!
  9. Here in Columbus, WCMH anchor Colleen Marshall gave an update on her coanchor Mike Jackson who has been recovering from a stroke suffered 10 months ago. Sadly, he has a long path ahead of him to full recovery. Best to Mike Jackson and his family.
  10. WTSP 1994 promo for the switch to CBS programming: At the beginning of November, WTSP was airing CBS This Morning and GMA had moved to WFTS. IIRC, primetime programming and network news did not make the switch until 12/12/94. I can only imagine how confused viewers were.
  11. I'm not sure what this is, but it has something to do with WTSP and a tie-in with ABC's Saturday night campaign in 1990:
  12. I knew I remembered print ads from WXFL with the "Time Well Spent" slogan and that image of the house at the end of the promo. Believe that slogan was a dig at WTSP's hourlong 6 o'clock news experiment from 1986-87. By 1988, 'XFL had largely passed WTSP at 6 o'clock but the 11 o'clock race was still competitive into 1989. Also probably a dig at WTVT and their hourlong 6 o'clock newscast.
  13. So it sounds like KTVX used the "WCCO 1978 News Theme" but it's not listed in the NMSA. I think it was misidentified as the "WCCO 1983" theme:
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