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  1. Scott Light just left. Was it his decision? Sounds like he wasn't chosen to be Jerry's permanent replacement.
  2. Through my newspaper research, it appears WTSP became "NewsCenter 10" on September 5, 1989, so that's when "The Hour" likely debuted. WTSP updated their logo in May 1989, hence the confusion.
  3. Awesome song! Almost sounds like it was written for TV news, the first minute anyway.
  4. So it sounds like WTOL was another station that used the "WPXI 1981 News Theme" based on the ID at the beginning of this clip: I also found a print ad that proves without a doubt that WTOL used "News People" in the late '70s. The print ad matches word for word the lyrics of that package.
  5. Noticed a definite trend of TV stations converting a production studio into a "working newsroom" in the late 1970's. Some stations executed this better than others. WXIA seemed to have the best design out of these I could find. Does anybody know who consulted these stations? I'm sure this was an effort to make the newscast seem more "instant" and often relied heavily on electronic graphics. I know in the case of WLCY (WTSP) it was part of a broader effort to beef up that station's news department. I think the same set designer did the sets for WXIA, WLCY and WTHR. WXIA (1977) WLCY (1977) WCMH (1976) WTHR (1977)
  6. There was a promo in the TV Time Warp from the "Spirit of Tampa Bay" era with Bill Ratliff promoting Ch. 8's "live mobile units" with what looked like a dozen live trucks. I'd love to see the full version of that!
  7. Someone else discovered it has the same melody as a WCVB promotion "Channel 5 & You" IIRC (I think that was it, but I may be wrong. But it was definitely WCVB). EDIT: I should clarify-there was a promo that WFLA aired "The Look...Alive" that had the same melody as the WCVB promotion. I also wonder what WFLA was using in the 1979-81 era.
  8. Agreed. WSYX has the best graphics locally, IMO. Goodbye "Quality 10"
  9. The lines on WTSP's new logo are a bit harsh on the eyes. They could do a solid multi-color "10" but then again my design sensibilities are best left in the early '90s.
  10. WHIO 1978 news close with a piece of music from the Star Wars soundtrack called "The Princess Appears" along with Dayton area commercials:
  11. Audio is something you don't really notice until something goes wrong. But I haven't noticed similar problems at WCMH or WSYX. I mean, WBNS could have some new folks operating the audio board. IDK but it's gotta be embarassing. It's been every newscast no matter what time of day and a consistent problem with audio not being cued up, too low or getting talent talking over someone else.
  12. Has anybody noticed a significant amount of audio problems with stations having 'social distancing' newscasts? I'm not normally one to complain, but WBNS here in Columbus has had a ton of audio problems during their newscasts. Just a few minutes ago, Scott Light tossed to meteorologist Ashley Baracy. She starts off her weathercast like normal and all of sudden Scott Light is talking (apparently to the producer) over Ashley for a good 10 seconds. Also a lot of problems adjusting audio levels with folks anchoring at home. Often starting out way too soft.
  13. So maybe Monday they'll debut it? I was hoping they'd do something like their sunset logo but just glad it looks like the "black box" days are numbered.
  14. It looks better than the stupid 'black box' they've been using. I just watched their online newscast and there has been no change on-air. In 2002, the logo appeared in the St. Petersburg Times a week before it debuted on the air.
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