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  1. The Wolfson Archives made this great overview of how they are saving South Florida TV news history:
  2. Thanks to Samantha for ID'ing the "WBNS 1994 News Theme" used from December 1993 to sometime in 1996, as it appears another short lived theme replaced it before the June 1996 new Gari music.
  3. Baffling that nobody has been able to identify the "techno" news theme that WBNS was using.
  4. Wayne Shattuck's first TV weather job was at WCKT.
  5. WFLA newsbreaks and station IDs from 1990 here:
  6. In Columbus, WCMH early evening coanchor Darlene Hill is apparently leaving Columbus. Weekend anchor Jennifer Bullock announced tonight she is leaving weekends and moving to the 'early evening' newscasts. Darlene's Twitter seems to indicate she's returning to Chicago.
  7. The music at the end of the KOMO newscast is interesting. I don't think the KING newscast had any music, did it?
  8. For those curious about the 1989 computer scandal that affected WTSP and WTVT, here is a brief segment covering the players/culprits in a 1990 retrospective aired on WTSP "Ten on Ten: Tampa Bay's Decade":
  9. WXFL 1988 closing minutes: Bob Hite WFLA "8 Country" late '70s:
  10. WSYX 1997 11 p.m. open. The music/intro was only used a brief time, from what I recall, like summer of 1997 to early 1998. The graphics were very sharp.
  11. In memory of Roy Leep and the "Pulse 13" weather team:
  12. 8Viewer

    In Memoriam

    Tampa Bay TV Weather Pioneer Roy Leep has passed away. He was 88. Leep worked at WTVT from 1957 to 1997. He was regarded as a leader in broadcast meteorology and pioneered radar and satellite observations along with tropical weather.
  13. Brief WTSP "Action News" with John Wilson spot from 1989:
  14. A pair of WTSP "Action News" promotions from May 1989:
  15. 1993 WFLA "NewsWatch 8" Update using the 1992 graphics that would get dumped in August of '93. The backdrop behind Diane is unusual and I suspect this might be just before the switch to "NewsChannel 8" WTSP 1993 morning news promo with Al Ruechel and Madeleine Holland:

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