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  1. Yes. Confusion all around unless you're WFLA.
  2. WSYX/WTTE looks mostly back to normal. No L3s and a lot of syndicated Sinclair stories airing. Also sports seems to be cut short. Sunday night they had about 8 minutes of local weather and a short in studio story from a reporter and then tossed to Sinclair programming. They did have the logo bug up but no other graphics other than weather.
  3. Getting TPIR was a coup for WTSP and so was Late Night with David Letterman. Always baffled me how WTSP has been an underperformer in news but great in programming along with airing Wheel and Jeopardy!. I think you are right. I'm not sure if they were doing any local news yet, though. There is a preview video on YT for WFTS "28 Tampa Bay News" that says "Starting December 12th"
  4. WTSP (ABC) from 9/10/94 with a CBS This Morning promo touting the program's switch from WTVT to WTSP which took place on 9/12/94. I also didn't realize The Price Is Right moved over well before the official switch on 12/12/94.
  5. WTEN 1990 "Eyewitness News NightCast"
  6. WTVT "Pulse 13 Nightbeat" promo from 1988: WTOG 44 10'Olock News promo mid 90's WFTS startup news promos from 1994:
  7. I agree. Get rid of the stairs, too.
  8. Two former Tampa Bay TV anchors are working together on a project. John Wilson and Reginald Roundtree, who both had stints at WTSP, are working together on a project about serial killer Ted Bundy. The story is behind a paywall, regrettably. https://www.dailyadvent.com/news/51e4e8f0b53bc43d4d623b63a78fbacc-Retired-Tampa-anchor-John-Wilson-is-writing-a-book-movie-about-Ted-Bundy
  9. I'd be interested to see what WJXT and WTOL were using in 1980.
  10. Anybody know if the music in NBC's "The Anchor for America" campaign was a custom composition or simply comes from the update John Williams did some years back?
  11. According to the NMSA, the music used by KGTV & KMGH in the 1970's is a production track called "Home Run" by KPM. The music was sped up by 125%. Holy cow is it glorious!
  12. Has WSVN ever acknowledged their past before? That's a nice tribute.
  13. That music was awfully ominous lol
  14. The Wolfson Archives made this great overview of how they are saving South Florida TV news history:
  15. Thanks to Samantha for ID'ing the "WBNS 1994 News Theme" used from December 1993 to sometime in 1996, as it appears another short lived theme replaced it before the June 1996 new Gari music.

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