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  1. I do know she once dated Miles O'Brien back when he was a reporter at WTSP.
  2. Sheryl Previll later went by the name Sheryl Browne in Cleveland and Tampa. No idea what happened to her after her departure from WTSP in 1992.
  3. WCHS was pretty impressive in the '90s from the clips I've seen. Much better look that what came under Sinclair ownership.
  4. Wasn't sure where to post this-This is new to me, and maybe others have seen this, but it's a fascinating interview with meteorologist Dennis Feltgen who most notably worked at KSTP but also had stints at WSB, WPEC, KARE and WTSP. He talks about his experience working for "old man" Hubbard and then Gannett, then his time in Tampa where he apparently was slated to replace Dick Fletcher, and his career since his TV days. Really down to earth guy. https://tcmedianow.com/tc-media-now-exclusive-interview-with-kstp-and-kares-dennis-feltgen/
  5. Good question. I'll have to see if I can find the article(s) again. I just know that ABC put WLCY "on notice" and that ABC was rumored to be wooing WFLA. There was a later article from '81 I think where the president of ABC said they were much happier after WTSP built a new transmitter. The WLCY-TV situation is pretty unique and a long discussion, but basically they were appealing to the FCC as early as 1967 for a new transmitter location since nearly half the market couldn't receive channel 10. The station was a "dog" and the ratings were proof In May 1978, these were the 11 o'clock Tampa sweeps numbers: WTVT 43 share, WFLA 33 share, WLCY 11 share WTOG got a better share of the market than the ABC affiliate!
  6. Based on this snippet, it appears KMTV switched themes before the end of 1984:
  7. In the Tampa Bay area, there were rumors circulating that WLCY would lose its ABC affiliation and WFLA was in talks to pick it up. That was about the time Rahall sold the station.
  8. They should get rid of the white bar at the bottom of the screen. Or make it blue. Kinda distracting. Thought the close was kind of weird with the camera moving upward into the rafters (?) or whatever above the studio.
  9. I like that they are differentiating themselves from the pack. I think Norah is the right person and I hope the move to D.C. will generate a return on their investment. I will definitely give CBS a try although I think NBC has a might tighter newscast. I think the time might be right for a primetime network newscast.
  10. WBNS used that same VO in the late '80s. Kinda bizarre open especially considering they seemed to have a good anchor team and set in place.
  11. The music in the WISC newscast must have been distributed to CBS affiliates. It was used in a 1981 WTVJ promo.
  12. Damn, that's an awesome promo!! Big fan of KNBC from the '70s and '80s.
  13. That bumper at :57 on the KGBT "NBC Newspulse" open sounds awfully like "Home Country"
  14. Small market Florida: WMBB in 1984:
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