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  1. WTAE with "Hello News" from Jan. 1, 1982:
  2. Former WTSP sports anchor/reporter Jerry Johnson has passed away. Johnson was a fixture at the station from 1982-2001. He also was an author. He is remembered for his enthusiastic delivery. https://www.wtsp.com/article/entertainment/television/former-10news-sports-anchor-jerry-johnson-dies/67-02a63d90-2e29-4916-acd4-ec80ab31c446
  3. Mid America's Leading News Station! WOWT from 1986 with a pretty epic open. The music must have debuted in the early '80s based on the John McCaa news clip
  4. Sounds like WAVE used "Signature News" by Telesound!
  5. KMTV from 1980. Anybody know what happened to John McDonald after KMTV? At this point, Dale Hansen and Dick Fletcher had left for greener pastures.
  6. Long time 10TV reporter Maureen Kocot quietly retired. They used to have such a strong bench of reporters. I had a feeling after they renovated their studios a few years ago that they were preparing the station for a sale.
  7. Ok, thanks for clarifying. Anyway, they should change their name from "10 News" to "Hip Trendsetter News".
  8. Interesting to note the lack of robotic cameras. I'm assuming they have somebody moving those around despite the fact they laid off their camera operators back in 2001.
  9. Was KRON always considered the also-ran of the market? From clips on YT, it looks like they pulled off a valiant effort in the early-mid '80s.
  10. My understanding is that since 2017 they've exclusively been using the newsroom as the working news set. I assume they've probably dismantled their old set. Then again, I haven't followed WTSP at all since 2016. WTSP's building has two production studios, one in use for "Great Day Tampa Bay". The area of the newsroom with the video walls used to be the assignment desk area prior to 2017 with a server room behind it and the old weather center on the right (south) end of the floor space. Also used to be a window at the north end of the newsroom but they covered it up. Approx. 5000 square ft in total.
  11. Doesn't look much different to me... Anybody know what they are using their 'old' production studio for?
  12. A better fit for him, honestly.
  13. Yes, that is Dave Kaylor. One of his co-anchors was Oprah in Nashville.
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