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  1. WTSP 1992 teaser spot followed by a brief promo for the 5:00 team of Sue Zelenko and Dave Wagner. Both would become the 6/11 anchors after John Wilson and Sheryl Browne departed: https://youtu.be/yEeLSPhdCY8?t=524
  2. 1989-92 is my favorite era of WTSP. Hoping a talent open with John and Sheryl turns up (there's been some brief intros). I was curious to see if WTSP had any network tie-ins with ABC and they did. And from 1993, a WTSP "Special Report" on severe weather with Dennis Feltgen, now with the National Hurricane Center:
  3. So Brad Johansen said the station has been building the set for seven months. Looks like they moved into the larger studio. Graphics look great IMO.
  4. Good move. The one they've had for the last 4 years or so was dull and cramped. They must have built it in the larger studio.
  5. From 1990, some WTSP material, including a "Tampa Bay is Watching Channel 10" network tie-in with ABC. Various station IDs and NewsCenter 10 teases:
  6. WTVT (CBS) from 2/4/91, first few minutes of the 11:00 news with Frank Robertson and Kelly Ring. This guy has a lot of Tampa Bay commercials on his channel
  7. 1988 close from WXFL, just before the call letter change. Anchors are Bill Ratliff, Marissa Morris and Laura York
  8. I actually messaged the NMSA a few years back that the theme likely debuted in 1982 based on the "Great Moments" promo campaign.
  9. Overall, I like it. But the stairs seem out of place.
  10. That's an awesome find. Never seen a Gulf BG ID before. I assume it was also used on the other Gulf owned stations- WTSP, KTSP, WGHP etc.
  11. Interesting clip from the 1993-95 era at WFLA with the mischievous Chris Thomas and Friday night football scores:
  12. Looks sharp to me. Much better than that station across the bay that does weather in front of a video wall!
  13. Nice. I've read that WPEC was considered a 'joke'. WPTV was a Scripps clone.
  14. George Reading was another Paul Udell type. He bounced around and ended up in Monterey CA as a semi-retirement job.
  15. I really like it so far. Those 'stairs to nowhere' led to a second floor loft area that was rarely used on the set from 2000.
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