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  1. This cut sounds so chaotic, I'd love to hear it in the clear!
  2. Honestly, I feel that the logo would be more effective if each individual feather was outlined with a VEEEEERY THIN white border. Emphasizing the feathers, but still keeping them separate.
  3. They've dropped their long time musical logo for an altered version. Makes me wonder if that was a conscious decision, or if TM owns that musical logo outright.
  4. Hey guys, I need a huge favor. If, for any reason, anybody has any stuff from NMC, PLEASE go to this site: https://www.newsmusic.com/collectors And request a personal use license for the packages you acquire. It's literally just $25, and the music is yours to keep for your collection legally. Seeing as we're the only news music company that offers this feature, I'm asking that everybody please respect that, and follow the rules when it comes to NMC packages. So if you have any in your collection, please do this. Thank you!
  5. For sure. DEFINITELY a rushed job.
  6. NOT ONLY THAT, but all of the cities listed in the slate are in the Nashville viewing area. What is happening.
  7. He sold the company in 2020 and is happily retired.
  8. Slight update to this topic, I've been working closely with the owner of NMC to update the catalog, and NewsMusic Central now has 6 packages updated and available for license. The packages aren't all complete yet, but this is the direction the company is going: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/nE73C
  9. My guy, your attitude about, and position on this topic is absolute trash.
  10. I'm telling you guys, it's only going to continue to improve. It's not about ratings right now, it's about establishing a product, and allowing the audience to grow with that product. Hopefully this will continue to grow into competative news operation. In a time where big companies are shutting down newsrooms and outsourcing the newscasts to be produced from stations in neighboring markets (sometimes markets from all the way on the other side of the country), it's extremely rare to see a start up news operation, especially from a small broadcaster that doesn't have the resources that a big corporation does. Once again, there really should be nothing but support here. I think it's easy to forget that local news at its core is a public service, and that';s exactly what's being provided here; a public service.
  11. Thank you, @ABC 7 Denver. One thing I noticed is how absolutely hyper-critical this fandom tends to be without actually taking a step back and trying to understand the "How"s & "Why"s behind changes in news products. Are some graphics actually bad? Yes. Some are. Is EVERY SINGLE aspect of a graphics package bad simply because you personally don't like one aspect of it? No. That's absolutely not the case. These absolute statements and severe judgements based on a few minutes of witnessing something new just leads to drama, and I'm personally getting kind of sick of it. It's not everybody, but I just find the irony kind of amazing that the whole thing behind news is being objective, yet we let our personal feelings dictate definitively that something is "bad". Not everything is 100% "Bad" MY53's news department is a one-man-band with the budget of $12 and a ham sandwich. The product will get better over time. There will be a lot of testing & figuring it out, and he deserves our support for taking on a project like this. Bottom line is, Austin is one of us. He's a total news nerd just like we are, and he's a damn good journalist. He has a challenge ahead of him that he willingly took on. We really should, as a community, be in his corner to support him, and not completely rip apart his product on the first night. In fact, we really need to learn how to sit back and observe things for a few nights before we draw our conclusions, weighing all pros & cons of certain things instead of just crapping on something the first time we see it just because it's different. TLDR: Guys, we really need to step it up and do better, instead of turning everything into a bitch-fest.
  12. If the music were licensed, he wouldn't have had to rip all of the cuts off of News Music Now...
  13. To be fair, he told you the fact in 2 different ways, and you challenged that fact 2 different times. His response is saying "whether you believe it or not, it's the truth", which is a completely valid point. I've seen true snark from this man, there was no snark intended here, just plain speaking.
  14. Thank you very much! I figured it would be fun to try to create a credible update. WLS got their update after 21 years of 2000 Plus, so it seemed fitting to try my hand at Eyewitness News for once. Lord knows I have too many custom 2000 Plus updates under my belt.
  15. Profiteering with as little work as possible...credible.
  16. To extend coverage just outside of the market is actually pretty smart. 7 has a very strong social media and YouTube presence when it comes to the weather, and the chances of people living within the market knowing somebody out there are pretty strong. So I'm sure with that coverage, they're relying on people sharing the live streams on social media platforms to those who don't get 7 over the air. Actually, that's kind of brilliant.
  17. I'm sure it's more for the Facebook page.
  18. I hope so too, but I don't ever remember seeing alternate graphics used for online exclusives, usually they're just stills of the broadcast graphics.
  19. Oh, man. Not too sure if I like that...
  20. THIS....is horrible. First off, they didn't even license the package. They just used the cut from a WLS close video on Youtube. Secondly, Everything.
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