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  1. I don't think the market exclusivity thing is the issue here. WIFR in Rockford uses Enforcer, and they overlap in DeKalb and McHenry counties, and WREX started using The Tower in 2009, while WMAQ was still using it. I have a feeling that Stephen Arnold's packages simply cost less to lease. I'm sure that's why more small-market stations tend to use SAM.
  2. My thought would be moving the 7pm to 6:30. It would be easy to do, seeing as they usually start closing out the 6pm at 6:25. And I feel like 6:30 would be a better time slot anyway, as a strong lead-in to the CW network programing. Plus I feel like WLS kind of competes with itself running a 7pm news, when that risks taking viewers away from ABC network programing.
  3. To extend coverage just outside of the market is actually pretty smart. 7 has a very strong social media and YouTube presence when it comes to the weather, and the chances of people living within the market knowing somebody out there are pretty strong. So I'm sure with that coverage, they're relying on people sharing the live streams on social media platforms to those who don't get 7 over the air. Actually, that's kind of brilliant.
  4. I'm sure it's more for the Facebook page.
  5. I hope so too, but I don't ever remember seeing alternate graphics used for online exclusives, usually they're just stills of the broadcast graphics.
  6. Oh, man. Not too sure if I like that...
  7. I'm wondering if Jay Advertising did the WPXI news theme as well.
  8. As part of the remastering process, they're able to bring out different instruments, lower the volume of others, etc. Notice how the current open is also slightly faster than the "original"? It's not a remix, but rather a different set of cuts composed by Al Ham himself. I feel like WNEP would be the perfect station to use the MCTYW "Cue" package by 615. Suitable, modern-day replacement.
  9. THIS....is horrible. First off, they didn't even license the package. They just used the cut from a WLS close video on Youtube. Secondly, Everything.
  10. I tried my hand at This logo thing. I don't like the spacing of the letters in the WGN logo (I feel the letters are too close), but I like the font. I figured the perfect "9" to go with the pseudo-retro font would be a revitalization of their retro "Square 9" logo, and a typeface that would match that with the slogan. Much like their WGN Radio logo, this logo reflects the WGN of yesterday, but because it keeps the same layout as the current logo, it doesn't take away the familiarity of the station. Behold:
  11. Yes, that's more understandable, It's more common to see younger folks on-air in smaller markets. However, it normally takes a number of years on-air to make your way into the top 20 markets. It's very unique to see anyone in their 20's working on-air in Chicago, or anywhere larger than Sacramento, I would say.
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