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  1. They're still using the FOX46 branding. They'll probably a hybrid branding in the interim.
  2. For those that make these passive aggressive statements. I have my info from someone in the broadcast industry myself. The same source who predicted the new Fox O&O graphics launched in February 2020 on WJZY, the Orlando Fox & MyTV O&Os by Fox along with the aforementioned Sacramento, San Diego Fox affiliate properties for Nexstar as a future swap that has been seroiusly considered, to the fact that Charlotte still on the Fox network radar are known to those who work on this daily. I didn't make up anything, so if you disagree then go disagree with my source.
  3. Smart move...it's a major branding problem
  4. Go look it up on FOX46 website. It's listed on TitanTV via the FOX46 website. I never look up their or any Fox affiliates' schedule through Zap2it
  5. Access Hollywood will remain in WJZY & WMYT in the overnights
  6. Charlotte is too large and prominent of a city to have the "Carolinas" branding in the market. The 3 of the 4 South Carolina counties in their DMA are aligned with and apart of the Charlotte metro area. The Unifour is basically an extension of Charlotte these days and will covered, so the mountain counties outside of Watauga are really left out. However, they're not really populated outside of Watauga. The thought processes of Nexstar is why failure with this is imminent upon launching. Charlotte is not the Triangle nor the Triad, nor as it was 25+ years ago when the transient population was
  7. Yep, it makes the Fox affiliate of a major market looks small market. NewsNation will continue to get nothing in constantly forcing stations to promote an out-of-date product in 2021. I don't agree with Fox's over-the-air antics with their O&Os nor the FNC, but Charlotte is a better fit for an O&O than Nexstar bs that belongs in any market that's below the top 50 ranking. Watch the ratings drop falter with the unnecessary changes forcing another rebranding... WCCB might wind up as the O&O in the future.
  8. Iisha Scott left WCNC Charlotte to go to NBC 5 Chicago WMAQ https://twitter.com/wxbrad/status/1427391614041866241?s=19 WCNC did gain KJ Jacobs from WTRK https://www.wcnc.com/article/about-us/team-bios/kj-jacobs/275-27f75e2b-99c9-4636-8ddb-54e5fa594ab6
  9. They should add a 9AM hour and move that Dateline and 25 Words or Less back to WMYT while bringing back the Real and Dr Oz to WJZY
  10. I standby what I said earlier, WJZY & WMYT will be sold again is why what is going on with on-air talent departures. Nexstar only wants the stations because FTS was willing to pawn off for Seattle and Milwaukee Fox affiliates. Nexstar is cheap and bad for business in a rapidly growing, major market like Charlotte. It's why Nexstar is dismantling great locally recognized talent by ending or not renewing all of this valuable talent. You also going to continue seeing this newsroom set...
  11. I tried to download the WJZY news app again and its full of glitches and doesn't stream properly again. According to most reviewers on the Google Play store, they agree that WJZY news app is crap a year later still. Another disaster after another with this switch over from the FTS maintained to this Nexstar maintained app...
  12. I still don't believe it until I see consistency. I used to live in Atlanta for a decade so believe in oversampling errors, so until I see a trend then I stand by what I said.
  13. I'm aware of the rankings but there have times where undercounts and overcounts have occurred; as a result things were readjusted the following year(s). That's why I said won't believe it until the 2021-2022 ranks come out.
  14. You're comparing cheapskate Nexstar to Disney/ABC and NBC Universal O&Os? Uh no, as a matter fact hell no... It doesn't take long to rebuild a newscast set... Half the time Nexstar is so cheap they'll already bring in another deconstructed old set from another property with minor alterations like the city skyline, etc. If you want to believe otherwise, okay...
  15. Watch they never get a new newscast set and wind up broadcasting from the newsroom until they are sold again... This reeks of what happened to WFXT/Boston until it was pawned off to Cox. It's not a bad setup for a newscast newsroom set with the colored lighting, mounted monitors, and whatnot. However, this market is too damn big to be having such weird issues on rebuilding a new news set, pandemic or not. I think there was a decision higher up the Nexstar food chain to stop rebuilding the newscast set as there's something else in the works.

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