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  1. I agree on the weird structure of WJZY news operations. It has changed or modified its on-air branding moniker at least 3 times since 2014 from "Fox 46 Carolinas" to "Fox 46 Charlotte" to "Fox 46 WJZY" to now "Fox 46 Charlotte, WJZY". Nexstar, if the sale is approved, will likely shift to the "Fox 46 WJZY" name. They have done much better in recent years with the regional Emmy for the UNC-Charlotte shooting coverage. On the other hand, your assessment is right on as "Good Day Charlotte" is very anemic for a Fox O&O station in a major market (GDC ends at 9AM, no weekday midday newscast, nor a 11 PM newscast). Overall, its newscast hours per week is I believe the lowest of the Fox O&Os. However, I have a feeling this is Fox's way of getting a built up news operation that is doing better competitively so that can do another trade or swap in the future to come back. I'll leave it at that not to tread into the speculation territory.
  2. Those are your opinions yet not backed not a single stat. I'm done with this conversation with you. Ad hominem fallacies of Atlanta being a dump without proof nor stats. The point is Charlotte is the 3rd fastest growing region in the nation and has been for nearly 2 years now per the US Census Bureau. You have a good day, sir!
  3. Uh kay, this post added no context to my response. I just mentioned stats and demo which matters in business decisions. You could have kept it. The poster above response provides better context . Thx but not thx
  4. Nearly a month later, I'm still scratching my head on the logic of this obviously bad deal of WJZY/WMYT for KCPQ/KZJO and WITI. I'm relocating to Charlotte in a few weeks for my career. My research of demographics and socioeconomic stats of the Charlotte metro to Seattle-Tacoma area alone for my upcoming home purchase shows that is a bad deal. Seattle has basically peaked at its rapid growth (economically and population-wise) while Charlotte has just begin its explosive growth period. As a matter of fact, Charlotte is likely a market that the other networks (except ABC/Disney of course) might be looking hard at getting into because of its sheer potential (rapid growth in fin-tech and tech, several Fortune 500 HQ's relocation/expansions, being considered a developing "East Coast" market like Atlanta, and technically a major Sunbelt business and transport hub because of its airport also like Atlanta).
  5. I get it. However, if it has come to needles being moved by NFC teams advertising revenue potential then Fox will trading stations every few years based on that flawed logic. You should never bank on getting your hands on a lone West Coast market when the Sunbelt is more robust and has higher potential long term. That's like ditching Dallas-Fort Worth because the San Francisco Bay Area is more appealing for short term revenue potential because of the NFC teams. In reality, Dallas-Fort Worth (like Charlotte) will be surpassing San Francisco (like Seattle) in simple market rankings in the very near future.
  6. I wouldn't neccesate that WJZY is a failure. It's very difficult to construct a news operation from the ground up in this social media-dominant era. The fact that WJZY has a decent share of viewers for their newscasts is miraculous at best. However, I can bet Fox will regret divesting from the one of top 3 fastest growing metro (and market) areas in the nation. Charlotte with its explosive growth is likely to be a top 15 market area in the next decade or so. That's very bad for future growth of a company that wants to thrive not survive.
  7. jero23

    Out & About

    Whichever WFAA morning show she is on, She's very popular with the black and Latino Millenials that I know in DFW. They love her on there
  8. jero23

    Out & About

    I guess you're in the minority on those sentiments. I know so many black Millenials in the DFW Metroplex that love her and her frankness about this world. Many of them said she is the reason why they will stream the newscasts in the morning to hear her on the 9 AM show. She has over a half-million followers on IG which has substantially grown since the time when she was a radio personality on KC heritage urban station KPRS/Hot 103 Jamz. I believe it has more to do with (like Sharon Reed did in 2016) she took an older white viewer to task over giving a negative comment about her being a plus size black woman and wearing form-fitting dresses.
  9. jero23

    Out & About

    Why not? She is very entertaining, young, and relatable to most Millenials in the market.
  10. WVTM is a MUCH better news product and station under Hearst. It's like it's back under NBC O&O except the lack of network aligned branding of "NBC13" of yesteryear and all NBCU distribution for all its syndicated shows. Otherwise, it is pretty much back to the product is very similar to how NBC operated the station.
  11. jero23

    Out & About

    Yeah, it has hit everyone in Atlanta pretty hard tonight. Amanda Davis was loved by so many in the Atlanta DMA.
  12. jero23

    Out & About

    I'm going to need FTVLive to get it right. WIAT is not WOIO sister station (unless they are referencing them both being CBS affiliates) because WBRC is owned by Raycom...
  13. I'm referring to the pissing contest over the price for selling of the WHDH-TV broadcast license from Sunbeam to Comcast/NBCUniversal. This is why this whole stupid situation has came about in the first place. Oh yeah, I doubt Cox will benefit since their handling of WFXT has been rapid decline of that station's quality of news product. This is one situation where FOX/21st Century Fox had a better handle on a news product quality.
  14. Well, just as equally ridiculous is the fact that Ansin keeps going back and forth with Comcast/NBCUniversal over the ownership of the WHDH-TV (Channel 7) license. Hell, he should just make off like a thief in the night with the cash and just invest it into WLVI with "The News Station" branding while keeping the CW affiliation. I highly doubt CBS is concerned with the home of the CW affiliation at the moment otherwise they would have long ditched the MyTV service for WSBK. It's a win-win versus the "Battle of the Egos" between him (Ansin) and the suits at Comcast/NBCUniversal. Ultimately, this situation will end with the maiming of Ansin and Comcast in the Boston market to the benefit of Hearst and CBS.
  15. jero23

    Out & About

    Yeah, they have made cuts in the years past, but the station has just rehired former morning drive personality Frank Ski, former slow jams show host Joyce Littel, and former WHTA afternoon jock Emperor Sercy. All of those people have been added to the staff in the past 12 months alone. The station carries the entire Atlanta radio station cluster alone on its revenue. DC urban sister station WPGC carries its radio cluster in a similar fashion as WVEE with revenue. I remember reading that back when it was posted earlier this year. Les will have a major battle on his hands that he might not realize with the Redstones over the radio division.
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