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  1. jero23

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    This move likely led to Atlanta native, Marissa Mitchell, who was already anchoring the 11:00PM to announce she is leaving WAGA. https://www.ajc.com/blog/radiotvtalk/fox-atlanta-adding-newscast-with-new-anchor-christine-sperow/16XlYK3MohLg0gaf8jS7NK/
  2. Check the Speculatron thread on Nexstar-Tribune merger as I further elaborate there on what exactly I have heard being said about Fox involving the Charlotte stations along with others.
  3. Nexstar would have consummated the swap within 30 days of the actions similar to how Sinclair takes over instantaneously via a LMA. It's all on Fox (who is having 2nd thoughts about the Charlotte divestiture) is holding it up. I'm just going to sit and watch because something is really up here.
  4. Thanks! I rarely go out on a limb for topics like this because I'm not the biggest fan of the Fox Corporation, but I've heard too many things from various individuals that have come to fruition about how Fox works these days. Charlotte is on their radar for sure as a long term investment market of media products including being the home of an O&O station.
  5. All I can say in this conversation, what the musical chairs on station ownership in the future. Fox has a lot vested in Charlotte right across town: https://goo.gl/maps/hMEg4xQ1GngSs6e59 and the property is owned by Fox Corporation d/b/a "Fox Sports Media Group/Fox Sports 1, LLC" per the Mecklenburg County, NC Tax Assessors. There have been numerous publications and insiders that confirmed Fox is swapping out things to get what they want ultimately. A strategically situated clearly-developing major market like Charlotte will likely be back in the Fox O&O column sooner than later.
  6. I agree. Also we need to watch the carrot tied to this proposed swap. There are more Nexstar and Fox swaps in the works hence why I said there is more parts that's not being publicized. Fox wants all of the NFC markets along with the politically competitive (advertising heavy) major markets. WJZY/WMYT might wind back up with Fox after the other swaps/trades occur. This is a very interesting time.
  7. Hmmm... possibly. I've heard a number of things about the Charlotte situation involving what may happen. Hence why they still investing .
  8. Yeah that's how they do it. WJZY is still rolling out the new graphics even in newscast and syndicated promos. Fox does it in steps
  9. jero23

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    Yeah, WJZY via Fox is definitely upping their stock in the news product. Good Day Charlotte seems to be more like their sister station WAGA's Good Day Atlanta, where there is aim to have contemporary music played particularly Billboard Hot 100 songs during the newscast bumpers. Brigida is definitely a relatable personality and seems to bring appeal to the growing number of black professionals that are relocating to Charlotte. It's going to be interesting how GDC evolves with Brigida there as well as Nick, Paige, and Jason are very relatable to younger viewers (25-45 year olds) in general. This might be the right mix for the station to accelerate ratings growth for WJZY in the mornings. This is also giving credence to the second thoughts because Charlotte is a significant growth and very competitive media market with growing household incomes.
  10. I've been hearing murmurings from that same source that told me that WJZY was getting the new O&O graphics that Fox might be having second thoughts on rolling out of Charlotte in lieu of Seattle (a growing market but doesn't fit the company's philosophy) and Milwaukee (a slow/no growth market). It might still go through, but Fox might double back and get the WJZY & WMYT (which is basically a subchannel of WJZY) combo in lieu of something else from Nexstar.
  11. Your point just further validates what I'm saying. Charlotte is bigger and faster growing than the Raleigh/Durham/Fayetteville market.
  12. If and that's an if, the transaction goes through then they likely will keep the graphics. Nexstar is cheap and there are usually contractual obligations associated with graphic packages and their maintenance for stations. You don't want to spend additional funds for stupid reasons.
  13. Another reason why people better (and should) hope that swap between Charlotte and Seattle and Milwaukee stations should fall through. Nexstar has yet to figure things out on payroll
  14. I understand the "complement" component because of geography. However, I feel like Charlotte is getting more like Atlanta and becoming more of a regional standout market to the point where it is more important for the broadcast networks to want to make and keep their returns on their investments considering the markets with an NFC, MLS, and NBA franchises. Rather bartering with their affiliates like they do in medium sized and small markets. It's weird also for the Raleigh/Durham/Fayetteville DMA to have a network O&O (WTVD) but not Charlotte, a bigger market.
  15. I've been saying for weeks that WJZY was going to be updated on graphics. I still believe this swap is either temporary or could potentially not go through. It makes no good long term growth business sense to give up a rapidly growing major market like Charlotte with a NFC team (soon MLS team) that could turn around with its new billionaire owner, Jake Teeper. In lieu for KCPQ/KZJO Seattle and a no growth market like WITI Milwaukee. It's either temporary and New Fox coming back to Charlotte, so going to fall through.
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