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  1. My only response is never say never with this market and Fox ownership. It's seems like an odd decision for Cox-owned ABC affiliate in a major market to want to air Wendy Williams right before The View. I doubt it'll be renewed on WSOC once the syndication is up. WJZY is a better fit for the type of demographic that WW attracts.
  2. jero23

    Out & About

    Uh here's the problem with the market, it's the Birmingham DMA. The degradation of the branding of the local TV news operations is one of the reasons why most don't even respect Birmingham as a major US city now. It's in the top 50 largest metropolitan areas in the US for Christ sake. Nobody should be calling the ABC affiliate for Birmingham "ABC Alabama" . Yeah it's a legacy brand nowadays.
  3. Wendy Williams show should move onto WJZY.
  4. jero23

    Out & About

    Well the upside is she'll likely get to use the "fox5" handle on her social media accounts, likely the same retirement benefits
  5. jero23

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    Yeah Charlotte is the standout market area out of both Carolinas in all aspects except its local news operations. Most of the news operations here scream small to medium size market. WSOC tries to break that mode, but is in the shadow of WBTV and its folksy product. WCNC is having an identity crisis from Tegna's shifts "NBC Charlotte" branding to "WCNC" with a tiny NBC peacock logo; NBCUNIVERSAL/Comcast might need to buy them to fix that and help them elevate the news op. WCCB is folksy while attempting to be young and hip but no... Fox blew it with its launch of WJZY but gotten better as it went on. However, Nexstar needs to not revert to folksyness because WJZY will wind up remaining dead last permanently. Mark my words the major networks are looking at Charlotte because of its emergence as a major city and market along with professional sports franchises along with NASCAR. Yet the Charlotte market area punches well above its weight. It's like the twilight zone one is in understanding why folksyness is still prevalent in the local news operations. It needs to present major market news. The newly arrived transplants like myself love embracing of the local history and culture of "Centralina" as a region. Nevertheless, the local news products must also embrace that Charlotte is a now 3M+ metro and huge transportation (CLT airport) hub of a market trade area of an additional 300-400K more people outside of the metro area counties.
  6. jero23

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    His first move should have been extending Good Day Charlotte from 5AM to 10AM Monday through Friday rather than contracting the hours on news broadcasting aired... The idea as Charlotte getting bigger in this rapid clip as it is poised to do is to make WJZY a more news-intensive major market Fox affiliate, not one that treats news like it's a second thought. I laugh at every move that Nexstar has made from the rush to shift the website to the obtuse usage of searchlights and kitebox when it should have been retired with the subtle over-the-air changes, to these moves of newscast hours reduction. It's going to make things worse rather than better for the station. Strangely enough, WSOC-TV has adopted a new on-air bug logo with the ABC logo attached to the main 9 logo in the lower right hand corner. Interesting it is airing during the ABC-Disney Television produced, Tamron Hall Show. See below in the attachment
  7. jero23

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    She is likely jumping ship since WITI is under FTS control now and she likely isn't their (abeit short-term plans) ownership of the station.
  8. Welcome to the future of CBS O&O news operations. I guess CBSN will become an online simulcast of whichever CBS O&O station it wants to stream that day of the week.
  9. Tepper moved the Panthers HQ to York County, SC for economic development reasons to allow rail transit to eventually expand south to Rock Hill. Charlotte chose to allow this move for the benefit of the metropolitan area (which includes 3 SC counties), and not to engage in a pissing contest that's a zero sum. As the current Panthers training facility site in Uptown is one of the parcels that would be in the assemblage developed for the new Panthers/MLS stadium. That part of the Uptown area is to become the Gateway Village. It was a strategic move on Tepper's part for Metro Charlotte.
  10. Uh, Tepper is in full support of MLB franchise in Charlotte. There is no competition between the MLB and MLS, and the notion of such is absurd. As a matter of fact, Tepper is of the business of making Charlotte the professional sports hub of the Carolinas. That's why MLS and NHL would be of better fit for Raleigh/Durham/Fayetteville as it's positioned as a secondary market in professional sports, but a dominant DMA in collegiate sports. It is great to be a homer for Raleigh, but Charlotte has the corporate backing, private money, household incomes, major media influence, and location to support the MLB. Otherwise, Raleigh would have gotten the MLS franchise prior to Charlotte. The AAA franchise would just move and become an affiliate of the MLB franchise, so don't underestimate the powerful players who are working in Charlotte. The presence of an AAA franchise wouldn't preclude the expansion of the MLB. Durham is attached to Raleigh so technically that same argument could be made about the DMA.
  11. Any Hearst owned station news product beats nearly everyone including the ABC O&Os news products in quality.
  12. Uh, the major philanthropic and business leadership (Tepper, current BoA CEO, former BoA CEO Hugh McColl, etc.) and the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance have been working on this behind the scenes to get the MLB franchise in Charlotte. This has been mentioned as a fact several times in the past 18 months in the Charlotte Business Journal. Raleigh will likely only have NHL's Carolina Hurricanes as its sole major sports franchise unless there is another MLS expansion franchise in the Triangle. Charlotte looks like it will be home to NFL, NBA, MLS, and the MLB franchises. Making Charlotte one of the few DMAs outside of the top 15 with 4 major league franchises and equal professional sports competitive footing as Atlanta.
  13. That's just ghetto and bootleg. They should've left enough alone and kept the station on the FTS-based app. This isn't 2003 anymore, if you're going unnecessary relaunch an app then be ready to relaunch with everything on the previous platform. Most people aren't watching through cable, so mobile app interface matters as much if not more than the broadcast TV side.
  14. I understand those sentiments about the current setup for Fox affiliation in Charlotte. However, I doubt that though. Bahakel Broadcasting is a local company. It's doubtful they'll ever cash out since Charlotte is basically a major TV/DMA nowadays anymore than Capitol would with Raleigh/Durham/Fayetteville. WJZY/WMYT would be FTS only way to return. It would make sense as FTS prefers duopolies when they get stations, so they can have an excess signal for syndication and possible news coverage overflow. I agree on not speculating on the what ifs. WCCB went the route it went to stay local here in Charlotte and I respect that with their CW affiliations. Fox is just basically letting a company willing to put some more money into WJZY/WMYT in this case it is Nexstar, while FTS deliberate on when they want to buy back its Charlotte affiliate. There is too much money on the table to be made in Charlotte with all of these sports franchises and NASCAR here then it's a rapidly growing market to boot.
  15. The Nexstar based app for WJZY is crap. No live streaming capabilities through the app that refers to the website. It is so basic that it is borderline laughable compared to the old Fox-backed platform for a station in a major market. I deleted the app from my mobile device because you are better off looking at their page through a mobile browser. Yep, further affirmation that FTS and Nexstar need to get trading as notion because this was a bad and illogical move for both.
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