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  1. Looks like there's a door behind that upstairs set. Probably led to some compromises if it had to remain available. I'll bet that it follows the pattern of most areas like that and it either slowly disappears from use in a few months because using it presents logistical issues or it ends up only being seen in shots that give no sense of its location within the studio.
  2. Looks like KXAN is going to be switching over to a variation on the the WISH/WTNH graphics, based on maps posted to their social media today. The existing look is a 2015 refresh of one that launched in 2011, so it's definitely time for something new.
  3. KTBC morning anchor Dave Froelich is headed to KHOU, according to this tweet from his co-anchor.
  4. Local weather hubbing seems like it would make far more sense with the groups like Tegna, Sinclair, and Nexstar that have significant medium to larger market stations right next to small-market stations than it does for network O&Os that tend to be much more spread out. For the hypothetical surprise Sunday morning tornado warning, someone who's from a couple hundred miles away at most is going to have a much better shot at knowing what names on the radar map are significant population centers, the unusual/difficult pronunciations, and the general state of the atmosphere. And even for things like weekend mornings or fill-ins, "so-and-so is joining us from our sister station in a nearby big city" feels like it would work as a toss.
  5. I can understand the Austin transmitter because that's where their facilities are and the original concept when the station signed on was to serve both Austin and San Antonio, but the San Saba transmitter is strange to me. It's in the Temple-Waco-Bryan market and within 20 miles of counties in the San Angelo, Abilene, and DFW markets. I don't see much market for San Antonio-focused ads there, so I don't get the financial reasoning.
  6. Getting some retro special report vibes from the start of that intro.
  7. If Texas, which hasn't had a Democrat win a statewide vote in over 20 years, is so close that the comparatively small number of ballots that are still in the mail on election day can change the outcome, then chances are that we know who the overall winner will be. Although that makes me wonder if we might be in for the first time in decades where news organizations call an overall winner before getting to 270 electoral votes, in some kind of situation where it's apparent from the states that are counting quickly that Biden is heading for a landslide or Trump is significantly outperforming expectations, but the data isn't in yet to project which states will go which way.
  8. I don't know how it would play with their down-the-middle branding, but I could see it also being used on promos that talk about how they originate from Chicago using reporters from local stations, with the implication they're not like those east-coast liberals on the networks.
  9. KVUE chief meteorologist Albert Ramon announced on social media that he will be leaving the station next week after 10 years there. His message said that the new opportunity was too good to pass up and he would still be covering Texas weather “extensively,” but coanchor Terri Gruca mentioned that he was headed to Chicago. The combination of those two pieces of information makes me suspect that he may be headed to News Nation.
  10. The "US BASE ATTACKED?" that was on the wall at the start of the clip lost its question mark when it came back up. My assumption is that they were changing the graphic on the fly now that it was confirmed and there was a few seconds of black while the new version was loaded/rendered/whatever.
  11. I didn't see the Chiefs graphic, but I think the Shanahan graphic looks like an effort to pick something that looks like the 49ers logo font. I'll be curious to see whether that carries over to the package next season.
  12. I don't think that's even all of the Nexstar mic flags. I don't see KSWB, KLAS, KXAN, or WNCN. There's a KRON flag in the picture, which surprised me, but it could be there because it was easier to take the entire collection than to try to pull out the ones that won't be used.
  13. As much as I think I would have preferred that "special report" was for breaking news and scheduled live coverage got something else, I also can't help but think that it has been a long time since I've seen a local station have a specific special report open instead of just playing the same breaking news/severe weather/topic-specific bumper that they would use mid-newscast. I think I remember NBC, for a while, using "bulletin" for short cut-ins for a breaking story and "special report" for scheduled news and rolling coverage. The example that comes to mind for me in particular for that period is that I think the MSNBC/NBC simulcast for the death of Princess Diana used the "bulletin" introduction. I doubt that they're going to create a custom introduction for every single special report, although most of the examples I can think of for things that I assume wouldn't be labeled breaking news are routine enough that they could probably have a generic but subject-specific intro on standby (presidential press conferences, for instance.)
  14. I tend to think of everything since they debuted the big screen behind the anchor desk in 2004 as a series of incremental updates of that set. They've gone through several desks and multiple video technologies in that time, but most of the rest hasn't changed much other than the addition of the light boxes and monitors around the columns. Certainly nothing as big as Nightly News' moves across the hall and back or CBS' rebuild of Studio 47 for Katie Couric.
  15. KEYE's message is now explicitly encouraging people to change providers. Sounds like they're going in for the long haul. I also noticed that they're explicitly referencing NFL Football as something that would be missed. Definitely a much bigger deal down the road in San Antonio, at least for this week, since the Texans are on KABB and the Cowboys are on WOAI.
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