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  1. Out of the two Leith-based looks the BBC has produced lately, I think I prefer the package for BBC Scotland's "The Nine." This one is lacking a certain something in the lower-thirds.
  2. KVUE's Mike Barnes hangs up the mic tonight after nearly 30 years at the station. Seems to be kind of a sudden announcement. https://www.kvue.com/article/news/mike-barnes-era-ends-at-kvue/269-d0014cda-4e9c-42ec-ab93-5ba1c5e67cb7
  3. Given that KXAN was LIN's guinea pig because they were across the street from the interactive team, KXAN being the first station to roll out a Nexstar design almost makes me wonder if they've somehow survived two mergers to become Nexstar's web team.
  4. KXAN has started using a severe weather map/ticker graphic that looks like it might be the from the Nexstar NBC package. Nothing else has changed so far, but I’m assuming that it’s a sign of things to come.
  5. A little late to the discussion, but I really want to echo this. The social media generations already know what happened. We're more interested in why things happen and what they mean. Give us several minutes on how bad the situation was for the people showing up at the border to seek asylum, and not just what happens afterward. Do a full package on the most important agenda item at the city council meeting before it happens, not just a quick SOT when it passes.
  6. I wouldn't have minded if Belo had made some package with the Spirit signature their corporate sound and then Gannett/Tegna had kept up the practice of replacing it every few years. It certainly beats the signature for This is Home and what passes for a signature with C Clarity.
  7. Last time I paid attention to that kind of stuff (which isn't too recently; I do more back-end stuff now,) Drupal and Joomla were a distant second and third place in market share behind WordPress, but still way ahead of whatever was in 4th.
  8. The old weather graphics remind me of the problems with The Weather Channel's first HD look that got an overhaul fairly soon after it launched. All of the detail in the rain and snow looked great on a big HD screen or the designer's computer monitor, but on anything else, they just turned into smudges.
  9. No need to copy WDAF, just go back to the old KDFW 4. They thinned the lines on the 4 they had been using when they went to the "box kite" logo.
  10. I'm curious about what their contingency plan is for when the inevitable day comes and there's unexpected news during the 10 AM ET hour that's big enough to justify a special report, but not so big that it's likely to blow out all of the delayed airings of the fourth hour. Put Savannah in 3A?
  11. Isn't that KPRC rather than WXIA, or are you going by something other than market size?
  12. Did I see correctly that the DMA runs all the way from southwest Missouri to the Oklahoma/Texas line? I know that there's no big city between OKC/Tulsa and Texarkana/Shreveport, but that seems like a very long distance.
  13. Definitely. The whole reason for this is that the internet makes it basically impossible to not find out the results of events especially if you have to wait for a tape delay of a tape delay. Paris is the least hospitable time difference for live American TV, considering that the prime time broadcast would be 2 AM to 5 or 6 AM. I suspect that some of the events that tend to catch a lot of eyeballs on NBC are going to end up on Saturday/Sunday evenings Paris time so that they're live in the US during the afternoon. I doubt that anything in 2028 would start early enough in the day to cause Today to get pre-empted or going early out west since I assume that NBC is going to get to set a lot of the schedule, but I could see them either cutting or delaying the third and fourth hours to get the national daytime coverage going at noon or 1 Eastern/9 or 10 Pacific.
  14. After hearing a full newscast's worth of the new music, I've decided that it's better than I thought it was at first. KVUE seems to have picked a bunch of cuts that almost sound like they're from a package with a traditional signature, but it's also a bit like hearing the entire newscast done with that one cut that Stephen Arnold seems to put in a lot of his packages (particularly the ones for Texas stations) that's a little bit slower and heavy on the acoustic guitar and feels like it was specifically designed to be played as a close over a lingering shot of the sunrise.
  15. KVUE launched the new graphics on their midday show. They appear to have the revised weather icons, and they look a lot better.
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