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  1. According to Variety, Trollbäck+Company is behind ABC's new look: https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/abc-new-logo-2021-1235059302/
  2. Brazil's Record TV, just one year after they last renovated their news set, they decided to tear it down, remove the working newsroom, since it was pretty empty during primetime and build an entirely new set for their flagship newscast, Jornal da Record, which launched last night, with the addition of four short bulletins throughout the day, called Jornal da Record 24 Horas. Here's how the flagship 9:30pm BRT newscast looks like: The first-ever Jornal da Record 24 Horas bulletin (0:30am BRT edition - JR 24H also has bulletins at 11:40am, 4:45pm and 5:45pm): And how JR used to look like: And the close from the temporary green-screen set, last Friday:
  3. It's nothing new for TVI. Listen to their news theme from 2009: Now, listen to the Sky News theme from 2005:
  4. Last Monday, Globo's main evening newscast, Jornal Nacional, after 17 years at their newsroom balcony set, moved into a brand-new, 14,750-square-foot studio at their Rio de Janeiro headquarters, integrating their television and online newsrooms, and adopted a new version of their longtime theme, replacing the last, 28-year-old, version. First, the last JN from their previous set (last renovated in 2015), from last Saturday: The first one from their new home: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=RqAaHf_pPHc And a behind-the-scenes look at the new set: But the new JN theme isn't actually "new", because it was originally used for their special editions, since 2002 or so, in events such as the US attacks on Iraq, presidential inaugurations, announcements of a new Pope, and so on. Inauguration of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (2003): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJjjTb6PO9U Royal Wedding (2011, using both the then-special and then-regular themes): Announcement of Pope Francis (2013): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crZ7HjFYtMY
  5. A couple of weeks ago (more precisely, on October 9th, Valencian Community Day), RTVV (Ràdio Televisió Valenciana, "Valencian Radio Television"), the public-service broadcaster in the Valencian Community, Spain, has rebranded itself and all of their radio and television services. First, let's see how the newscasts on Canal Nou ("Channel Nine" in Valencian) and Canal Nou 24 (their 24-hour news channel) used to look like: Notícies Nou (NT9, for short), Canal Nou, 2010: midday edition: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9AjscmHTEQ evening edition: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTDkn5j0Aqo Nou 24 Notícies, Canal Nou 24, 2010: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAc1W9d191Q And here is the new look, designed in-house at RTVV. The main brand for RTVV and their services is "Nou" (Valencian for "Nine" and also for "New"). Here's a story from NT9 about the changes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsb0isXtJCk And how the newscasts look like now, on the channels now called "Nou Televisió" (or simply "Nou") and "Nou 24": Nou 24 Notícies, Nou 24, 2013: And a story about what's new on Nou (including a look at the Notícies Nou set - Nou 24 comes from a virtual set, unlike its "big sister"): There is no YouTube video for the new Notícies Nou, but, as far as I know, graphics and music are the same on Nou and Nou 24 (like it happened with the previous package).
  6. last Monday, Portuguese public broadcaster RTP has relaunched its newscasts on RTP1 and also relaunched its news channel, RTPN, as "RTP Informação": RTP1: Bom Dia Portugal ("Good Morning Portugal"): Jornal da Tarde ("Afternoon News", usually broadcast from Porto, but for now broadcast from the RTP headquarters in Lisbon): http://www.youtube.c...h?v=BrDoVftvX00 Telejornal ("Television News", the main bulletin): several of the opening sequences and newsreaders (and their wardrobes!) of Telejornal over the years:http://www.youtube.c...h?v=VMNgsI_iw54 and a story on the relaunch, from the night before: RTP Informação: transition from RTPN (with a repeat of the last-ever Jornal das 24 - "News at 24") to RTP Informação (with a simulcast of RTP1's Bom Dia Portugal): Jornal do Meio-Dia ("News at Noon"): here's a fun fact: the launch of RTP Informação revives the name "24 Horas" ("24 Hours"), previously used for RTP1's defunct late newscast, for RTP Informação's midnight bulletin. the same night, SIC has relaunched its own newscasts (YouTube video is yet to appear): Primeiro Jornal ("First News" ): http://sicnoticias.s...ticle761540.ece Jornal da Noite ("Evening News", main bulletin): http://sicnoticias.s...ticle762244.ece and how they all looked before: RTP1: Bom Dia Portugal: Jornal da Tarde: (from Porto) Telejornal: RTPN: Tarde Informativa: ("Information Afternoon"): Noite Informativa ("Information Evening"): Jornal das 24: (from Porto) and some of their predecessors: Notícias às 19 ("News at 19"/"News at 7pm"): http://www.youtube.c...h?v=TFfit5B9oQU (from Porto) À Noite as Notícias ("At Night, The News"): (from Porto) - http://www.youtube.c...h?v=MwbdjVZjCzo (from Lisbon) Notícias às 24 ("News at 24"): (from Porto, captured from the RTP Internacional simulcast) SIC: Primeiro Jornal: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=MQwA9ax_BNs Jornal da Noite: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=PfEWCJgbWwY and, for the sake of competition, how TVI currently looks like (their newscasts were relaunched a few months ago): Diário da Manhã ("Morning Journal"): http://www.youtube.c...h?v=XB6Mz0Opyxs Jornal da Uma ("News at One"): http://www.youtube.c...h?v=yOhosZrOTAY Jornal das 8 ("News at 8", main bulletin): http://www.youtube.c...h?v=aI1KIXFFcAA (premiere edition) - http://www.youtube.c...h?v=jHkcCjU9EQ4 notice the slogan on the screen in the desk: "Nós informamos, você decide" ("We report, you decide"). sounds familiar?
  7. last week, France's TF1 relaunched its newscasts, with a remixed version of their 20-year-old theme: 1pm (weekday): http://medias.lenodal.com/video.php?id=10425 8pm (weekday): http://medias.lenodal.com/video.php?id=10436 1pm (weekend, relaunch edition): http://medias.lenodal.com/video.php?id=10401 - close: http://medias.lenodal.com/video.php?id=10402 1pm (weekend): http://medias.lenodal.com/video.php?id=10406 and how they looked before: 2010 (HD/widescreen version of 2006 - the news went HD and widescreen in 2008): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UjJaKmHwRg0 2006: http://medias.lenodal.com/video.php?id=1309 (theme reverted to the 1991 version a few months after the relaunch - WPVI feelings, anyone? - video from early 2007: http://medias.lenodal.com/video.php?id=2136) 2004 (graphics launched in the mid/late-'90s): http://medias.lenodal.com/video.php?id=6976 1994 (graphics launched in 1991): http://medias.lenodal.com/video.php?id=7350
  8. here's the opening sequence to a regular Five News bulletin (the 7pm edition was cancelled some time ago): and the opening to Five News when Natasha Kaplinsky took over, before Five adopted its current logo:
  9. some opens from Le Téléjournal, from CBC / Radio-Canada: 2001: (presented by Michaëlle Jean, now the Governor General of Canada) 2002: 2003:
  10. not actually YouTube, but still: Bandeirantes, or simply "Band" launched its newscasts in HD in December 3rd, a day after commercial HDTV started here in Brazil (actually, here in metro São Paulo, but other regions are following). but only its main evening newscast actually got a new look: http://www.stage6.com/user/HDTVBrasil/video/2047619/BAND-HD-::-Jornal-da-Band-::-DEMO-::-720p (720p, requires DivX Web Player) the video is 720p, but currently all networks broadcasting in HD do so in 1080i.
  11. Jan 1st, 2008: The new look for the Spanish "Telediario", on TVE1, "La Uno": Jan 7th, 2008: And the new look for "La 2 Noticias", on its sister network, TVE2, "La Dos":
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