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  1. I believe this will be the first news department in Seattle to use the "Network/Channel" branding since KSTW in 1998. All of the other Seattle news stations use call letters for their branding (KOMO News, KING 5 News, and KIRO 7 News).
  2. Starting today, CBS now has a smaller, but less transparent bug in the lower-left corner:
  3. Alpena may the one of the last markets in the country that's outright missing a network over the air. WBKB's main channel is CBS, and their subchannels are ABC and a FOX/MNTV combo in widescreen SD, but no NBC. The only other over the air station is a satellite of WCMU in Mt Pleasant.
  4. The "2" looks exactly like KTVI.
  5. For the 2013-2014 season, the peacock was slightly modified. The feathers were separated a little further apart, the peacock's beak was made a little bigger, and the NBC wordmark has a different font. But again, a fairly subtle change. They're not going to do something radical like the godawful trapezoid logo from the mid 70s.
  6. NMSA now has clean cuts of the KTXL/WRAL/KRDO news theme, which they've titled "NewsPlus". The cut at 1:45 sounds quite a bit like the 80s KTLA theme, doesn't it?
  7. Nope. Dick Goddard lasted 50 years at WJW.
  8. I'd argue that the 4 note signature from their early-mid 90's ID counts as a jingle.
  9. Not sure how many of you will care about this, but: The current version of the Action News opening theme premiered sometime between September 5, 1996 and October 19, 1996, likely right after the infamous orchestral version of the theme was scrapped.
  10. Cool theme! If that 1981 date is correct, then it seems that it was commissioned for KTXL first, not WRAL.
  11. Some nice archive.org 60 FPS transfers: KING 1/19/1990 news: https://archive.org/details/TheVistaGroup-1990SeattleKING5NewsBroadcastJan19 KSTW 1991 5:30 news: https://archive.org/details/TheVistaGroup-Early90sSeattleChannel11NewsBroadcast KVBC 2001 news: https://archive.org/details/TheVistaGroup-EarlyY2KLasVegasChannel3NewsBroadcast
  12. Wouldn't television's worst nightmare be someone under 50 (or ideally, under 35) who doesn't watch TV?
  13. No, they need to use this music instead: "Ladies and gentlemen, the name of the newscast is Go!"
  14. I've noticed that the CBS eye is more prominent than before; they've only started using it a few years ago. Portland tends to use call-letter branding rather than network branding for their stations, except for KPTV.

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