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  1. I also wonder that too. Anyway, this leads me to a question: Do you think that Peters Productions may have composed WTVD's 1979 news theme? I ask this question, because I am going to share a video that contains the entire WTVD newscast where they broadcasted from another room due to a fire on their news set. You can listen to the closing theme at 28:36.
  2. I came up with the composer of the KUTV 1979 news theme. It was Peters Productions and you can go to https://u.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZ10FpXZvpW4utLhTHSO1S34fpMSJpuznd6y&fbclid=IwAR0t088Cf65HT_H4t0uzeB6iXGP99fC-dUJp01IZJHgv5x6XW-LxVq87PJg to listen to the entire package. And I identified the composer, because of the news theme they play at 3:50. And that's not all, if you go to https://u.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZ72JpXZ2LzrBscemU4NL9plQHE9gSKfQcxV&fbclid=IwAR1a1fUAvrtkSMT6_lJeA0NDpjJi8lwjp6Tkw2troPtRlfbkE4VZx3pkgv8, at the beginning, you'll hear WNGE's 1979 news theme that was composed by, you guessed it, Peters Productions.
  3. Here are some classic WSVN newscasts featuring TM Productions' "All The News": In the late 1970s, Bakersfield, California's channel 17 (now KGET) became KPWR-TV and adopted a new nickname for the station. The station would be known as "K-Power, The New 17" and with it, 5 million watts of power. Here is a CBS "We're Comin' On" promo as aired n KPWR-TV.
  4. While looking around on YouTube via their mobile app, I came across a rare KERO 23 News noon broadcast from the mid 1980s. It includes a news open with an unknown theme. Also included is a blooper reel with news open at the beginning.
  5. I am watching it right now and the newscast is amazing. What I love about the newscast is the presentation as well as the stories. I will say that NewsNation is going to do great things, and I am interested in seeing how NewsNation will do in the days and months ahead.
  6. Here is a video including the new open. NOTE: WPRI is using the Nexstar FOX package.
  7. What you are about to see is a video containing reports done by Joe Collum who reported on the county commission in Tampa. Throughout the video, you can see some WTVT opens starting with an 11pm news open at the beginning, a Pulse 13 First News open at 8:06 and a 6pm news open at 12:34. And we take you back to the mid 1980s where WYMT in Hazard, KY used this news theme until the mid 1990s.
  8. KSLA and KHOU in 1984. The KSLA ID/10pm news open can be seen at :44.
  9. I recently got to see a WLKY newscast clip from April 1984 and if I am not mistaken, the WLKY news theme they used may have been done by the same composer who did the "9 Country/11 Country" package for WTCN/KBTV. You can go to 2:14 to hear the opening theme they used.
  10. WLKY in Louisville, Kentucky used a newsroom set during the late 1970s and the first part of the 1980s when the station was owned by Gannett.
  11. Here is another unidentified theme worth sharing: The closing theme to WLKY's "21 Alive News" from August 15th, 1986 You can listen to the theme at 6:20.
  12. You may be right. This was before WRAL started using that theme for its "Action News 5" broadcasts. As I was listening to the KTXL theme montage, I did notice a drum beat on the KTXL/WRAL theme on YouTube at 2:35. And then, I went over to SouthernMedia's News Search Archive and listen to TM Productions' NewsBeat which featured a drum beat at :12. This leads me to believe that a jingle company such as TM Productions may have had something to do with the theme. However, I may be wrong. (drum beat can be heard at 2:35) http://www.newsmusicsearcharchive.com/#3,1,300 (drum beat for "NewsBeat" can be heard at :12)
  13. Although the title is different, this video features clips from KDUH, KSTF and KOTA all recorded back in 1984 with news opens included. Here is an entire KDUH "Newsline" broadcast from Christmas Eve 1983. You can go to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPGvbm9bqaWxxfXkeUwkIvw for this and other news clips.
  14. Thanks to YouTube user 'VPR2B', here is a montage of KTXL's classic news theme from 1981.
  15. You are in for a special treat, because YouTube user 'VPR2B' has uploaded the KTXL NewsPlus music package from 1981.
  16. These videos were posted 9 years ago on YouTube, but I am about to share these. First, we have a Guam Cable News broadcast from 1988 as anchored by Kurt Chaisson. The theme they used was "The One & Only" by Klein&. And also, we have a KGNS news open and clip from the 1980s. The theme they used was "Newscore" by VTS Productions. These videos were posted by Kurt Chaisson on his YouTube page at https://www.youtube.com/user/kirk42107/videos.
  17. From 1-21-1983, here is a broadcast of ABC's World News Tonight. At 29:13, you get to see a WNGE ID with a news open featuring the late Ed Hopkins voicing the open.
  18. From 12-25-1978, here is an entire broadcast of the CBS Evening News. Be sure you watch at 28:47, because you get to see a WTVF news open using an unknown theme.
  19. From 12-26-1971, here is the entire broadcast of NBC's Sunday Night News. And at 28:53, you get to see the first moments of WSM-TV's "The Scene at 6" anchored by Al Voecks. The theme they used was "Ponteio" by Edu Lobo.
  20. From 1-15-1974, here is an ABC Evening News broadcast At 28:43, you get to see something rare: An ID jingle for WNGE along with the "Dateline Today: 5:30 Report" intro. And at 29:21, you get to see a short portion of a report done by future WAGA news anchor Jacque Maddox. You can go to https://www.rhsalum.org/alumni/jacque-maddox/ for a short bio on Jacque. Also....here is an entire New Jersey Nightly News broadcast from 1978 featuring former Los Angeles and Tulsa news anchor Clayton Vaughn.
  21. Here are three WABI news segments from 1988, all containing the opens: And...here are two WVII news segments from 1987 and 1988 respectively.
  22. If you go to https://www.youtube.com/user/davelexky, you can check out some rare WDBJ and WTVQ videos. And while you are there, you can check out some news stories and newscasts posted by former WTVQ and WDBJ anchor Dave Winters dated 1979 through 1981. And let me tell you, you are in for some good stuff.
  23. I am not for sure about this, but I do know that the music in the WTVG open may have also been used by KOLN/KGIN in Lincoln/Grand Island, Nebraska in the mid 1980s. You can watch this video at 10:28 and hear that WTVG music being used in a news close that aired during 10/11's first late news of New Year's Day 1985. a
  24. Here is ABC's World News Tonight from 7/23/1982. Included at the end is a WNGE ID and 6pm news open from that period.
  25. BTM0815MA did it again. Here is CBS News' coverage of the Reagan shooting with an entire WTVF newscast. The WTVF news open with newscast can be seen at 17:22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oj3bc-UZEbU
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