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  1. I am going to share a video with all of you, because I am hoping someone will identify this news theme.
  2. Here is the first few minutes of a KMTV newscast from 1980 featuring none other than future CNN Headline News anchor Chuck Roberts. And, it features a news open.
  3. I have a special treat for all of you this evening, because I have a *VERY RARE* look at KRDO from 1980 in the form of a news montage. KRDO's logo looks something like what WVEC in Norfolk used at the time. Please watch, because it has a ID and news open included at the beginning along with a news set that has been used at KATV in Little Rock and other stations. Oh wait...here is KRDO two years earlier in 1978. Yes, KRDO used the ABC News Theme by Score Productions to open its newscast.
  4. A couple of Macon, GA goodies are forthcoming. First, we feature a partial broadcast of WGXA's "News 24 Late Report" anchored by Ron Wildman and Gayle Jessup. And we finally have a WGXA open where they used "The Spirit of Texas" by TM Productions. And second, get ready for a complete WMAZ newscast from 1990. This newscast features a nice opening along with WMAZ legend Tina Hicks who anchors this newscast.
  5. Here is a special that aired on CBS in either 1976 or 1977 titled "The Best of All in the Family." The special includes original commercials and features a CBS ID at 31:51. The video comes from Marion Stokes' Archive page where she has posted a number of rare videos that contain news and other shows with commercials. https://archive.org/details/stokes0373/0373-1.mov
  6. Henry, thanks for sharing these rare clips. I love the KPOM clips, because it features a rare look at “24 Express News” during the 1980s. Elizabeth Alex would later anchor in Kansas City. And it features a rare look at “NewsCenter NightBeat” with anchor Jerry Overton.
  7. I remember the reruns being run on NBC in the late 1990s-early 2000s, because they were so funny.
  8. The early 1980s CBS Evening News graphics were mocked by Canadian comedy series SCTV which aired on NBC in the United States. This was seen in the episode where SCTV were in a "network war" with CBS, ABC and NBC. And the episode featured its own take on "The Godfather." So, you can watch SCTV's version of the CBS open at 22:20 and the open uses a synth theme. Here is the original CBS Evening News open from 1981 which features a close.
  9. Here is a KETV newsbreak and promo montage from the 1980s and 2003. Take note at 4:16, because the KETV promo for its weather department uses the KSN 1985 news theme.
  10. You know, whether it's in-house or designed by Linear Drift or any other firm, I believe that WTVQ has some of the best graphics they've had in a while.
  11. Here are a couple of screenshots of WTVQ’s new look. They are using “This is the Place” by Stephen Arnold Music and Eric Gordon is announcer.
  12. In the video description, I noticed that for the WTVR news open they used WSLS' 1988 news therme. Considering the newscast was recorded back in 1986, it was used way before 1988. And, it may have a name according to YouTube user Channel 37. WTVR used a JDK Music package titled "Shenandoah" due to the fact that the Shenandoah Valley is in Rockingham County in Virginia.
  13. Does anyone have a list of campaigns that Peters used?
  14. It's been over a month, but it's time to check into a news theme that needs to be identified. Does anyone know who composed this theme?
  15. That WMBB news theme is one of my favorite news themes. I remember hearing this theme on the old Geocities TV News Themes website. Henry, I want you to know that you made my night and I can't wait to see some more classic video.
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