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  1. Channel37 recently uploaded a number of commercials from ESPN as aired on November 1st, 1981 during a college football game and at 3:19, there is an ESPN SportsCenter Update which features a theme in the opening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOHhL5fk6mo This leads me to this question: Is the ESPN SportsCenter theme from 1981 a production music piece? Someone, please fill me in.
  2. When WTVK swapped its affiliation with WBIR from NBC to CBS back in 1988, channel 26 would only be on the air for only three months. Then in December of that year, WTVK became WKXT, and with the call change, they would change its channel number from UHF channel 26 to VHF channel 8. Here's an interesting note to pass along about the WTVK/WKXT changes: In the days leading up to the switch, WTVK was operating with low power and did not carry any newscasts.
  3. You can go to https://www.fox13news.com/news/family-of-woman-murdered-in-costa-rica-prepares-for-trial-one-year-later to see the new lower-thirds they have.
  4. The theme to CBS' "Jessica Novak" TV series was used as a news close on WBNB-TV 10 during the late 1980s. I remember hearing this one on a WBNB "NewsCenter 10" broadcast anchored by Yvonne Wright. The station was later affected by Hurricane Hugo.
  5. I looked for WYD on Google and can't find where it is located. By the way, I think it is a great idea, because it would be a good place to talk about Standard Media.
  6. Here is a short KYW news tease from December 1983 using an unknown theme.
  7. I recently came across a rare newscast from KXII-TV 12 featuring anchorman John Hurt, dated 1980. Here is another rare news clip from Texas. This time, we take you to KGBT-TV for a news open from 1983-84. And here is a weekend news open from KGBT from 1984. And another KGBT open from the early 1980s using the WAVY news theme from Tuesday. And...a news open using the NBC TV-Radio Telepulse theme.
  8. Now this is unbelievable stuff. When I saw this post, I knew I had to check out the video for sure. I did see some WTVK promos featuring staffers Norman Hammitt, Jennifer Julian and Rick Russo promoting WTVK's move to CBS on September 10th, 1988. In the promos, you hear the Gari "Great News" package playing in the background which would be the news theme package WTVK used for its "NewsCenter" broadcasts. And when WTVK became WKXT (on channel 8), they would still use the package. I will add one more thing: If someone uploads a WTVK newscast from its CBS days, it would make my day.
  9. Being a fan of the classic video thread, I never thought I would see the day when...a rare KHQA newscast from 1987 would be unearthed. So, we take you back to October 1987 when KHQA brings to you the "Eyewitness News Update." And here is WTAE's special titled "25 Years to Share" which features Gari's "NewsChannel" theme in the opening. Here is an audio clip of a WRGB newscast from 1989.
  10. Here is a news open from Peru’s Canal 9 as aired back in 1988. NOTE: You may recognize the theme used in the intro.
  11. I am going to share a video with all of you, because I am hoping someone will identify this news theme.
  12. Here is the first few minutes of a KMTV newscast from 1980 featuring none other than future CNN Headline News anchor Chuck Roberts. And, it features a news open.
  13. I have a special treat for all of you this evening, because I have a *VERY RARE* look at KRDO from 1980 in the form of a news montage. KRDO's logo looks something like what WVEC in Norfolk used at the time. Please watch, because it has a ID and news open included at the beginning along with a news set that has been used at KATV in Little Rock and other stations. Oh wait...here is KRDO two years earlier in 1978. Yes, KRDO used the ABC News Theme by Score Productions to open its newscast.
  14. A couple of Macon, GA goodies are forthcoming. First, we feature a partial broadcast of WGXA's "News 24 Late Report" anchored by Ron Wildman and Gayle Jessup. And we finally have a WGXA open where they used "The Spirit of Texas" by TM Productions. And second, get ready for a complete WMAZ newscast from 1990. This newscast features a nice opening along with WMAZ legend Tina Hicks who anchors this newscast.
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