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  1. From 11-7-1978, here is a broadcast of the CBS Evening News which focuses on the election. At 29:08 is a special open for WTVF's "Eyewitness News: Election 1978". You can watch it here.
  2. WATE announced on the 11pm news last night that Living East Tennessee is temporarily moving to a half-hour due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The 3pm half-hour will be occupied by an episode of Judge Judy while the 3:30pm half-hour will feature Living East Tennessee.
  3. It looks like btm0815ma just hit the jackpot when it comes to rare stuff. You can watch the CBS Evening News broadcast from 6-24-1974 which includes at 29:11 a news open for WLAC-TV from that date. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEoHP54SNZU
  4. On WATE in Knoxville, some of the reporters are doing reports from their homes. As a matter of fact, meteorologist Ken Weathers just did his first weather reports from his home due to the COVID-19 outbreak and is the only WATE weather personality doing reports from home. As for the anchors, the news and sports anchors are still on the set unless things change. I'll keep you posted.
  5. WATE in Knoxville, the ABC affiliate there, is doing social distancing for its newscasts.
  6. And Chris, here is my version of the KTTV close using your file. https://drive.google.com/file/d/10XmGrWAsO_wy0nfJMoBe3ys1EcXojZ_1/
  7. Just within the past several days, BTM0815MA has uploaded some of the best videos on YouTube. In fact, it is a channel that I visit everyday. I want to share this video with all of you from that user. Be sure you watch at 29:05, because you are in for a treat. At 29:05, you get to see the entire WTVF evening news intro from 1980 using TuesdayC by Tuesday Productions.
  8. There was another station that used the WEVU 1984 News Theme: WBKO in Bowling Green, Kentucky. They used that theme in the mid 1980s. I know this, because I saw a montage on WBKO's website when the station celebrated their anniversary just a few years ago. In fact, I saw a rare "13 News" open from the late 1970s along with WBKO's "NewsCenter 13" open using the WEVU theme.
  9. Here is a broadcast of the CBS Evening News from New Year's Day 1982. At the end is part of a WTVF news open using TuesdayC by Tuesday Productions. Video comes from BTM0815MA who has uploaded a number of great CBS News broadcasts. Also, here is a CBS Evening News broadcast from 2/1/1982 that includes a full WTVF news open at the end using the "NewsCenter Theme" by Michael Randall.
  10. The announcer who did the CBS Evening News open was none other than Dave Campbell who also did work for WCBS-FM as a news anchor. Before Dave Campbell became the announcer, Harry Kramer and Bob Hite were the announcers for the CBS Evening News.
  11. BTM0815MA has been on a tear when it comes to rare news uploads. This leads me to most of a **RARE** WITN newscast from December 31st, 1980. And if you are a Weather Channel viewer, you may recognize this former OCM (on-camera meteorologist).
  12. ***RARE*** Here is CBS News offering election coverage back in 1974. You can also go to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVTQ7Jdm8_6L3RxH3_EAGMQ to check out the great stuff this person has uploaded.
  13. I am bumping this thread to share with everyone that I have identified a theme for KHJ-TV that was used for its newscasts in 1983. They used TM Productions' "The Production Source" package which contains a number of production music beds. You can go to http://www.jinglesamplers.com/audio/TMProductionSourceDemo1977.mp3 and listen at :25 for the KHJ news theme they used.
  14. Channel37 recently uploaded a number of commercials from ESPN as aired on November 1st, 1981 during a college football game and at 3:19, there is an ESPN SportsCenter Update which features a theme in the opening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOHhL5fk6mo This leads me to this question: Is the ESPN SportsCenter theme from 1981 a production music piece? Someone, please fill me in.
  15. When WTVK swapped its affiliation with WBIR from NBC to CBS back in 1988, channel 26 would only be on the air for only three months. Then in December of that year, WTVK became WKXT, and with the call change, they would change its channel number from UHF channel 26 to VHF channel 8. Here's an interesting note to pass along about the WTVK/WKXT changes: In the days leading up to the switch, WTVK was operating with low power and did not carry any newscasts.
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