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  1. https://myfox8.com/2019/08/12/check-out-fox8-wghps-new-state-of-the-art-set/ The graphics are a variation of WGN's package. Looks pretty good overall.
  2. The set debuted on Monday along with a new graphics package. They're also using Beyond.
  3. Has someone already mentioned that Nexstar has switched to Wordpress? Hence the new website layouts. Looks like they're ditching their own CMS. Apparently this has already been discussed. My bad.
  4. Looks like KWES is not too far behind.
  5. The open is nice, but sloppy near the end, which leads me to believe it was done in-house. The picture of the building suddenly disappears when the chopper starts to fly out of frame and the yellow lines/logo appear out of no where. It's a bit jarring, and it appears there should have been some sort of transition intended to go there.
  6. Seems kind of small, but impressive none-the-less.
  7. Yikes. All of it screams in-house and it is TEGNA inspired -- It is not good. The Tribune FOX package would have fit well in KC, they should have gone with that.
  8. [MEDIA=twitter]1041456554887835649[/MEDIA] https://www.wsj.com/articles/time-magazine-sold-to-salesforce-founder-marc-benioff-for-190-million-1537137165 It appears Meredith has sold Time Magazine.
  9. You all missed the point here. It's easy to transition between shows that are on the same channel, but when you try to do a live show on channel b with a live cut-in scheduled on channel a which varies every night (back to the whole pre-news thing), it doesn't work. The fix there is to preempt the pre-news, but I don't see that happening since the 10pm shows are the money makers in this market. I do agree that having a dedicated anchor for the 9pm will help the 10pm anchors out. The talent usually try to read through their scripts before the show, and from a production standpoint, it usually takes 15-30 minutes to code a heavily stacked show -- and if you've ever watched KFOR's 10pm during the week, it's jammed packed with a ton of content for 20 minutes non-stop.
  10. KAUT's newscasts at 9pm are only 30 minutes because there needs to be time to prepare for the 10pm. Pre-news is done live on KFOR and that time changes every night. Second, KAUT has already beaten KOKH in the past.
  11. I'm not sure what company you work for, but I also work in the business and disagree with a couple of things here. Full disclosure, I was at a management level position for a TEGNA station a couple of years ago when the company spun off of Gannett. Not once did I ever encounter anything along the lines of "Corporate is making us do so and so" (Nor has this occurred at my current station). Standardized graphics you say? Nonsense. If a CSD really wanted to, they could launch their own package, but most stations these days do not have a graphics department to support the every day needs of the news department. TEGNA may encourage their business units to think outside of the box, but they aren't forcing anyone's hand here. That said, I would work for them again given the opportunity. Secondly, again, those social media driven/experimental newscasts are coming from local management. If it was corporate, you'd see something like that on it's entire television portfolio. In this case, some GM/ND came up with the idea and others started running with it. I guarantee you whoever first pitched the idea was someone from sales who found their way into a GM/ND position. Sadly, this is a common occurrence in this business.
  12. I'm not sure how to tell y'all this, but corporate doesn't come in and make anyone do anything. *GASPS* It's all on local management.
  13. Some clarification here: https://www.rbr.com/cox-on-the-block-ajc-confirms-possible-tv-station-sale/ One thing that I find interesting is if Cox was interested in selling their stations outright, why not say so right off the bat? Their emphasis on "a merger or partnership" is clear throughout the press releases. It sounds like the birth of a new company with whomever they merge with. As others have said, it isn't a coincidence this announcement comes a week after the Sinclair merger with Tribune was sent to an ALJ. I wouldn't count a Cox/Tribune merger out just yet. It also isn't a coincidence this comes after the courts ruling on the ownership cap. The next few weeks will definitely be interesting.
  14. I believe they are outputting 4K, but I never had the chance to look into the technical details of the equipment we received while I worked at KOAT. As for the live shots being routed into the monitor, producers also do that now too utilizing HATMOS, so I think whatever live source they designate to whatever monitor does run through the VizRT Engine. I'm not sure about WBAL, but for the other stations that have the entire array (9 vertical monitors), the monitors work in sets of three per source. IE: A producer can put a live source in the middle three monitors, and graphic elements on the outer monitors etc.
  15. In ENPS, Hearst stations have a "Theme" column that allows producers to change the theme of lowerthirds/graphics in pre-production or on the fly. If they forget to change it before the show, and the graphic comes up on air & they see it as the generic blue, but it should be breaking, they can type "Breaking" into the Column/Line of that story and VIZ will change it on air so the TD doesn't have to do anything. The HATMOS program they developed is really sophisticated, but kind of dated. I think all Hearst stations are stuck on Version 6 of ENPS because of it.
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