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  1. It appears every two-weeks starting Thursday, February 27 will be rollout dates for the remaining Tribune stations until the end of June. Also, the first group of stations will be getting their websites changed over on Monday.
  2. I think the biggest takeaway from this article is that Apollo does not intend to keep the CMG properties. That said, these Hedge fund companies can stick it where the sun don't shine.
  3. https://wgno.com/ has launched Nexstar's web design.
  4. KFOR launches their equipment on January 9th - they're keeping the current graphics package. KTVI will follow at the end of January. It also looks like the websites will be migrated toward the end of January through February. They're likely going to go with the current Nexstar look and feel once the migration is complete.
  5. Spoiler alert: If their IFB isn't working it's probably because they're late to the studio and that's on them. When a reporter does this, it's because they aren't mix-minused properly, so they hear feedback (themselves on a delay) which isn't delightful. Usually a result of an audio operator forgetting to do so.
  6. I spoke too soon. Of course after I posted this, I learned that Nexstar's graphic hub is indeed remaking some of Tribune's packages for Xpression. I guess it'll be up to the CSDs on whether or not to keep their current packages.
  7. I am hearing that WREG is next up with a launch on Thursday. KFOR will follow in January. These launches involve replacing TONS, Opus, Flight, and any other technology created under Tribune. Bit Central, ENPS, and Ross Xpression seem to be what the former Tribune stations will be turning over to. Nexstar has templates for their graphics packages already built for Xpression, so it seems likely most former Tribune stations will pick a Nexstar package for times sake. I believe they are moving quick because flash will be removed from all web browsers in December of 2020, and OPUS is a flash based program.
  8. Can confirm. The axe is swinging at KFOR, so far an anchor position has been eliminated along with various administrative positions. You truly hate to see it.
  9. I'm still wondering why KTVT got a pass here. They dropped the ball just as badly as KXAS, in my opinion.
  10. Al-SA-TX

    The "3" Thread

    Y'all want to know why the TV industry is in the shape it's in look no further than this. I can't explain how many people are in positions that they shouldn't be in and I've worked in 4 newsrooms in the span of 6 years. Sorry, didn't mean to go off topic here. To contribute: my thoughts on this logo is that it is indeed terrible.
  11. https://myfox8.com/2019/08/12/check-out-fox8-wghps-new-state-of-the-art-set/ The graphics are a variation of WGN's package. Looks pretty good overall.
  12. The set debuted on Monday along with a new graphics package. They're also using Beyond.
  13. Has someone already mentioned that Nexstar has switched to Wordpress? Hence the new website layouts. Looks like they're ditching their own CMS. Apparently this has already been discussed. My bad.
  14. Looks like KWES is not too far behind.
  15. The open is nice, but sloppy near the end, which leads me to believe it was done in-house. The picture of the building suddenly disappears when the chopper starts to fly out of frame and the yellow lines/logo appear out of no where. It's a bit jarring, and it appears there should have been some sort of transition intended to go there.
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